Summoning my Succubus Mother Ch. 01


Summoning My Succubus Mother

Mom was off for her book club.

“Goodbye, Henry,” she said as she gathered her things, purse, and her book

“Bye, Mom,” I said, my heart pounding. She swept to the door wearing her usual pair of tight jeans and a knit sweater. My friends all drooled over my mom. I hated how fit she was. How she dressed like she was in her twenties and not her forties. “Have a good time.”

She favored me a smile. “You, too. Get that homework done.”

I nodded and then she was gone, the door closed.

I smiled, knowing she would be gone for hours. She and her friends would be at it until late this evening. It was the perfect time for me to summon a succubus. It sounded insane. I know, I know, but ever since I stumbled across it on the internet, I had to try it out for myself.

I had found this website, the Succubus Portal, and it was full of people who talked about summoning a succubus. Some claimed they didn’t work and only had brief contact with the spirit of one, while others claimed they had actually done it.

They had summoned a succubus to serve them.

A sexy spirit of lust, the manifestation of feminine passion, to be their personal servant. A succubus would do everything to please her master. It made me so hard. I wanted to have sex so badly. I was eighteen, not an ugly guy, not a nerd, just average. But I had struck out with the girls. I just wanted to get laid.

I had to pop my V-card. A succubus would be perfect. No rejection. She had to come to me and take me hard.

I stopped in the bathroom, stripped naked, and stared at myself in the mirror. Those average looks stared back. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Tall and fit, but not muscular. Not broad-shouldered. I smacked my hands on my face and rubbed at them.

“You can do this,” I told myself. “You got this, Henry. You’re going to summon a succubus.”

I stared at myself, so nervous that something would go wrong, but I had to do this. I had to summon a succubus so badly. It was just something I craved more than anything in the world. My entire body shook. I trembled with excitement. My heart pounded in my chest, blood surging through me.

I was so hard. So horny.

That was important. It took sexual lust to reach into the Lilith Qlipha, the spiritual realm or essence or zone (I wasn’t really sure, it was confusing) where a succubus dwelt. I headed to my room, the curtains drawn. I lit the candles around my room. There were thirteen of them. All black. Then the incense. Sandalwood. The soothing scent filled the air.

I slid onto the bed and took in a deep breath. I was so horny. My cock twitched as I sat naked. My hardon thrust naked out before me, the tip painful. I had a big case of blue balls. Sexual frustration gripped me.

According to the ritual I got from the occultist Thomas Karlsson’s Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic, the spell to summon a succubus was easy. If you were horny enough for your lusts to reach into that Lilith Qlipha, then you just had to say the magic phrase thirteen times.

I glanced down at the printout. I stared at the words and then, in a clear voice, cried out to the spirit world: “Marag ama lilith rimok samalo naamah wie!”

A shiver ran through me as I said those words. The candles around the room guttered, almost going out like a wind had swept through the room. My skin tightened and then felt galvanized by some unseen current.

“Marag ama lilith rimok samalo naamah wie!”

My cock twitched as I felt those words. The room seemed to lurch, as if something focused in on me. I swallowed, feeling the attention of the spirit world. I pictured a succubus. They were said to have bat-like wings, horns, and a narrow tail ending at a spade-like tip. The classic demonette look.

I wanted one so bad.

“Marag ama lilith rimok samalo naamah wie!”

The candles flared bright. My hands tightened on my thighs. I spoke the phrase a fourth time. A fifth. I spoke with more and more confidence. The shadows in the room danced and undulated. The ache at the tip of my dick built and built. Lust flowed through the room.

The Lilith Qlipha.

“Marag ama lilith rimok samalo naamah wie!” I cried for the sixth time.

The walls groaned.

I chanted the seventh time and eighth time. I swear the walls bowed inward like something squeezed about my room. My blood grew hotter. Sweat broke out over my skin. My heart pounded a mile a minute.

I spoke then the ninth time. The tenth. The incense stick flared with real flames and blazed down to their bases in seconds then went out. The cloying scent of sandalwood permeated the air, smoke swirling about with the darkness.

“Marag ama lilith rimok samalo naamah wie!”

The walls violently flexed. Reality warped and buffeted me. I shuddered as before me, the shadows and smoke converged. A weight formed. A spiritual gravity well drew on me, pulling on my lusts.

“Marag ama lilith rimok samalo naamah wie!”

The smoke and tuzla escort shadows swirled faster. The candles blazed hot, wax melting down the sides. The burned towards the bottom. The walls rippled like water. A form took shape. I could almost see the succubus in the distortion before me, a figure on the verge of breaking through into the real world.

