Surreptitious Love Ch. 70

Big Tits

Chapter 70 — Pizza and then Nguyet for Lunch

The ribald birthday party at Nga’s house last month had turned on Nguyet so much that she wanted to meet me and Vu as soon as possible again. She hadn’t mentioned the other two girls when she told me, though. Oh, well: Trinh was pregnant and her belly was getting bigger and bigger every day, while Nga was so shy that she probably wouldn’t agree to another insane sex adventure any time soon.

So Nguyet and I met for lunch at the fairly new pizzeria in her small street, which was pretty much across from her house. Like most Vietnamese, Nguyet didn’t care much for pizza, but she knew that I liked the joint. She had also told me that her parents and her little son were at some relative’s house in Quy Nhon, a similar town to ours, three hours away. It was strongly implied that we would go to her house for a sensual romp after lunch, which could have been a ruse, though: When she had told me exactly the same thing a year earlier, her mother had surreptitiously watched us having sex.

I had asked why we didn’t take Vu with us; perhaps he had to work? But, Nguyet insisted, she needed to see me first. By myself. Perhaps she had planned a role play, where he would show up all of a sudden? After all those outlandish adventures we had had the last three years, one never knew. But, at least, she had sworn that her mother wouldn’t be hiding in a closet or her tailor shop downstairs to eavesdrop on her daughter’s sex life.

After we ordered, I looked at her more closely and reminisced about many of the precious moments we had had together. The last few months, our affair had been dominated by various saucy role-plays, which often had involved other women: Tina, twice, the last time Nga and Trinh, and before that even Nguyet’s mother a couple of times. But I knew right away that Nguyet had been right: We needed to spend some time together, just the two of us.

Nguyet hadn’t dolled up explicitly, but she still looked hot: she was wearing an older, comfy terrycloth sweater in pastel colors, which was too big for her, and generously-tailored dark-blue shorts, which got wider on their way down and ended just above her knees. Her red flip-flops she usually just wore around the house, I presumed, but since the pizza place was literally ten yards away, she probably hadn’t felt the need to pick proper shoes. She hadn’t shaved her legs, but she knew I didn’t care; I actually liked that she hadn’t put in too much effort for our short lunch-meeting. She was beautiful as she was.

“Have you told Vu that you want to meet … I mean, the three of us?” I asked immediately after she had put her house keys onto the table and had sat down.

“No, not really. I’ve only hinted it,” she replied.

Since I probably looked a little flustered, she added: “Well, I don’t know if you would agree to doing a ménage a trois.”

“Well, we’ve had sex with others before,” I mused, “but, I know, so far only with other women.”

“Yeah, never with another man and just me,” Nguyet nodded.

“But it seems only natural after that bash at Nga’s last month,” I said astonished. “I mean, I watched you and Vu at her party. You seem naturally drawn towards each other …”

“Sure, we are. But I don’t know if that wouldn’t make you jealous, especially if no one else is there. Can you envision a threesome with Vu and me? Imagine Vu fucking me …” Nguyet insisted.

“I watched the two of you at Nga’s.”

“Yes, but there were two more girls.”

Maybe I was too thick to understand what Nguyet was driving at. Yes, a threesome with another man would be a first for me. But I had known Vu for years, and I liked him. And he was strikingly handsome.

“Ben,” Nguyet began again, as I wasn’t saying anything. “I just want to make sure. If you don’t want to do it, I’ll meet Vu some other time.”

Apparently, she was determined to see him again. Would I be more jealous knowing that he was banging her when I wasn’t there, or would it drive me crazy to be in one room with the two of them but had to wait and watch till he was done?

“Well, Nguyet, it’s not that I don’t care if another man fucks you. But you really seem to like him, and as attractive as you both are, I think I’d actually enjoy it. Anyway, we won’t be sure until we try it. It’ll be an aesthetic pleasure, at least, I’d predict,” I added.

I interrupted myself as the pizza was arriving and then waited until the server had disappeared again.

“I can’t imagine that I get tender with him, as you always did with the women who were present, Tuyet or Thy or Tina, for example. But … no … I think it’s hot. Or you meet him when I’m not there, just the two of you. I mean I don’t have to be there, do I?” I waffled.

Nguyet was cutting the pizza again into six pieces and seemed to be thinking. From the look on her face, I knew it wasn’t about what she would say, but how.

