The Loving Husband Ch. 11


The short synopsis of this story to date is included below, but reading the previous chapters may help. Also, in this chapter, I explore something that was recommended by a reviewer.


This is the continuing story of a cuckquean, my wife, Ann. She had been reading cuckold stories on line and decided that she was a cuckquean, a kind of female cuckold. This was based on how enthralled and excited she became by imagining me having sex with other women. I was shocked, but she pursued it. She didn’t show any tendencies toward the humiliation or denial part, but loved knowing I was having sex with other women. Apparently, this started with some voyeuristic tendencies about watching someone she was involved with have sex with another woman when she was in college and now she got off on thinking I was having sex with other women. I didn’t understand it, but she pursued it and I started doing so.

In the last chapter, Ann’s college roommate came to stay with us for a while. She is recently divorced and moving to our area to get a new job. I, of course, benefitted from this and got a chance to enjoy her again. Then, my departing personal assistant invited me out to a pre-bachelorette party that she and some friends were having and I managed to fuck her and two of her friends.


I got dressed and left. I didn’t see anything of Sandra or Carrie. I drove home, thinking about what a strange turn of events the last year has been. I also couldn’t wait to tell Ann about the night. She was going to be as excited as I was.

When I arrived home, since it was Saturday, I thought that the kids would be up and raring to go. However, it was 7:30 and nobody was up yet so I went straight into the bathroom and showered. I got dressed without waking my wife, who was obviously sleeping in since her normal wake-up time was 7am no matter what. I went downstairs to the kitchen and starting making pancakes. It was my daughter’s favorite and well, I did spoil her a little. She was a young replica of my wife and my little princess.

Jo came into the kitchen first. The basement bedrooms were just a little to the side of being right under the kitchen and she heard me moving around the kitchen and cooking. She was rubbing her eyes and yawning. I grinned. She was wearing an oversized t-shirt that came to mid-thigh and probably panties under it. I couldn’t see it in reality, but in my mind’s eye, I was seeing her delectable ass.

“Late night for you guys?”

“Yes. While you were out partying, we had a kid’s party here and we stayed up late with them watching Disney movies and eating pizza.”

“What time did you guys get to bed?”

“About 1am.”

“Wow! That must have been quite a treat for the kids. We almost never have them up that late.”

“Yes, it was.” She now looked at me more closely and then back over her shoulder to see if anyone else was coming. She walked up behind me as I was starting to warm the griddle for the pancakes. She put her arms around me from behind, shoving her hands into my pants and groping for my cock. “Did you get to fuck some young thing last night?”

“Oh, yes.” I was amazed at how comfortable Ann and Jo had become around the house with the physical relationships that were happening here. It was a little disconcerting at times.

She released me and I turned around. She grinned. “Maybe you can tell me about it.”

“Which one? My former personal assistant? Or the threesome with the bride-to-be and her maid of honor? Although ‘maid of honor’ may be a misnomer for that little minx.”

She grinned and acted shocked. “You fucked three of them last night?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Wow, you were a busy man. Maybe you can’t get it up this morning.”

“I’m not that old.”

“We’ll see. So what happened?”

“You’ll have to wait until later. Maybe you can listen as I tell Ann, too.”

She slapped me on the ass. “Tease.”

“Says the woman living in my house wearing only a t-shirt to breakfast.”

Jo grinned. “I’m wearing more than a t-shirt!” To prove her point, she lifted her t-shirt up to her neck. “See, I have on a sleeping bra.” And that’s all she had on. No panties. I reached over to run my hand over her ass and she jumped back. “No way. Not until I hear about last night.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “No problem. I can wait.”

Jo slapped me on the arm. “See, you are a tease.”

“Only because women have done that for centuries.”

“True.” She then sat down and spread her legs, showing me just a bit of her pussy.

I licked my lips and stared at her crotch. “Maybe I don’t want pancakes for breakfast, tease.”

“Promises, promises.”

About that time Amy, my 7-year-old came bounding into the kitchen. Jo quickly covered herself. “I smell pancakes!” She ran over to see the griddle.

I ruffled her hair. “Yep, pancakes.”

She turned and hugged me around the waist and then turned to Jo. “I have the best daddy in the world.”

Jo laughed. “I know.”

Well, nothing makes your sex hikayeleri day any better than a comment like that from your child.

