Tempting Trevor: Part Two


Chapter 10: Mary and the MakeoverWhen Trevor opened the door to his room, the last thing he’d expected to find was his sister, laying on his bed in a pair of purple panties and a tank top, but that is precisely what he found. He stood stock still in the doorway.“Um, hi?” he said, and Stacy looked up from her phone.“Hey Trev,” she replied, “I was waiting for you.”“Why?” he glanced over at his computer, and Stacy laughed, saying, “No, I didn’t borrow your computer. I ask permission before I use things. That’s actually why I’m here.”Trevor blushed, knowing he’d been caught, and knowing that Stacy knew exactly why he’d looked at the computer. She’d got another one over on him with nothing but an implication. Damn it!“Well, let me start again,” she went on, “I’m here, physically, because you have a nicer TV in your room, and I’m watching the Kardoucheans. I was waiting for you to ask for permission.”“You don’t need my permission to use the computer,” he said, and shrugged, “whatever. Just use it. I don’t mind.”“Thanks, but that actually is not the permission I was looking for. How would you like to have a hot, sexy, confident woman to fuck?”Trevor fidgeted in the most adorable way, his mouth working, but words unable to come out.“Stacy, we…” he hissed, then quietly, “we can’t…”“Not me, pervert,” she stopped him, “We talked about this. You can’t fuck your sister.”Trevor shut the door and pressed his back against it.“Will you keep it down?”Stacy ignored him and pressed on, “I was talking about your girlfriend.”“Mary?”“Do you have another one?”Stacy struggled to contain her glee. Not only did Trevor not associate his girlfriend with the words “hot,” “sexy,” or “confident,” he’d immediately thought of her. Fuck, it was almost too easy. She was definitely going to have to go after a married guy next. Her dad had held out for over a year, through an 18-year-old Stacy’s teasing, dirty talk, handjobs, dick sucking, until he’d finally snapped and just slammed his cock into her. Now, that had been a long, fun game. She didn’t think she’d ever find a challenge like that again.“What about Mary?” Trevor asked, protectively.Hmm, maybe not so easy, after all, she thought, then said aloud, “I wanted permission to borrow your girlfriend for a chick’s day out. I’m going to make her over for you. That girl seriously needs a girly friend. What do you say?”“It’s not up to me. If you want to do something with her, just ask. I’m sure she’d be up for it. She thinks you’re really nice.”“When I bring her back, she’ll never be the same. Are you sure you can handle that? Can you handle sexy Mary?”Trevor snorted, and said, “I’d like to handle sexy Mary.”“Number please?” she asked.Trevor gave it to her and watched her type it into her phone. She locked the screen and stood up from the bed, giving him a quick, sisterly peck on the cheek and heading to the door.“Oh,” she said, “I left you some great porn up on the computer.”She bolted from the room, cackling madly. He knew he shouldn’t look now. She’d just admitted to screwing with him. There was probably nothing there, anyway. She’d just said it to fuck with him further. He’d move the mouse and then feel stupid when there was a blank screen. He locked the door, then edged closer to the computer. But what if it wasn’t? He rounded the desk. The chair was dry. He sat down and moved the mouse. The screen came to life. There was no porno video.“What the fuck?” he said to the empty room.Stacy had changed the background picture of his desktop to an enlarged image of a pair of large tits encased in a black keyhole bikini top. The zoomed-in view showed the flawless slopes of cleavage, teasing him through the cut-out. Stacy’s tits.He clicked the monitor off and went to bed. She’d gotten him again. He should think of a way to get her back for that. Instead, he thought about the deep valley of her cleavage, the swell and slope of those perfect orbs of female flesh. He remembered the way they’d felt in his hands, while her tongue pressed into his mouth, and her nipples hardened under his fingertips. Instead, he thought about those things, touched his cock. It didn’t feel as good as when Stacy had done it.The following morning, his new routine repeated itself. Stacy was in the living room, waiting for him to