Sweet Evening Turned Wild


You walk in the door and right away my arms are around your neck, my lips pressed to yours. Our kiss hello breaks and I nuzzle my nose into your neck and sigh “Hello” with a sigh.

“Hi, Baby.” You smile back and wrap your arms around me. You missed me, too. You set your things down and close the door behind you. It’s just us tonight and we’re looking forward to a sweet night together.

You come up behind me and wrap your arms around my waist. Your mouth goes to my exposed shoulder, kissing and nibbling my soft skin. You breathe in the scent of my perfume deeply and I hear a faint growl come from your throat. Your arms tighten around me as you bite hard into the sensitive spot on my shoulder. In response I let out a whimper as my knees weaken. Being careful to support me with one arm you reach up with the other hand and grab my hair tightly. You use my hair to turn me to face you again and look into my eyes. Your hand brushes gently across my face.

It amazes me how this touch of your hand affects me- this touch is yours alone. At one time anyone touching my face created a panic in me like nothing else I knew. But now it is the most intimate feeling imaginable, a confirmation of the trust and knowledge that I belong entirely to you.

I tiptoe and kiss you gently, and you smile down at me. Your beautiful eyes sparkle as you softly ask “What, Baby?”

I reward your question with a wicked twinkle in my grin, then get a little shy when I whisper “I want you.” You are surprised at my response but realize this is what made you fall in love with me- the cute face with a little spice behind the smile. You can’t ever be sure what to expect but always enjoy our time. Tonight, you have no intention of disappointing me.

I hear your happy sigh as your hands grab my ass and pull me in closer to you. With the heat of our bodies pressed against each other I notice that I am not the only one that is turned on. I can’t seem to get close enough to you tonight. I have one arm around your waist, pulling your chest Bostancı Escort against mine and the other hand running through your hair.

You bury your face in my neck and again begin to bite. I feel your teeth grabbing at my neck muscles and scraping along the sensitive skin that covers them. We begin to wander down the hall, eager to explore each other’s bodies once again.

Standing by the bed, finally, you pull my tank top over my head. I shiver against the cool air as I fumble with your pants. I lean over to push your pants off of your feet and kiss your thigh. You moan in response when I slide my tongue along your thigh and gently kiss the head of your beautiful penis. Using the flat of my tongue, I warm your length and then invite the whole of you inside my hot, wet mouth.

Looking down, you see my lips close around your shaft, my hands on your hips pulling you further into my mouth. The slow, sweet way that I guide my mouth along your cock is almost painful, my hands roaming along your thighs, across your ass, and massaging your balls. Knowing how much I like you to be in control, you put your hand in my hair. My pussy twitches in response as I feel your second hand join the first and both hands grab a fist full of hair. You hold my hair and continue to let me control the pace for the time being, and I am almost panting in anticipation.

Suddenly you press my head down on your cock and tell me “Take it.” It seems like forever while my head is impaled on you, your cockhead closing off my throat. You finally pull my head off of you, and tell me you’re not done yet. Tonight you want more.

You instruct me to lay on the bed with my head hanging backwards off of the bed. Excited, and so horny I will do anything you want, I quickly position myself as you requested. You walk up to me and place your balls at my mouth, and I say “Oh yes.” Before I take them into my mouth. I love your balls. They are big and heavy, and I pass no opportunity to have them on my face. I know you love it when Erenköy Escort I play with them, so I lap at them with my tongue and suck them into my mouth, rolling over them with my tongue and moaning my appreciation for your gift.

You pull your balls out of my mouth and rub them on my face. This little bit of humiliation and cruelty excites me more and I attempt to suck them back into my mouth, hungry to touch you again. Instead of feeding me your balls, you guide your cock across my tongue, telling me you want my throat and to open wide. I open my mouth as big as I can and you press your rock hard manhood into the back of my throat. You pause to allow me to relax and accommodate you before you say “All of it.” And press harder.

It feels like heaven when you feel my throat stretching around your cock. You press harder into my face, your balls resting on my nose as you make tiny movements inside my throat, rocking side to side and thrusting further inside.

You reach down to my tits and pinch my nipples. I can only wiggle in response as the pain strikes. You roughly grab at my breasts and pull on my pierced nipples, pulling me closer to coming. Finally you pull your cock out of my throat and thrust in my mouth, allowing me breathe for a moment before pushing your enormous cockhead back into my throat. I am wild with lust, pulling your ass closer in to put more cock in my throat.

Your hand wanders to my pussy, and you ask “are you ready to give me my pussy yet?” I can’t respond other than to groan, but you know I am when you feel how wet I am. You have me put my head up on the pillow and try to control your desire to hold me down and devour me with your needs. You slide your hands across my shoulders, over my throat, down my chest and gently begin to caress my breasts again. As you work your fingers over my hardened nipples you watch the soft light of my face, watching my eyes and mouth change as you change how you touch me.

Still watching my face, you give my nipples a good hard pinch Göztepe Escort and see my eyes pop open as I gasp. You smile to me and slowly glide your hands down across my stomach, past my pussy and down to my thighs. You slowly push my legs apart and see my come dripping from my excitement. My breath quickens as your warm hands slide up my thighs and toward my center. I squirm under your touch and you whisper for me to be patient. Right now, you want to see the effect you have on my body.

You cover my pussy with the heat of your hand and I moan. Every one of your touches feels so good to me. Gently, you caress the outside of my center and my frustration begins to build. I want you so badly and I don’t know how much longer I can wait, but I love feeling you exploring my body. Your thumb finds my clit and I whimper your name.

I roll onto my stomach and pull my knees up, leaving my ass in the air. I feel your warm hands grasp the cool flesh and squeeze hard, and I whisper your name again.

“Yes, my love?” you say, exposing your with an evil grin with your voice.

“Now, Baby. I need you.” I’m beginning to get impatient.

“As you wish.” You let out a low chuckle as you move your body closer to mine.

Feeling your enormous cockhead pressing against me I have a moment of panic but relax quickly as I feel my pussy stretch wide to welcome you. This first moment every time we have sex is amazing. It seems that our bodies were sculpted for each other. Finally inside of me, you press in firmly. I feel a small pinch as you press against my cervix, filling me completely.

Your strong fingers dig deeply into my ass and you quickly pull out and slam your body back into mine, changing the pace immediately. I find myself clutching at the bedsheets, trying to remain upright as you fuck me hard. Primitive urges take control as the lust has fully returned and we try to consume each other, me thrusting myself onto you as you pound yourself forward into me.

With one hand you reach forward and grab my hair, pulling my head back as you fuck me like an animal. I start to come, squirting your hard earned reward all over both of us. My screaming sets you over the edge and you plow into me as we come in unison, thoroughly satisfied. That is, for the moment…

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