The rest of the troupe came traipsing in slowly and I made pancakes until they were all sated. They disappeared one by one into the den to watch cartoons until it was just me, Ann, and Jo. The kids knew exactly which cartoons they wanted to watch.

Ann was wearing her robe over a t-shirt and I stood next to where she was sitting. “Ann, did you know that Jo is not wearing panties under that t-shirt?”

Ann put her hand to her open mouth, faking a great shock at this. “Why, you hussy, how dare you flaunt yourself in front of my husband.” Then Ann turned to me. “And how is it that you know this?”

“She showed me.”

Ann turned to Jo. “What a slut.”

Jo grinned. “I’m beginning to embrace that – a little.”

“Yes, you are.”

I turned and started cleaning up the kitchen. We had nothing planned today. Jo and Ann just talked and I wasn’t paying too much attention. Finally, when I finished, Jo came up to me and put her hand on my crotch. “I’ll see you,” she looked down, “and this later.” She giggled and left the room.

Ann came over. “I need to have a talk with that woman about being too brazen.” I think she was joking – a little. “Now you need to take your horny wife upstairs and tell her about last night.”

I pulled her in for a kiss. “Yes, dear.”

Ann pulled away, grabbed my hand, and led me towards the stairs. “Jo will watch the kids for a while.”

We went into the bedroom and Ann undressed. I did, too, and crawled into bed. I sat up against the headboard and put a pillow behind me. I then motioned Ann over and she crawled in next to me.

“Come around here and sit between my legs.” She did and I turned her so that she was sitting facing away from me and leaning back against me.

She pulled the covers up over herself until she got warm. I put my hands around her and just held her for a few moments. “You are a beautiful woman and I love you.”

She gave me a snarky laugh. “You’d better!” She leaned back, turning her head to me, and I kissed her. “Now tell me about your evening with Mary. I’ve always thought she was a great person and pretty, but I never thought we’d be sitting her talking about you fucking her.” She turned back, laying her head on my shoulder and I started the story.

“Well, things didn’t begin too well.” I told her about getting there for the pre-bachelorette party and how Mary got too drunk. I described holding her while she got sick, taking off her dress, and putting her to bed. Ann snuggled and told me what I good person I was for not taking liberties with a young drunk woman. I then described the scene of finding Sandra talking dirty about a threesome she and Carrie had had with her fiancé. She giggled. When I got to the part about Carrie coming over, stripping me, and then walking back out there to eat Sandra’s pussy, Ann started wiggling. I started running my hands over her tits and I could tell she was lightly rubbing her pussy.

“You’re going to tell me that she called you out there and you fucked her?”

“Yep.” Ann squirmed and I ran my hand down to her pussy. “She got down on her knees and started eating Sandra out. After a couple of minutes she waved me over. I came up behind her and Sandra stared at me as Carrie ate her pussy. I knelt down and fucked Carrie until she came. Then she moved and I knee-walked forward and fucked Sandra, the bride to be.”

“Fuck!” Ann was panting and groaning as I stroked her pussy with my right hand and pinched the nipple on her left tit with my left. “Oh, god, what a bunch of dirty sluts!”

“Yes, they were great, dirty sluts.” I pushed two fingers into Ann as she continued to writhe and I knew she was close to an orgasm already. “I fucked Sandra, her nice tits bouncing, until I filled her pretty – little – pussy – with – cum.” I punctuated the last few words with a thrust of my fingers and rubbed her clit and Ann convulsed into a big orgasm.

When she finally came down, I was still lightly rubbing her outer lips and her left tit. She took a deep breath. “Wow. Then what?”

“When I was done, Carrie got down on the floor, knelt in front of Sandra and slurped my cock clean. Then she turned and ate Sandra’s pussy until she had cleaned it up and Sandra came again.”

“Fuck, that’s hot! I wish I had a movie of that.”

“It was pretty hot watching that, too. They were completely unfazed about inviting a stranger to fuck them.”

Ann turned back to me. “So what time was that?”

“Well, everyone had gotten drunk early, so it was only about 1am when I went back to bed with Mary. Oh, and Carrie put her phone number into my phone if we want to call her.”

“Did anything ever happen with Mary?”

I grinned. “Oh, yeah.”

“Well, come on.” Ann started making my hand, which was still on her pussy, start moving again. She wanted another orgasm while I talked about fucking other women.

