Tenderness and Warmth Pt. 01


“Te amo, Clara, mi reina, mi vida, mi esposea hermosa!” The words escaped her lover’s lips and brought a sunshine of smiles within Clara’s heart. He had just told her that he loved her, promised to cherish her and adore her for the rest of his life, before proposing to her with the jade coloured ring that was around her left ring finger. Hearing those words brought a thousand butterflies within her belly, so much so that she could have fallen with excitement. Luckily, Bernardo would hold on to her with his strong but loving arms and never let her go.

She was now straddling him, with her legs around his waist, feeling him redden as his erection stiffened underneath his trousers, but he didn’t let her fall. Clara couldn’t deny that she wanted him, wanted him to lay with her now. To be honest, she had wanted his naked body inside her when they had first shared a bed together four months ago. Bernardo was surely a keeper- he had stroked her scar on her belly and reminded her of how beautiful she was. But she wanted the first time they made love to be special, to not lead to passion that was bound to burn out like in so many cases today.

When she had asked Bernardo to wait and told him this, she was really worried about him thinking her a tease and him being denied to frustration. As a matter of fact, he had always been respectful, he never nagged her, never despised her or sought the flesh of another woman. Even now he had taken so much trouble to arrange this picnic dinner for her and still offered to spend the night chastely with her. There was no doubt in her mind that he adored her, respected her, would treat her right and would never forsake her. She had loved him for a long time, but their paths had separated them, only for destiny to bring them back together- all that was five months ago.

She was now feeling a tingling sensation in her heart, her breasts, her belly and her lady parts. Oh God, she was even blushing!

Clara steadied herself and edged her lips dangerously close to Bernardo’s. ”Yo te amo tambien, mi cariño,” she whimpered.

That did it. Bernardo kissed her lips four times, each slightly more passionate than the other, his tongue edging ever so slightly inside. Clara gripped him tighter and kissed back eagerly.

Bernardo pulled back, stroked her hair before kissing her cheek, he then nibbled her ear, making her giggle. His lips left a trail of kisses to her neck, which he savoured with passion.

Clara let out a gasp of numbing delight, her arms tremored with pleasure, her nipples hardened under her spaghetti strap maxi dress and her legs began turning to jelly; she could not hold them around him anymore! Luckily, Bernardo anticipated that and held her tighter- one arm on her back and the other on her bum. She melted into him with a whimper.

With one hand he caressed her back, with the other her arm- tickling from her shoulder to her delicate foreram. He did all this while showering her neck with his hot kisses. Bernardo moved down her chest, pausing over the marble stone necklace that he had made for her, engraving the letters CS, her initials, on its surface. He nuzzled into her breasts and hugged her to him. He knew that her bust was pretty small compared to most women, only a B-cup 36″, but he didn’t care- she was perfect in his eyes.

His heart raced with excitement, but his reserves held him back. He really wanted her, every bit of her, but he looked up at her with wide eyes. He needed to be sure that she was OK with this.

Clara giggled nervously and held on to the back of his hair, pulling him towards her and implying her permission.

Bernardo beamed and kissed her bosoms through her dress, making sure to blow through at the point of her nipples. Clara squealed in delight and threw her head back, feeling wetness at the mouth of her kitty. But the hot air on her nipples wasn’t enough anymore, so she reached to unfasten her right strap. Bernardo smiled and slipped off her left one.

Slowly and sultrily, Clara stepped back, pulling her dress down like a curtain and letting it drop with a dramatic flourish.

Bernardo’s breath was literally taken away. This was the first time that he had seen his sweetheart semi naked. Her skin was pale like snow, her bosoms were covered by a baby blue coloured strapless bra. Her panties were tight and of the same colour. There was a red scar that carved itself on her belly, where she had been burnt by a savage. Bernardo remembered how shy she had been to show him, and he was filled with a sense of protective fury at the man who had hurt Ataşehir Escort her so. She also had a few red moles- one on her lower back, one on her upper back and the third in line with her diaphram under her right breast. Far from detracting from her beauty, these blemishes proved to Bernardo that this girl was a fighter and survivor.

