Tabby The Nurse Ch. 2


Chapter 2: Lana Gets a Turn

Cliff lay on his bed watching the cartoon channel. He had gotten bored with the others, at least the cartoons made him smile. Tomorrow morning his parents would come by and he would be leaving the hospital. This time for good. His ankle was on the improve, even if it was still encased in plaster.

In an hour the cartoons would finish, so would visiting time. The buzz of activity that penetrated the walls of his private room would die away. Then it would be dinnertime, the nurse would come and do her usual tests (it seemed they continued right up to the minute you were wheeled out the door). After that he would be left alone to watch TV and fall asleep.

But Cliff was daydreaming as he watched the cartoon characters zipping across the screen. He was dreaming of the night before, the visits from his special night nurse Tabby. And then there was her promise of a visit from her friend Lana tonight. Cliff still couldn’t believe it. He was still thinking of that dark haired beauty that had stood before him last night and the sensuous experience they had shared. What would Lana be like?

As his mind drifted he didn’t notice the door to his room open and a dark figure dart in. Then he heard the clack clack of high heels on his floor. His eyes glanced toward the sound. There she stood; the object of his dreaming, Tabby.

This time she wasn’t dressed in her crisp white nurses uniform. A black gabardine raincoat, tied at the waist, covered her slim body. A pair of thigh-high black boots protruded from under the coat. Somehow her hair seemed to shine more than the night before. But the scent was the same.

“Hi,” Cliff said.

“Hi,” Tabby responded. “I hope you don’t mind me calling by.”

“No, no, I sure don’t,” Cliff reassured her quickly. “I’m surprised you wanted to visit on your day off though.”

“Well, it’s like this Cliff, I couldn’t bare to let Lana have all the fun. Especially with someone as good as you.” She flashed him one of those irresistible sexy smiles. “Somehow I just had to have you to my self once more. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Um…no, no,” Cliff stammered. He had never had a girl come on to him so strongly. “I’m flattered,” he added.

“Don’t be,” Tabby smiled. She moved closer to the bed, her hand stretching out to rub along his body concealed under the sheet. It reached his chest as she got to the edge of the bed. Slowly she bent her head to meet his in a long passionate kiss. Their tongues intertwined as their lips lingered together. Her deep red lipstick sticking to his lips.

Cliff reached up to touch her soft hair, then her soft cheek. Tabby let him as she kissed him deeply. Her own hand disappeared into the top of the sheet, sliding down over his belly. His cock had responded to her earlier touch and was rock hard under the covers. At first her hand bumped the big thick pole, still confined under the hospital gown, then she gripped it through the ugly green gown. Slowly she slid her hand up and down, letting the thin cotton material slip over the hard cock.

He moaned as they broke away from the kiss.

“Do you like?” Tabby asked. His only reply was in the form of another moan and a blissful smile. She continued to stroke him like this for a few more strokes then she stood up. His eyes opened and he smiled at her, knowing she wasn’t finished yet.

She stepped back from the bed and undid the tie of the raincoat. It fell open revealing the brunette standing there in the sexiest lingerie that Cliff had ever seen. A pure black lace bra covered her beautiful breasts, a black lace thong covered her pubic area with a filmy triangle of material and a matching black suspender belt held up her sheer black stockings that disappeared into the top of her thigh boots.

“I’m not going to be your nurse tonight,” Tabby said in a sultry, husky whisper, letting the coat drop to the floor. “Tonight I’m going to be your slut.”

Cliff gulped. The woman standing before him looked like a goddess. The sight was almost making him shoot his load there and then. He tried to speak but his throat had gone dry.

“I want to feel your big cock in me,” she was still talking in that husky voice, her head inches from his as she bent over him. “Making me cum, making my hot pussy wet.”

“Oh, Tabby,” Cliff finally said.

With a finger held to her lips to silence him Tabby started to pull back the sheet. Again Cliff raised a hand to the gentle face staring down at him. They kissed again as Tabby slipped the sheet off the bed. Once more her hand was wrapped around the young man’s cock, tugging it gently. His other hand found her breast and caressed it gently through the lace bra. Feeling her nipple react as the lacy material stretched across it, Tabby moaned a little.

“Why don’t you take that gown off and have a taste of sweetness,” Tabby whispered as they broke the kiss. Once more she stood as the teenager pulled the hospital gown over his head and tossed to one side. His cock stood Bostancı Escort up, red, pulsing in the night.

