The Beauty Contest

Big Tits

I was recently cleaning out my son’s room when I discovered a men’s magazine underneath his bed. I resisted the immediate temptation to drag him in there and go into my “Now explain this young man!” routine and decided: OK…he’s 16 and interested in girls so, no big deal. I flipped through the magazine which was quite a bit more explicit than they used to be. Towards the back there was a series of photos of a young woman who was a dead ringer for my big sister Julie. Those piercing blue eyes, that vivacious “Ready for Anything smile, and those big boobs! Being naturally introverted and small busted, I always looked up to my big sister and, frankly, I still do. Boy! Did that ever bring back memories. Julie always has said I have the “Gift of Gab” and that I should write about a certain experience we had back in the sixties so here goes.

A local hardware store was sponsering a “Beauty Contest for Sisters” at a park in our Midwestern town in the summer of 1969. Julie wanted to enter really bad!

“C’mon Katie!” she goaded me, “You know we’re gonna win!” I’ve never thought of myself as beautiful, especially compared to my sister, but by then, at 18, my body had filled out as much as it was ever going to and I guess I was sort of attractive.

Anyway, the day of the contest we had fun getting dressed up and went down to the park to enter. I have to admit it was a thrill walking down that runway with Julie. She wore a short polka dot summer dress that really showed off her curves. I’m shorter than her, have much smaller boobs and have curly red hair. The crowd seemed to like us as we walked along together. We sang a duet we’d known since we were kids and then answered some kind of dumb questions for the judges. They told us to wait for further instructions under a nearby shade tree.

By now even I was excited at the prospect of winning the contest. It wasn’t so much the prizes, which weren’t all that great. It was more the idea of me and julie actually winning as a team. She had always considered me to be her hopelessly lame little sister who had never attracted much attention from boys but, suddenly, here we were being judged together for our looks!

The two judges approached us and Paul, the older one (I think he owned the hardware store or something) told us we were among the finalists! I was thrilled until Eric (who was closer to our age and a real good looking guy) informed us that it was time to “Change into your swimsuits for the next phase of the competition.” We hadn’t checked the details of the contest and so we hadn’t brought our suits. There was no time to drive home and make it back for the judging! I was really disappointed. Then suddenly Julie’s asking the judges if we can just model for them privately in our panties and bra! I’m going “Julie!” but the judges talked it over and agreed to let us do it. “Nothing will show that they wouldn’t see in a bathing suit Katie.” She told me, “And it’s the only way to stay in the contest.”

It didn’t seem right to me but Julie was quickly hustling me towards a large, mobile home type trailer that they were using as a changing room.

“Julie I’m not even wearing a bra!” I complained. I think a bra looks stupid when your breasts are as small as mine so I usually just wore an undershirt. “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” She simply answered.

We waited for the other girls to change and when the trailer was empty we went inside. I timidly took off my dress and nylons and then panic set in. My God! I’d worn french cut white panties and my coppery pubic hair was spilling out all over the place!

“I can’t let them see this Julie!” I wailed to my sister. Thinking quickly, Julie searched the trailer and found a safely razor. “Quick honey…take off your panties and I’ll shave you.” She said.

There simply wasn’t time to argue so I pulled down my panties and julie set me up on the small kitchen table there in the trailer. She grabbed a bar stool and sat down right in front of me. Julie then spread my legs well apart and began to lather up my pubes. I couldn’t believe the lurid situation I’d ended up in! Here I was…sitting there with my legs wide open, no panties on and my big sister hurridly shaving my pussy! Julie worked carefullly and was done in just a few minutes. She was wiping off the last bit of soap when we heard the latch turn on the trailer door and, to my horror, in walked the two judges! With my sister between my thighs I was unable to close my legs and, before I could react, both men were treated to a clear view of my completely hairless pussy! I turned beet red as their eyes drank in the sight of my totally exposed vagina. Finally, I grabbed my nearby panties and draped them over my loins thereby covering my youthful sex from their prying eyes.

There was an awkward silence for a moment, then Paul and Eric stammered an apology for not knocking. They turned their backs and I quickly hopped to my feet and put my panties Maltepe Escort back on. My sister twisted my undershirt lengthwise and tied it around my chest to cover my little tits. It looked kind of stupid but it was better than nothing.

