Susie Sells Papers! Ch. 10


“Chris, this is getting to be too much. I’m flooded with orders, and my time is all taken up. This is getting out of hand.”

“Susie, I know, I know, but you’re only one woman.”

“What if I get someone to help me?”

A long pause on the other end of the line. “I’m not sure. It has to be someone we can trust absolutely. It also has to be someone as horny and wild as you are. Know anybody like that?”

“Maybe. You know Stephanie Beasley?”

“Steffie? Sure, she’s a parishioner of mine. Little chunky, but not bad. Got a big pair of tits; if I were straight, I’d love to get my hands on those.”

“Chris, when those twins are released, they fall halfway to the floor.”

“Oh, oh, okay, I get it, her nipples are at her waist when her bra’s off. Hey, wait, how do you know?”

“Never mind. Anyway, had lunch with her yesterday. Her husband hasn’t touched her in years, and she once told me she has a fantasy about priests.”

“Really? Let me think about it. I know her, can’t tell you how, I know she can be trusted, and if she’s interested. . . Meanwhile, you’re off to Our Lady of Mercy.”

“The biggest parish in the diocese?”

“Yes. The number of names they came up with is staggering.”

“I have a feeling I’ll be staggering when the day is over.”

A chuckle came from the other end of the line. “I’m sure you’ll offer it up. Later.”

She flipped her cell phone shut and crumbled the other half of her lunch sandwich into crumbs for the birds. Her stops that day were so far from the Chancery she had to eat lunch alone in a park. “It’s funny,” she said to the birds as they fed, “three months ago I was bored and hating my job, wondering if I’d ever get enough done to keep my boss happy. Now he’s in heaven and so am I. I was ready to reapply for my virginity, you know, if you haven’t had sex in 7 years you get it back, but now I get so much action. . .”

There was the huge Nigerian priest who filled her like no man had before. The priest who made her put on a habit, tie him to his desk chair and spank his privates with a flyswatter for being a naughty boy. Mike and Jim, who she kept on her schedule after their number was up because they made her feel so good. They could be trusted not to brag about their exalted status, so it was safe to keep visiting them. Elbow length black gloves became a icon in the network, one priest gave thanks for them at a priest’s only retreat. Most of her visits used the black gloves, and she felt her manipulative technique was at the expert level: she could make those lonely old peckers sing like a diva.

There were four priests living at Our Lady of Mercy, a pastor, an associate, a prison chaplain and a retired priest in a wheelchair. Chris had been Bostancı Escort mysterious about what they were asking for, telling her only that she’d love it and love them. Usually he told her exactly what the men wanted so she could prepare. Her shiver was part in expectation and part in fear as she drove to the upper class neighborhood the parish resided in. The buildings were from the 1970’s, creatively ugly, and the secretary was a thin woman in her 50’s with her grey hair pulled back in a bun, her face seemed pulled back as well.

Susanna sat nervously, sipping coffee and leaving through ancient magazines as she waited. The associate came into the office and glanced at her as he chatted with the secretary, but didn’t come out to introduce himself, leaving within a few seconds.

After twenty minutes, Fr. John Blankenship emerged, taking her hand as she stood to greet him. “Good afternoon, Ms. Cox. A pleasure to meet you at last; you are an underground legend. I can see why you are so appreciated.”

“Thank you, Father.”

“We have your interview set up regarding the subscriptions, so if you’ll follow me?” Turning to his secretary, he said: “Marcia, no calls this afternoon, no salesmen and tell the Principal our meeting this afternoon is canceled. I’m going to discuss an extended plan of advertising with Ms. Cox while she’s here, so we can maximize our presence in the media.”

“Yes, Father.” He led her through a narrow hallway and up Formica steps to the second floor, to a guest room with a simple bed in the middle of the room. Some leather restraints were visible on the clean sheet, and Susanna started to shake.

“Don’t be afraid, Ms. Cox, you’ll come to no harm today. I promise you that we will do nothing to hurt you. We will need some code words, like yellow and red, but just to be sure you’re not lost in the sensations.”

“I’m scared anyway, Father Blankenship. What are you going to do to me?”

“I’ve talked this over with Fr. Farnsworth in detail and he’s given his assent. This is a surprise and treat for you, believe me. If you’ll disrobe and lay down on the bed, please.”

She looked at him, amazed at his matter-of-fact request, and he nodded at her. Well, she thought to herself, it’s his fantasy. If Chris says it’s okay. . .

Taking off her clothes, she stood naked in front of him, as he looked at her impassively. She lay on the bed and he gently took her hands and feet, binding them in the restraints. Lastly, he took a blindfold off the dresser and tied it around her eyes. “We’ll be back shortly, Ms. Cox. Just relax.”

