The Male Escort Ch. 01


I owe a big ‘Thank You’ to Miss Lynn and Techsan for editing this story.


Chapter 1

Life sure pulls a few fast ones on you. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a teacher. I know it’s not a great paying job but I always believed it would be rewarding. I’ll tell you more about it later. Right now, I have a dilemma.

I’m trying to figure if I should tell my girlfriend Amy about my past. I’ve told her all the main-line type stuff but not about my sexual side. There’s a good chance it will end our friendship. I did wonder about not telling her, but if she found out from anyone besides me, I know it would be over.

You see, I became a stud and found a job during college where they paid me for sex. I’m now twenty-eight and a computer consultant. Let me go back and tell you how it all began.

In high school, I was the somewhat gawky geek. I wasn’t really ugly or anything like that. It’s just that I was on the slim side, some say I was skinny. I ran cross-country for the school. It was the only sport I participated in.. At 5′ 11″ and 140 pounds I wasn’t exactly a masculine specimen.

I did have the smarts. I graduated in the top five percent of my class. We didn’t have a valedictorian or a salutatorian but they did honor the top five percent. I was an all A student so I guess I earned the honor. I received a number of scholarships and grants to pay for my college education and I chose one in Miami. Could be this was my first mistake; if it was a mistake at all.

As I mentioned I wanted to be a teacher so that’s what I majored in and had computers as a minor. It never hurt to know a lot about computers and I will admit it did come easy to me.

The problem I had in college was I had money for the education but not much for spending. My parents gave me a little money but it barely bought food. For the first year I lived in the dorm. After some of the students found out how smart I was they started paying me to do different reports for them.

I dated some but didn’t really have any girlfriends; guess I was somewhat of a loner. I started going to the gym at the school to run and exercise. Finally I was firming up and put on a few pounds. During the summer months I went home and got a job as a teacher’s aid and helped the summer school students. I really enjoyed the work.

The next year I still did some papers for a few of the guys for some extra spending money. I had to ask myself where were they were getting their money. I charged anywhere from twenty-five dollars to a hundred for doing a paper depending on detail. I only made a hundred or two a week for doing all those reports for students. So one day I asked my friend Bob where they made all their money. He told me he and a few of the other guys danced at lounges on Friday and Saturday nights. He made some big money, mostly in tips.

He said he could talk to the lounge owner if I was interested. I auditioned a couple of days later. One thing I could always do was dance; maybe it was because I was thin, I really don’t know. I had filled out and had six-pack abs but it only showed because I now weighed 160 pounds. I got the job and was to start the following Friday. Jim, the lounge owner, gave me some tapes and told me to practice and get my routine down. He also gave me my first costume – it was a cowboy outfit. I do have to say at first I felt about half-naked with the tight pants I would be stripping down to.

I was a little embarrassed my first time on stage, but once I got into the music I started to just let it all hang out and did my thing. I did get a lot of tips. Bob told me the way it worked was we would give ten percent of our tips to Jim. Out of the remaining ninety percent, he would write half off as a wage and we kept the other half under the table. That way the IRS was happy and stayed off our backs. Of course, they didn’t know we pocketed half the money.

I couldn’t believe how much money I made for two days dancing. It was over three hundred dollars for a few hours of work. I did this for three weekends when Jim the lounge owner called me into the office. I was worried that I wasn’t doing good enough.

“You’re doing fine, Jeff,” said Jim. “I have a proposition for you. I run an escort service besides my many other businesses. I am in need of a few more young men since a number of my guys have graduated. It’s a lot different than dancing. You can still dance if you like but you can triple or quadruple your money working for the escort service.”

I became very interested. “How much could I make?” I asked.

“Most guys make a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars per weekend. Of course, it all depends on the services provided. I’m not going to play games here with you, Jeff. You will basically be a male prostitute Women come from out of town and most are older women. They want an escort for the night and sometimes the full weekend. I need young men who are willing to give these women what they want. Do you think you would be sex hikayeleri interested? No hard feelings if you just want to continue dancing.”