Tabby moved up to the bed again. This time she was standing near the centre of the bed, turned toward his rigid cock. Her hand reached out to the purple head, gently rubbing across it. She glanced back to Cliff, smiling, licking her red lips. Then without a thought she hoisted her body onto the bed, facing Cliff’s foot encased in its cast.

This left Cliff staring at the most perfect butt he had ever seen framed by two shapely legs in black stockings and thigh high boots. He let his fingers caress the long slim shiny black spike heel of one of the boots. Then the hand moved to the soft thighs, slowly moving to the little lace triangle that covered his prize.

Meanwhile Tabby was watching his cock ease through her hands as she tugged up and down the shaft. The soft tissue of the bulging head squeezed through her slender fingers, a small dribble of pre-cum oozing from the tip.

At the sight of the pre-cum the brunette flicked her hair back, away from her face. Once more she licked her lips, making them glisten. Her red nails circled the base of the hard cock as her tongue swept around the head, avoiding the dribble of pre-cum, before circling up and across the slit lifting the sticky dribble from his cock.

Cliff moaned softly as her mouth closed over the head. Gently, slowly her moist lips slipped down the shaft, licking it as she started to suck. She let it slide up and down through her lips, sucking it harder and harder. Soon her head was bobbing up and down, the long black hair falling back across her cheek.

She was straddling his body, her butt inches from his face. Slowly his hand reached the crotch of those tiny lace panties. His first touch was to pass across the lacy material gently, barely touching her body. The black lace was slightly damp, slightly sticky with her juice. He moved his face closer, kissing her thigh, letting his tongue linger against her soft skin.

His thumb hooked in the crotch of the panties, slipping them aside. There was her pink opening, the lips swollen, the musky smell of her juice filling the air and m mingling with the sweet scent. He pressed his finger against the opening, letting it slip up into the warm moist tunnel. Tabby moaned as the finger pushed up past her clit. His thumb came to rest against her clit as he fingered her pussy.

In and out he began to finger fuck her beautiful body. His finger joined by a second now, both covered in glistening juice. His other hand rubbed up the length of the leather boot, feeling its shiny surface. His thumb pressed in against the hard protruding clit.

As she moaned again he pressed his face against the hot, tight pussy. Slowly his tongue darted out to lick the juice that now flowed from the dark haired beauty. Then he let his tongue slide around to find her clit, manipulating the hard organ, listening to her soft moans.

Her mouth slipped up the shiny shaft as she felt her pussy being violated by the fingers. Tabby was feeling so hot now. It wouldn’t be long and her emotions would let go. Deep in her pussy a feeling of tension was building, it wouldn’t be long.

“Cliff, Cliff,” she called out softly. “Please stop, please. I want your cock in me. Can I fuck you, please?”

“Oh, baby, sure, if that’s what you want,” he replied.

Tabby let the cock flick out of her mouth. She licked her lips and sat up. Cliff ducked as the black boots swung around so she could face him. There was a large sexy smile on her face as she climbed above the stiff cock. Holding the crotch of the little black panties to one side she slid down the huge shaft. It slipped into her easily as her pussy was so wet.

Cliff looked up at the towering stunning shape of Tabby the nurse riding on his cock. He moved his hands to her hips as she slowly bucked her hips up and down. Both moaned a little as the momentum built up. He reached up to her breasts to cup the firm globes in his hands. Tabby reached behind her and unclipped the lace bra. Her hard nipples stood out against the pale white flesh. Cliff tweaked them a little with his fingers, then rubbed across the soft breasts. He reached for her breasts holding them in his hands.

Tabby was close now. She could feel it building, getting stronger and stronger. Then it broke. A wave of uncontrollable emotion and spasm racked her body. Cliff felt her pussy tighten and her juice flood. Her head was flung back as she let out a long low moan.

“Ohhh…ohhh…God yes,” Tabby called out as her body shuddered and her hips bucked. “Oh, Cliff, yes.”

Up and down his shaft her wet pussy pumped. Even harder now that she was so wet. He gripped her breasts, moving his hips to thrust his cock as deep as he could. It was making a squelching sound as it plunged in and out of her hot hole. Then he felt his balls tighten, his orgasm wells up and then explode with force. Spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum shot into Kadıköy Escort her. He pulled her down on his shaft, holding her as he pumped deep into her. He could feel it oozing out slightly as his orgasm subsided.

