Taking London by Storm Ch. 01


2:30PM. My usual break time. However, today London has decided that I’m taking my break with her in one of the small private conference rooms on our floor. It seems a long morning of teasing and imagining wore her down and she couldn’t take it anymore.

We sneak off to the hallway and make sure no one sees us walk towards the same door. London walks in first and I close the door behind us, ensuring I lock the door.

“So what are we doing in here?” I ask, with a slight smirk that I can’t hide for the life of me.

“Sit down. I’ll show you.” She softly replies. Her voice this close is soft and sensual, but flirtatious and devious at the same time. My mind is a horse in a stable, ready to be set free.

I oblige and sit down on the seat, looking her up and down. Her pink headband rests on her head to match her pink lips, and I get flashes in my mind of them wrapped around my cock. Her black dress looks phenomenal on her but all I start thinking about is hiking it up to see the red lace corset panties she sent me a picture of this morning. Right now, in this small cramped room, I want to feel how wet she is, not simply hear about it.

She catches me searching her body from head to toe with my eyes, despite how quick I am. She knows me at this point, and knows how I tick.

“Everything in your head right now. That’s exactly what I want.” She advises me, to avoid any lingering doubt.

Without so much as even a gesture of what I wanted, London gets down on her knees and begins unbuckling my belt. My eyes widen as excitement and eagerness fill my slacks.

She undoes my belt buckle and unbuttons my pants, pulling them down to my ankles and eventually off to the ground. My belt buckle makes a loud metal clang as it hits the ground but neither of us are phased. London climbs on top of me, straddling me on my lap. With a somewhat evil smirk on her face she begins slowly grinding on my throbbing cock. She lets out a quiet moan as I begin to feel her warmth through my boxer briefs. It won’t be long now until her juices soak through, but something tells me that won’t be the only place they end up before we leave this room.

“Mmmm fuck I’ve wanted to do this since the first day we started all of this.” She whispers in my ear, her warm breath tickling my earlobe.

I reach my hand around and grab her ass, it’s bubbled up and tender from the position she’s in on my lap. I’ve waited long enough to put my hand here, and it makes me harder just thinking that this is only the beginning. I give it a strong squeeze as if to say “this is mine” and she just looks at me and smiles.

“It’s yours. What are you going to do with it?”

Mind reader. Torturer. Mistress. I don’t care. I want her.

She asks and I must answer, so my hand pulls back. As I stare into her eyes I gently place my palm on the bottom end of her stomach and begin sliding it downward- a sweet caress that loses innocence as it goes.

London bites her lip and closes her blue eyes for a second, only to open them again and gaze back into me. As my hands reach her lace bottoms, I decide against reaching in just yet and slide on top of them. Her panties are moist and hot to the touch, and as I slowly glide my fingers over her lips I feel a soft quiver pulse through her legs and up her torso. London moans, but our chess game has many moves left.

Being a guitar player means that my hands, especially my fingers, are well versed in making precise motion. The ability to bend a string back and forth will be very similar to gently playing with London’s soft little pussy.

I put her lips completely in the palm of my hand and begin kissing her neck. The moment my kiss touches her smooth skin, she lets out a deep sigh of relief followed by a slight whimper. The air in the room has cleared of the tension but is immediately replaced with pleasure. I continue to kiss her neck, giving a little suction here and there and putting my teeth to her neck at times to remind her that pain is also an option if she wants that route.

My fingers begin softly rubbing her wet lace panties and I can feel her juice on the meat of my fingertips. She shivers as I continue my motions on her clit, and while my eyes are closed I can sense her put Pendik escort her head back. I know her eyes are closed too, but a part of me also knows that under her shut eyelids they’re rolling to the back of her head in complete ecstasy.

“Mm you’re going to make me suffer for a while, aren’t you?” she asks in one of her strong exhales.

I cease all movement, grad her head and pull it forward so she’s looking at me, and look her right in her eyes.

“You’ll suffer for as long as I decide, and you’ll love every second of it.” I calmly respond.

London says nothing back, just bites her lip again as if to silently respond with “yes, sir.”

The hand used to rub her lace is now completely covered with her secretion. I bring my fingers to my mouth and suck her flavor off of my index and middle finger, as she watches. The beginning of her taste was that of very slight laundry detergent used on her underwear, but immediately after is the sweet must of her drenched pussy. It’s a faint flavor, but I love that as it means I could enjoy it for long periods of time and not get tired of it.

My saliva covered fingers find their way back south but this time I decide I’m going for what I truly want. No bullshit, just go for it. They slide in between her lace and bare skin, down her smooth and freshly shaved pubic area, and directly to her slippery clit. As the two forces meet, her body convulses and she begins to moan out loud. London immediately catches herself and converts her in-progress moan to a hard lip bite combined with a strong whimper. The conference room walls are thin, and if anyone is next door they may have heard it.