Wow, I never thought about being a male prostitute. I loved dancing for these women on stage. While I danced, a lot of them would pull down their tops and show me their tits. The women with short skirts and dresses would spread their legs and show me their pussies. I thought most of these women just like being exhibitionists. Some had panties on and others didn’t.

It was a safe outlet for them. Most came in groups and went back home after the show. Some were even girls from the college. Jim didn’t allow fraternizing with the customers when we were off stage; we were strictly dancers. Of course, we got close to the women while we did our act. It’s how we got our tips.

At school, the girls acted differently toward me. Some would tease while others really did want sex. I guess it was a job with benefits. The one thing about being in Miami was all the young women. I had a big decision to make. Did I want sex with younger women or with older women for money? You have to understand that once you start taking money for sex it really does change your outlook on life.

Jim gave me a week to think about it. He needed to get his roster of men ready. He did tell me a few of the rules. Once I accepted a date to be an escort, I couldn’t back out. He didn’t want to insult the customers. I was to do whatever they asked me but could turn down S/M and BDSM. He didn’t want me to get injured or scarred in any way.

I gave it a lot of thought. The money would be so damn good and I was already showing off my ass anyway when I danced. I told him I would take the job. He did tell me I could quit at anytime but most of his guys stayed till they graduated. After that, he found new men. To be honest, I knew he liked to keep a group of young men. It’s what older women wanted.

I need to tell you a little about being an escort. First, I needed a manlier name. I ended up with Zack Stone. My boss told me never to tell any customers where I was from or my real name. Being an escort was not an easy job. On TV they always showed some beautiful twenty or thirty year old models asking for male escorts. In the real business, I never saw anyone like that. I figured the clientele ranged from age forty to seventy-five; you heard me right seventy-five.

A lot were older businesswomen coming into town for meetings and conventions. They liked the idea of having a young stud as an escort. We were basically eye-candy on their arm, but in most cases the women wanted sex at the end of the evening. A lot of the others were usually older women who came to Miami for vacation.

We were always very discreet and mature women could have sex with younger men in a city where the young women were plentiful. Most guys in college didn’t want to brag about making it with an older women the age of their mother and in a lot of cases their grandmother.

Jim made my first date one of his repeat customers to help me with my nerves. She was a divorced businesswoman in her forties that came to Miami a couple of times a year. She also liked a young man on her arm.

She said her name was Madeline. I found out after a few weeks that most women never gave their real information. Madeline had a nice body for a woman old enough to be my mother. She had firm tits that she told me were implants. They felt real while I sucked and squeezed them. She shaved most of her bush off and it was easy to get at her pussy.

I learned a lot from her. All I did was follow instructions. Gentle on the tits, liked her belly rubbed and kissed, and wanted to be teased. I was a quick learner and gave her what she wanted. She tipped me by giving me two one-hundred dollar bills.

The customers always paid Jim up-front through his office. I think some actually had accounts with him. I never had to ask any of the customers for money, which I was grateful for. It was interesting how some women wanted to pay for dinner and drinks while others slipped me the cash to pay for things.


Before I explain some of the things I did with more of these women, I want to jump ahead and tell you how I got in trouble. My third week being an escort I was out with a woman in her fifties. She had already paid for the night and we went in my motel home. She said her husband and she had an argument because all he wanted to do was watch all the young girls in bathing suits. He told her he was there to check out the young bodies and that’s exactly what he was going to do.

She was pissed and called our escort service and made arrangements with Jim how she would pay for the night. She told her husband she was going to go have fun and left him in the room. I met her in the lobby and we had a couple of drinks and then went up to my room. While I was finger fucking her for all I was worth her cell phone started ringing. She looked at it and said it was sikiş hikayeleri her husband. “Don’t stop, Honey, I’m about to come,” she told me.