Girne Escort do their exercises, dressed in tight-fitting booty shorts and a sports bra. Trevor expected, maybe, some weirdness or tension between the two of them, but Stacy acted as if yesterday’s “lesson” had never happened. Trevor wondered how she could be so nonchalant about having jerked off her brother through his swim trunks. But then, it wasn’t weird to Stacy. She was an experienced woman, just helping her silly little brother learn something new. She wasn’t thinking about his cock in her mouth, or between her legs. He was the one having unholy thoughts about his sibling and her large, bouncing tits. Jesus, and he was getting hard thinking about it!“So, I’m taking your girlfriend today,” Stacy said, as they wrapped up.Trevor nodded, oblivious to the double meaning of Stacy’s words, and replied, “I saw the text this morning. She’s really excited. Nervous, too. She’s never had a real girl buddy to go do things with. What are you gonna do?”Stacy rubbed a towel between her breasts and watched Trevor’s eyes follow the movement.“The usual. Nails, hair, clothes, lattes, talking about dicks and clothes.”Trevor said, with a chuckle, “Great,” then added, more seriously, “and, thanks. Really. It’s cool of you to do that. I can give you some of my Grad money, you know, to get her some stuff. I don’t want you to have to spend on my girlfriend.”Stacy shook her head, “No. Not at all. Just think of her as my special summer project. I want to make sure my little bro has something sexy to bone, you know, when you finally do get to bone.”She giggled at his embarrassed flush, and then punched his arm playfully, saying, “Oh, lighten up. You know I’m just a tease, dork.”“Yeah, I know. Jerk!” he punched her back, “Not funny, by the way, the stupid computer thing.”Stacy burst out in a fit of laughter that went on for several seconds, as she imagined the look of shock on her brother’s face when he’d seen his desktop.“Oh, man,” she wheezed, wiping a tear from her eye, “I’m sorry. Really, I’m so sorry. I just couldn’t help myself. You’re too easy!”“Yeah, well, I’m gonna put a password on it now,” he jibed, “and I’ll stand behind you when you use it, to make sure you’re not doing anything inappropriate that I’m going to get busted for later.”“Ooooh,” Stacey crooned, “Does that mean you’re going to watch me when I watch porn? You kinky little nerd,” she teased, elbowing him.“What? No! That’s not… damn it. Can you at least wipe off the fuckin’ chair when you’re done?”Stacy’s giggles returned, and she doubled over with laughter, her hand resting on his shoulder, as though for support.“I’m sorry,” she croaked, “really… I’m… sorry. I just, I get these things in my head sometimes, and—” she made a twirling gesture into the air, as though pulling thoughts from her head into reality, “Oh, man. I know. I’m fucked in the head. What’s the use of a little brother, if you can’t make him super uncomfortable, though? It’s what sisters do,”“Yeah, whatever,” Trevor said, and rolled his eyes. Now the thought of his sister masturbating was stuck in his head again. Shit!“Really, I’m sorry. I’ll stop leaving cum in your chair,” she offered, then checked her phone, “I’m going to get ready. I have a date with your girlfriend soon.”Trevor nodded and said, “Just don’t bring her back with pierced nipples and a slave collar or something.”Stacy started up the stairs, and called back, “No promises!”Trevor groaned and went to dig up something to eat, calling Mary as he rooted through the pantry.Shortly thereafter, Stacy pulled her car into the address that Mary had given her and knocked on the door. There was an answer from a dour-looking woman in a long skirt, wearing a thick blouse that came up to her neck. She looked a lot like an older, sour version of Mary. Stacy immediately pegged her for the mother and then thought that she could make an interesting future project. She hoped the father was still around. Later.“Hello, ma’am,” Stacy said politely, “Is Mary home?”The woman looked Stacy up and down and immediately pegged her for a slut, with her big breasts on display in a tight top, and a pair of shorts that barely covered her vagina.“You must be Trevor’s sister,” Magosa Escort the woman said, “Yes, Mary is here. I’ll send her down. Won’t you come in?”