The Experiences of a Tutor


I am a middle-aged man with a quality education that happens to be employed as a High School teacher in rather large metropolitan area. During the course of my work, I get the opportunity each and every day to see some very sexy, if not absolutely beautiful young women. These young women come in all shapes and sizes.

I realize they are not legal yet, but these beautiful young women are quite aware of their sexuality and the effect that they have on the boys here. Not to mention the titillating effect that they have upon the male instructors at the school, especially horny single guys like myself.

Of course I have urges and lustful desires like any male. However in my profession, I must keep my urges in check and not run afoul of the law. Sure there are many days when I go home and take a cold shower to relax after watching these nubile young hotties all day.

What I find most enjoyable is the fact that these sweet young ladies love to flirt with authority figures and sometimes are very risqué. Especially in the warmer weather, there are many young ladies that push the limit on short skirts and revealing tops. The particular school that I wok at has a liberal dress code and the members of the faculty have full discretionary powers concerning what is appropriate and what is not.

In fact, I allow pretty much any manner of dress for the females in my classroom, as long as it does not distract the other students from their work. I love when the young lolitas flirt with me and flaunt their sexy hard bodies in my classes.

As lovely as these girls are, I do not dare engage in any activity that would place me in violation of the law. I know quite a few of these beautiful young girls personally, because my niece attends the same school. My niece is a very sexy young tease and she flaunts her sexuality brazenly. Her behavior drives the boys wild with lust and I cannot say that I disagree.

My naughty niece is seventeen years old and looks like at least twenty something. She is petite and has a beautiful smile, long dark hair and large gorgeous lips that she accentuates with a continuous coat of red lip-gloss. Her butt is just big enough to make you notice her and when she walks, her hips swivel continuously.

Alicia is well aware of her feminine charms and she can easily seduce any guy in school and she knows it. Especially when she wears a form fitting tiny top that allows a perfect outline of her small perky breasts. For a tiny young woman with small breasts, Alicia has the biggest nipples that one can imagine.

I can see the boys constantly competing for her affections and Alicia just ignores them at first, then she teases the hottest guys and leads them on. While observing some of the activities in school, I can see all of the teasing going on and I really do feel sorry for some of the guys at school, they just do not have a clue.

One particular evening, I was visiting my brother (Alicia’s Father) and shortly after I arrived, I heard a loud commotion coming from his back yard. It seems that Alicia was having a pre- graduation party and had invited quite a few girls from school. My brother confided in me that most of them were eighteen-year-old beauties and the sight of them in their bikinis was driving him crazy. After all, he was a man and only human.

My brother was duly surprised when one of these hot young women saw me and gave me a huge embrace. I was in lust after this one particularly sexy brunette pressed her warm almost bare breast into my chest while hugging me. I explained that she was one of the seniors at school and a former student of mine.

After this happened several times, I was fighting my libido to prevent myself from becoming aroused and my brother thought that this was humorous. As the evening continued, it seemed that all of the girls at one point or another made an excuse to come in and walk right by my brother and I very slowly and smiled while purposely swaying their beautiful hips.

One girl in particular kept coming in and almost paused as she walked by and kept smiling seductively at us. What was odd, was the fact that she was not wearing a swimsuit. Instead, she was wearing a very short skirt and a button up blouse. Her name was Carolyn and she was an older sister to one of Alicia’s friends.

At first, I thought it was my imagination, but after her second pass by her, I realized that her blouse was nearly unbuttoned now and her skirt seemed to be getting shorter. At one point, she came in for some ice water and when she reached upward into the cabinet for a glass, her skirt rose to just below her beautiful ass cheeks and her light pink panties were exposed.

This was pure torture and she knew it, because when she turned around, she looked right at me and smiled, then she licked her lips slowly and I almost came right there. I could feel my face turn crimson red, I knew that I wanted her.

Later that evening, Alicia came to me and said that she would like to introduce her friend’s sister Carolyn. Alicia explained that Carolyn was a freshman İstanbul Escort in college and she was having some difficulty in one of her mathematics classes. I was unaware until now that Alicia had volunteered my services to Carolyn.

