The Hallowe’en Party


Our new neighbours moved in less than a week ago, and while I haven’t had time to connect with them yet, you have already been round to chat with the wife, Melissa (or ‘Mel’). You seem to like her and she has told you a lot of personal background about her and Michael (or ‘Mike’).I don’t know, but I assume you have been equally open about us because you say that Mel has christened us the ‘Spicy’ couple, partly because of our initials (S+P, for Simon and Patti) and partly because she apparently thinks we’re ‘hot’, although she is much younger than us.I laugh when you tell me this and ask what we should call them. You have already decided this, and immediately say ‘Sweeties’, because of their initials (M+M). It all seems innocuous enough, but I do wonder what else the two of you discussed, because I am well aware that two women alone can be somewhat indiscreet, to say the least. Anyway, I will never know what has passed between you.Hallowe’en is approaching and you seem keen for us to ‘celebrate’, but quite what we’re celebrating, I’m not sure! In connivance with Mel, who I have yet to meet, you have arranged for us all to go to a party at a nightclub in town, and the tickets are already bought. Expensive, but there is a free bar.I resist a little when you say that we have to dress in costume for the party, but you show me some options online and I agree to a very conservative, classic ‘Dracula’ costume, on condition that you go as a ‘Sexy Nun’, with a very short habit and a silver crucifix to try to keep me at bay.You tell me later that Mel and Mike are going as an ‘Evil Nurse’, and as the ‘Grim Reaper’, complete with a cardboard ‘scythe’.We all meet up at last, a couple of days before the event, and I find Mel very much more attractive than I had expected. I can imagine her already, as an ‘Evil Nurse’, in a bloodied short white dress, with black stocking tops showing below. She is blonde, in contrast to your rich black hair, but equally shapely; perhaps a little bigger in the bust? She is young and lively, and with a bubbly personality. I think I would enjoy her company.Mike is a large man, with a slight paunch, and obviously well-funded. I gather he works in some mysterious ‘financial’ role in the City, so I privately think that the ‘Grim Reaper’ is a suitable guise. I do not warm to him, especially when he tries to impress us with talk of all the ‘conferences’ he attends in luxurious, far-away places, and the ‘deals’ he does. Mel also looks very bored at all this, and I wonder if she is a ‘trophy wife’ to be produced when necessary, to bolster his reputation amongst similarly superficial colleagues.We tell our own stories too. In brief, I have retired early and feel financially ‘comfortable’, partly because I value quality of life over bank balance. You are of a similar age to me, but with a very much more outgoing personality, and an artistic lifestyle. You are also very sexually adventurous, though always in concert with me.On the evening of Hallowe’en, we meet up at our house, already in full costume, to share a cab into town. I find it all rather bizarre, but I must admit that the ‘Sexy Nun’ outfit does you proud, and Mel plays the ‘Evil Nurse’ to perfection. She struts around on high heels, and hitches her bloodied white skirt as high as possible, to emphasise the pale thighs above her black stocking tops. Both you and she are wearing heavy makeup, including red eyeshadow and black lipstick; you both look stunning.You insist on white face paint for me, and the obligatory plastic ‘fangs’, but Mike escapes with very little such attention, mainly because his face and body are largely hidden under the long black cape of the ‘Grim Reaper’.Suffice it to say that we have a riotous evening out, and drink far, far too much. I suspect that Mike also indulges in other ‘substances’ which add to the effects of the booze, and we all have to carry him to a cab to take us home. We arrive back at our house in the early hours, still costumed and merry, but our drunkenness is fading a little, while Mike is still very much the worse for wear.We invite them in for a reviving coffee, and Mel accepts enthusiastically, while Mike slumps into an armchair, and is soon fast asleep, with his scythe propped up against him. I look around and can’t help wondering at the surreal scene in our living room. The Grim Reaper is asleep in our armchair, a Sexy Nun and an Evil Nurse are gossiping intently and drunkenly on the sofa, while ‘Dracula’ is trying to make coffee. Eventually, I give up, as no one seems very interested, and I sit on the floor against the sofa, listening to your female gossip.It still amazes me quite how forthright two women can be, especially after a few drinks, but I have witnessed it before. Even though I am sitting at your feet, you are telling Mel about our sex life in some detail, while she is bemoaning the lack of her own. While I am pleased that you seem to be genuinely satisfied with our life, it is a bit disconcerting to hear you describe how I go down on you, and how much you love me to fuck you. It seems you are proud of me, and for a moment, I wonder whether I am a ‘trophy husband’ to be paraded in front of your girlfriends!I try to break up your tete-a-tete by sitting alongside you on the sofa, and Mel moves, somewhat unsteadily, to sit on the floor at Mike’s feet. She fails to rouse him from his stupor though and asks if the two of them can crash here for the night. We say they are welcome if they don’t mind us just carrying on as normal.She chuckles lasciviously and says, “Of course, it’s your home, you do whatever you want! Just ignore us.”She dozes quietly at Mike’s feet, and I can’t help noticing that her stockinged legs are parted to reveal, above her pale thighs, a shaven pussy hiding in the shadows of her mini-skirt. It is very arousing, despite all the booze, and I think you notice what is happening.You turn my head towards you and say, “Simon, you have a sexy Nun to fuck. Don’t be distracted by the Nurse!”I duly concentrate on the sexy wife alongside me, who is clearly aroused too. We cuddle closely and our hands explore each other. I reach under your short habit to pull your brief panties loose from under your ass, and throw them aside. I do not realise that they land on Mel, and wake her from her doze.I am exploring your pussy with my fingers, while you remove my plastic fangs and kiss me deeply, smearing your lipstick around my mouth. The fangs are also tossed in Mel’s direction. She is secretly paying close attention to us now, and watching our every move.You grasp my head and push me down towards your pussy, while stretching back on the sofa. I notice now that Mel is stirring and inching closer to us, while her hand plays with the naked pussy under her costume. Conscious that I am being watched now, I spread your thighs in front of me (and Mel), to demonstrate how I lick your pussy lips, teasing them apart with the tip of my tongue, then licking up to your clit, which is already trying to uncover itself. You have a long and prominent clit, when you become aroused.

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