“Ben, yes, you have to be there,” Nguyet insisted firmly, almost Şerifali Escort sternly. “I want the two of you to fuck me. As long as you can. Both of you,” she admitted.

With these words, she moved a little on her chair and then took a bite of her slice. Since she had had breastfed her baby, her breasts were larger but slightly sagging. It looked like she wasn’t wearing a bra, as her tits were resting on the edge of the table, which amused me but also turned me on. As I was still admiring her little boobs but not saying anything, Nguyet reiterated her point:

“Ben, are you listening?! I want you and Vu to fuck me as often and as long as you can. Can you imagine that?”

She seemed dead serious all of a sudden. And it seemed urgent, too. I swallowed with my mouth closed but then took another sip of my beer. What Nguyet had just proposed was so new, so hot, and so monumental that I needed to think some more. She had never been so straightforward, so demanding with me. But that was alright. She was a grown woman, educated and smart, so it was about time to get precise about her wishes. ‘As often’ or ‘as many times as you both can’ she had said. Jesus, that was hot!

“Nguyet, you are one of the most stunning women I have ever met. I always want to bang you. And if you want Vu in the mix for once, we’ll do that,” I assured her, nodding.

“And you really don’t have a problem if Vu fucks me three times in 90 minutes in your presence?!” she asked slightly incredulously.

“Well, we could take turns, couldn’t we? But, no, Nguyet, I do find it hot, actually. Believe me! I’m just a little surprised: I mean, you’re shifting two gears up, all of a sudden … not only two men, but then you want us to fuck you until we’re completely exhausted. Are you sure you really need me, though? Three times in an hour-and-a-half sounds enough, doesn’t it?”

“No, Ben. It isn’t.”

Good Lord! Three years earlier, she had still been a virgin, at almost 30, and now doing it three times in a row wasn’t enough. I almost choked on my beer. Good salacious Lord!

“Where is this going to end?!” I asked jokingly, with some sort of mock-exasperation, before we both took another slice.

She leaned backward a little. Her small bosom was heaving, just as my dick had started to pump. Her wonderfully curved upper lip had snapped up on her gums, so her upper row of teeth had become exposed. She looked like a ferocious animal, rolled in a beautiful, cultured, cultivated woman. I noticed her new triangular silver earrings for the first time.

“And you aren’t wearing a bra either,” I said with mock-disgust.

She grinned across the table: “You can see that?”

“My trained eye made it out fifteen minutes ago. But it’s barely noticeable,” I assured her.

“I’m not wearing panties either,” she giggled.

Her upper lip snapped further up and would stay there.

I cocked my head and smiled: “You slut!” I quipped and burst out laughing.

“Well, it’ll be quicker over at the house.”

“Well, you know I like it slow. Anyway, when did you have your period, again?” I inquired.

“Last weekend. It’s just over: So, yes, all good today,” she grinned impish.

We took the two remaining slices of pizza, but when we were done eating, I picked up the topic of the day again:

“So, three times isn’t enough. Fine. But you haven’t done it three times yet. Ever. Why is it so urgent, all of a sudden?! Perhaps, we should notch up our game slowly, instead?”

I didn’t doubt her intentions anymore, but this shit made me incredibly hot. Miss Bashful wanted us to fuck her brains out?! Oh, it took me another minute to fully wrap my mind around it, but then I knew she could have it.

“Ben, two or three times is enough, technically. Even once is nice. Don’t get me wrong,” she corrected herself. “This isn’t any criticism on your skills in bed. But for the last four weeks, I have been envisioning you and Vu fucking me … more, and ever more … taking turns, until neither of you can get it up any more.”

I began to imagine the whole thing, still looking fascinated at her small bosom. It looked like her nipples were protruding a bit through her terrycloth sweater. I lit a cigarette, since we had to rest a little after the meal, and so I kept asking some more, just for the heck of it:

“Sure, we’ll fuck you until you beg us to stop. I’m certain Vu will love the idea,” I nodded approvingly. “But how in the world did you end up with such a plan?! Did you watch some Japanese porn?”

“You know I don’t watch porn. No, I just found it impressive how Vu fucked three times at Nga’s birthday party. Me only twice, but then he took Nga once more towards the end. And I also watched you fuck Trinh and then Nga. When I was back at work, I kept thinking what would have happened if Vu and you had had only me. Would you have fucked me five times?”

