Summer Break

Summer Break
The last day of school was always a very exciting time. Everyone including the teachers were always in a very joyful mood. Everyone smiled and laughed as the half day flew by. Of course I was excited and a bit nervous about Mrs. Harrison. After our first few encounters she seemed to lose interest. I tried to be cool about things and not say anything to her. So when it was time for her class I remained stoic. It was also the last class of the day and then onto summer break.
She began her class by passing out treats and kool aid. It was corny but the cookies she baked were so yummy. Then one by one she called on us to tell everyone what we were planning for the summer. Then she passed out our final exams she had graded. The exam was four pages stapled together. I got an “A” and she scribbled “excellent!” on the front under the grade. I didn’t pay much attention. But then I flipped through the pages. On the last page she wrote “Come see me tomorrow. I have some yard work for you if you are interested.” My heart jumped and my cock twinged. I looked up at her and she winked.

I rode my bike over to Mrs. Harrison’s house. She came to the door wearing super short jean shorts and a tee shirt. Man she looked so hot! Her hair was perfect in a typical seventies style with lots of hair spray. I could smell her perfume.
“Hello Jeffrey. Come in. How are you? Are you excited about summer?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Me too. Would you like to mow my grass this year? Maybe do the trimming and some other stuff? I’ll pay you for it.”
“Sure Mrs. Harrison. That would be fine. I could use some extra cash. But I’m still working at the country club pro shop.”
“That’s fine. We can work around that. I’m surprised you haven’t come to me lately.”
“I’m not sure what you mean.”
“I’ve missed our fun together. I thought you liked it.”
“Oh Mrs. Harrison I most certainly did. It was the best time I ever had. I was afraid you had moved on to others.”
As a very young man of fifteen I wasn’t very confident with girls yet. Especially a fifty one year old teacher who had authority over me. Back in that day you had better respect older adults.
“Well Jeff, you should not be shy with me. All I ask is you keep our fun together our little secret. Would you like something to drink?”
“Sure. I’ll have ice water.”
I followed her to her kitchen. I stared at her tight sexy ass cheeks as they moved so sexily back and forth. Her walk was different than the way she walked at school. She seemed more deliberate and sexy. Her arms swayed with her walking motion like a super model. Her shorts were so tight and riding up her butt crack showing her perfect curves. I wanted to grab her and put my face in her ass. I leaned against the counter as she grabbed a glass and ice. She handed me the glass and I took a drink. I put the glass down and she was staring at me. She came close. “After you fuck me, I need you to mow the lawn.” Then she moved in and we began making out with some very heavy kissing and petting. A few minutes and she pulled away. She took my hand and pulled me down the hallway to her bedroom. She began undoing my shorts. She had my cock out in no time. I pulled her tee shirt off. Then undid her bra as she was balls deep on my cock. She stood up and undid her shorts. She slid out of them. I knelt down in front of her beautiful black muff and buried my face into it. My tongue found her flesh and I began to taste her sweet cunt. I felt her hand on the back of my head. She let me lick her for a minute before pulling me up. She had me lay down. Then she straddled me in a sixty nine position. She sat right down on my face and started stroking me as I buried my tongue deep inside her pussy. She started moaning. “Oh Jeffrey! I missed you baby.”
After just a few minutes she turned and slid my cock up into her soaking wet cunt. She leaned forward and started slowly rocking her hips back and forth. I held her beautiful creamy tits and began licking her erect nipples. I swirled my tongue around them tasting her dark areolas. I pushed them together and had both nipples in my mouth. She loved that. Then I let go of them and let them dangle and sway with the rhythm of her rocking. She had a kind of serious look of passion on her face. We made eye contact and she smiled her sly smile. She licked her lips. So very sexy. Then she went crazy on me bucking furiously . She got on her feet and started bouncing on my cock. Her tits flailed. I was moaning. “Cum for me Jeffrey! Shoot that shit in me! Give it to me! Fuck me” She practically screamed and yelled loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Her windows were open but she didn’t seem to care. I felt her warm juices flowing around my cock and she screamed in passion. I began to holler out. I started pumping up inside her. We finished in a blaze of glory and she collapsed into my arms. I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock. “Oh Jeffrey. I missed you so much. Your cock is my favorite.” We laid like that for just a little while. We talked about how we could make this a casual but ongoing thing. “When you mow my grass you can fuck me.”
“Wow Mrs. Harrison. You’re my favorite teacher.”
“I’d better be.”
We laughed. She rolled off of me and we got dressed. She pulled her panties up and didn’t even clean her creampie. I thought that was so hot. I followed her out to her garage. She showed me her mower. We got it out and started it up. I began to mow. While I did that she came out of the garage wearing a straw hat and garden gloves. She started trimming her hedge row and a few bushes. It took me about a half an hour to mow. As I headed for the garage I turned the corner and she was bent over pulling weeds. What a site! Her ass cheeks were hanging out of her shorts and I could see some of her bush hanging out. I walked by and said, “You’re so fucking hot Mrs. Harrison.”
We were in her back yard where no one could see. I slid my hand under her and felt her crotch. She rose up. Are you finished Jeff?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Good. I’m finished too. Let’s go inside.” We put the garden equipment away and went back to the bed room and fucked the afternoon away. She fucked me every which way possible.
“My grass grows pretty fast this time of year. Then it slows way down during the hot months. But we’ll figure that out when it happens. See you in about three or four days okay?”
“I can’t wait Mrs. Harrison.”
“Call me Karen. And if you want to come sooner its fine with me. Just call first.”
Two days later I called her. “Come on over Jeff. I’ll be waiting on you. Just come into the house and don’t bother knocking.”
When I got there I had to look for her. She was back on her bed naked and spread wide open. “Hi.”
I said “hi” and we went at it like a****ls for about four hours.
What a summer I was going to have!

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