Henry, a sensual voice purred in my mind, the words caressing over my soul like a hot tongue had licked my cock. I groaned at the sexual energy about to burst from me. The world groaned beneath the spiritual wait.

“Marag ama lilith rimok samalo naamah wie!” I howled for the thirteenth and final time.

The candles snuffed out.

The shadows raced towards the figure, her wings stretching wide. Her back arched in the throes of a sexual climax. Curly hair spilled around her face and her breasts heaved before her. Large and lush and perky. Her hips undulated while her tail swished from side to side.

A low, purring moan, a feminine sound of release echoed through the room. My sweaty palms gripped my thighs as I watched my succubus burst through the veil from the Lilith Qlipha and manifest in my bedroom.

A burst of distorted space exploded from her. The universe tore. Ripples washed away from her. Waves of that splashed over me. I felt my body bending and twisting for a moment, reality warping before the tsunami of spiritual force.

Then it passed and the succubus stood in my room.

“Oh, my god,” I groaned, seeing her in the flesh. A shadow, but not like before. It was dark in my room, all the lights snuffed out, making her just a shape.

“Oh, my, yes,” she moaned with such throaty delight. Her back arched. “Henry, Henry, Henry, what a naughty, naughty boy you are.”

That voice… It was such a familiar voice. Like my mother’s. I swallowed and shot my hand for my bedside lamp. I reached for it as the succubus moved to me. The mattress dimpled as she crawled onto it. Her wings fluttered with a leathery rasp.

“Mmm, summoning me like this,” she purred. “You had no idea. No clue. You have to know, I have to devour your seed. I have to taste your cum. Nothing is stopping me, Henry.”

That really sounded like my mom. The succubus was so close, on the bed before me, a form in the dark. I brushed my lamb, sliding up the silver stand to reach the peg that turned on the light. I grabbed it twisted it once. Twice.

The light flicked on.

My mother knelt on the bed before me. Her sensual and mature face surrounded by her black hair. Two horns peeked out of the tresses. Her breasts swung beneath her, large and firm, nipples pink and hard. Her wings spread wide, leathery like a bat. Rising from her tailbone, her perfect ass wiggling, was a dainty tail. Thin and whipping back and forth. It ended at a spade-like tip.

“M-Mom,” I gasped as she grabbed my cock with her right hand. “W-what are you doing here?”

“Doing?” she asked, wiggling her hips. “You summoned a Daughter of Lilith. You reached out into the Qlipha with your male desire and conjured me from the middle of my book club.”

My jaw dropped as she stroked her hand up and down my cock.

“N-no, no, you can’t be my mother,” I groaned, staring into her dark eyes. They were her eyes but full of lust.

“Oh?” she asked. Her thumb massaged the tip of my cock. Her wings fluttered. A long tongue slithered out of her mouth and licked not just her lips but her chin and cheeks and mouth. It was red and snake-like. “What, do you think I’m a saint? That I don’t have booty calls and get laid all the time.”

I flushed. I knew that.

“Mmm, that a succubus doesn’t have a life.” She arched her back. “It’s not like ancient times. We don’t have to wait in the Qlipha all bored. Under the right circumstance, we can stay in your world and blend in with mortals. It’s so easy in such a degenerate culture. Mmm, hot wives, MILFs, porn stars, strippers, cam girls, and now the delights of Only Fans. Mmm, mortal women are so perverse and shameless. Why, a succubus can hardly stand out.”

I shook my head. “You just look like my mom.”

“Henry James Lamian,” she said in that exact tone my mother used when she was mad at me. “I am your mother. Mmm, and this is my real form.” She sat up straight, her breast bunching before my eyes. Her thumb kept rubbing sensually over my cock. “You used to suckle from these very tits. You would latch your mouth on them and just nurse away.”

She shuddered, her face contorting with delight.

“You were so good at nursing from me as a babe,” she purred, her left hand sliding around the back of my head. She pulled me to her. I swallowed, coming closer and closer. “I’m a succubus. I am what you desire, Henry. Your lusts reached out to the Lilith Qlipha. You could have summoned one of my sisters, but you pulled me. Mmm, you naughty boy. Oedipal complex… Delicious.”

Her nipple pressed on my lip. I groaned my mouth slid over her fat nub. This felt so familiar. A memory, from the oldest pendik escort parts of my mind. Something I shouldn’t be able to remember at all, rose in me. The feeling of this nipple in my mouth. Suckling on it for sustenance. For her milk.

Her thumb rubbed over the crown of my dick.

Pleasure shot through me. I groaned and then I nursed on her nipple like I had as a babe. Instincts took over as my mind grappled with the fact my mother was a succubus. That she was touching my dick. It was wrong. Taboo. Incest.