Therefore, Alicia asked me if I could possibly tutor Carolyn during the summer in order to prepare her for the fall semester. Of course I agreed and Carolyn expressed her gratitude by giving me a huge hug. When I felt her hot breath on my chest and inhaled her heady perfume, I was smitten.

I replied that Carolyn could call me and set up a time and place that was convenient for her and we could evaluate what area that she needed help with. Of course Carolyn was all smiles and I was very horny. As Carolyn walked away, I admired her super sexy ass swaying back and forth.

My brother just looked at me and smiled, then he said you lucky bastard and I replied “What?” I am only going to tutor her with her math. My brother just laughed and said ‘yeah right’.

We were both checking Carolyn out for the remainder of the night and she knew it. She was so damn hot, I lost all interest in the football game and all I could think about was her hips swaying back and forth.

As the night passed on, it seemed that all of these sexy young girls were finding an excuse to pass through the recreation room for one thing or another. I asked my brother what his wife thought about all these sexy girls over at his house all the time. He replied that she did not mind because Alicia was so popular at school.

All the while, I could not help but see my niece Alicia in a different light too, she had blossomed into quite a hot young woman herself.

Alicia always did love attention, especially from the males in the family and I was no exception. She was always finding ways to show off her body in a most provocative manner. However, tonight with her friend Carolyn I noticed a certain innuendo about her mannerisms.

After several hours of watching the football game, I stepped outside for a smoke and I was pleasantly surprised to see why all these sweet young ladies were hanging around my brother’s house.

The swimming pool and hot tub were full of scantily clad beauties.

I was so horny by now I was beside myself.

I knew that I had to excuse myself and leave before I got myself in trouble. Alicia came running up to me to say goodbye and thank me for agreeing to tutor her friend. As she hugged me tightly and kissed me on the cheek, I could feel her body trembling slightly and I hoped that she had not felt my cock hardening as she pressed her tight body against me.

As she pulled away to return to her friends, her hand brushed across my groin and I almost jumped out of my skin. I was momentarily mortified and if Alicia felt my hard on, she certainly did not appear to be concerned.

I went straight home and took a cold shower to alleviate my pent up horniness. Try as I might, I could not get the visions out of my head of those lovely and half naked young girls. About eight o’clock the next morning, Carolyn called and I was surprised to hear from her so early in the morning on a Saturday.

She asked if she woke me up and said that she was sorry if she did and I lied and told her no I was already awake. Her voice sounded so sweet over the phone, I was immediately reminded of her sexy body. Carolyn asked me if we could get started on her tutoring today.

I thought for a moment and said sure, what time do you want to meet and where? She told me that she did not drive yet, but she could get a ride to the library and I could meet her there around ten o’clock. I started a pot of coffee and showered quickly and while I dressed, I still had visions of her shapely body.

When I arrived at the library, there was Carolyn as she said. I stared in disbelief for a brief moment, for she was sitting at a table near the computers with her makeup applied flawlessly and sexy pink lipstick. Her hair was freshly brushed and flowed over her shoulders and her shapely tanned legs seemed to go on forever.

She was wearing an extremely tight pair of light green satin shorts that almost resembled hotpants from the seventies. For a top she was wearing an orange tube top that barely covered her ample buxom. When I got closer, she smiled brightly and her teeth were brilliant and her nails were impeccably painted, as were her toes.

Carolyn was definitely a hottie and if had not known that she was only eighteen, I would have guessed her to be at least twenty-three or twenty-four. Her face was tanned perfectly and her choice of makeup highlighted her features perfectly. I was almost drooling and I felt as if I was staring forever, when in fact only a moment had passed.

When Carolyn had thanked me again for meeting her, she explained that she had always had difficulty with math in school and it was not one of her best subjects. In fact, she explained that it had caused her to be held back one year in school. As we talked, I learned that she was almost nineteen Escort Bayan and she had younger friends because of being in high school an extra year.

Carolyn explained that she was having a difficult time understanding the theory behind algebra and some of the finer points of finite math. After several hours of tutoring and allowing her to solve some practice problems, it became apparent that Carolyn really did not need very much intense tutoring after all.