The circular motion of my fingers on London’s clit makes her fight more and more difficult with every stroke. She does her best to fight me but it becomes evident that she’s on the losing side of our little battle. Not long after I begin she closes her eyes again and her whimpers quicken, now in-sync with my motion. Every stroke demands its own whimper and her body is forced to oblige. Her beautiful face is stuck in an expression that on the surface could best be described as agony, but we both know that it’s a joyful pain. London gets off on the fight, the struggle to play against me, and the inevitable conclusion of a loss she must confess.

London’s white flag is raised in a quick and panicked manner as she grabs my hand, the motions stop and she brings my soaked fingers to her face. They’re covered in her wetness, and without hesitation she puts them both in her mouth, sucking them strongly as she cleans all of it off. I can feel my cock pushing against my zipper, begging to be next in line.

“If you keep going, I’m going to lose control and scream in this conference room…” she whispers with her now shaky voice, our foreheads touching so our conversation is kept quiet and private. It’s both cute and insanely erotic for her vocal cords to lose grounding this early into us playing, and I find it as a strong nodding gesture from her body to keep going.

With no further words shared, London stands up from my lap and takes her dress straps off her shoulders. She pulls the top of it down and continues to do so with the waistline portion, until her dress reaches the ground and she steps out of it completely. Finally revealed are her supple tits wearing nipples that perfectly compliment her complexion. I can see her panties completely now and can see the different shades of color that I’ve caused where the dry material meets the large amount of wet. Even in the dim lighting we have in the room I can see a slight glisten on top of the sheer fabric protecting her pussy from me.

“Well, isn’t that a good girl?” I ask.

“What else would a good girl do right about now?”

With no further words shared, London stands up from my lap and takes her dress straps off her shoulders. She pulls the top of it down and continues to do so with the waistline portion, until her dress reaches the ground and she steps out of it completely. Finally revealed are her supple tits wearing nipples that perfectly compliment her complexion. I can see her panties completely now and can see the different shades of color that I’ve caused where the dry material meets the Kurtköy Escort large amount of wet. Even in the dim lighting we have in the room I can see a slight glisten on top of the sheer fabric protecting her pussy from me.

“Well, isn’t that a good girl?” I ask.

“What else would a good girl do right about now?”

“A good girl would do as she’s told.. and I want to be a good girl for you. Very badly.” she replies, very innocent in tone. Innocence on the outer shell, but waiting inside for me is a powerful force I plan to explore.

“Suck my cock, as you’ve dreamt of doing for weeks now. Suck it good or you won’t be down there for long.” I demand.

As if she was hoping for this, a smile comes over her face and she calmly responds, “yes sir”.

London slowly kneels down on her left knee, then her right. She puts her hands on both sides of my boxer briefs, now wet all over my stiff cock, and begins to pull them down. As the band passes my tip, the entirety of my shaft falls out with all of its weight. London’s eyes widen, she smiles as she continues to pull them down and off my feet. My erect cock sits in front of London’s face, she stares it down as if she’s cherishing the moment.

“May I suck it, sir?” she asks, with that innocent tone again.

“Yes. You may suck it, like a good girl.” I reply.

Her lips are soft, supple, and more then sufficiently moist on the inside to immediately slide down my head and shaft with ease. As London puts my cock in her mouth, she exemplifies this and quickly takes me to the back of her throat. It’s a tight squeeze, inch by inch, but she takes me like a pro. Her tongue is strong as can be against my rock-hard cock and as she comes back up I can see her begin to smile. Her tongue creates a slight suction on the bottom of my tip as she reaches the end again, and a loud “pop” is heard from her lips when she releases me from her mouth. The only thing I felt was pure pleasure, in its greatest form. I have never felt a mouth like hers.

“You taste yummy, sir. I could suck your cock all day. May I continue to suck you, please?” She asks kindly.

“Yes, continue to suck my cock, as the good girl that you are-” I begin as I’m cut off. London has shoved my cock back into her warm slippery mouth and is now working her magic. This time, I’m not getting a tasting of what she has to offer. She’s giving me everything. A part of me wants to discipline her for not letting me finish my sentence.. a part of me thinks she deserves a punishment. That will wait for now.

Up and down she goes, different speeds, and occasionally taking me deep into her throat until her eyes water. The pain seems to motivate her, and if the smile on her face is any indication, I’d say she loves sucking me as much as I love her doing it. Her mouth is divine, and I have a feeling that this is making her pussy even more wet than before. Fuck, I wouldn’t doubt that there’s some of her juices on the carpet of this privacy room, directly under her lips.