“Thank you very much,” Stacy answered, and stepped inside, then added, “I really appreciate you letting me take your daughter out today. I’m just home from college for the summer, and I’m really hoping to get to know my brother’s girlfriend better. She’s been so kind and sweet.”“Well,” the woman said, brightening, “I have to say that your brother is a good boy. He’s so polite. Just wait here, dear.”Stacy stood in the hallway and examined the family pictures. Yes, there was a father in the picture, and a handsome one. She could tell from the pictures that he wasn’t as uptight as mom, but that was normal. Most men weren’t. They just tended to conform to the norms of their source of pussy. She wondered, as she waited, just what little miss stuffy cunt was hiding under those flour sacks she was wearing.Mary nervously strode down the hall toward Stacy, decked in her usual unappealing garb. Loose jeans. A flowery little blouse that covered her entire top, down to the elbows. Her red hair was pulled back in a ponytail, showing her freckled face and kind, green eyes. She wore a small, weathered purse slung over one shoulder. Stacy looked down on her and suppressed a giggle at how unevenly matched they were. Mary was nearly a foot shorter than she, which put the girl’s face at breast level on Stacy.“Hey, you,” Stacy said excitedly, “Ready for a girl’s day out?”Mary nodded, smiling. She was nervous, yes, Stacy noted, but she seemed genuinely excited to do something… rebellious. Mary’s mother soon joined them.“When will you be home?” Mother asked.“I don’t know,” Mary replied, a hint of annoyance in her tone, “Later, I guess.”“Well, just be careful,” Mother answered, displeased and frowning.Stacy clearly picked up on her insecurity. Her daughter was a legal adult now, and the woman was losing her hold on her. She wasn’t happy about it. She’d beaten a lot of Jesus into the girl’s head, and now here came this big-boobed harlot to rip it all out and replace it with the evils of the world. Boys. Kardashians. Naughty outfits. Nintendo.“I will, mom,” Mary agreed, “Love you.”Mother nodded and stood in the doorway as Stacy and Mary went to the car. Once inside, and pulling away from the house, Stacy said, “Your mom seems nice.”Mary laughed, “Yeah, she’s nice. She’s just…you know,” she twirled her finger about her head to indicate crazy.Stacy laughed and added the tiny kernel of rebellion in Mary to her checklist of manipulations.“Stacy,” Mary piped up, “Thanks a lot. You know, for being so nice.”“Oh, honey, don’t even think about it. This is gonna be so much fun!”Mary beamed at the older girl. She couldn’t help it. Her excitement overflowed. She was going out on a beautiful summer day with an older girl, who was really hot, and they were going to do things that normal girls did. She was nervous, though. She was always nervous. Stacy made her more nervous, and the unholy thoughts she’d been having about Stacy made her even more so. She’d even touched herself… down there, thinking about how Stacy had so brazenly touched her body. It was shameful, she knew, and certainly not what her mother or Jesus would want her to do, but it had felt fantastic. She reconciled it by remembering that even the government said it was okay for girls to touch other girls, and if the President said it was ok, then it must not be all bad.Stacy kept the conversation casual, discussing Mary’s massage classes, asking about how she’d ended up dating her brother, safe topics that put Mary at ease. Soon, they were pulling up to the salon that Stacy had picked for them. She’d used it herself many times and knew the stylists. Most of them were super-hot lesbians, and she knew they’d just go nuts over turning little Mary into something resembling sexy.She’d booked with a stylist named Kayleigh, Stacy’s personal favorite. She was an Asian girl, a bit older than Stacy, with uncommonly large breasts for her ethnicity, who knew how to turn a girl into a pussy-wetting dream. It was like sex watching the woman work Mary over. Kayleigh’s every touch seemed pre-planned, sensual, Lefkoşa Escort and as Stacy watched her applying creams and lotions to Mary’s skin, and delicately washing her hair, she could see the way Mary was taken in and aroused by the woman. She talked easily with Mary, making her laugh. All the nervousness seemed to