Teen and the much older man.

Teen and the much older man.
I had found some “adult” magazines in a vacant lot near my house. I was thrilled! I nervously flipped through the pages, then hid them under my shirt and rode my bike home as fast as I could. I couldn’t wait to be alone and pour over the pictures.

As beautiful and sexy as the women in the magazines were, I also found that my eyes were drawn to the pictures of the men’s cocks. Hanging soft or hard as a rock, I loved looking at them. I found a man’s “manhood” beautiful and alluring.

I would masturbate constantly to the naked bodies I saw on the pages, especially the ones where there was a girl, on her knees, holding or about to suck, a big, beautiful cock. The difference was, I would usually wish I was the girl. I knew it was different to think this, but then why did I want it so much? Why did it seem so natural to be attracted to a man’s dick? I would cum sometimes 3 or 4 times a day.

A few streets over from my house lived a much older man. He lived alone and the rumors were he was gay. I found myself always riding my bike by his house, hoping he would see me, hoping he would notice me. Then I’d usually nervously ride off and make myself cum to the thought of him having me or even better, me having him. Weeks of this went by, I’d see him and he’d see me. He was out working in his open garage a lot. My lust and curiousity for cock drove me on.

The day finally came. I’m not sure if he motioned for me to come up to his garage or if I imagined he did and rode my bike up anyways. I was so nervous, and he must have known. He was much, older, heavy set with a big belly and grey almost white hair. He wasn’t fit or even that nice looking, but I found myself drawn to him.

The rest lf the time there was a blur, but it wasn’t to long before he asked me to come back behind some shelves, out of view from the street. I nervously, but excited followed him, knowing exactly what I wanted to happen. When he asked if i wanted to see to his dick, I couldn’t nod my head quick enough. He smiled and pulled down his pants. My own cock sprang to attention, rock hard within my pants. There was no hiding it. I starred at his hanging dick, as if to memorize every inch, every curve and vein. “Sorry, about the hair” he said, “I’ll trim it up for the next time” He already knew I’d be back, I guess. His thick grey pubic hair stuck out, bushy and course. I didn’t mind. I just enjoyed looking at my first real cock, other than my own. His big balls hung down well past his cock and his wrinkled, thick dick just hung in front of them. I thought it looked beautiful.

“Do you want to touch it?” he asked and without a word my hand instinctively reached out and cupped and caressed his hanging balls before holding his hanging shaft like you would a hammer. I felt my knees get weak and I instantly felt light headed. He felt amazing in my hand, I never wanted anything more. I could feel pre cum leak from my throbbing dick as it strained against the material of my jeans. I starred down at his cock and I concentrated on how it felt in my hand, soft but still firm, and traced my finger tips around the ridges of his cocks head. I was even drooling. I wanted to taste this old man’s dick so bad that I was actually drooling.

When he asked if I wanted him to touch me also, I nodded. With his first touch of my still clothed cock, I moaned and sighed softly. Weak kneed, I fell into him without meaning to. With my hand wrapped around is soft thick dick and him rubbing mine through my pants, I instinctively tilted my head back and he kissed me on the lips. Pre cum now poured out of my hard cock in a kind of mini orgasm. It felt amazing!

I was so close to cumming, but i had to taste his cock. I had to suck him, I needed to suck him. There was nothing I wanted more. I slid to my knees in front of him. I was now eye level with his still hanging dick. He looked so good, so sexy. My mouth watered as I closed my eyes and leaned in. I felt the soft, firm flesh of his manhood on my face and lips. I planted soft kisses on his shaft and the feeling of his dick on my lips was intoxicating and addictive. I reached up and cupped his hanging balls again and kissed each of his balls as they hung in his sack. He reached down and stroked my hair and I loved it. I loved being on my knees for him.

I opened my lips and let his cocks head slip between them. My eyes seemed to roll back in my head as the taste and feeling of him in my mouth became overwhelming. I loved it. I took more of his soft cock into my mouth and slid it in and out. feeling the ridges of his head on my lips and his pubic hair tickle my nose. pre cum continued to leak from my aching, on edge cock, but my release seemed second to me. My real pleasure, my real desire, seemed to be sucking his cock.

His dick began to stiffen as I sucked him and I was shocked to find it getting even thicker. I happily stretched my lips to accept him. I found myself moaning at the pleasure his thick cock was giving me and he stroked my head and hair again in approval.

“Do you want my cum” he asked softly as he pulled his dick from my mouth and wrapped his wrinkled fingers around his thick shaft. I nodded and then even said, “Yes.” I stayed on my knees in front of him and watched as he stroked his dick just inches from my face. He breathing began to quicken and he reached out and caressed the back of my head, holding me close to him. I instinctively opened my mouth, not knowing what exactly would happen, but knowing I wanted it, wanted him.

I heard an “awww” sound and then felt a warm thick splash land on my cheek, lips, tongue and chin. His warm, wonderful jizz felt thick and sticky. The odd taste and texture quickly coated my mouth and his scent filled my senses. I was lost in his cum, light headed, dizzy and in ecstasy. When he pulled my head toward his still cumming cock, I happily and greedily sucked him and milked every delicious drop of semen from his magnificent dick. This was my place and I was so very happy to be here.

Without saying a word, I felt him stand me up and then him slid down to his knees. I felt intoxicated as he freed my throbbing, aching cock and took it into his mouth. His hands wildly exploring my young body and ass, gripping and squeezing. I quickly exploded, filling his mouth with my cum. He moaned and made loud swallowing sounds as my jizz slid down his throat. I loved his hands on me and enjoyed him holding my ass as he moved me back and forth, making me fuck his mouth.

Next thing I knew, I was back on my bike riding home. I knew I would be back though.

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