It’s easy for you to say, you’re not tied up on a bed blindfolded, she thought. The sounds of him leaving and walking down the hallway Erenköy Escort faded in the distance and she wondered how long she would be there waiting. Her ears strained to hear every sound in the place, but the building had lots of strange noises and she could tell nothing. A door slammed, incoherent voices down the hallway, and a rolling sound told her something was happening. Time lost its bearings.

The door opened and she felt several people entering the room. A squeak and roll told her one person was in a wheelchair, that was pushed to the foot of her bed. “Ms. Cox, you may not speak unless you’re asked a direct question by me. Any other noises you’re free to make as the spirit moves you. We’re going to put something on your skin, and you will tell me if it’s too hot. Ready?”

“Yes.” Something touched her skin on the inside of her right arm, pleasantly warm and gooey. “It’s fine, it’s even nice. What it is?”

“You’ll find out. All right, boys, go for it.”

Several hands touched her naked skin, some lightly, some more firmly, at different speeds. One teased her upper thighs, one her right nipple, one lightly traced her left armpit, one shaking hand caressed her feet. For several heavenly moments, skin touched skin, tingling nerve endings and making her shake.

“Are you all right, Ms. Cox?”

“Hmmm. What’s next?”

Warm thickness was being spread on her skin from four places. They worked out, covering her as much as they could with the stuff. She giggled as they covered her breasts, and gasped as it was rubbed on her inner thighs and on her pussy lips. Her mind raced wondering what it could be.

It was done and she was mostly covered from the neck down. “What we’ve done, Ms. Cox is covered you in warm peanut butter. I saw a video on the Internet of a lady in a bikini putting it on her body and letting dogs lick off her. We thought it might be fun to imitate the dogs, and thought the bikini was unnecessary. Does the proposition interest you?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Not at this point.”

“This feels wonderful, and I love the idea of you licking it off my skin. How many of there are you?”

The blindfold came off and she saw three priests in collars standing next to her, with a fourth in a wheelchair at the bottom. “This is a dream come true,” she whispered.

They descended to her body, their tongues lapping the sweetness. The old man in the wheelchair started liking her right foot, running up and down between her toes, tickling the arch. His touch was butterfly soft. The young associate was kneeling between her legs, starting at the inside of her knees and slowly working his way upward. The other men started with the insides of her arms.

Her Göztepe Escort eyes closed; she could have still had the blindfold on for all it mattered. She drifted in softly undulating waves, savoring the sensations as they washed over her. One tongue found the notch at the base of her neck, making her shiver. Another found her armpit and nuzzled there for a lifetime. One foot was sucked completely clean and the other was now the target of soft lips.

Halfway through, the man between her legs paused and reached over for something. She heard a click and a buzz; a vibrator was gradually inserted into her vagina, raising the level of stimulation a couple of levels. Soon, the three younger men were in prime territory, one on each breast and the third near her inner lips. The last ascent was rapid, and she rode the steep waves of ecstasy one after the other while the four tongues continued their work.

One on her left stopped, and reached between his legs. He started jerking himself vigorously, and she strained to get closer. Within seconds he deposited his cream on her left breast in thick streams. She crested another wave and whispered: “Next time on my face. Please, on my face.” The one on her right went to his fly and hardly fumbled himself out before he shot a long stream of sperm on her right breast. “On my face, on my face, on my face.”

At last the young man between her legs crawled upward and sat on her chest. He jerked himself quickly and moaned; he shot his load as she crested another peak, her eyes shut and her face beaming as the egg white covered her smile. Her tongue reached out to taste and he briefly put the head of his cock between her lips for her to clean.

The vibrator was removed, as were the restraints. She sat up and beckoned to the retired priest. “Come here, Father,” she beckoned and he wheeled himself beside the bed. Reaching over and unzipping his fly, she sucked his ancient wand into her soft mouth.

“I haven’t cum for years,” his feeble voice warbled. After five minutes, however, he hooted and filled her mouth.

The men left the room wordlessly, and Susie noticed the bathroom where she showered and put her face back together. It was almost rush hour when she left and made her way back to the Chancery.

Steffie was sitting bored at her desk when Susie got there. “Hi, Susie, how was your day?”

“It was nice.”

“You always have a nice day. I wish my job was as good as yours.”

“What do you mean, Steffie?”

“Well, I’m supposed to be here full time, taking ads and handling clients. All our advertisers are the same good old boys, and I could do this in two hours per week. You’re supposed to be part time, and you’re busy 9-5 every day.”

“Would you be interested in helping me?”

Steffie sat up. “Really?”

“Really. Let’s go have a drink and I’ll tell you about it.”

As they went out the door, Susie said to Steffie: “All you need to do is get a pair of elbow length black gloves. . .”

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