“God Tabby, oh that is good,” he said between gritted teeth as he flooded her with his cum.

Gradually the tension went from his body. Tabby fell forward cupping his face with her hands and kissing him, their tongues probing each other’s mouths again. The kiss seemed to last forever, but finally Tabby broke away to sit up.

“Oh, Cliff, that was good,” she said. “I knew it was worth it coming back.”

“Thank you,” Cliff said. “Can you stay a while? I would love to do it again.”

“Oh, I would love that,” Tabby smiled at him. “But I did promise you to Lana. I’m sure she will make you happy as well.”

Cliff had forgotten her promise of the night before. The thought of a second sexy night nurse flashed through his mind. Tabby felt his cock slowly harden in her pussy. She smiled and gave a nervous giggle.

“I think I should leave now before we get caught. Visiting time is nearly over and they will bring your meal soon. Best you eat well and be ready for your night nurse.”

With that she sung her leg over Cliff’s head and slid off the bed. As her leg arced over his head he took one last view of her swollen, gapping pussy, a dribble of cum sliding down her thigh.

Once off the bed Tabby adjusted the lace panties to cover her pussy and then put the bra back on before covering her body in the black coat. She bent over Cliff to give him one last kiss. He would be gone in the morning and she would never see him again.

“Can I keep your panties to remember you by?” Cliff asked hopefully. He knew they would never fuck again. But he knew that he was going to be having some really hot sex with his girlfriend when she returned.

“Sorry Cliff, I want to keep them for myself, now that they are soaked in your hot cum. That way I can always have you with me,” she laughed and walked toward the door.

“You really are the best, thanks Tabby,” Cliff said. She just smiled in return before ducking out the door.

Not long after Cliff’s dinner was delivered, by a male nurse who returned later to take the empty plates away. Once dinner was over Cliff knew he would be alone for his last night in hospital. So when would he get his ‘surprise’ visit? He flicked on the television and started to watch some sports show. Time ticked by and he felt himself getting horny and drowsy at the same time. His eyes began to close and his cock harden. Then he dropped off, dreaming of the tall dark haired nurse slowly stripping before him.

He didn’t hear the door open as his mind wandered over the sexy tanned body that stood before him in his dream. The light from the corridor filled the room for a brief second as a figure slipped into his room. Cliff shook from his half sleep, the dream passing from his mind as he came to.

Standing at the foot of his bed, looking at his chart was Doctor Turner. The short middle-aged man was quickly leafing through the file. Every now and then he would stop, read something then give a low grunt before moving on. He seemed happy to read by the dim light given out by the television set. Having finished he let the clipboard fall back at the end of the bed. By now Cliff was fully awake looking at the doctor.

“Oh, sorry to disturb you Cliff,” the doctor said. “Thought I should take one last look at your chart before you go.”

“That’s OK doc’,” the young man replied. “I wasn’t really asleep.”

“So you are all ready to go home?” Doctor Turner asked.

“Tomorrow I guess,” Cliff said.

The door opened again. Cliff peered past the doctor to see who was entering his room. A beautiful, slim blond nurse stood at the open door. Her long golden hair fell on her shoulders. She was pushing the familiar bed bath trolley in front of her. Cliff watched as she halted in the doorway. Just as Tabby had said Lana was not going to disappoint. His problem now was the doctor.

“Hello nurse,” the doctor said. “I didn’t think this patient required a bath tonight.”

“Oh, sorry doctor,” Lana replied, not sure what to do.

“Well, I suppose it is his last night,” the doctor smiled. “Come on over and tend to him.”

She pushed the trolley over. Doctor Turner stepped back to let her next to the bed. A sweet perfume wafted across the bed as she picked up the sponge. Cliff looked at the curved hips and butt of this beautiful body in its tight fitting uniform and tried not to let himself react. It was impossible and soon his cock was rising.

Lana approached the bed and pulled the sheet down to his waist revealing his naked body. He hadn’t redressed after Tabby left. Gently she touched his shoulder with the soft sponge.

“Is that ok, not too hot?” She asked.

The warm water glistened on his shoulder as he stared up at her face. It was angelic, much more innocent than Tabby, but just Göztepe Escort as sexy. Her red lips glistened and sparkled as the television light ebbed and flowed across the room. He wished the doctor would hurry and leave so he could have his fun.

