Taken by the Boss Ch. 02


Luke sighed as he released his throbbing, uncircumcised 7″ cock from his khakis. His dick was painfully hard and he was aching for relief.

He looked down at her glistening pussy, splayed open in front of him. His brain seemed to be functioning on autopilot. He couldn’t wait to get inside her.

Without finesse, Luke grabbed her hips and yanked her body towards him so that his cock was in line with her pussy. He took a moment to gaze upon her sexy tan body, mostly bare with her blouse open and her skirt hiked up over her waist.

Luke groaned as he ran his hands up her stomach, eventually making his way to her delectable firm breasts. They were even bigger than he’d imagined, the flesh bulging through his fingertips as he clutched them eagerly. His strong hands groped her generously as he jiggled her breasts around. The sight and feel of her firm breasts fueled his arousal and made his cock even harder.

Jennifer shivered as he traced the edge of her nipple with his thumb and she gripped the edge of the desk in anticipation.

Luke licked his lips and began to grind the tip of his hard cock against her pussy, dropping his weight against her. He leaned forward and brought beylikdüzü escort his mouth to her nipple, sucking it in as he thrust upwards into her cunt. He supported himself on one elbow as started to pump into her wet, clutching pussy.

Luke’s eyes rolled back as he felt her slick wetness envelop his throbbing cock. His entire body was tingling. He cursed under his breath as he sunk his cock deep into his boss’s pussy. He couldn’t believe he was actually fucking his sexy boss. He felt drunk with power and lust.

He leaned over and desperately kneaded her breast with his other hand, as he gripped tightly onto her hip with the other. He pumped rapidly against her, pulling his dick out of her pussy and slamming it back in with repeated thrusts.

The desk rocked harder and harder and her moans joined his as he slammed into her. His arousal had been building and he knew he wouldn’t last long. He didn’t care. He really just wanted to cum. Luke pressed himself against her, kissing her deeply as she groaned into his mouth, feverishly grinding her pelvis in time to his thrusts.

Suddenly Luke stopped thrusting beyoğlu escort and climbed off his sexy boss, his dick slipping out of her hot cunt in the process.

“Stand up”, he told her, breathing heavily. Jennifer scooted towards the edge of the desk, confused. “I said, fucking stand up,” he commanded. Jennifer cautiously scooted all the way off the desk until she was standing, her long black hair disheveled and her tits popping obscenely out of her open blouse.

Luke grabbed her by her shoulders and spun her around so that he was standing behind her. He pushed her forward, bending her over in front of him until she was face down on the desk. Luke pulled her skirt back up over her waist as he relished the sight of her delectable bare pussy and firm ass cheeks in front of him. He pressed the tip of his trembling cock against her pussy and thrust forward.

Luke gave a moan of pleasure as he grasped her long, silky black hair, yanking it backwards for extra leverage as he pistoned against her.

The sound of his balls slapping against her cunt filled the room as he humped against her. He reached around and once again bizimkent escort squeezed her juicy tits. The feeling was intoxicating.

“Oh fuck!” Luke gasped as he looked down, admiring the way her buttocks jiggled as he slammed his cock in and out of her. Luke humped against her voraciously as he felt his balls start to churn. Her pussy felt unbelievable. The sensations were more incredible than he could have ever expected.

He gritted his teeth and he knew he was about to explode. An electric wave of sensation overcame him as he mumbled incoherently. His legs tightened as he erupted violently into her pussy with a growl. He twitched and cursed as he drained his balls into her pussy, shooting ropes of cum deep inside her.

“Oh fuck yeah!” He groaned in pleasure, pounding against her as he spent his sticky load in her pussy.

He shivered as he pulled his cock out of her pussy. His shaft glistened from the wetness of her pussy, cum leaking from the tip. Disbelief and confusion began to descend upon him. Had this really just happened? Him and his boss?

Luke stood awkwardly for a moment as his boss sat up on the desk. She spread her thighs open and looked down at the cum oozing out of her pussy. She looked up at him, her eyes meeting his gaze.

“Your cum in my pussy has made me horny again,” she stated matter-of-factly. “If you care about your next performance review, you know what to do,” she said as she smirked, motioning to her dripping pussy.

Luke’s eyes went wide as he realized what she wanted him to do.

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