Subject: Rooming with my Best Friend Spring Ch 7 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND-SPRING 7 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Hope you enjoy this installment. ******************* “Did it snow, Matt?” Kris said first thing when he woke up this Sunday starting the last full week of January. “Look for yourself,” I said and had seen it had snowed quite a bit. Kris rolled out of bed and peered out the window, naked as we both slept every night now. “Fuck yeah it did! Looks a foot out there if not more! Get your shit on. We’re heading out in it!” He raced over like a ten year old and started putting on his oldest jeans, a tee and sweatshirt. “Get your ass up, Matt!” “Alright,” I said and got out of bed to put my feet on the cold floor. I found the oldest and warmest things I had. I tossed off Corey’s necklace not to lose it or break it. Luckily, my hat, gloves and scarf were still here after our ski trip along with the warm jacket Dad had bought me. We were about to open the door when I think Colt came. He was covered head-to-toe in camo. “Damn dude, you’ll sweat balls in that,” Kris commented. “It’s freezing out there,” Colt said with Jess coming right behind. “Ummm… who sent out the alarm to get up?” I joked. “I guess I’ll go see if Corey is up and dressed.” Scott was coming out of his room dressed and ready. Kris started knocking on doors of our friends to make sure everyone was up and ready to go. I knocked on Corey’s door and was told to enter. He was up but Michael was still sleeping like a log. I quietly told Corey what was going on but he expected it. He dressed quietly with Michael waking up in the meantime. We looked down the hall to see it was empty, so we walked down the end stairs to head out. We were barely out the door until I felt snowballs bombarding us. One hit me in the head and actually hurt for a second. My instincts took over and reached to pack the snow. My throw weren’t the best but it was accurate, hitting Jess right in the face. We were running and hiding with a big snowball fight underway. I looked to my left and saw two guys I didn’t know but they were doing like us and in for the fight. I managed to get hit a few more times with Corey getting blasted. We did sent plenty their way. Now the cold didn’t matter with a few students gathered to watch engage in a playful fight. We called a truce to end the fighting. Colt was now out of his headgear with sweat running down his face. Kris was covered in snow but didn’t care one bit that he was. By now, Kendall, Noah and Brennan were coming out so we greeted them with a few snowballs so they could be part of the action and fun. “Alright, no more. I got some cardboard boxes in my car. We can grab those and slide down that hill,” Kris said. They were beer boxes which was appropriate for college students. We flattened them out and walked to the hill near the soccer field. Of course, we tossed a few snowballs back and forth but no rockets like before. A few were gathered and sliding along the seat of their pants. Kris and Colt threw down the boxes and off they went down the slope. We laughed hearing them scream and cuss the entire way down. After a few more went down, it was my turn to experience the hill. Corey found a box big enough for both of us. Scott gave us a push and sent us sailing down the hill. I assumed we’d bog down up in the snow with the two of us. Instead, we flew down the hill and were turned around by the bottom. We treaded back up the snowy hill with the big box in Corey’s hand. “I don’t give fuck how gay it looks but those dudes flew down this hill,” Jess stated. “Who’s with me?” Brennan jumped on and they were sent down the hill. Alex had found his girl and enjoyed going the slope with her. Standing and not moving, it did get a little chilly but it wasn’t unbearable. The day was cloudy thus the snow wouldn’t melt that much. After a while, our boxes, aka our sleds, were torn to pieces, thus ending our fun but I did get to venture down the slope again with Corey holding me. We headed back with the snow starting to fall again. We had a good laugh near our dorm with a snowman erected with a penis sticking out and beer cans all around it. Kris was pissed he didn’t think of it first. It was past one before he headed inside to dry out. My things were soaking wet from the snow. Every place in our room was covered with our things drying out. “See I told ya it’d be fun,” Kris said to me with us both standing in our underwear. “Alright, I’ll admit it was a blast,” I