I added another finger and fucked her harder until she screamed out. Of course, her phone had stopped ringing. When she came down off her high, she told me she had better call her husband back. I was still rubbing her clit while she talked to him. She was so damn wet.

When she hung up she told me he felt bad about arguing and asked her to come back to their room. I had already heard her agree to meet him in about half an hour. She told him, “I am in another lounge down the street listening to music and will see you soon.”

Truth be known, we were in the same motel but on a different floor. She smiled at me and asked me if I would give her pussy a tongue-lashing? Of course, that’s what she paid for plus much more. I got down between her legs and ate her out till she came again. She thanked me, gave me three-hundred dollars and left the room.

The night was still early and I stepped outside to enjoy the lights of the Big City. A young woman approached me. She was maybe thirty and extremely sexy. I’ve only been doing mature women for weeks now and would love to have sex with a siren like this beauty.

She smiled at me. “Hi, Honey. How much for a real hard fuck?” she asked me.

She blew me away. I’ve been with a few young girls but never with one that looked like this. I would have fucked her for nothing but why not make a few bucks I thought. “For two-hundred dollars I’ll fuck you all night long,” I smiled.

She opened her purse and handed me two one-hundred dollar bills. When I took it she said, “You’re under arrest for open solicitation on the street.” Two uniformed officers got out of a car and put me in cuffs. I felt really stupid. They took me to the precinct station and booked me. I made my one call and Jim came down and bailed me out.

I told him everything that happened and that I saw this beautiful woman and she told me to make an offer, which I did. The rest was history. Later he explained that’s why he handled the money situation. He said he would be my proxy and his lawyer would get me off the hook. I was in school on my court date. Jim pleaded no contest but the verdict was still guilty. They had me dead to rights. All I wanted was for it to go away.

“I got thirty days probation and a fine. Jim paid it but took it out of my next check. I had learned a valuable lesson. I never tried going out on my own again.

Here’s where I wanted to tell you how that incident ruined or at least changed my future. I usually didn’t go to college during the summers. I took the summer off and went home to see family. I applied for the summer teaching job as I did the year before. I figured with my grades I’d be a shoo-in. I got a call from the superintendent; “Jeff, I can’t hire you this year, I’m sorry.”

I was dumbfounded. I asked why and he told me that they ran a background check on me and my solicitation record came up. They wouldn’t be able to hire me to teach kids with this on my record. I was devastated. It’s what I wanted to do with my future. Would I now not be able to be a teacher? It kind of turned my plans upside down.

I told him it must be some type of mistake and I would have to get it checked out when I went back to school in the fall. I couldn’t let anyone know about the solicitation charges. He did tell me after I got it straightened out he could give me a position the following year.

I just told my parents that the position in summer school wasn’t available and I went to a computer shop and helped out there for the summer. I really didn’t need the money but my family didn’t know that. I had thousands of dollars already put away in investments.

I went out with a few gals while I was home. It was nice having regular dates with women my age; I didn’t realize how much I missed that. Don’t let anyone tell you all pussy is the same. Take it from a man who’s been with, let’s just say, a whole lot of women and they are far from being the same. I will say you can’t beat the pink of a younger pussy if you’re just out for sexual release.

Also, I had become so much more knowledgeable on what women like and I know my experiences helped me with the summer dating scene. My problem now was it was all about just getting us off. I had no desire to start a relationship. To top everything off, I had to wonder about my future as a teacher. Would my record for solicitation follow me forever?

When I went back to school, I told my parents I had a job at the college fixing computers. They wouldn’t need to send me any more money. There’s no way I was going to take any more from my parents. I was making one to three thousand dollars a weekend. I didn’t tell anyone that I was basically a male whore. I wasn’t proud of it but the money really was great.

I started back to college and switched my major to computer science and a second in education. I needed erotik hikaye to protect myself for future employment, not knowing how my past would affect my teaching career.