In fact, she was quite intelligent as well as gorgeous and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to her. It was almost twelve thirty when I suggested that we quit for the day and allow her to absorb the theory and sample problems that we worked on. I was actually quite impressed with the way she handled herself and I offered to take her to lunch.

Much to my delight, Carolyn gladly accepted my offer and we went to a small café nearby. As we ate lunch and talked, I began to realize that we had a lot in common. I also loved her body language because as we talked, she would put her slender hand on mine or touch my arm to emphasize a certain point and I enjoyed that interaction.

After lunch, I wanted to visit with her more, so I asked her if she would be offended if I asked her over sometime to see my library or go for a swim in my pool. She told me that she enjoyed my company as well. As we got into the car, Carolyn slid all the way over in the seat next to me and gave me a short quick kiss on the cheek and told me what a nice guy I was.

I was caught completely off guard and I blushed and stammered a nervous thank you. However, Carolyn did not move away after kissing me. Instead she put her head on my shoulder and told me that she felt comfortable with older men than guys her own age. I told her that surely the guys were waiting in line to date her. Carolyn said oh sure, the guys at college thought she hot but she knew that they just wanted a quick fuck and did not have the patience of older men.

Carolyn confided in me that she had been dating older guys since a freshman in high school and was having sex since she was a sophomore in high school. I was shocked that she was so candid and at the same time encouraged. As we drove to my house, I took all the backroads and at one point, I placed my right hand on her firmly toned naked thigh.

My hand on her thigh did not seem to bother her, so I slowly moved it up to hem of her leg band on her shorts. As I anticipated, a slow moving train stopped us. After I placed the car in park, Carolyn grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me hard on the lips and I immediately forced my tongue between her lips and I was warmly received. As we kissed passionately, I gently rubbed the crotch of her shorts and realized that she was thoroughly soaked between her legs.

Carolyn was suddenly energized now and she withdrew her slender tongue and began frantically biting my lip as she rubbed her hands over my shoulders and chest. I rubbed her crotch hard through her shorts now and she moaned incoherently as she spread her legs wider. I needed no further encouragement as I fumbled for the snaps of her shorts.

Once I unfastened her shorts, I wasted no time in sliding my hands past her waist and into the slick and wet crotch of her panties. I let my forefinger toy with the tip of her slippery slit and she gasped as I made small circular motions at the top of her vagina.

I wanted so terribly bad to rip her shorts off and fuck her senseless right there. Her mouth was as hot and inviting as her pussy and the scent from her simmering sex was overwhelming.

When I realized that the train had almost passed, I told her that we must hurry to my house and we can be more comfortable.

Carolyn snapped her shorts and I held my sticky fingers to my mouth and slowly licked them dry and Carolyn smiled and said that I was exactly what she needed. The rest of the way home, she rubbed my cock relentlessly through my pants. There was a huge wet spot on the front of my pants when we pulled into my driveway.

I no sooner shut off the car and Carolyn was all over me and I excitedly pulled her close to me and turned her around and let my seat recline completely back. Once I was completely reclined, I let Carolyn’s head rest against my door and kissed her passionately. She opened her mouth and literally sucked my probing tongue between her sexy lips.

As I was sucking her lips, I unfastened her snaps on her tiny shorts again and tugged at them until she raised her hot bottom and helped me pull them to her ankles. The sight of her wet little bikini panties was almost too much. I took my forefinger and thumb and

Rubbed her throbbing clitty through her thin panties. The wet gushy sound and scent was intoxicating.

Carolyn was whimpering loudly and my mouth pressed tightly against her sensuous lips muffled her screams of delight.

I broke our hot kiss in order to take a breath and Carolyn begged me to please fuck her. I asked her to be patient and not rush simply because I wanted this Eskort to be special for her. She responded by ripping my zipper down and squeezing my cock tightly in her hot little hand.

I grabbed the hem of her thin little panties and ripped them from her waist and she gasped loudly and pumped my cock furiously as I drove my fingers into the sticky furrow of her swollen pussy lips. Carolyn was really getting into the moment now as she began moaning and whimpering about how fantastic it felt to have someone else’s hands in her pussy.