said. “How’d you like that greeting you got? I fucking nailed your ass with one snowball,” Kris joked. “I figured that was you.” “I think Corey nailed Colt pretty good with one of those snowballs,” Kris laughed. “I caught a few and one hit me right in the ear.” Corey entered our room in his shorts. We were letting things dry out with an expected later run. The current snowfall was brief and had ended while we were taking a break. All it took was someone hinting for us to return outside. It didn’t matter our things weren’t completely dry since they’d be wet again. This time, I grabbed my camera and stuffed it in my pocket before we headed out. Just a few snowballs were all this time while I stood aside and snapped pictures until one hit me. Corey was laughing since he was the one that threw it. Not to outdone, a snowman had to be built near our dorm. We had great help from the others that were outside and enjoying the snow escort vip just as we were. Our snowman was impressive and quite tall. We kept it simple and classic other than the beer bottles shoved in to make the eyes. We gathered around while one friendly fellow student volunteered to snap pictures of us gathered around the snowman. Corey grabbed my hand, “You care to walk around just a little?” “Of course not.” “I just wanna check things out a little and just to be with you alone for a few minutes.” I smiled before we headed off to the main part of the campus. We held hands and didn’t care what others thought. We were a couple just like everyone else here on campus. We got a few looks but nothing was said while we walked, snapped pictures and were with each other. Lucky for us, one little part of the union was open for us to grab some hot cocoa and a bit to eat, though not much. We headed back with a detour by the Rec Center. Near our dorm, we slid behind a building and enjoyed kissing one another. We came back to the dorm with daylight nearing gone. Our snowman did look great and was standing tall. We heard our first comment from a passing student and ignored him. We stopped by my room first which was crowded. I had to undress and get out of the wet clothes. I was told there were no classes the next day while I was in the room. I changed and threw on some sweats and a tee before we headed down to Corey’s room. We entered and were alone. Corey tossed off his wet things and hung them up before getting back in his shorts. Corey and I cuddled close together to share the body heat though his room was that cold. His hands were still cold as he slid his under my tee to hold me. “Matt, no doubt you’re sleeping with me tonight in this bed with or without Michael here. I need your body against mine to keep me warm. They say it is to be in the teens before morning.” I kissed him, “All you needed to do was ask. It’s one of the many advantages of having a boyfriend.” “I can’t think of too many disadvantages at the moment. Can you?” I thought about it a second. “Right now, none pop into my head but it’s hard when your boyfriend is snuggled up against you.” “Matt, I’m fucking serious here. If at all possible, we do need to live together next semester.” “Corey, you know I really, really want to but I have to see about my scholarship here. I’m not sure if I can if I live off campus.” “We can always room together in a dorm. They have rooms that are similar to apartments here, you know.” “And they are building more as we speak. I hear they will be finished for the fall.” “Actually those are the ones I had in mind. How sweet would it be if all of us moved there?” “I guess it would be.” “Matt, wherever it is, we’ll be right next to Kris or in the same complex. I totally understand how you guys are. If I didn’t know you like I do, I’d swear you and him had a side thing going.” I laughed, “You’re right but there will come a day when Kris and I do have to go our separate ways in life. Corey, I wouldn’t be the person I am or with you if not for him. He helped me in the beginning and through our tough times. I feel like now I can read his mind though he does throw a curve or two my way occasionally.” “Matt, we will both know when that time is. I’m not ready for us to be like Trey and Towson and be practically isolated. We have fun together but it just wouldn’t be the same without everyone.” “I know what you mean. Variety is the spice of life.” We kissed a little and petted before we had company. It was Scott and Hayden. “We needed to get away for just a few minutes. Hope you don’t mind us coming down here and hanging out with y’all,” Scott