Milk squirted into my mouth.

My eyes bulged at the taste of hot liquid spilling through my mouth. The creamy texture, like liquid silk, covered everywhere. The sweet flavor burst across my taste buds. This was no cow’s milk. This was my mother’s milk.

I swallowed it down, my dick throbbing in her hand. I suckled again, the milk squirting into my mouth. I moaned, my eyes closing as I gulped down my mother’s creamy delight. Her wings flapped, the air stirring around us.

“That’s it, Henry,” she moaned, her hand cradling my head to her breast while she stroked my cock with the other. “Nurse from Mommy’s tit. Mmm, just like you did when you were a baby. It made me so wet then, and now…

“Now you’re eighteen. A man. You can satisfy mommy’s wet pussy.”

Her words had me groaning. This was so wrong. I shouldn’t be enjoying this, but I kept suckling. Her milk tasted too good, too familiar. It was warm and comforting while at the same time it was depraved and exciting.

My cock throbbed in her stroking hand as I gulped own her breast milk. I swallowed it. Gulp after wonderful gulp. I groaned as I drank her sustenance down. This was such a delicious treat. I drank it down with hunger. I swallowed the milk with gusto.

“Yes!” she moaned, her voice so throaty. Her wings flapped. “Drink your fill, Henry. I’m lactating again for you. Ooh, it’s so wicked to nurse you again.”

My hands grabbed her breasts. I cupped those large and soft mounds. I squeezed her tit. Milk squirted with more force into my mouth. I shuddered as I milked her tit like an udder. My succubus mother moaned her delight.

“Oh, yes, yes, Henry,” she groaned, her hand pumping faster up and down my cock. “Mmm, milk Mommy’s teats. Yes, yes, yes! That’s so good. Mmm. Mommy’s baby boy has grown into a sexy man.”

My balls tightened. The pressure built and built in them as the milk poured down my throat. The warm, creamy delight spread excitement from my stomach. It bathed down to my nuts brimming with cum and then up my cock.

Her hand felt so wonderful on my dick. She gripped me just right. Her pumping strokes slid from my root to my sensitive tip. I groaned when her palm caressed my spongy crown. Pleasure burst from it.

I moaned around her nipple.

This dizzying lust swept through me. It was insane. I groaned, nursing with such passion from her nipple. I gulped down the milk. I swallowed every drop of it I could. It was delicious. I groaned, savoring the flavor.

“Oh, that’s so good,” cooed Mom. “Mmm, my son is such a hungry boy. And Mommy has all the milk you could want.”

Her words excited me more. This was so wrong. She was my mother. It shouldn’t be like this. I groaned, my dick throbbing and aching. I suckled with hunger on her nipple. My cheeks hollowed. The milk soaked my taste buds.

The pressure swelled and swelled at the tip of my cock. My mother’s hand stroked to the pinnacle. She brushed it. Sparks flared down to my nuts. I groaned around her nipple. I suckled hard, milk splashing against the roof of my mouth and pooling on my tongue.

I growled around her nipple.


My cock exploded. Cum fired from my dick. I groaned as I heard it splashing on her skin. She gasped as I unloaded again and again. Her hand pumped fast up and down my shaft, working out my spunk.

“Oh, Mommy’s boy is a man!” she moaned. “Mmm, jizz all over mommy’s stomach. Ooh, coat Mommy in your cum.”

I groaned, nursing hard as the pleasure slammed into my mind. I filled my mouth with her sweet milk as I shuddered through my orgasm. The ecstasy soared me into the heights of rapture. Intense bliss swept through my body.

I exploded a final time.

She gripped my hair and wrenched my mouth from her nipple. Her lips planted on mine before I could stop her. She thrust her long tongue into my mouth brimming with her milk. I groaned as her tongue swirled around, gathering up her own milk and then pulling it into her mouth.

My mother lightly stroked my cock as I shuddered, coming down from my orgasmic high. I kissed her back, my blood on fire. This heady thrill shot through me. My mommy-succubus just made me cum so hard.

I pulled my lips from her nipple, panting. She smiled and then her long tongue swiped out and swabbed over my face. I gasped at the wet caress. My chest rose and fell, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Did you like that?” she asked. “Is that what you wanted from your succubus.”

“I… aydınlı escort well…” I swallowed, watching the cum dribbling down her stomach. “I didn’t expect it would be you, Mom!”

“I know,” she moaned, “but isn’t this hotter. It’s more depraved. Incest.” A quiver ran through her. Those big, milk-laden tits quivered.