Carolyn grabbed my aching cock with both hands now and pumped even faster as she started screaming ohh fuck, ohh fuck yesss! As I looked into her beautiful face all twisted and contorted with pure animal lust, I wanted to mount her right then. I restrained my self and kept thrusting my fingers in and out of her tight young pussy and then a sticky creamy fluid began oozing from her pussy .I was now able to thrust practically my entire hand up her pussy and as I wiggled my fingers inside her womb, Carolyn bounced up and down on my hand trying to force it inside her even further. Carolyn was nearly screaming at the top of her lungs when I was able to free my thumb and rub it back and forth across her swollen clitoris.

Suddenly she began stiffening her back and trembling uncontrollably as I concentrated my thumb movements right on the tip of her clitty. When Carolyn suddenly started swiveling those marvelous hips on my hand and biting my neck, I knew she was coming. Then she let loose with a geyser of sticky juices all over my hand as she gasped for air and suckled at my neck.

Carolyn was beside herself with pleasure as I twisted my hand inside her super tight sticky pussy. Without warning, she pushed her tiny tube top up above her breasts and forced them into my face. I needed no further encouragement; my greedy lips latched onto her nipple immediately. And as I sucked and bit on her swollen nipple, she took one hand and forced it into my lips further and I devoured her breast.

This sweet and sexy girl was riding my fist like a pro and squealing with delight every time I rubbed her swollen nub between her puffy labia. She was extremely horny and I wanted her to enjoy every moment of this experience.

Carolyn was whimpering like a newborn as I nibbled at her tittties and alternated from one to the other. She kept her hand tightly on the back of my neck as if I might stop suckling at her delicious breasts. After a few more minutes of screwing my fist, Carolyn exploded in a frenzy of emotions.

As I continued manipulating my fingers within the confines of her hot and steamy pussy, Carolyn let go with a gut wrenching orgasm and her hot sticky juices ran down my wrist to my elbow and she kept screaming ohhhhhh, ohhhhhh my god that feels so fantastic ohhhhhh baby!

After I withdrew my hand from Carolyn’s pussy she gasped and in a hoarse voice told me that nobody had ever brought her to such an astounding climax, even close without actual intercourse. I was flattered and I promised her more good things to come. I held my hand to my face and licked my fingers and Carolyn blushed. I told her that she tasted absolutely divine.

Carolyn reached for my throbbing cock and before she could get her lovely lips around it, I suggested that we dress and go into the house and we would be out of sight from the neighbors. We could not be seen in the driveway, but just in case someone happened by, we would not be in a compromising position.

Once again, Carolyn pulled her shorts up and partially fastened them and pulled her top back down and we hurriedly dashed inside. Once we were inside, Carolyn pushed me against the door and literally ripped my pants from my waist and went down on me immediately. I was duly impressed by the skill that this sexy tart had for giving head.

She opened her mouth unnaturally wide and proceeded to engulf my entire cock with one slow fluid movement. Quite similar to the way that a snake would devour it’s prey. My god was she good; I was beside myself with lust for her. I instinctively grabbed her hair in a huge not and pulled her head harshly into my groin.

As I pulled her hair and held her head in place tightly, all Carolyn could utter was mmmmm, mmmmmm, ungh, mmmmm.

I was caught up in my own needs now and I brutally fucked her face with all my strength. Carolyn just kept sucking and it appeared that she was used to this reaction. When I could not hold back any longer, I held her head firmly in place and pumped a massive load of spunk down her silky throat.

Carolyn handled my load like a professional and sucked even harder as I spewed forth what felt like gallons of sperm. Once I stopped convulsing and totally emptied my balls into her mouth, Carolyn still kept sucking. I can’t describe in reality how wonderful this feeling was. She was the most fantastic cocksucker that I have ever had the pleasure of being involved with.

I was at a loss for words; Carolyn had caught me totally off guard. Not that I am complaining though because she was absolutely fantastic, I have had my share of blowjobs in my day, but this young college student really did her homework. I continued to cradle her beautiful face in my hands as she sucked and licked every last bit of sperm from my cock.

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