Summer Peach


Cruising down the highway on my way to work, I can’t help but reach down and pump my fingers against my clit. I rock my pelvis forward and back, as my summer dress lends itself to an easy grope. I consider what else I might enjoy playing with right now – if only I could reach far enough to grab my vibrator out of the back. After all, only a bored truck driver or a curious husband would be the wiser.

The desert is incredibly serene this morning. The sun has gently come over the mountains and it is still early enough to feel cool. In a few hours, the strength of its rays will take over, creating the kind of heat which only lizards and lovers can enjoy.

One of my favorite things to do is to travel in my VW van through the high desert, listening to classical music along the way. Listening to a symphony adds a playful element to the fantasy world of the desert sage, cactus and pinon trees. However, on this morning, there’s no classical music playing, no romp amongst the wildflowers baring breasts to the sky. I’m listening to girl music and remembering the sensual goodbye that I shared with my lover.

Extending my fingers, I manipulate my lips to squeeze and snuggle my clitoris, which sends a livening, tingling sensation Şerifali Escort down the backs of my legs, to the soft centers of my feet and between my toes. I want to tighten my legs around my hand, to increase the pressure against my soft lips, and at the same time, I want to open them wide to accept a lover. This drive definitely leaves time for a mind (and a hand) to wander.

Every so often my lover’s scent wafts from my hair or my dress. I can’t decide which. I made love to him this morning before I left, in a cluster of peach trees heavy with ripe fruit. I had gone out to hand pick some peaches for breakfast. Peaches and cream; soft, juicy fruit dripping with milky-white sweetness. Mouthwatering, irresistible.

As I stretched to reach an especially large peach, another hand reached out as well, taking my entire breast into it’s concavity and drawing my backwards. Immediately slipping a second hand between my legs, he fondled me from behind, as my nipples became erect under my fresh summer dress. I know that he dreams about fucking me beneath these trees. He kneels down, placing his mouth over my crotch and slowly sends his hot breath through the thin cotton, making me wet in an instant, knees weakening, Üsküdar Escort willing me to give in.

Instead, I step back and prop myself against on of the tree trunks. I motion to the tree behind him and without dropping my gaze, I motion that he should take out his dick and stroke it. First, he peels off his t-shirt, showcasing his fine pecs and six-pack abs. My attention is drawn lower as I hear the button-fly popping. Lustily reaching into his own pants, he shows me the head of his half-hard cock. I give him a nod, as if to say, come on, let me see you do it. He gathers his balls up and kneads them with one hand as he slowly moves his other hand up and down the length of his shaft.

He points his handsome and growing head towards me. That is my cue, as I love to suck him into a fat erection. I slip my mouth over the tip of his cock, sucking firmly and voraciously. I take him into my throat, as far as he will go, grabbing his ass in my hands and pulling him in tightly. His head is tipped back in ecstasy. After a few thrusts, I focus on just the top half of his long cock, my hands forming a sheath to work the bottom half. I let my mouth spooj on his penis, so that my saliva and his pre-cum lube my motions Ümraniye Escort perfectly. He grows harder still, veins bulging, pelvis thrusting.

Now one hand works his shaft as the other slips behind his balls. He kneads them some more, and I don’t interrupt. I find the hidden base of his dick. It is rock solid and anxiously awaiting some attention. I cup it firmly, using butt of my hand to thrust him into my mouth. The train whistle blows in the distance and a rooster crows in response.

My lover grabs my head firmly, calling out, “Here I come, baby! Where do you want it?” The intensity of the moment does not allow me to answer. Instead, I go down harder on his head, which is getting hotter and hotter by the second. I flick his anus with the pad of my finger. He cries out, spurting into my mouth. I take three mouthfuls and withdraw. His experienced hand skillfully sprays the rest of the glistening cum across his chest. I stand up to kiss him, filling his mouth with his own load. I know that he is satisfied and invigorated. I will reap the benefits later. As I take a bite of that big, juicy peach, I make him promise to fuck me here, under these trees, the next time we meet.

Looking down at the speedometer and the clock, I realize that I have been making good time. I decide to take a moment to stop on the roadside and get my overnight bag. Happily, I continue driving, using my new vibrator to help me enjoy the sunshine and my visions of our next encounter.

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