“Presumably. I mean, if you had said that was okay. Hey, Nguyet, don’t worry, if that’s Üsküdar Escort what you want we’re on. You’re old enough to make that decision. But, one thing: once we agree to do that, you can’t chicken out. Once you say ‘anything goes’ we’ll fuck you silly. I don’t wanna hear that you can’t take it anymore and then stop. And, I’m sure, neither does Vu.”

“Don’t worry. I keep having that fantasy, and I’ve thought about it hundreds of times during the last month. You guys fuck me until you can’t get it up anymore.”

She had probably painted the whole picture in her mind already. Well, okay.

“When would be good, though? I mean, are there times when you’re particularly horny? And, I suppose, we don’t want to use condoms?!”

“Heaven forbid! Perish that thought! I want all the cum to end up in my cunt, like you sometimes say. I’m usually the horniest just before my period. So shall we say in about three weeks?”

“Sure. You talk to Vu, and then we’ll make a date. At your office, upstairs in the model home?” I inquired quickly about the venue for the debauchery.

“Well, probably at his parents’ as they work during the day …”

Apparently, she had already brought it up with him.

“Oh, here’s another thought: why don’t we do a titillating role-play as a lead in?! I can see lots of potential here: We could come to your office and pretend he’s my adopted son. But he’s inexperienced in sexual matters or even some sort of inhibited and then we’ll loosen him up …”

Oh, yes, I immediately liked the idea.

“No, Ben,” she interrupted me almost curtly. “Maybe another time. This time I want it raw, without compromises or blathering. I don’t want to watch my words or wait for cues, like I’m on stage. I want to get fucked like an animal. I want to experience sheer bestial lust.”

I threw my hands up to show that she had won.

“Okay, I just don’t want you to feel used,” I defended my insistent queries.

“This one time I don’t mind. I actually want it. And it’s totally my idea, my fantasy. It’s not that Vu or you decided to use me. Maybe it’s still got to do with the fact that I was a virgin until I was almost 30. I don’t care … Ben, don’t feel bad that I want Vu in the mix. Sex with you is almost always very satisfying, but he comes more often than you. And more quickly. Almost too quick … you and Vu together are perfect, I think.”

“Yeah, now that I think about it. Of course, he can come more often at 21, but, like you said, it might actually be too quick. No, you’re right, we complement each other nicely.”

“Speaking of coming: Do you want to take off?” she asked with glistening eyes, putting a strand of hair behind her ear.

We just got up and paid at the counter upfront on our way out. We walked the few yards to her house through the narrow alley way, after I had asked if I could leave my motorcycle at the joint. Nguyet unlocked the door and, lo and behold, there were all three scooters the family owned. So they were actually out of town, unless both her parents had agreed to be locked in while we had been at the pizza place, which was highly unlikely.

I hadn’t been to her house just with Nguyet for two years or so. After our lengthy discussion regarding the orgy with Vu, we were both sufficiently horny to just get it on, I thought, but Nguyet left me here in the living room and went to the bathroom by herself. Well, perhaps she wasn’t in the mood for any naughty play with her piss. Fine; actually, I didn’t want to take a shower again. I looked around and remembered our very first time here together, more than three years ago. Apart from the small new sofa, nothing had changed since then.

When Nguyet came back, we finally kissed, and I asked her if we shouldn’t sit down here and have tea for a little bit as a historic reminiscence. It was November and not particularly warm. I knew she wasn’t wearing any underwear but, for some reason, I didn’t want to just pounce on her. So she told me to sit down and went to the back of the house to put the kettle on.

Instead of sitting here by myself, however, I followed her to the kitchen and reached around her from behind. She seemed lost in thought as she was staring at the humming kettle. I caressed her small breasts through the fabric of her sweater but then reached under it and twiddled her nipples with the upper digits of my index and middle fingers. Nguyet bent and purred, and when she cocked her head, I kissed her neck. She reached backward to feel my cock through my pants, after she had felt it knock on her lower back.

When the water was finally boiling, she filled the teapot, took two cups and put everything on a tray. We went back to the front of the house and sat down sideways at the longer end of the table, facing each other. Just like our very first time. Nguyet poured the tea and then put her naked feet on the crossbar down on my chair. If she had been wearing a skirt, she would probably have pulled it back into her Ümraniye Escort lap right away, but that wasn’t possible with her shorts. So she opened the button at the top and took them off.