“You are completely and utterly gorgeous!” Bernardo declared.

Clara blushed. “Thank you. You’re not bad yourself.” A cheeky grin emerged on her face. “You, my love, are also overdressed. Come on, pop your kit off.”

Bernardo smiled, slipping off his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. His eyes remained on Clara as he slowly unbuckled the belt and pulled it out.

Clara couldn’t take the anticipation, she had propped herself down on the divan bed to enjoy the view. But now she hurried over to help him pull the undershirt over his arms and he was shirtless. She loved his olive complexion and eyed his chest and dark nipples greedily. There were residues of some white scars on his toned pectorals and side, but only on his left side. His abdominals were not as toned but there was definitely something below the flesh. She eyed him curiously, yet shyly and ran his fingers along his shoulders and chest. Bernardo’s hands found hers and gently guided them to his nipples, before taking them to his sides and returning to his shoulders.

Clara’s lips went straight to his shoulder where she kissed his scar, her wide eyes watching him sigh in ecstasy. His sigh turned to a chuckle as her mouth enveloped around his left nipple, and her tongue flicked over it.

“Clara!” Bernardo said hoarsely. His hands found the back of her head, stroking her earlobes and neck. “Look up at me.”

She complied willingly, her milk chocolate eyes teasing him sultrily. How could someone seemingly angelic and innocent become so devilish? he thought. Supposedly in the same way as a chaste and chivalrous man can become ardent in bed.

Without a word, Bernardo pulled her back, his nipple red and thick with her saliva. Clara had no chance to protest as he quickly kissed her lips. His lips caressed her chin and he nibbled down to her bosoms. He licked her right nipple under the bra, causing her to moan and tilt her head back. Bernardo embraced her and unclasped the back of her bra before resuming his sucking of her other nipple.

Clara gave a soft cry and held his hair tightly. Her kitty was very moist now. His hot breath on her nipples brought squeal after squeal of delight, but there was something in the way, something she desperately wanted to discard.

She giggled as Bernardo’s hands lightly spanked her buttocks, protected only by her panties. He heaved her up and on to the divan, laying her down. Clara realised at this point that her bosoms were fully exposed, and her nipples hardened at the sudden chill. She had never felt so naked and exposed, yet so trusting. Because she did, she trusted Bernardo with her life, her soul and her body.

Bernardo smiled, caressed her face before holding her hands. She grinned shyly, she loved that even when he had stripped her nearly naked he was still being gentle. It made her heart beat faster and her breasts feel tingles run over them.

“I love you, Clara,” Bernardo whispered. “I won’t hurt you, you know that?”

Clara felt her eyes turn almost moist with tears of happiness. “I know,” she nodded.

“Are you OK?”

“I’m good, really,” she responded, wiping her tears. “Just… love me, please.”

Bernardo leaned down and kissed her lips again, this time slowly and passionately. Then he nibbled her neck, causing her to whimper and writhe with pleasure. That pleasure just intensified so much when Bernardo’s mouth licked her bare right nipple and his hand tickled the other before alternating and covering them both with his saliva.

“Bernardo! Don’t stop!” Clara whimpered, grabbing the nearest thing she could find to hold, which happened to be the bed sheet. She gasped in painful pleasure as her nipples hardened to his touch. She whimpered some more as his lips found her hollow belly button, the sound of his wet kisses on it, as if it was her mouth, caused her to blush. Clara’s blushing grew even more when his hands continued to knead and caress her gorgeous breasts.

Next she cried out in ecstasy as Bernardo blew over her lady parts; her wet panties were the only thing that stood in the way.

“Get them off!” she urged desperately. She moved her hands towards them, but her man took hold of them not ungently.

“Wait, love,” Bernardo Anadolu Yakası Escort muttered.