“I woke up at 6am when sex hikayeleri Mary got up and went to the bathroom. She took off her bra, and evidently brushed her teeth. She crawled back into bed and immediately started playing with my cock.”


“Oh, yeah. She admitted to me that she had always liked me and had wanted to, and I quote, fuck the boss. I asked if that was because she liked me or the idea of doing something taboo at work like fucking the boss. She admitted that it was both.”

“Don’t stop.” Ann was squirming under my fingers as I played with her pussy. I think her command was for both my story-telling and for the finger-fucking I was giving her.

I decided to change things up, so I slowly stopped playing with Ann and moved out from behind her. She groaned her disappointment. I got out of bed and pulled her by her feet to where her ass was at the edge, lined up with my cock. I rubbed it on her clit and she groaned.

“I then got out of bed and sat at the desk with a folder full of papers. I acted like I was at my desk at work, studying a report or something and ordered Mary to suck my cock. I let her do that and then told her that I was going to fuck her.” I lined my cock up with Ann’s pussy and slowly buried it. “I made her bend over the desk while I slapped her on the ass and fucked her until she came, telling her what a slut she was.” I was starting to fuck Ann hard now. I wanted to end my story with her and I both orgasming as I described Mary taking my cum down her throat. Ann just grunted and had her eyes closed, probably trying to picture what I was describing.

“After she came I told her that a good personal assistant cock-sucking cum slut didn’t work all day with a messy pussy.” Ann groaned more and I started thrusting hard. This was going to work. “So I told her that she had to kneel again and suck my nasty, pussy juice covered, wet cock until I came in her mouth.”

I started thrusting harder and Ann was getting close. Hell, so was I. “She knelt there and I grabbed her head and face-fucked the little slut.” I was fucking Ann hard now.

I leaned over and got closer to Ann’s face, whispering my description. Her eyes were still closed. “Can you see it? Can you see me fucking Mary’s pretty little mouth with my wet cock?” Ann nodded. “Then cum for me again as you picture this: my cock swelling and spewing my cum into pretty little Mary’s slutty little mouth.” I was almost laying on Ann now and she had her legs pulled way back. I was humping her with my hips, grinding on her. “I’m going to cum and fill up your hot fucking pussy now.”

As soon as I finished that statement Ann started cumming. She tensed and thrashed as I kept fucking her through it and then came myself. It was amazing bringing her off like that. When I came I just buried my cock in her and spurted and spurted. By the time I finished I realized that I had a very hard hold on her thighs. I looked down and released her legs. I was breathing hard and she was panting, too.

Finally, Ann looked up at me and smiled. “That was fucking amazing.”

“Yes, it was.”

“I’m going to have to have that girl over and make her wait on you in your little office like a good secretarial slut.”

“I like the sound of that.”

Ann rose up on her elbows. “But I have to convince her to let me record it. I need a new movie of you fucking some young thing.”

“You will have to bring that up with Mary.”

“Oh, I will.”

I lay back down on the bed and Ann curled up against me, laying her head on my chest. We covered up and relaxed for a couple of minutes. Finally, Ann said it was time to get moving and got up to take a shower. As soon as the water started running, Jo came into the bedroom. She eyed me and then walked over and pulled the covers back. She stared hungrily at my cock.

“Can I help you?” I smirked.

Jo leant over and immediately sucked on my cock. It was soft and small so it easily fit into her mouth. She sucked only for a few seconds. “Mmmm. Pussy-soaked cock. I think I like that.”

I took Jo’s hand and held it in mine. “Jo, is everything okay? Are you okay with this considering how you and you-know-who broke up and got divorced?”

Jo looked at me seriously. “Yes, it’s fine. I wouldn’t have said so a few months ago, but after discussing this at length with Ann, I’m fine with it. I don’t understand, but accept her position.”

“Yes, but what about you getting back out onto the market?”

She looked at me thoughtfully for a long time. “Well, I look at it this way. I’m a sexual woman. I like sex and the physicality that comes with that kind of a relationship. Since I just divorced, you provide me the outlet without getting too horny or desirous of a physical relationship until I’m ready to get to that point with someone I’m dating. I can date without worrying about when I’ll next get laid or have a good orgasm by someone other than me. I won’t make any decisions about the man I’m dating based on wanting to have sex. Make sense?”