stated. “No, not at all,” Corey said. We talked about our fun day until Hayden spoke up. “I really need a few opinions here on something.” “Sure, what is it?” “Basically, we were out there today and I ran into a girl I knew from back home. Actually I’ve known her forever. She goes to my church that is when I go now…” “Okay, did she find something out?” Corey asked. “Tell em, Hayden.” “She said she had the perfect girl for me to date. I said I would since I wasn’t dating anyone at the time. I know I lied but there was no way in hell I was telling her about my situation. I know the first thing she’d do and then my parents would know. So, how do I really do this, you know, date her?” “First off in my opinion, Scott, are you cool with it?” I asked. “We’re in an open relationship which was my doings so I have to be.” “At least you are not doing it behind Scott’s back,” Corey stated. “It is a nice cover if there ever was one.” “That I know but how will I make time for Scott?” “First off, you may not like her despite what kind of cover she provides for you. If she’s tolerable, then you can date her ever so often and spend the other time with Scott. It will test you, Hayden,” I said. “I’m going out for the first date and see what happens,” Hayden said. “I’m really leading a double life as it so why stop now?” He laughed. Michael came back to the room after his day with Brianna and joined us. We got caught up what was happening between the two. Scott, naturally, asked if he was getting some ass. Michael said no but thought it was coming soon. We asked how he knew. He said he could feel it was next in the progression of their relationship together. The five of us headed back to my room to see what was happening. It was the same old thing with the room filled to capacity. We stayed a little while and joined in the typical bullshitting that was getting deep. About midnight or a little after, Corey, Michael and I headed out. “Michael, Matt’s staying with me tonight. Is that a problem?” Corey asked once we were escort rus out the door and walking down the hall. “Hell, it’s not like he’s never done it before,” Michael laughed. “Thanks, we want to cuddle and snuggle with it being so cold,” Corey said. “Wear more clothes then,” Michael said and laughed. “Corey, I don’t care if Matt sleeps with you. If y’all do have sex, you’re fairly discrete about it in the past.” “Thanks, Michael,” I said. “Seriously we do wanna just cuddle for the body heat.” “Yeah right, whatever you say Matt. The second I start snoring you’ll be fucking each other,” Michael said. “Well… maybe if the mood hits us,” Corey said opening the door to his room. We lounged around the room before Michael was snoring. Corey looked at me and smiled. As tempting as it was to have sex, we stay dressed in our undies. It was warmer having Corey’s nice body snuggled up against me in the close confines of his bed. After hanging around with Corey on our snow day out from college, he got a call he was needed at work about one. He hated it but understood the need with the sun shining brightly and melting our snow about as fast as it had fallen. We kissed goodbye before we parted ways. Kris was hanging in our room with Bryson and Colt. “Matt, just look at that shit out there. It’s fucking melting so fast,” Kris stated. “Well… Corey was called into work. Do ya know what that means?” I asked. “Hell yeah, we can go work out,” Colt said. “Ummm… your game tonight might still be on,” I said. “Oh fuck yeah!” Bryson screamed. “It does pay to have a guy fucking someone who works there.” “Just one of the benefits,” I said and tried to be a smart ass about it. “Bet he’s gotten more sex than any of us has here lately,” Kris stated. “Yeah but with a guy. I actually don’t classify that as sex,” Bryson stated. “I get the gay part, Matt, but I’m sorry I can’t get what two guys see in butt fucking each other.” “Me either. I say that shit all the time,” Kris said. “That makes three of us but Matt looks happy. So oh well,” Colt said. “You’re caving in on us, bro,” Kris stated to Colt. “I’m stating the facts. Hell, it’s not anything I plan on doing but Matt, Corey and Scott are good guys.” “Yeah they are,” Bryson said. “If not, I wouldn’t ever be down here. You’re cool, Matt.” “Thanks Bryson. I appreciate that. I’m very happy and wouldn’t change a thing,” I said. “Seriously Matt, given the choice would you rather be gay or straight?” Colt asked. “Colt, I don’t know any different than the way I am. We could argue all day about choice or not. I just feel I