Subject: The Brownstone On Union Park: Chapter 21 GENERAL DISCLAIMER: This story contains sexual situations between adult males involving various aspects of the kink and fetish communities. If you find material of this nature offensive then you should not read any further. All characters in this story are over the age of 21. If you are under 18 years old in the US or under 16 in the UK you are not legally allowed to read this story. This is purely a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living or dead, or to any events that may have occurred, are purely coincidental. The author claims all copyrights in this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed (except by the websites to which it has been posted) without the consent of the author. Nifty does not exist without donations. If you enjoy these stories, please donate here: fty/donate.html CONTACT/FEEDBACK: I enjoy getting feedback and I try to incorporate as many suggestions about the story and characters into subsequent chapters whenever possible. Feel free to e-mail me at ail. ________________________________________________________________________ The Brownstone on Union Park – Chapter Twenty One – The plane lurched suddenly from some turbulence and Justin momentarily stopped to apologize, “Sorry about the teeth, it’s probably just some turbulence.” “It’s fine, you’re doing an amazing job,” James reminded him. Justin was about to go in again when the plane jostled them both to the side of the wall and the turbulence returned. They both steadied themselves when the seatbelt sign illuminated inside the bathroom. The turbulence continued to get worse causing James to fall backward onto the opened toilet seat. “Look, maybe we can continue this after we land but I have to get back to the main cabin and do our safety seatbelt checks.” “Damn it,” James protested, “but I understand.” Justin got up on his feet and began to turn around when the plane lurched again causing him to nearly fall on top of James. His hand hit the back wall and slid down the side causing him to ironically have a hand on top of James’ shoulder now. The turbulence continued jostling them up and down with James still on top of the toilet seat. One more turbulent air bubble in the jet stream firmly wedged his ass snuggly on the inner loop of the seat. “You alright?” Justin asked with genuine concern raising his eyebrows in sympathy. “Yeah, my ass is stuck though. Can you give me a hand?” James pleaded. “Of course,” Justin replied when another turbulent gust from the jet stream caused his hand to slip from James’s shoulder to the side of the wall inadvertently activating the flush button. “OH MY GOD, IT’S FLUSHING!!!” James screamed in horror. *** “Dude! Did you get fucked by Papa Smurf?” Carter cheekily asked James with raised eyebrows. “Fuck off! I’m not talking about it!” replied James in a defeated and defiant tone as he removed his watch from his wrist and threw it on the hotel bed. It was the last thing he was wearing before he entered the bathroom to use the shower. “No seriously man, why does your ass look like a blueberry? Really, what the hell happened?!” Carter inquired again trying to comprehend the deep blue color on his ass cheeks. There was no reply from James as he dumped his entire bag of toiletries out on the bathroom vanity looking for his Jean-Paul Gaultier exfoliating scrub. He quickly found it and turned the shower faucet on hot all the while exposing his naked backside to Carter to have a full view of his neon blue ass cheeks. “For fuck’s sake! Was the Blue Man Group in town at your hotel in LA?” No reply. “Damnit, James. Just fucking talk to me, please. What’s wrong?” Carter asked again this time in a more serious tone. James placed both hands firmly on the vanity of the hotel bathroom and exhaled deeply as steam began to roll out of the adjacent shower stall, his backside still exposed in its glorious blue hues. He breathed in again, trying to erase all emotion and finally turned around to address Carter in the hotel room. “There was an incident in the airplane bathroom,” James replied, with zero emotion as he turned to look at Carter in the eyes, and continued, “after some particularly jarring in-flight turbulence.” Carter approached closer and slowly walked up to James nearing mamak escort the bathroom entrance with wide eyes. “Oh damn… Did you get hurt? Did you hit your head or anything?” Carter inquired in a cringing grimace of concern. James began to lose it a little and his voice started to quiver, “No, I didn’t hit my head. I just got my ass stuck in the airplane toilet and this idiot flight steward accidentally lost his grip and hit the flush button.” “What was the flight attend… Oh…” Carter began to ask and then quickly killed the line of questioning realizing the scenario that likely transpired. “Yeah. So, a blowjob from one of Eagle Airline’s cutest flight stewards turned into…” James struggled to find the words to describe the horror that ensued when Carter cut in not missing a chance to follow up with the punch line. “…turned into the world’s most powerful rim job at thirty-five thousand feet?!” James closed his eyes hard while visible tears began to crest down the sides of his nose rendering him unable to return a reply. “Oh fuck, I’m sorry man,” Carter continued and stepped closer and put his arms around James, now entirely naked, in a friendly and affectionate hug, “I didn’t realize this was so traumatic for you. I’m sorry, James.” The tears continued and Carter embraced him even tighter in the hug and asked “So, how long were you actually stuck in the… Well, you know, the lavatory?” “It felt like months! Months and months before anything actually happened.” Carter began to rub his back in a paternal caring fashion and questioned, “Really, that seems like an awfully long time?” “Well, the