The Erikson Twins Big Summer Pt. 02


(Note: In the “note” in Part 1, I said that Part 2 would be Chapters Four through Seven, but actually, it’s Chapters Three through Seven. Sorry about that.)

Chapter Three

Rachel Carlson stopped pedaling the stationary bike and looked over at Jackie, who was in recovery mode on the rowing machine. “You’ve got to be shitting me!” she exclaimed. “I want you to tell me every fucking juicy detail.”

Jackie had just casually mentioned that the Erikson twins had fucked her brains out the night before. She and Rachel, her best friend in Cougarville—and secretly her lover—were down in Jackie’s basement doing high intensity interval training. A squall line had moved in from the West and it had been raining hard, off and on, since before daylight.

“Nice mouth for a preacher’s wife,” Jackie laughed. “Come on, we’ve got five more sets to go, then I’ll tell you all the juicy details.”

Rachel Carlson was the wife of John Carlson, the preacher of the Savior of the Ozarks Lutheran Church in Cougarville. She was a tall woman at five feet, eleven inches, and slender. She’d been nearly anorexic before she met Jackie and Jackie had convinced her to eat paleo-style and exercise properly, which meant a lot of long walks, some high intensity intervals like they were doing now and, of course, picking up and setting down heavy things. Jackie’s gym in the basement of her house had it all and it came in handy on rainy days like today, otherwise, she and Rachel would be running sprints at the high school track.

After two years of following Jackie’s diet and exercise advice, the once, pale, fragile, sickly-looking Rachel was toned and tanned. She had muscle definition and was both strong and fast. She had a narrow body so her 32C breasts looked good on her, especially since they were still firm, never having had any children.

After finishing their “sprints” on their respective machines, Jackie and Rachel finished off with a low-intensity cool-down period then went upstairs to the kitchen to have a smoothie that Jackie had already blended up for them.

“Okay, Jackie,” Rachel said after taking a big gulp of her smoothie, “did you really have sex with the Erikson twins. “Oh dear God, I would love to do that.”

Jackie smiled at her friend. She loved Rachel, and she was still trying to decide just how much she loved her, they were lovers, however, and had been for the last five years. Rachel had warm brown eyes and unmanageable curly brown hair, like a soft, fragrant cloud around her head. She had a pretty face, her smile was killer, and her personality was so soft and sweet that no one, not even her husband, realized just what a strong libido she had. No one but Jackie, that is. Jackie had recognized it in Rachel almost immediately and, being bi-sexual, she slowly worked on seducing her.

When Rachel had finally admitted her strong, almost uncontrollable, sexual urges to Jackie, Jackie had deftly led her into a sexual relationship with her. Rachel had exploded and the sex had been unbelievably good for both women but especially for Rachel. The sex between them was still strong and good. But, of course, living in a small town and, also, since Rachel’s husband was a well-respected preacher, they had to be extra careful when and where they met for their love-making.

“Okay,” Jackie began. “Yesterday the boys were doing my lawn… .”

“And you realized that you wanted them to do you,” Rachel interrupted with a laugh.

“Well, yeah, kind of. Actually, I’ve wanted them to do me, as you put it, for a long time, but they just recently turned eighteen. If I were going to get caught in a scandal in Small-Town, U.S.A., I definitely didn’t want it to be a criminal act too.”

Rachel nodded and drank more of her smoothie.

“Anyway,” Jackie continued, “when they finished and came up on the porch to get paid, I got them a glass of lemonade and, you know, turned away from them and bent over to set the tray down on that little table on the front porch. I was only wearing my black sports bra and those tiny little black shorts I have, pretty sure they would be able to see my camel toe from behind. Then I told them that I didn’t have any cash. You know how they like to be paid in cash?”

Rachel nodded. That’s how she always paid them. They were her lawn maintenance guys, too.

“So I told them to come back around nine at night and, well, wink-wink, nod-nod, park in the alley next to the garage.”

Rachel laughed. “So they knew what you were up to.”

“Oh yeah, those boys aren’t stupid.”

“So what happened when they showed up?”

“I met them in the kitchen. You know that Chris has his Friday night poker game and never gets home before one or two in the morning so we had plenty of time.” Jackie went on to tell Rachel just what happened in minute detail.

“Oh fuck!” Rachel exclaimed when Jackie finished her story. “Now you’ve gone and made me all horny. My pussy’s wet.”

Jackie laughed. “Oh hell, honey, you’re horny all the time,” she said.