was born this way and accept it,” I said. “I’m gay and attracted to guys whereas y’all sexually attracted to girls. That’s the best way I can put it.” “I think I see your point. Just like I feel I was born straight without a single desire to ever be with another guy,” Bryson stated. “Let’s forget that shit. We need to have a game plan in place tonight,” Kris said. I didn’t know if it was on purpose just in case something came out or he was serious about the upcoming game. “I just figure we press them til they can’t take it anymore. I mean hell look at the guys on our team. We’re all fit so I figure we can run their fat asses off and wear them down,” Bryson stated. “Sounds like a plan to me,” Colt said. “We are some fit motherfuckers thanks to Kris over here.” “It may pay off. I know when it will really reap some benefits,” Kris stated. “When’s that?” I asked. “When we got to the beach for spring break,” Kris replied. “Matt, we’re set there dude. We talked about it a ton last night while you were gone. Are you and Corey going?” “You bet we are,” I said. “Yeah so he can stare at all the hot guys,” Colt said. “At least Corey won’t be any competition for us.” “There’s a plus to him being gay,” Bryson said. “That Scott’s a real mystery. Seriously, he is gay or what?” “We wish we knew but I’d say he’s gay,” Kris replied. “He keeps saying he’s bi but I’ve yet to see it,” Bryson said. “You say you’re straight but we’ve yet to see it either,” Kris laughed. “You got me there but the semester is really just starting, bitch!” Bryson said. While we were still talking with Garrett and Noah coming down, Corey called me to tell the guys the game was on as long as both teams showed up. I told him our guys would be there for sure. They left the room to have a so-called team meeting. With free time, Mom deserved a call but I didn’t get an answer. Instead, I decided to look over my studies and stay up with them after not seeing a book or note for three days. There wasn’t much happening other than talk about the game or how fast the snow was melted away. With the game scheduled for seven, I headed over a few minutes early to check things out. There was no way I was going to miss the first game and hated Corey would have to work and miss it a majority of it though he said he would sneak in and check things out. Entering the gym which did have three full courts and two games going, I heard my name called out from a familiar voice and turned to see Liz standing next to me. She smiled in her short cut, “How are things going?” “Pretty well and you?” “Not too bad. What brings you here?” “Well, the guys have a game,” I replied and pointed in the direction where they were seated along a wall. “Maybe I picked a bad night to come here.” “Who are you here to watch?” “Well… these guys in this frat asked a few from our sorority to come and support them.” Liz pointed in the general direction where some guys were gathered. Now it was beginning to be a tad awkward in a weird way. I could see Liz looking in Kris’s direction and trying to be discrete about it. Our short meeting ended when a few girls walked escort elit up to her. “Tell Kris I said hi,” Liz said, walking away. “I will,” I said. Hayden entered about that time. We walked over to the guys. “Here you go. You keep up with fouls,” Kris said, shoving a clipboard in my hand. “Let me know when a guy gets to three. Do you think you can do that?” “I’ll try my best,” I said. “Matt, was that Liz you were talking to earlier?” Colt asked. “Yes, it was.” “How the hell did she know we were playing?” Kris asked. “She came to watch these frat guys,” I replied. “Yeah right,” Kris said. I could see him now giving her the eye. At game time, the guys were given numbers with the other team ready and waiting. All the teams in their division were teams from dorms. They play others if they make to the playoffs. At first glance, it was easy to see they were taller than our guys. They headed to the court with Kris being designated as the coach of the team. Hayden and I grabbed a chair at the end to watch with Garrett, Bryson, Scott, Colt and Tashaun starting the game. The game didn’t start so well with our guys missing a few shots and the other team making a few. Quickly, it was easy to see Kris very into the game and yelling encouragement. At the end of the first quarter, we were trailing by eight points with Hayden manning the clipboard since he knew more about the game than I did. Kris made some substitutions with Khalid, Alex and Jess entering the game. Kendall and Noah