London’s mouth would continue to work for hours if I desired. Her role is dedicated to me right now and is that of a woman who wants nothing more than for her man to be pleased to the highest extent. I find it fascinating, and perhaps one day I’ll put her through torture that only someone like me could imagine: perhaps sucking on my cock until I cum, forcing her to swallow it and not remove her mouth from my cock until she makes me hard again and cum again. Yes, perhaps later.. but right now I want to give her a gift, for being such a good girl for me.

I put my right hand on the top of London’s beautiful head and grab her hair with all fingers, and she stops in her place. I begin slowly pulling her head back from my shaft, revealing inch by inch the soaked and shined masterpiece she’s created. As her mouth nears my tip, I can feel her suction increase for that loud “pop” noise again- but I stop.

“No, no pop. We must be quiet in here, honey.” I speak calmly, while quickly shoving her face back down to the base of my cock again. Her eyes widen and water, and I can tell she’s trying her best not to gag or make any noise. She’s a good girl, she simply made a mistake.

I begin pulling her head off again Maltepe Escort and this time, no suction. As I hoped.

“Honey?” I ask calmly.

“Yes, sir?” She responds, quietly catching her breath. Watery tears roll down her cheeks as she stares at me.

“I would like it very much so if you bent over this desk for me. I’m going to give you a gift.”

“Is it your amazing cock, sir? Please tell me it’s your amazing cock. I’ll beg for it if I have to.” She responds, frantically, while following my directions to turn around and bend over. The tone is telling me she’s already begging in a way.

“No honey, you did phenomenal just now. I’d like to reward you with my cock, no need to beg right now.” I respond.

She’s no longer facing me, so I can’t see her face at this moment, but I can tell she has a big grin on her pink little face. Her ass is bent over in front of me, her top half laid across the light wooden table in this privacy room. It’s cold from the air conditioning, and her body is warm from trying to please me.

“What is it you want? Go ahead and tell me.” I demand, as I run my right hand over her right ass cheek.

“I want.. your cock sir.. please..” she mumbles quietly.

“I’m sorry, what was that?” I ask, as my hand goes from her ass cheek down to her soaked pussy.

“I want.. your cock!..” she exhales and speaks louder, in sync with my hand that touches her pussy.

My good girl has given me a request for her gift, and as a gracious man, I give her what she asks for.

I insert my throbbing cock into London’s pussy and immediately I can feel how tight she really is. Her walls put constant pressure on my shaft and tip, but she’s so wet that I only feel extremely pleasure. She releases a loud exhale as I slowly put every inch of myself into her body. I see her raise one of her hands to her mouth and cover it for silence, and the struggling sounds of her breathing through only her nose can be heard through the otherwise dead silence.

I begin fucking London hard yet quiet, using all of my length and girth to my advantage. As badly as I want to hear her ass clap against my ass over and over again, it would give us away immediately and our fun would be over. Fortunately this seems to be enough for her, as I can already feel her legs begin to tremor. Back and forth, in and out, my cock and her pussy play in this tiny meeting room at our work office. Me quietly fighting the urge to cum and her fighting the urge to scream aloud.

“Where does my good girl want her prize?” I ask, as I begin to slow down.

“Mm.. in.. my mouth.. sir.” She responds, in between insertions.

“Good answer. Get on your knees and beg for it.” I demand in an uncompromising tone.

London lifts herself from the table and gets down on the ground- I’ve never seen someone on their knees so quickly.

“Please cum in my mouth, sir. I would love my prize.” She whispers.

“Hands behind your back, mouth open for me.” I demand as I begin stroking my cock in front of her face.

London listens well, and as I’m about to cum, I take a moment to look at this beautiful being that sits in front of me. Ice blue eyes, pink face due to the fucking, arms behind her back and mouth wide open for my load. The eagerness to please me is projected on her face while she stares at my hand stroke myself. Yes, she most definitely deserves this.

I put my cock to her lips as I can feel my load build, and I begin my descent. I continue stroking my cock with my tip on her lip and I begin shooting loads of my hot cum into London’s pretty little mouth. My body wants to moan with pleasure from a deep fantasy of mine coming true, but I hold back for the sake of our future together. She doesn’t wince a bit as she takes it all on her tongue, a small white pool sitting in the bottom of her mouth.

Once I finish, legs uneasy, London gathers all of my cum on her tongue and looks directly into my eyes as if she’s proudly showing me the results of her work. Once she recognizes that I’ve acknowledged her compliance, she closes her mouth and swallows with a single gulp. As one final gesture of her obedience, she takes my tip into her mouth and sucks, flicking my head with her tongue to get every last drop out.

London cautiously stands up, caresses my head with her left hand, and gazes into my drifting eyes. She has me in the palm of her hand just as much as I do her, and she fucking knows it.

“Thank you for my gift, sir. I loved it. What is my next command?”

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