flight attendant had to go out and do all these safety checks to make sure the rest of the passengers were alright. When he finally came back in to check on me that disgusting blue fluid was all over me and it took him some time to un-wedge my ass. Those fucking things are vacuum powered! VACUUM powered!!! They’re not like regular flushing toilets!” “Oh, I’m sorry man, I guess it must have felt like an eternity for him to just leave you hanging like that.” James began to wipe the tears away from his eye as he started to regain his composure after being allowed to vent a bit. “I just felt so helpless, I literally couldn’t do anything but wait.” “Well, you survived, didn’t you?” “Yes, but my ass looks like one of those jungle monkeys! Seriously, what am I going to do Carter?!” “Look, I’m sure whatever that stuff is… It probably just washes off. Get in the shower and see what simple soap and water can do.” James stepped back and wiped his eyes with his forearm and asked with concern, “But what if it doesn’t?” “Look, just get in the shower… We’ll try some of that asshole bleaching cream of yours when we get back to Boston if it doesn’t come off after the first wash. But, I really think you just need a good shower.” James looked truly defeated and simply did not have any other alternative other than to get in the shower and hope for the best. So, he turned around and opened the shower door, blue ass cheeks marching behind him. “Here, maybe your exfoliating gel stuff will help.” Carter mentioned as he handed it to James from the shower opening, “It certainly can’t hurt…” James, completely naked and exposed, extended an arm and took the exfoliating gel with a stone-cold expression on his face. “Thank you, Carter. Now, if you don’t mind, I have some scrubbing to attend to,” James replied. “OK, well, if you need anything else in there let me know,” Carter replied and walked out of the bathroom. He looked around the hotel room with the one large king-sized bed. The two of them would be sharing the same bed for a few nights but it was not as if they were going to be sharing any intimate moments with one another. To be fair, they did date for a short period of time ages ago. However, they soon found that they worked better as friends instead of fuck buddies; James was on a whole other level when it came to the stereotypical pushy bottom. The black Tumi suitcase that James brought with him from his work trip was in the corner of the room by the door where he entered. Carter easily flipped it up on top of the dresser with one hand and opened the zipper revealing the contents of the tightly packed clothes. “You want your shit in the dresser drawers, like usual?” Carter ofise gelen escort yelled in the direction of the bathroom. He waited for a reply but either James was purposefully not responding or was so entrenched in the scrubbing action that he failed to deliver any response. Carter shrugged and used his best judgment to conclude that James would likely prefer to see his clothes in the drawers and his dress shirts unrolled and hung up in the closet. He quickly disassembled the contents of the suitcase and placed the clothing items in a sensible arrangement inside the dresser drawers. The remaining clean dress shirts from his suitcase were rolled up to prevent wrinkling and Carter carefully unrolled them and put them on hangers and back in the closet of the hotel room. He looked over at his own suitcase but could not care less about his contents in the drawers. What was the point if they were only going to be there for a few days? More likely than not he would probably wake up in someone else’s bed tomorrow morning if things went well tonight. The steam from the shower continued to permeate from the bathroom entrance as James vigorously scrubbed his ass cheeks in an attempt to return them to their pigmentation. Carter walked over to the thermostat on the side of the wall to the hotel room and set the AC to sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit to counteract all the steam emanating from the bathroom. He walked back over to the bed and rolled over on his back while placing his hands behind his head and stared at the ceiling. Something was sticking him in the back. He unclasped his hands and reached behind his back to find the watch that James had on moments ago and carefully placed it on the nightstand beside him. “How are you doing in there? Is the blue coming out?” Carter asked with genuine interest. Again, no reply. Carter pulled his phone from his pocket and began to scroll through his Facebook and IG feeds to kill some time. None of the Boston gays were posting anything to signify that they were down in New Orleans for Southern Decadence. There were plenty of stories and photos of their friends in Provincetown celebrating the last good summer weekend of the year. Maybe they should have gone there instead? But, after both the Fourth of July week and Carnival both of them were a little burnt out from Provincetown at the end of the summer. Carter yelled back again, “How’s it going in there?” The shower spray audibly cut off and it appeared as though James was finished for the time being. He honored Carter’s question with a curt reply, “Better… I think.” Carter got off the bed and approached the bathroom entrance that was left open from when James entered. “Will you hand me the towel, please?” James asked pointing to the stack on the chrome shelf above the toilet. “Sure man,” Carter replied and stepped over to the toilet and retrieved a towel on the top of the stack and handed it to James as he opened the shower door. Carter looked down at James’ crotch to observe the blue on the front of him was nearly gone. “Thank you, Carter,” James replied accepting the towel, moving it to his head to first dry off his face and hair. “OK, turn around, let me see your ass,” Carter