On the escort job I started where I left off. I usually worked from Friday night until Sunday evenings being an escort. I would be with either one woman or up to three every weekend. I need to explain more about the services that we offered.

As I mentioned earlier, most of our clients must have had decent financial means or they couldn’t afford our services. I think back on how many hundreds of women I have been with and certain things really stand out.

So many were afraid of aging or their husbands didn’t pay attention to them or no longer found them attractive. Most were probably beautiful women in their younger days. Almost all still worked on looking attractive but age does do its number on everyone. I have to say that at times I felt sad and sorry for some of them but of course I couldn’t show it.

I could feel that many were really lonely or dissatisfied with their situations in life. I guess everyone puts on a front of some sort. I know I did; I had to. I guess I could have become an actor. Here I was trying to bring a little happiness into these women’s lives and getting paid big bucks to do it.

I mentioned earlier that I was a very intelligent person. I wasn’t trying to be arrogant; I wanted to let you know to be an exceptional escort, it took brains. Of course that’s if you wanted to have a good savings account and money for your future.

Once I started in the business, I started taking night courses on the side in classes that would help me be a better escort. I took massage therapy and extra courses in psychology. I wanted to understand what some of these women needed and were going through. Most needed more than a quick fuck. They needed attention and assurance that they were still beautiful and desirable regardless of their age.

Another problem I had was getting and sustaining an erection. There is nothing worse than not being able to perform when a woman was paying me big bucks to do so. I talked with Jim and he was able to supply me with the needed drugs to do the trick. He had enhancement type drugs like Viagra, and also pills like Ecstacy and others to enhance the sexual urges. I sometimes even used relaxants to help calm some women down.

Again, studying the effects of all the medications was important, especially in older women. I didn’t want anyone overdosing. Ever since I was a kid, my dad had told me that whatever I did in life, to give it my best. His advice in this business paid off very well.


My life at college was anything but typical. My second year I moved into a rooming house with six other guys. Three were still dancers for Jim’s Lounge and the other two were wealthy enough that they didn’t work. They were pretty much partygoers. They invited me to some of the parties but I had to refuse since it clashed with my work schedule. I told them I was a computer programmer for Jim and helped in some of his other businesses.

Sometimes during the week, I would come home and the guys would have women visiting. I would usually say my hellos and head to my room. Sometimes I would talk with everyone. I do have to say I missed that part of college life. It was either free sex with the coeds and party on down or make thousands of dollars every weekend. Impossible to do both.

I did have female friends in my classes. The problem is I couldn’t get close to them. My life just didn’t permit it. I just felt I couldn’t take the risk and I sure didn’t need any complicated relationship. I sometimes had lunch with my female friends. The problem was I just couldn’t put myself out there and let everyone know what I did.

When some wanted to date or have a relationship, I told them I was engaged and wasn’t going to cheat on my fiancé. I just couldn’t get involved in a relationship. I didn’t have a problem in running into most of the young women from college that knew me. The mature women I escorted went to the fancy restaurants, plays, operas and other rather costly places.

It was easy enough to explain if anyone saw me with a business date. I just said they were a friend or relative visiting from out of town. I knew a couple of guys in our rooming house eventually knew what I did but they didn’t talk about it. I told them it was something I didn’t want spread around, hopefully they weren’t telling anyone.

Toward the end of my senior year, a few of the young women called me Zack. I knew then a few of the women knew about my job. They actually told me they wanted to know how good I was. They would come over and sit on my lap or actually show me their bodies. When I was alone with them, I would laugh and maybe kiss their necks or even massage their clits until they came.

I knew they wanted more but that was the best I could do. I had all the sex I could handle and it wasn’t a fun thing for me anymore. It was business and I only had a few months left before graduation. I guess that’s what they meant when they said you could have too much of a good thing. It’s sad when you can’t get turned on by a nice pussy.

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