Clara writhed in anticipation and groaned as he nipped the inside of each of her sexy thighs. She playfully cursed him for teasing her like this, she needed him, the man she loved so much, inside her.

As if hearing her silent wish, Bernardo slipped off her panties and admired how wet and needy she looked. His tongue found the outer lips of her kitty, which was shaved completely except for one strip of hair on her groin. Clara literally had her breath taken away for a moment. His tongue tickled her clitoris and he inserted his middle and fore fingers inside her and slowly began curving them towards him.

She grabbed hold of his hair and whimpered in delight as he worked his fingers inside her, stroking her spot. He kissed and licked her labia, sucking her wetness, drawing figures of eight on her, enjoying as she squealed.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yeah! Oh yes!! Baby, I love this! Yes! Yes! Oh my God, yes! Ahhhhh! I’m going to come!” Clara gasped, as her whole body convulsed; she threw herself back, her eyes falling to the back of her head and closing as her skin flushed and she reached climax.

Clara took deep breaths to steady herself after she was done, her breasts felt hot and sweaty as they heaved up and down with her breathing. When she had collected herself, she raised her head to see Bernardo smiling intently, in just his boxer shorts.

“Hey,” she whispered, subconsciously moving her hands to cover herself. “Thanks for that. It was… very nice.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said, hopefully more confident than she felt, as she reached to lower his boxers. She took his fully erect member and began stroking it in her hand. She was quite unsure of what to do next, of what he would like or whether he would like this.

Bernardo’s left hand went to her hold on his member, while with his right he touched her face. His first two fingers had some of her juices on them and he rubbed some underneath her chin as he tilted her head up. Her lovely eyes met his own.

He silently cursed himself. For the first time that night he saw in her fear, confusion but also utter trust, like a child.

“Not today,” he whispered.

Clara shuddered and looked away. She felt consciously naked and was growing bright red with embarrassment. “Why? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, no, no!” Bernardo said embracing her and pulling her into a tight and loving embrace. He kissed her forehead, then cheek and ear. Clara’s fears faded and she hugged back, loving his kisses on her flesh. She closed her eyes, feeling her lips actively seeking his. She felt pride as he chuckled lovingly when she kissed him three times on each cheek before returning to his lips for the seventh for luck.

“Tonight, I want to treasure you,” Bernardo whispered. He gently pushed her down on the divan bed, lips kissing her neck again, before moving to her nipples. She felt his member rub excruciatingly slowly over her vaginal opening. Clara barely had time to moan as he entered her. She was really lubricated, her juices from her previous orgasm allowed his member to slide in easily. Clara gasped as it went in half way and giggled.

Bernardo reached down and kissed her softly. “Hi,” he growled playfully.

“Hi,” Clara smiled, kissing him again. He slid fully in her with a thrust. Clara moaned as he began slowly thrusting and grinding. She pulled him down and kissed him jealously. Bernardo quickened his pace and circled her bare nipples with his thumbs, causing her to squeal. His member caressed the inner walls of her wet sex, each thrust pushing her closer to a second orgasm. Her legs wrapped around his back, pulling him closer for more passionate kisses; her hips began thrusting up to meet with his in rhythm.

“My beautiful Clara!” Bernardo groaned in her ear and she loved it, her head tilted back as she gasped. “Slow down,” he whispered.

The couple eased their pace and Clara laughed, realising how fast her heart was pounding.

“What’s so funny?” Bernardo probed lightly.

“Nothing,” she giggled, kissing him.

Bernardo pulled her up so she straddled him, their arms firmly around one another and only flesh, skin and bone in the way of their hearts. He turned around so he sat on the bed while she straddled his lap.

A soft whimper escaped Clara’s lips as she slid down his member, which slowly ventured deep and the walls of her vagina tightened, desperately wanting to keep him.

“Oh babe!” Kartal Escort Bernardo growled, as he began thrusting into her, holding his right hand on the nape of her neck and stroking it, while supporting her buttocks with his left. Clara giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck; suddenly he stopped thrusting and stared into her eyes.