Julie and I went along with the silly charade of walking back and forth together in the small trailer as the judges wordlessly gaped at us. With no pubic hair, my flimsy white panties had quickly moulded themselves to the folds of my sex and my pussy lips were easily discernable. I was mortified!

I would have thought the judges would be ogling Julie’s more voluptuous form but they seemed to be fixated on me. Eric was smiling at me and kept saying “Very nice!” I could tell he liked me and I tried to smile back but, under the circumstances, it wasn’t easy. Finally they told us we could get dressed and that the contest winners would be announced in about 15 minutes.

“You were great Katie!” Julie told me when they had left. I couldn’t believe what had happened but, with great relief, I got my clothes on and we went back outside.

When the judges announced that we’d won I remember thinking it was all worth it. I was so thrilled! They gave us flowers and a trophy and we paraded up and down the runway to the cheers of the crowd. It was like a dream come true.

Later, we were back in the trailer to receive our prizes. Paul and Eric were very eager to apologize for “What happened earlier.” They were being really sweet and I finally told them it was no big deal. Eric looked at me with his best “Aw shucks” smile and shook my hand.

We talked a bit more and they told us that the “Swimsuit competition” was what really sold them on us. We were getting real friendly now and finally Eric asked if they could have just one more look at us in our “Swimsuits.”

I wasn’t really sure what to say but Julie started undressing right away. Next thing I knew she was flashing that dynamite smile at the judges while they eyed her sexy body clad only in brief blue panties and bra. Eric snapped on a nerby radio and Julie began to dance along to the music. She moved sensuously in the cramped trailer and then reached back and unhooked her bra. With Paul and Eric now encouraging her, Julie teasingly slipped her arms out of the straps while somehow managing to keep her breasts covered. She then turned her back and removed her bra completely. She coyly moved to the music for a few moments longer before facing us and exposing her full ripe breasts to both men. Her large brown nipples were defiantly erect and on full display to her “Audience.”

“Well how about you Katie?” Eric asked hopefully. He had those big puppy dog eyes and…well, I was thrilled to have won the contest but…still I hesitated. Then my big sister kind of pushed me down onto the cushioned bench behind me and flipped my dress up. “Oh come on Katie don’t be such a prude!” She laughed.

Taking a breath for courage, I took the hem of my dress and slowly pulled it up and exposed my little white panties. Paul gave a low whistle and Eric nervously adjusted his pants. Julie saw the judges faces and quietly told me “Kate…I think they’d like to see a little more.” I knew what she meant but I just couldn’t do it! The next thing I knew my sister had unzipped my dress and was pulling it up and then off my body. I instinctively covered my little tits with my hands and looked away as Julie hooked her thumbs into my panties and began to pull them down.

“Oh Julie NO! I cried in frustration. “I just can’t!” I grabbed my dress and covered myself the best I could as Julie, in disgust, went back to her sexy dance. Paul and Eric’s attention was now focused on my sister as I climbed back into my dress. She began to slowly pull her panties down as the men cheered her on. I knew my sister wasn’t exactly a virgin but this seemed like a bit much even for her. She showed them her patch of dark brown pubic hair and then teasingly whirled around and lowered the waistband of her panties until the crack of her butt was visible. Eric lept to his feet and joined in her ludicrous dance calling out “All right Julie baby!” My sister turned and quickly stuffed her big firm tits right into his chest and began to grind her barely covered pussy into his crotch. As you might imagine, nobody even noticed as I picked up my things and left.

Julie had the keys to the car so now I was going to have to walk home in addition to everything else that had happened. I saw the big “Sisters Beauty Contest!” sign and I almost started crying. I glanced back at the trailer and wasn’t at all surprised to see it gently rocking back and forth.

I was in such a daze I’m not really sure how far I had walked when a car pulled up next to me. It was Paul. “Hi honey!” He started. “I…uh…do you…need a ride?” I shook my head No but it didn’t take much on his part to convince me to get in the car. All I needed on a hot summer day was a 10 mile walk home.