Apparently, she wasn’t in the mood for small talk. When she had gotten up again to spread her pants on the chair to sit on them, I had seen the fur in her butt crack, between her porcelain ass cheeks, which made my blood boil. I almost reached for her ass, but then I was keener on her front, so I waited till she had sat down again. The contrast between her light skin and her pitch-black hair—both on her head and between her legs—was hauntingly beautiful. That wild hair between her little white butt cheeks reminded me of her natural, wild side, and I found seeing both sides together absolutely beguiling. I could now see her bush in the half-shade between her legs. Nguyet grinned and looked down on herself. And, yes, again: the contrast between the firm, light flesh of her thighs and her relatively large bush between them was fucking hot.

We now both took a sip of our tea, and she pointed at my crotch with her chin. Apparently, she didn’t want to be the only one who was sitting here half-naked, and so I got up and took off my pants and underpants. When I had sat back down, my half-stiff cock was pointing at her, but she only laughed and ignored it for now. Instead, she reached around her thighs and—coming from below, so to speak—pulled her pussy open with four fingers, after she had ruffled and combed her slightly wet pubic hair a bit.

“Do you remember how you come splashing in the air, the first time you were here?” she asked, laughing.

“I’ll never forget that, obviously,” I nodded and pressed my pelvis towards her.

Perhaps she would become interested in my throbbing dick.

She looked at it and took a sip of tea.

“In the air would be a waste, though,” she only said nonchalantly but made no move to reach for it or to propel our loveplay forward in other ways.

Her pussy lips had slowly closed again after she had let go of them. I was waiting for her to pull them open again; the upper third was nicely swollen and protruding already from under her dense bush. In order not to ruin the increasing sexual tension, I didn’t do anything either but just enjoyed the view of the middle of my universe. I felt I could hold out for another twenty minutes, especially since I knew we were going to fuck very soon. But she was right: just to ejaculate right now, onto her, would have been a waste. Vu probably would have come already. Apropos Vu—and to notch up our game—I asked her again:

“Five times, huh? Can we fuck you both at the same time and then one comes in your mouth? I’d find that hot, too …”

“Ben, I’ve told you already: I want all the cum together in my cunt. What’s my pussy for if you come in my mouth?!” she asked rhetorically. “But, yes, one of you could fuck me from behind, while the other is pumping in my mouth. Yeah, I actually like that … if you could come ten times, you could splash on my tits … everywhere … oh, I want to bathe in cum,” she added with a fairly somber tone in her voice before she cracked up.

“Awesome!” was all I could say, while I was now stroking my dick slowly up and down.

Nguyet now lifted her sweater up to expose her breasts. She grinned at me from above the hem. Yes, her little tits were sagging somewhat, after she had breastfed for about a year. At least, they were slightly bigger now than they had been when we started our affair. They were nice as they were; they really fit the rest of her body. Now, she pulled her sweater over her head, which enticed me to relieve myself of my shirt. Now, we both were totally naked, and it was completely quiet in her house. And since it was a grey day, also outside.

Nguyet reached between her legs again, and when she pulled her fat, swollen lips apart, I could her a smacking sound. There was a whitish thread of pussy juice when she lifted up one of her hands, and I saw how sticky the lower third of her bush already was. Suddenly, however, she got up and walked past me; I turned my head to see where she was going. Apparently, she hadn’t been sure if the door had been properly locked. When she was back, she carefully sat down on the edge of her chair, reached around her thighs again and laughingly pulled her pussy open again. As wide as possible.

“Ben, do you know what I like about you? Or love?!”

When I didn’t reply, she continued: “You’re the only man who loves my pussy. Not just my face or my tits. With you, I get the feeling that you sincerely love everything about me, even the hair in my butt crack.”

I nodded, as it was true. I also thought she might continue her eulogy, so I didn’t say anything. Her pussy was pulsating, pumping itself out from between her lips. Even though I had seen her sit like this a dozen times at least, it was still one of the most uplifting sights ever, partially since her pussy and her bush were relatively large and meaty, considering her small frame: vertically, her snatch was at least four-and-a-half inches long, and across close to three now, as she was holding it open. My heart was pumping in my throat, and my dick had swollen to full capacity.

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