drain out of her as Kayleigh made her feel, and look, beautiful for the first time in her life.Kayleigh spent a long time on Mary’s fingers, toes, and nails, her expert hands delicately toying with her skin and joints. Stacy knew from experience just what it felt like. It’s why she loved this place. The girls here made love to you as they worked, and by the end of your session, you were practically throwing your money and your body at them. She could only imagine how much pussy they were getting.Stacy lost track of the hours. She, too, had her nails redone, mani-pedi, and then waited patiently. She’d known Mary was going to be a project that could take some time. The result was well worth it, though.The Mary that emerged was better than anything she’d expected. The soft red hair was darker now, done in waves that cascaded down over her shoulders. A few stray strands hung loosely over her eyes, giving her a slightly seductive look, which she couldn’t quite pull off. The freckles were still there, but her skin was glowing, and looked so soft and touchable. A light coat of lipstick that set off the green in her eyes made her lips look utterly kissable. Mary had never had her nails done before, and she felt so excited when she looked at the color, a brilliant match for the lipstick. She examined her new look in the mirror and barely recognized herself. Suddenly, her clothes felt like they didn’t fit. They looked so ugly.Stacy stood by her shoulder, and Mary saw the look of surprise on her face.“Ho… lee… shit!” Stacy exclaimed, “Honey, you are one sexy little piece of ass!”Mary blushed. She’d never dreamed that someone would call her a sexy piece of ass. Kayleigh stood on the other side, a satisfied smile on her face.“Mmm Hmm,” she agreed, then said to Stacy, “You bring her in, and I think, there is no way to make her so sexy. But she had sexy in there. It is good. She is yours?”“She is mine,” Stacy agreed, and stroked Mary’s new curls, sending a shiver through the girl.She was surprised, though, as Mary turned from the mirror, wrapped her arms around her waist and buried her face in her stomach. She sobbed, saying, “Thank you so much!”Stacy kindly patted her back and said, “It’s okay, honey. It’s okay,” she added to Kayleigh, “Sorry. You’ll have to fix the makeup.”Kayleigh nodded.While Stacy drove them to the mall, Mary couldn’t stop looking at herself in the mirror. Just the change in her hair made her look like a whole different person. She actually looked like a woman, not a cute little girl. She had makeup. She had lipstick. Stacy gushed over her, making her feel special.Stacy took her into all the shops that she’d previously been afraid of. They sold clothes for women that showed off their bodies, rather than hiding them. Most of Mary’s clothes came from the church’s monthly garment swap. Rarely had she owned something that wasn’t secondhand. Mary followed her through the stores, while Stacy picked out what seemed like an entire wardrobe for her. Then Stacy decided Mary needed new underwear.“My Mary makeover,” Stacy said, “starts from the outside in. You’re going to be amazed at what the new outside can do for the inside, but the outside needs some panties that don’t look like my grandma’s.”The many choices and styles bewildered Mary. Since she’d never been shopping for her own underwear, she did not know that there were so many styles. How was a girl supposed to keep them all straight? Thongs, briefs, G-strings, high-rise, low-rise, boy shorts, so many kinds. Stacy seemed to know exactly what she was doing, though, and was happy to continue dressing Mary, as she felt appropriate. Out of her depth, Mary simply allowed the older girl to pick what she thought was best.Stacy took her basketful of purchases to the counter. Mary glanced toward the dressing rooms and asked, “Don’t I need to try them on?”Stacy grinned at the note of hope in the girl’s voice, and Mary flushed at the sight of it. She knew she’d sounded eager, and she was. The memory of Stacy stripping her in the dressing room, and touching her body, was still fresh in her mind.“Part of the fun,” Stacy explained, “is bringing back the ones that don’t fit, and getting more! Unless you’d really like to go into the dressing room…

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