It Cevizli Escort was going to be a difficult drive no matter what at that point. I was embarassed by my sister’s calculated seduction of Eric and how quickly I was discarded like an old worn out shoe. I looked down at the bouquet of flowers I’d been so happy to receive and suddenly tears began to stream down my cheeks. How could I have been so stupid to think a good looking guy like Eric would ever want a flat chested schoolgirl like me? Paul was rambling on about something or another, trying in vain to fill the awkward silence from my side of the car. He glanced over at one point in his narrative to see me red faced and sobbing. We had just crossed the river that runs through our town and he pulled over beneath some oak trees that grew along the banks.

“Well we can’t have you showing up at home like this now can we?” he said. I knew he was trying to be nice but there wasn’t anything anyone could say to cheer me up right about then.

“I’m sorry…it’s not your fault Mr. Hudson.” I finally managed to say. It was quiet for a few minutes while I tried to compose myself. I was expecting him to be all “There there honey, it’ll be OK.” Instead he just looked at me and said “It’s the small chest isn’t it?” I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say. My silence said a lot.

“Katie you’re a young girl with a lot left to learn.” He told me. “The day will come when you’ll realize the awesome power of your beauty is a complete package…not something to be picked apart and isolated. Oh sure. A lot of men go for big busted women. I…well I guess my nephew Eric would fall into that category. But at least as many guys love petite, small chested girls. Take me for example. I would never…never go for a girl with a flat…Butt!”

I had to laugh when he said it. “You have to admit Kate, you lack nothing in that department!” I was looking up at him and smiling now. “And…Ah…well I didn’t mean to look when we…um, walked in on you girls earlier but, well, you have the biggest nipples I’ve ever seen and your pussy! Honey a guy would kill to kiss a sweet little pink pussy like yours!” He apparently realized what he’d just said and began to apologize. “I’m sorry sweetheart, I didn’t mean…”

“No no! Go on!” I insisted. I knew he was laying it on thick but I had to admit I’d never heard a man speak so frankly about what they liked in a girl. I smiled up at him and noticed his pretty blue eyes for the first time. He actually wasn’t bad looking for someone old enough to be my father.

“Well…” he began again, “Sometimes I wonder why flat chested girls don’t seem to realize how much of a turn on it can be for a man to…You know…to kiss and fondle her little tits. And…well, I’ve always felt that small breasted women have their sexual power concentrated in their ass!”

“Really?” I inquired. Paul had his arm around me now and I was feeling much better. He began to tell me the story of his “First Time” with a girl…a flat chested girl as it turns out, when he was about my age. I studied his face as he gave me the most explicit details while trying, somewhat humorously, not to embarass me. As he poured out his heart to me, I began to feel something more than friendship for this grey haired man who had gone out of his way to help me when I was at a low point in my life. We were both quiet when he finished his story. Then, with a sheepish grin he asked me, “Katie, do your nipples get even bigger when somebody licks them?” I guess I could have been offended. Instead I was honest.

“Nobody ever has Mr. Hudson.” I tried to give him the same look Julie had given Eric earlier in the trailer. He recognized that look and boldly hugged me to him. He kissed my forehead and then his hand began to slowly move up my chest towards my girlish tits. When he first touched my nipple he took a quick breath and then fondled me right through my dress. I loved the feel of his fingers and reached up to kiss him as my nipples hardened to his touch.

We frenched like a couple of teenagers which at least I actually was and then Paul reached behind me to gently unzip my dress. With a look of reverence in his eyes, he slowly pulled my dress away to expose my hard nippled titties. His eyes got real big when he looked down at me there on the front seat of his car. My curly red hair was illuminated by the afternoon sun. My green eyes were still a bit red from my sniffling earlier and my teenaged nipples were on full display…each pointing in a slightly different direction and capping a gentle swell on my breast. Just a handful of freckles completed my youthful development.

Paul coughed nervously and then moved to start the car. I was wondering what was up as he pulled a little further down the gravel road that fronted the river. We drove slowly slong until we reached a sunny meadow out of sight of the main road. He reached in the back seat for a picnic Atalar Escort blanket and soon we were kissing under a shady oak tree. Paul seemed to love my little tits and paid plenty of attention to them. He licked and sucked my nipples until my freshly shaved pussy began to wet the crotch of my panties. Paul then pulled my dress off and took a few moments to enjoy the sight of me lying there with only my little panties to cover my pussy. The look he gave me make me feel pretty special about my slender young body. A nasty thought came into my head and, after only a few seconds to consider it, I reached down and pulled the legband of my panties to one side and gave him his second look at my hairless pussy.

