The Hotel


I began dating this girl prior to graduation, she was a year younger than me in school but her parents let her do whatever she wanted.  She was about five-foot-two and one-hundred-and-thirty pounds and not a bit of fat on her.  She had tanned skin and sandy blonde hair, her legs were great but her ass was like two bubbles in her pants. She loved to screw and never worried about a thing when she wanted to. It didn’t matter if someone was in the room or if we were in her mom’s house.  For her senior prom, we went with another couple we had been friends with for a while, we went in together and rented a hotel room for the night.My girlfriend and Holli stayed at her parents the night before so they could get up and have their hair and makeup done together and be ready to go when we got there to pick them up.  Holli was a little taller than my girlfriend and weighed about one-hundred-and-twenty-five pounds or so. She also had sandy blonde hair and tanned skin. Her ass was nice but nothing like my girlfriend. When we arrived to pick the girls up they were ready and waiting. They looked amazing.  We left and headed to the dance which was at our school that year.I’m not sure how long we stayed but it was long enough for us to dance a little, have our pictures taken and then we left for dinner.  After dinner, we headed back to the hotel where we would be for the rest of the night. The girls didn’t know it, but we had enough alcohol to last the entire evening. The room was set up with a small kitchen and a living room, around a corner was the bed where my girlfriend and I would sleep but there was not a door so you could still see the TV from the bed.  We changed clothes and poured the drinks; the night was going to be amazing.We drank for several hours before my girlfriend was itching to be fucked.  She kept asking if we could go to bed but our other friends wanted to continue drinking for a bit so we did.  Jason( Holli’s boyfriend) had a little too much to drink that night and passed out. Now was the time for us to head to bed and poor Holli would have to deal with her drunk boyfriend. My girlfriend was already in the bed when I got in there and was on top of the sheets, as I walked in she was already naked with her fingers inside of her pussy.  I walked to the side of the bed and began helping her as she removed my shorts and then my boxers.I ran my hands down her legs as she took my cock into her mouth and began sucking me, it always felt amazing.  We knew we had to not be loud as there was not a door but sometimes we got a little out of hand with sex and she was very loud at times. As she sucked I leaned over and began kissing her back reach for her ass, she enjoyed having her ass licked, fingered and fucked so I always gave her what she wanted. I pushed her back on the bed and made my way down kissing her neck then to her nipples ending up at her sweet little pussy.I began to lick and she began to moan, I had to put my hand over her mouth so that I could continue but I knew Holli was in the room right there and knew what we were doing.  I flicked my tongue across her clit and she let out a moan I could not block but hell with it I just kept licking, she had enough and was ready for some dick. I moved to the bed and got on top slowly sliding my cock between her wet lips before finding her welcoming hole, my head made its way in than deep it went.  I pounded her like never before, maybe knowing Holli could hear us was part of the turn-on but who knows, I was having a blast.My mouth met her tits as I fucked her and I started sucking and licking her nipples, she moaned more and more but wasn’t really loud, just enjoying it.  I wanted her to ride me now so I turned over on my back and she climbed up, she was facing away so that I could see her sexy ass moving around. She knew I loved watching that big ass bounce so she rode the hell out of me, by now I knew the slapping noise was being heard but didn’t care as I reached up to feel her tits.  Now she was leaning back and my hands were able to reach her pussy so I began to rub her clit, as I began getting into it I looked and someone was standing in front of the bed.It kind of freaked me out so we stopped, my girlfriend asked me what was wrong and I pointed.  In the little bit of light we had come from outside you could tell it was Holli but what could she want, my girlfriend asked if she needed something.  Holli stepped closer and said that she had been in there listening to us fuck. It made her wet so she started rubbing her pussy then tried to wake Jason who was passed out cold. Holli said she was very horny and if he wouldn’t wake up, did we mind her coming in here? I wasn’t sure how my girlfriend would handle it but when she started riding my dick again I knew she must not care.Holli walked to my side of the bed and watched as we fucked, she had a short t-shirt on so I reached over and ran my hand up her back.  At first, she didn’t really do anything until I ran it back down to her ass and slid it in her panties, I could feel the heat coming from her pussy as I played with her ass. My girlfriend turned around facing me now so she could see what I was doing as she stuffed my cock back into her pussy as deep as she could go with it.  I slowly made my way past Holli’s ass finding where the heat was coming from, she gasped as my hand brushed across her soaked pussy then sticking a finger in it.

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