Ann sikiş hikayeleri had come out of the bathroom and was standing there wrapped in a towel. “Makes perfect sense.”

Jo turned at the sound of her voice. “You don’t mind, right?”

Ann grinned. “Not as long as you let me watch most of the time.”

“Just most of the time?”

Ann giggled. “Yeah.”

I got up and headed for the bathroom. “Right now we have four little ones about 50 feet away that aren’t going to wait all day for the grown-ups to be done playing, so I’d better get moving.”

The next week was pretty uneventful. Things at work were going pretty well and my new assistant was a nice woman in her mid-30s who was re-entering the workforce after having had two children. She had a degree in English Literature, but hadn’t found much to do with that after not having worked for 8 years. She certainly knew how to clean up the grammar on the memos that my colleagues were producing. She was also great at arranging my schedule. She was organized and efficient. A good find for what we were paying her. I was going to have to up her salary quickly to keep her.

I got home the next Friday and Ann and Jo were arranging for a trip to some museums for the kids. They figured out which ones and that they were going on Sunday. Finally, the arrangements having been made, they told me that Jo was taking the kids and that Ann and I had a special engagement on Sunday. I frowned and asked what it was, but they giggled and refused to tell me.

When Sunday came, we got up, made some breakfast and got all the kids out the door by about 10am. That was pretty good with four small children. Jo’s kids were getting used to me and Beth was even comfortable around me. Ann got dressed in a cute black skirt and nice blouse and had me get into a pair of dress pants and dress shirt. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wear a tie.

After the kids left, my wife turned to me with a grin. “Okay, let’s go.” She leaned over and picked up a small bag and turned toward the door.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

She led me out to her car and we got in. She drove and within a couple of minutes I knew we were heading to my office.

“What have you done, you little sneak?”

Ann grinned. “You’ll see.”

We pulled up, parked, entered the building, and made our way to my office. Ann opened the bag and pulled out our digital movie camera. Now I knew something sexual was going on with Ann. Did she get in touch with Mary? Was she going to meet us there?

Ann came over to me. “Let’s go over to your chair.” I did so and Ann followed me. She told me to remain standing. Then knelt, unlatched my belt, opened my pants, and dropped them to the floor around my ankles. She grinned at me as she then pulled my boxers down as well. She looked up and kissed my cock on the head. “Now sit down in your chair and act like you are doing work. When your assistant comes in, she will come around the side of your desk with some papers. You push back and let her see your cock. She’ll drop to suck it and I’ll take it from there.” Ann looked around. “Ready?”

I chuckled. “I guess so. Are you going to be my assistant today?”

Ann grinned and didn’t say a word. She picked up the video camera and walked out of my door, leaving me sitting there with a partial woody, sitting in my cold leather chair.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and it opened. I stared as in walked Mary’s friend Carrie in a short skirt and tight blouse. She was a voluptuous vision. Her legs were well shown off with the heels and short skirt and her tits were bouncing freely under her blouse. As soon as she cleared the door, another woman, one I didn’t know, came in right behind her carrying the video camera. She followed Carrie closely.

This was definitely a surprise. I waited until Carrie came around the side with some papers. The woman with the video camera followed so that she could get both of us from the side of the desk.

“Here are those papers you wanted, Mr. T.” She put some papers on my desk.

I pushed back from the desk and turned my chair so that I was facing her and my nude bottom half was on display, my pants around my ankles. “Thanks, Carrie.”

Carrie grinned when she saw my display. “Oh, Mr. T. It looks to me like you need some assistance with a problem that you are having.”

“Yes, I do. I have too much cum in my balls and I can’t think straight with a hot young wench like you working for me.”

“Well, we’ll just have to see what we can do about that.” Carrie walked over to the couch in my office and grabbed a cushion off it. She then walked back over and dropped it at my feet. “My knees can’t take this hard floor, Mr. T.” And with that she dropped down onto the cushion and stared at my cock. It was slowly lengthening. “Mmmm. I love a hard cock in the morning.” She leaned forward and took it into her mouth. It became fully hard quickly. She lifted off it for a second. “You have such a nice perfect cock for fucking and sucking, Mr. T.”


Carrie went back to licking and sucking my cock. I just sat there and watched as the videographer moved to a better position to get a shot of Carrie working my cock over.

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