“Yeah,” Rachel sighed, slumping Escort İstanbul over on the kitchen island, “that’s true. But you really did double penetration with them, and not just once but twice?”

“Mm-hmm,” Jackie answered as she swallowed the last of her smoothie. “Well, since they were twins and used to sharing, I thought it only right that they both get a chance at my ass.”

Both Rachel and Jackie laughed.

“I want to do that,” Rachel said, “double penetration. Oh God yes, I want to do that. And with the Erikson twins? Oh my, the very thought is making me super horny.” Then she sat up straight. “Shower time?” she asked, hopefully.

“But, of course,” Rachel,” Jackie said. “Telling you about last night has my pussy wet too.”

In the shower, after a good rinsing of their sweaty bodies in all the nooks and crannies, they turned off the water. Rachel went down on her knees. Jackie leaned back against the wall and put one leg up on the built-in seat. She smiled down at Rachel. Rachel smiled up at Jackie then began licking her pussy. Rachel liked licking pussy. No, scratch that. She loved licking pussy. That didn’t make her a lesbian, though. Because she knew she loved dick as much as she loved pussy. The problem was, the only dick she’d been getting for the last few years, other than the once a month from her husband, sometimes, was the strap-on that Jackie had.

Rachel’s husband was a pale, thin, flabby, near-vegan minister who had read that by restricting his calories he would live longer. Rachel wondered why a preacher of God would be so concerned about living longer rather than living more enjoyably. One of the side effects of a calorie-restricted diet was low testosterone. John Carlson had a very weak libido. He was also forty-nine year old, nine years older than Rachel.

But the problem between Rachel and her husband had begun long before she’d met Jackie. First of all, she found out after they’d been married, that he’d had a serious car accident as a teenager. It almost took his life. When he survived, he gave his life over to the Lord. But the accident also made him sterile; the damage to his groin had been severe and could not be fixed. As a graduating high school girl she fell in love with Pastor John. No scratch that. She fell in love with him when she heard his commencement speech to her graduating class. It was all about true love and staying together and leaving it all up to the Lord.

Rachel, of course, had been raised as a Christian and had swallowed all of the claptrap that came with the Christian religion, including pure, true, monogamous love. Unfortunately, as she came to find out, human nature really didn’t work that way. Some people like sex a lot, others not so much. It was more of finding the right person to match your own libido. She also came to realize that sex for the pure carnal pleasure of sex was not evil. It, too, was human nature. The person to fully open her eyes to what she was already suspecting was her best friend, Jackie.

“Ah! Yes!” Jackie gasped. Rachel had been a good student and knew just how to push all of Jackie’s sexual buttons with her mouth and tongue. “Oh fuck! Oh yes! Oh Rachel, Rachel! Oh God yes, Rachel,” Jackie gasped again and then she was coming, thrusting her pussy against Rachel’s greedy mouth. It was so good, so good.

Rachel held on to Jackie’s hips, her face pressed into her pussy as Jackie’s orgasm peaked then faded. Then she stood up, smiling. She embraced her lover and kissed her fully on the mouth, letting Jackie taste her own pussy on her tongue. She knew Jackie liked that.

Jackie turned Rachel and herself around and grinned at her. “My turn, lover,” she said. Then Jackie went to her knees and began licking and sucking on Rachel’s pussy. She slipped a finger into Rachel, just like the Erikson twins had done to her the night before, and began stimulating Rachel’s g-spot.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh Jackieeeeee!” Rachel cried out a few moments later as she began an intense, body-shaking orgasm.

Both women got out of the shower and toweled off, wrapping their hair in towels also. In bed they began kissing and caressing each other, moaning with pleasure as a hand or finger caressed between wet pussy lips, or a mouth capture a nipple, teeth biting down on it and tugging on it. They got into the classic sixty-nine position, with Jackie on top and began lapping at each other’s pussies. The towels on their heads had fallen off by now and the feeling of their wet hair brushing gently against their skin added a nuanced pleasure to what they were doing.

When Jackie had first seduced her, Rachel had felt so sinful. She was, after all, a minister’s wife and she wasn’t supposed to have sex with anyone but him and especially not a woman. And yet, at the same time, she had been so very turned-on and excited. The orgasms Jackie had given her—she’d had three the first time Jackie and she made love—had been the best, most intense, orgasms of her life, so much better than the ones she got when making love İstanbul Escort Bayan to her husband, if she got one, even better than when she masturbated to her wildest imaginations, which included making love to a woman and, most shocking of all, to black men.