“Oh my god Katie!” he cried and then quickly his lips were on my tits and his soft hands were on my panties. My rosy pink nipples got even bigger as he feverishly sucked on them and his experienced touch on my virgin pussy had me wet and panting in just a few moments. I momentarily stopped his assault on my willing young body and removed his shorts and trousers thereby freeing his bobbing hardon.

He had a sizable cock! I found myself wondering if I could go through with it. I had brief flashes of a handsome young suitor “Deflowering” me on our wedding night in some gala honeymoon suite…but the more I looked at that big cock, the more facinating I found it to be.

I was worried, yes. But the desire I felt in my heart as well as my pussy overpowered my natural virgin instincts. I spread my legs well apart and let him feel me up all he wanted. He took my hand and put it on his haradened cock. I just swooned at the feel of it. All hot and stiff…like marble or something. “Slide your hand up and down Katie.” He needlessly told me. I did the best I could to please him and began to slowly masturbate him while he continued to tease me through my panties. Finally I thought the time was right and I leaned up to whisper in his ear “Oh Mr. Hudson…take off my panties!” I felt his cock jerk in my hand when I uttered my lewd request and he quickly moved into action. “It’s Paul!” he corrected as he took hold of the waistband of my panties and began to pull them down and then off. I kept my legs together in a genuine display of modesty but, with my pubic hair all shaved off, my delicate pink slit was easily visible to him. Just a simple verticle line there at the base of my belly that dove down between my legs. I wondered if Paul was thinking about the first embarassing look he’d gotten at my pussy earlier in the trailer. I couldn’t help but blush at the memory.

I had little time to consider the thought though as he had lifted my knees and pushed them softly apart. My defenseless little pussy was now completely naked and totally open to him. He savored the sight for a while before his eyes moved up to meet mine.

“Katie remember me telling you how small busted women have their sexual power concentrated in their ass?”

I caught his drift and, without answering, I moved to my hands and knees before him. The late afternoon sun was now shining on my hindquarters and I knew he was looking at my asshole. Then I felt the warm slippery sensation of his mature tongue on my labia. He planted a deep soul kiss on my “Other” lips and drove his tongue into my heavily secreting little cunt. Oh my God! It was so hot! I found myself pushing back at him in an effort to achieve deeper penetration. He used his finger to tease my clit while he moved up to tongue my forbidden anus. Now THAT was nasty!

My emotions were peaking now as i subserviently knelt there before my older lover. I was more aroused than I’d ever been but fearful also. I knew my moment of truth lay just ahead.

Paul took my plump ass cheeks and slowly pulled them wide apart. I looked back with glazed eyes to watch as he took his penis and placed it in my butt crease. He began to slowly rock to and fro, rubbing his cockhead over the sensitive bump of my anus while his balls lightly slapped into my hairless young pussy. His eyes were closed now as he enjoyed this odd “Dryfuck” in my butt cheeks. I began to move with him…enjoying the salacious nature of my situation now. Paul leaned forward and reached underneath me to fondle anew my turgid nipples. This just about drove me mad with desire and I seemed to cross an imaginary line that I’d been fearful of. I reached back between my legs and took hold of his stiff penis. I hesitated for a moment when I again felt the size of his dick but then I somehow conquered my fear. I went ahead and placed his plum shaped cockhead right at the well lubricated entrance to my virgin pussy. I didn’t have long to wait as Paul gasped at my wanton move and then drove his cock into my waiting pussy. I felt a pinch of pain and tensed up as he pushed on deeper and deeper. I was holding my breath and Paul stopped for a moment.

“You OK?” he asked breathlessly. I nodded without speaking, determined not to be a baby. “Relax and let it happen honey.” He whispered, “I’ll be gentle.” He began again…slowly fucking my virginity into the past as I knelt there before him. I must admit, for a while I was waiting for it to be over. Then…then miraculously it sort of got to be nice! Very very nice!

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