They gave each other a long and sensual kiss. After they broke apart, Bernardo kissed her forehead and began thrusting ever so slightly. “Do you want to know what I’m thinking?” he whispered in her ear after nibbling it.

Clara squealed happily and looked into his beautiful, kind and protective eyes, seeing herself thrusting on him with her pelvis. “What are you thinking, darling?” she whispered between her moans.

“I’m thinking that I love this beautiful girl, with beautiful brown eyes, sweet smile,” he kissed her after each compliment. Clara just closed her eyes and returned his kisses, her heart beaming with each kiss and thrust. She gave a whimper after whimper as they both pushed and pulled together in harmony, accompanied by a kiss on the lips, ear, cheek or neck.

“You like this, my love?” Bernardo murmured, kissing her neck and massaging her breasts with one hand.

“Oh yes!” Clara cried, intensifying her bouncing on his member. She could feel how hot and hard he was inside her. She embraced him, touching foreheads together. Bernardo felt so warm and loving, his hot and ardent breath fell on her face, occasionally preluding to a nip or a kiss, followed him pumping her with various speeds. Gentle, quick, faster, hard; before slowing down and showering her with affection. Clara eagerly returned it as lovingly as possible, she realised how hard he was working to please her.

The inner walls of her vagina began closing and hugging his member tightly. Right now, their treehouse cabin was filled with Clara’s gasps and whimpers and the rapid pounding of their groins together.

“Yes! Yes! Please, keep going! Keep fucking me! Love me! Oh yes! Yes! My love! Ahhhh! Oh my God, I’m going to come!”

“Good girl! Let me love you like a good girl!” Bernardo hissed in her ear. Clara tilted her head back, her eyes rolled up into her head and she began her round of bucking and crying out. Waves of waves of pleasure and excitment erupted through her naked body, her cheeks heated up with redness, her breasts became swollen and inflated, sweat caressed her gorgeous body, her sex became as wild as a stampede and her arms weakened by the second. But Bernardo grabbed her firmly and supported her, like always.

She gasped and smiled as she felt him come and unleash his seed deep into her kitty. Spell after spell flowed in and each squirt made her grin.

She heard Bernardo exhale and reach over to kiss her forehead. “Good girl,” he muttered.

Clara grinned, her cheeks flushed and her kitty still around his penis. She pulled herself to his shoulders and softly pecked him there, while he embraced her. “Thank you,” she giggled.

“Did my love enjoy that?” Bernardo teased, pulling out but still embracing her.

“She enjoyed it very much,” Clara said, grazing his lips and fluttering her eyelashes in his face, daring him to succumb to her and kiss her again. Bernardo didn’t need much convincing; within a second his lips met hers for a long moment, before he sprawled her down underneath the divan bed covers.

Clara suddenly felt a breezy chill and hastened to cover her bosoms with her covers. She watched Bernardo slip his undershirt back on and move to join her in bed. Her medium brown hair had loosened during their lovemaking and now ended around her delicate collarbone.

“I love you, Clara,” Bernardo said stroking her hair with his fingers. As he lay down, she huddled up to peck his cheek.

“I love you loads,” she whispered.

He laughed and kissed her forehead again. Seriously, what was it with her man and her forehead? Not that she was complaining. She rested on his chest, while her bare bosoms rested against his side. Bernardo gave her a simple smile, as he felt her heart beating while she could sense that his was racing rapidly in rhythm with hers- it felt electrifying, harmonious and blissful, like they had nothing to worry about. Clara grinned, feeling so safe- emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. She was so happy, to be with him and to have lain with him, having him caress her and kiss her intimately, like she was his and he was hers and nobody else mattered. The thought turned her on so much that she felt her lady parts get a little more moist than they were already. She smiled and went red, thinking of his sperm oozing out of her slowly- definitive proof beyond doubt that this was real, she had made love to Bernardo.

“Sweet dreams, my love,” Clara whispered, pulling her leg over his hip and snuggling in.

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