came in after that. Garrett took a short rest but Bryson continued to play. By half, we were down by five. “Kris, it’s going to work. We need to up the pressure. A few of their big guys are about to collapse out there,” Bryson said with sweat running down his face but he didn’t seem to be breathing that hard. “I think Bryson’s right. If you do get tired, let me know. Just keep moving and push the ball up the court as hard as you can,” Kris said. “Matt, who has the most fouls?” “Garrett with two,” I replied. “One was a horrible call,” Garrett said. When the next period, quarter or whatever they called it started, I looked to see Corey standing at the door. He walked over and grabbed a chair next to me. Bryson was running around like crazy and making things happen. We got a huge thrill seeing Garrett with a nice slam dunk. Kris was great at getting guys in and out of the game. By the end of that period, the game was tied with Corey having to leave. Kris gathered the guys around and had yet to be in the game, “Guys, we got em right where we want em. Just look at them over there trying to catch their breath.” I now was designated water boy and handed out the water to each of them. “Kris, are you going to play?” Scott asked. “I will if I have to but I’m okay right now,” Kris replied. Our leader in the dorm and now was enjoying the sideline stuff too much to enter the game. “Kris, take my spot,” Tashaun said. “At least play a few minutes, bro.” “Alright then,” Kris said. Kris did play and hit one big shot to start the period to put us on top. Right after that, Bryson stole the ball and had an easy basket after that. From then on, we had the game in hand with us putting on the pressure. With a few minutes left, I could see the other team’s tongue hanging out as well as grabbing their shorts. The game ended with our guys winning by eight points. Kris was all smiles going to greet the other team. Leaving the gym, our team was nothing but smiles, sweat and shirtless. The fitness thing did pay dividends at least for this game. “How’d you like that, Matt?” Kris asked. “Actually, I enjoyed it. It is fun since I know everyone playing,” I said. “We fucking wore their asses out,” Colt said with an excitement in his voice. “You did that,” I stated. Kris grabbed Bryson and slung his sweaty arm around Bryson’s bare shoulder. “This short little shit right here is the man.” “He was all conference,” Garrett said with his shirt slung over his shoulder. “I was doing what I always did. I nearly hit Colt in the mouth with that one pass.” Colt laughed as we all did, “I know it. Make sure I’m looking next time.” Corey came walking up. “How’d it go?” “We whooped their ass,” Colt said. “They ran us to death,” a guy from the other team said that was close by. “Sorry about that,” Kris said. “Hey, you did what you had to do,” he commented. “We saw how out of shape we were and how in shape y’all were. I can see that now. Y’all live in here or what?” We all laughed. “We do work out,” Kris said. “No shit, dude. We’ll get ya next time,” he said and walked away. “Next time at least one of us will get hot. That’s thing no one really hit a bunch of shots,” Scott stated. “I will say this. Thank God Bryson and Garrett moved to our floor.” “Yeah no shit!” Tashaun said. “Those dudes are some ballers!” Into the cold night we went. Once back at the dorm, they headed to shower. You could hear their excitement in the shower. One by one they exited with Kris coming into the room naked and dripping wet. “Forget your towel?” I asked. “No, some bitch thought it’d be funny to steal my towel,” Kris laughed. “Like I care really other than the hall is wet now.” I laughed. “They stole the towel from the one person who really doesn’t care.” “I know,” Kris said. Our door opened with his towel thrown in. Kris ran to the door and laughed. “You’re next, Scott!” TO BE CONTINUED… Thanks for reading for the next chapter in my series and hope you liked it. I want to thank those who emailed in the past. It was greatly appreciated and tells me you are into the story. Each comment and suggestion fuels me to write more and more. You can email me with comments/critiques/suggestions at wasputz2525@yahoo. I do have a noncommercial website: ies. There you will find this story along with my others that I have attempted to write. Usually the chapters are up earlier than posted on here. I have an email list there if you want to sign up and be notified when the next chapter is posted on the site.

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