“I don’t know,” I groaned. “This is just so confusing.”

“It’s not,” she purred. “You desired a succubus. And here I am.” She winked at me. “The fact it’s your sexy mother just makes it hotter. I know I’m so wet. I’ve never been so excited to be summoned by a man.”

“Do you get summoned often?” I asked her.

“No. The last one was your father.” She shivered. “Mmm, he wanted to breed a succubus. It was a dream of his.”

I swallowed. This was all so crazy. I couldn’t believe any of this was happening. But it was. My mother was a succubus. My heart pounded in my chest. It thundered, pumping this wild heat through my veins.

Mom pushed me back, her leathery wings rustling. I stretched out on my bed, my cock throbbing and… I was still hard. I was excited. My mother smiled at me as she grabbed the base of my dick. She leaned her head down; her ass thrust up in the air.

I could see her supple back now, the wings thrusting out from her shoulders, her tail swishing back and forth from her tailbone. She had a gorgeous ass. Nice and plump and just so… so…

“Fuckable?” Mom purred. “Mmm, you want to fuck Mommy’s ass.”

“N-no,” I stammered with a sudden surge of embarrassment.

“Yes, you do,” she cooed. “Don’t worry, Mommy wants you to fuck her ass. Her mouth. Her pussy. Mmm, you could breed me, too.”

I gasped at her.

She winked at me and lowered her lips to my cock. Her tongue slithered out of her mouth and slid around my dick. I shuddered at how wet and hot it was. How good it felt sliding over the crown of my cock. My back arched into the bed.

My heart pounded a wild beat in my chest as her tongue kept sliding around my dick. She entwined her tongue about my cock like a serpent. A pink, wet snake that worked all the way down to the base of my shaft. She held me in her wet embrace.

Then she kissed me. Her lips smooched on the tip of my cock. I groaned at the feel of her lips. My face scrunched up. Heat raced out of my cock and spread throughout my body. My toes curled. My heart beat so wildly as she kissed and nibbled on the tip while her tongue…

Her tongue stroked me,.

“Mom!” I gasped at the tongue job she gave my dick.

She winked an eye at me. Her tail swished back and forth while her rump wiggled. Her butt-cheeks jiggled. I groaned as she slid her lips over the crown of my cock. She nursed on me, the suction incredible.

My balls lurched from the suction her mouth created. I groaned, her tongue still slithering around my cock. She stroked her tongue up and down me, teasing me. She felt incredible. I groaned, my shoulders wiggling into the bed.

“Mom!” I gasped.

She purred around my dick.

“Oh, my god, Mom!”

Her wings rustled as her tongue stroked me. That warm, wet appendage worked up and down my shaft while her mouth sucked on my crown. The pressure swelled in my balls. I felt it building and building in me.

Her lips bobbed. She slid them up and down my shaft while her tongue squeezed and relaxed about my dick. My tip throbbed, massaged by the suction. Then she hummed. I gasped as her moans stimulated my spongy crown.

“Damn,” I groaned as I experienced my first blowjob for my mommy-succubus. “Oh, wow, Mom, that’s insane.”

She just kept sucking at me. She nursed on me with hunger. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. My eyes squeezed shut. I licked my lips, the heat pounding through my veins. It was incredible to enjoy.

Her tongue and lips slid up and down my dick. She took more and more of my cock into her mouth, humming the entire time. The tip of her long, prehensile tongue slid through my bush and found my balls. She licked them, too.

I groaned, her mouth bobbing up and down my dick. The crown of my cock rubbed into the rough of her mouth. It felt incredible.

I trembled on the bed. Her wings flapped, washing heat over my face. I groaned, my nuts tightening. I had another load of cum ready to erupt. I couldn’t believe it. Was it the succubus in her that had me hard again?

The taboo delight of incest?

I didn’t know.

Didn’t care right then.

I had a real, live succubus blowing my cock. My mother sucked and slurped and loved my dick. Her tongue cupped my balls. She massaged them, soaking them in her saliva. I couldn’t believe how long her tongue was. It was crazy.

“Mom!” I groaned, my heart beating so wildly in my chest. “Oh, my god, Mom, this is crazy.”

“Mmmmmmm,” she groaned around my dick, her tail slashing the air behind her.

“I’m going to cum, Mom!” My dick throbbed in her mouth. “I’m going to cum so hard.”

She suckled with such hunger on me. She nursed on me with passion. It was incredible to enjoy. I loved every moment of it. I savored that hot delight. Her tongue massaged my balls. I squeezed my eyes shut.

“Mom!” I whimpered. “Oh, my god, Mom! You… I… This is incredible.”

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