said with James’s head entirely engulfed with the bath towel over his head. James did a one-eighty in the shower turning around to expose his posterior to Carter while he finished drying his hair. “So, I can’t easily see without a mirror. How does it look?” James questioned. “Uhm…” Carter began carefully choosing his words so as not to say anything else to upset James while trying to remain truthful at the same time, “You barely notice it. It’s kind of like when you get a new pair of dark dyed jeans and forget to wash them before wearing for the first time.” James proceeded to dry the rest of his body and carefully stepped out of the shower slinging the white towel over his left shoulder to expose his buttocks. He made a flicking motion with his fingers signaling for Carter to back out of the bathroom so he could get a clearer view of his posterior in the vanity mirror. Carter backed up, crossed his arms, and looked down in the direction of the floor realizing James was about to see his now blue tinted ass in the mirror’s reflection. It was substantially less blue than when he entered the shower moments otele gelen escort ago but the contrast to his regular skin was visually apparent under the harsh bright lights in the hotel bathroom. “It’s still BLUE, Carter!” James protested and then turned his head to look at Carter in a weird attempt at validation of what he was seeing. Carter adjusted the lid of his Red Sox baseball cap downwards and further craned his neck towards the ground to avoid eye contact with James as a small chuckle escaped from his throat. “Damnit! It’s not funny, Carter!” James screamed as he got closer to him and smacked him on his crossed arms all the while not being able to make eye contact with the hat blocking his gaze. Carter finally was able to bring his head up after what seemed like an inordinate amount of effort to erase the smile he previously had on his face. “Look, it’s not that bad anymore. It’ll come out in a day or so I’m sure,” Carter replied. James visibly remained angered and was not able to reply. He stood there just staring at Carter as if it were somehow all his fault. Carter continued to stare back knowing he had to do something to diffuse the tension realizing neither of them could escape the reality of the situation. So, in a quick gesture, he flung the towel still draped over James’ shoulder to the ground and crouched down near his naked midsection. “And what are you going to do down there, mister?” James asked with heightened interest? Carter moved closer to James’ naked crotch and breathed out heavily so James could feel the heat of his breath. “Something I should have done ages ago,” Carter responded and gingerly grasped both arms around James’ backside picking him up letting his front side slide over his shoulder. He easily backed out of the bathroom carrying James over to the hotel bed and plopped his body down spreading him eagle face up. James clearly liked where this was going and for the first time since he entered the hotel room, he was able to produce a smile, tight-lipped as it was. Carter climbed on top of him pinning his hands over James’ securing them in place at the corners of the bed. The thinly veiled smile on James’ face grew ever so slightly as Carter used his legs to kick open both of James’ wider. “James. Don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful you got us this hotel room and used your miles to get me a free plane ticket. But, this is the last good weekend of the summer before the weather turns. I’m not gonna let you fuck this up,” Carter explained while shaking his head staring directly into James’ eyes. He continued, “You have so much to be grateful for too! You’re in great shape, good-looking, have a great job, your health, own your home, get to travel. And yeah, your ass is a little blue… But are you really going to focus on the one negative thing in your life all weekend long and ruin it for me?” James sighed realizing he was getting a lecture and that this would not be a brief sexual encounter. His slate grey eyes darted across from left to right rapidly as if he were trying to think his way out of this inescapable situation when he could feel Carter’s hand grip tighten even more around his wrists. “OK, you’re right. I promise I won’t ruin your weekend,” James retorted. Carter loosened his grip around James’ wrists and gradually brought his clothed body down laying on top of James. He kissed him gently on the side of the cheek and said in a whispered tone, “Good, then let’s get you dressed and get dinner in the French quarter before we go out tonight.” He jumped off the bed and readjusted his baseball cap which had become disheveled when he threw James over his shoulder to get him on the bed. James sat up and looked at his now empty suitcase that sat on top of the dresser. “I put your clothes away before when you were showering…” Carter began to explain when James cut him off. “Because you know that’s what I would have wanted,” James finished and got up from the bed standing now just a few feet away from Carter. “Well, yeah,” replied Carter. “I appreciate that. That was very considerate. Thank you, Carter.” Carter raised his eyebrows and shrugged a little. James continued, “You think we could ever be a thing again?” Carter let out a quiet sigh and further adjusted his baseball cap even though it really did not require any further adjustment, “James, we’ve been through this before…” James walked closer to Carter so only a few inches separated the two of them. An awkward silence enveloped the room as they stared at each other. Carter took half a step forward and wrapped his arms around James placing his chin over his shoulder and whispered into his ear, “C’mon monkey butt, let’s get you dressed and go to dinner. I’m starving.”

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