The two women leisurely made love to each other, taking their time, not in a hurry, wanting to fully savor the caresses and kisses, as well as the licking and the sucking.

Jackie was remembering the night before with the Erikson twins and how good their cocks felt fucking her and thinking how she would love to lick their cum out of Rachel’s pussy.

Rachel was thinking about Jackie and the Erikson twins and then putting herself in Jackie’s place with them fucking her pussy and ass at the same time.

Several minutes later, Rachel pressed her pussy down hard against Jackie’s sucking, licking, biting mouth. She cried out in a wavering voice before twisting her hips and her pussy away from Jackie’s mouth, in the throes of another strong orgasm. Rachel lay half-turned on her side, panting, her legs quivering as the orgasm passed. Jackie rolled off and waited.

After Rachel had recovered a bit, she turned her body around to face Jackie and give her a long and loving kiss. “Your turn now,” she said as she pushed Jackie onto her back and slid herself down between Jackie’s legs.

Rachel just nuzzled around Jackie’s sweet pussy for a bit. She looked up at her with her warm brown eyes. “Jackie, do you think the Erikson twins might want to have sex with me? That is,” she went on quickly, “if you don’t mind.”

Jackie laughed. “No, lover, I don’t mind,” she said. “I’m old enough to be their mother, and so are you, I might add. I don’t have any misperceptions about a long term and exclusive relationship with them. Besides, they’ll be heading out of state at the end of summer to go to college. I would actually love it if you made love to them. Then after, maybe we could make it a foursome.”

Rachel grinned then gave Jackie’s pussy a long, wet lick. “That would be great, the foursome, I mean. Ooo! Yes, I would love that, I think,” she said.

“Oh I know you would you beautiful and delightfully wicked woman,” Jackie said. And then I could lick the twins cum out of your pussy,” Jackie added, knowing that would excite Rachel even more.

Rachel, who had begun lightly licking on Jackie’s pussy, popped her head up. “What?” she asked excitedly. “You would lick their cum out of my pussy, really?”

Jackie laughed. She sat up and reached down for Rachel, “Come here, baby,” she said as she lowered herself back down on the bed pulling Rachel on top of her. She kissed her. Then the two women kissed several more times, savoring each other’s tongues.

Jackie pulled her lips slowly off of Rachel’s with the last kiss. “I forgot to tell you one little detail about last night. you see, both boys licked each other’s cum out of my pussy.”

Rachel gasped. Her eyes lit up and she gave Jackie a big wicked smile. “Really?” she asked.

“Really,” Jackie said. “Now, when we have the foursome, when, not if, I’m sure we can get them to lick their cum out of your pussy, too. But lover, I really want to do that to you and then go on to lick you to orgasm.”

“Oh gosh, Jackie,” Rachel said, “that would be…be, marvelous. And then I could do it with you, too, right?” That thought, the thought of licking cum from Jackie’s pussy, a thought she’d never had before now, really made her own pussy wet. Of course, she’d never tasted a man’s semen. Her husband said that oral sex was sodomy and evil. Still, if the Erikson twins could do it and if Jackie wanted to do it with her, then Rachel knew she would like it, too.

Rachel knew that according to her family, her husband, and society in general, she would be considered a wicked woman who shouldn’t be having these thoughts. They would be shocked and scandalized and horrified to know that she was now bi-sexual and having an affair with another woman, but to have sex with that other woman and those two beautiful young men, the Erikson twins, would make their heads explode, not that they would ever find out, of course.

Rachel had been troubled in the first days of becoming Jackie’s lover. But Jackie had explained it to her so simply, “Some people are just more sexual than others and there’s not a thing wrong with sex as long as everyone consents to it.” And then she’d said, “To deny that Rachel would be to drive yourself crazy… and you were going crazy, weren’t you?”

Rachel admitted that she had been. She’d thought she was a sick woman for having all her irrepressible sexual thoughts. She’d actually married her husband because he was a minister and thought he could help her. His advice, when she told him what was going on in her mind, besides a shocked and horrified look, was to pray with her and to advise her to pray constantly until her wicked thoughts went away. “God will help you,” he’d told her.

Only God hadn’t helped her. And that was another problem: Rachel Anadolu Yakası Escort really couldn’t accept the Christian concept of God and Good and Evil. She knew that good and evil existed but she also knew there were some good people who weren’t Christians and some evil people who claimed to be. She didn’t believe in the Devil at all. Why would a loving God create such a being, let alone allow it to exist and to create evil in the world. One of Rachel’s problems was that she was an intelligent woman but not well read or well educated.

