Punished For Spying. Part 2


Tom could only stare at his sister as she entered his room. Tammy had clad herself in a makeshift costume that resembled one of the girls in his beloved hentai videos. A short pleated skirt, white stockings and a crisp white blouse under a blue blazer. The blouse was unbuttoned just enough to display her tiny white bra to be visible. Wasn’t she the same girl that he had caught balling her boyfriend not a few hours ago? She looked up from being boned and saw him looking through the partially open door and then ordered Vince, her lover, to grab her brother and bring him into the room. Tom was pulled into the room and slammed into a chair.Once seated he was bound with athletic tape by Tammy and then gagged. Tom was then forced to watch this musclebound jock stick his large cock into his attractive sister in every imaginable position. He tried to close his eyes and block the sounds of her moaning çapa escort but was unable to and his own cock grew hard in record time.Eventually, they finished and Tammy escorted Vince out of the room and promised to release him when she returned. When she did return she walked right by him and headed to her bathroom. She returned shortly still clad in her short silky bathrobe and stood in front of him where she untied her robe. It slid to the ground to reveal a stunning lingerie set underneath.Tom grew hard as Tammy removed her bra and sat on his thighs as she pushed her full lush breasts toward his mouth. She removed his gag and asked him to kiss her tits. He complied so she would release him, but she didn’t. Tammy them begged him to suck on her nipples and once again he complied as his inner-voice reminded that this was his sister. Then fındıkzade escort she kissed him. It was the deepest tongue kiss he had ever received.She then released his hard cock from its satiny prison and placed a condom on it. When Tom began to protest she gagged him again before straddling him and placing his hard cock at the entrance to her wet pussy. Tammy then slowly lowered herself on his stiff manhood and commenced to ride him. It was only after he emptied his load into the condom that she released him and he bid a hasty departure.One thousand conflicting emotions ran through his brain as he showered. He had kissed and sucked on his sister’s nipples and she had given him one of the greatest French kisses he had ever gotten. This can’t be right. He recalled Tammy mounting his hard cock and taking his cherry as he was bound aksaray escort and gagged. One of the emotions that he was dealing with was that it all felt good. This despite his inner-voice calling him a freak and a pervert for enjoying it.He returned to his room and soon lost himself in the videos of his favourite hentai sites. It was sometime later that Tammy knocked on his door requesting to speak to him. That’s when he opened the door and found her clad in her costume.Tammy crossed the room and placed her books on his low dresser. As she bent down Tom was able to see the tiny white silk panties she wore under her short skirt before she turned around to face him.”I am thankful you were able to clear your schedule,” she said in a soft musical voice and a slight bow.Tom was unable to move or speak and he just stared at the vision before him. She didn’t look or even sound like his sister and his body reacted to the sight of her costume and the scent of her perfume. There was some small talk from her about her lessons when she suddenly stopped talking and grew silent.”Oh my,” she said with wide eyes and a pointed finger. “Perhaps I better leave”.Tom looked down and saw his erection pushing against the front of his boxers.

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