“It’s a little cool actually nurse,” he said trying to delay her until they were alone. The doctor was looking at the chart again as Lana took the bowl to the basin against one wall.

Cliff watched quietly as the doctor went and stood next to the nurse and lent close to her ear. He whispered something but Cliff couldn’t make out what they said. The doctor walked back to the bed and Lana turned the water off.

“I need to see how good you are at standing on the leg,” the doctor said to Cliff. “Why don’t you jump off that bed so I can see how you are getting on with that cast.”

Cliff looked up at the older man, his face a little shocked, as he knew the state of his cock still hidden under the sheet. He was busy trying to think of an excuse when the doctor swept aside the sheet. Cliff went bright red as he was exposed.

“Come on nurse, help him up,” Doctor Turner said.

Lana walked over, admiring Cliff’s stiff cock as she walked. He noticed that she was undoing the buttons of her uniform as she walked. His mind raced, was she going to do it right then, in front of both men? With each button that popped open, a little more of her luscious body appeared. Under the white uniform she wore a white lace teddy with suspenders holding up the white stockings. Her breasts were a little larger than Tabby’s, confined in the soft cups of the teddy. Now the uniform fell completely open.

Doctor Turner had undone his trousers and let them fall to the floor. His cock stood out like a rigid pole as well as he watched the beautiful nurse approach the bed. Cliff had sat upright as the sheet had been pulled from the bed. Now he was watching as the nurse let the uniform slip from her shoulders and her hand reach out toward him.

He let her touch him as he slipped from the bed. Her hands supporting him a little as he stood on the cast. As he hit the floor his cock wobbled in front of him, Lana reached for it to steady the waving meat.

“Hmmm…he stands well nurse,” Doctor Turner said. “Maybe we should check for balance. Nurse kneel in front of the patient.”

A smile appeared on Lana’s face, it was cute. She crouched on her knees, inches from Cliff’s wavering cock. Without any prompting she took it in her hand. Cliff sucked his breath in as her mouth slowly enveloped the hard cock. He felt her gentle sucking as she took it deeper and deeper.

Her hand reached up to stroke the doctor’s raging cock that was only inches from her head. Up and down the shaft her hand slid as her mouth worked on Cliff. Both men moaned a little as the nurse went to work. Then she let her mouth plop off Cliff’s sensitive cock and she took the doctor’s in her pretty mouth. He thrust it into her as she continued to slide a hand over Cliff’s.

The doctor began to maneuver himself toward the bed. They all followed his lead as though physically joined. Once next to the bed he eased himself onto the soft matteress. Lana had to elevate to reach his cock now, which left her butt stuck up in the air. Cliff needed no further invitation he put his hand to her soft flesh, feeling her round, tight butt. His fingers probed the edge of the teddy’s crotch. Then one finger probed inside the material to find a well trimmed swollen pussy.

Quickly Cliff had undone the snaps of the crotch to expose this beautiful pussy. Already Lana was wet with her own juice. Cliff began exploring her with his fingers, probing into her soft pussy, touching her hard clit.

“Oh,” she moaned as he began fingering her a little harder. “Yes, please, oh.”

He moved away from her hand reach to position himself behind her. Her pussy was at the right level. Carefully he placed his cock head at her entrance, letting it rub in the juices. Slowly, inch by inch he pushed it as a little further in. Lana had become distracted by the action on her pussy and had stopped sucking Doctor Turner’s hard cock. But her hand was still pumping it. He lay back moaning softly.

Now Cliff was buried in the soft warm pussy. It was so tight on his huge cock as he pushed it a little deeper. Then he started moving in and out of her, feeling her pussy grip his hard cock with each stroke. Deeper and deeper he plunged into her.

Meanwhile Doctor Turner had pulled her head back to his cock. Her mouth was going up and down his shining shaft, faster and faster. She was keeping time with the cock that pounded her pussy.

As he pushed into her Cliff reached around to play with her firm breasts still covered in the white lace of the teddy. He could feel the big hard nipples in his fingers as he pushed in and out of the hot pussy.

It was the doctor who couldn’t hold back. A little yelp indicated he was ready, then he exploded. His cum shot into the nurse’s mouth, flooding her. A long sticky dribble rolled down her chin and fell to the bed. Her red lips had a bead of creamy liquid that she licked off. As her own orgasm advanced she licked furiously at the doctors deflated penis and balls, making sure they were clean.

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