Jackie smiled at her lover. Rachel was forty years old and yet, in some ways, much like a naïve twenty-something. Well, she was naïve in many ways, but Jackie was educating her.

“Yes, Rachel,” Jackie said just before giving her another sweet kiss, “you could do it to me, too.” Oh fuck yes, Jackie told herself, a foursome with Rachel and the Erikson twins is going to be my number one priority until we do it.

Rachel kissed Jackie again, then with dreams of sugarplums in her head—licking the Erikson’s cum out of Jackie’s pussy—she slid back down and applied her mouth to Jackie’s pussy, making love to it as best she could and her best was very good, thanks to Jackie’s teaching. Soon, Jackie was deep into the spasms of orgasm.

Later, as Rachel and Jackie were getting dressed, Rachel asked, “So what should I do about the Erikson twins, because I would really like to fuck them.” Rachel loved using the word “fuck” whenever she could, which was pretty much only around Jackie.

Jackie laughed. “Well, where are you going to ‘fuck’ them?” she asked.

“Yeah, that’s a problem,” Rachel started to say. “Oh wait. I have to look at John’s calendar, but I think he has to go to St. Louis on Monday for three days for a synod meeting of the church. The Erikson boys mow my lawn on Tuesday mornings.”

“Well there it is,” Jackie said. “When they finish up you tell them you don’t have any cash and could they come back later, say, nine at night.” Jackie laughed. “You might even give them a sly wink. Not too fast, mind you. A small smile and a slow wink will be enough for them to know what you want. They’re smart boys and quick on understanding. Although, it might shock them, you being a preacher’s wife and all, but I don’t think it will stop them from coming around at night for you to, you know, pay them.”

“Yes! That will work!” Rachel exclaimed. She hugged Jackie and gave her a big kiss.

Chapter Four

“Golly guys,” Rachel said sincerely, “I just realized that I don’t have any cash. Do you think you can come back later?” She paused, her heart beating hard in her chest. Then she swallowed and continued, almost stumbling over what she said next. “Uh, say about nine tonight?” She gave Don and Dan a really sweet smile then shocked them with a sexy wink.

Don looked at Dan. Dan looked at Don. They knew what each other were thinking and what they were thinking was: Oh my God, Jackie talked to Mrs. Carlson and told her what we did and now Mrs. Carlson wants to do it too…and she’s a preacher’s wife.

Both Dan and Don had fantasized about Rachel Carlson. The fact that Rachel was a preacher’s wife made their fantasies about her all the more wickedly exciting to them. And now it looked like they just might be able to act out their fantasy, thanks to Jackie.

Don and Dan gave Rachel sweets smiles of their own that made her pussy throb with desire. “Well, sure, Mrs. Carlson, that will be just fine,” Dan said, “right Don?”

“Oh absolutely, Dan,” Don said. “So then, Mrs. Carlson, we’ll be here at nine, okay?”

“Oh boys, you can call me Rachel,” Rachel said and gave them another sweet smile. “And, uh, one more thing… .”

Dan couldn’t help himself, so he spoke up. “You want us to park in the alley and come to the kitchen door?” he asked.

Rachel knew then that the Erikson twins had no doubt about what she was up to. She blushed but smiled and nodded. “Why that would be an excellent idea, uh… . Gee, I can never tell you two apart.”

“I’m Dan,” Dan said, “and, yeah, that’s a problem for most people. But we’re used to it.”

Rachel wondered if it would be a problem tonight. She’d just have to wait and see. Now she needed a stiff drink. Being married to a Lutheran minister, alcohol was quite acceptable, in moderation, of course. Her husband didn’t drink at all, however, but Rachel kept a bottle of scotch stashed in a cupboard for when she felt like a quick snort or two, which was not a rare occurrence considering her sexual desires and frustrations. Actually, she only drank wine before meeting Jackie, but soon developed a taste for scotch, as that was Jackie’s preferred alcoholic beverage. She was excited and thought that she might just go to the bedroom with her drink and masturbate while fantasizing about what tonight would be like.

As Rachel stood on her porch, watching the Erikson twins drive away in their pick-up truck, she thought of the opportunity that was before her: to fulfill her fantasy of having sex with another man, something she’d wanted to experience since meeting Jackie and accepting her real sexual self. Only now it wasn’t going to be just one man, it was going to be two men, two very young and very attractive young men. And she was, hopefully, also going to experience double penetration.

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