Sounds from the attic: The fourth chapter


Over the next four months, Erin, and her husband Joe, continued to have parties at their house. I never really figured out why, but they did. Anyway, every time they had a party, I made sure I was there. I had sex with Erin, Shawna and Billy quite a few times, and it was hot. Somehow, Erin’s husband never found out. I could never figure that out, but it wasn’t the worst thing in the world though. After a while, it became mostly Erin. I even came over during the week, and fucked Erin’s brains out then too. Finally, one weekend came by, where they didn’t have a party going on. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say that, Joe had a Super bowl party going on in the living room. He in fact had, a very strict ‘No chicks allowed’ policy, at his Super bowl parties. Erin wasn’t allowed in there for more than a minute, but she told me what she got in return, as we both went up to the attic.”I give that jackass his ‘Erin free’ Super bowl party every year. In return, he makes sure he remembers my birthday, our anniversary, and makes damn sure, everyone is happy at Christmas time too. So, really it is a small price to pay,” Erin explained.We both went in the attic, and shut the door. Obviously, we both developed a lot of sexual chemistry together, but we also developed quite a friendship too. We weren’t quite BFFs, but we had gotten pretty close. We both laid down together, but still talked though.”I know it’s not any of my business, but are you really OK cheating on your hubby?” I Kartal Escort wondered.”Oh yeah, about that. I just don’t see it as cheating. It’s just, cheating I guess. Fuck, I don’t know. I had sex with Shawna and Billy, and I thought it was gonna be a one time thing. Then we did it again, and a few more times after that. Before I knew it, I was having more sex with them, than with my husband. Then all of the sudden, you entered the mix, and I’ve just never looked back. I guess I’m cheating on him, but I don’t think he’d be too heart broken. Maybe wallet broken, but not heart broken. I mean I’m not even allowed near his Super bowl party, so he can’t be that pissed off,” Erin explained.I had never been married, so I couldn’t really say anything. I just gave her hug, and kissed her on the cheek. Then she had me back away a little bit, and she just stared at me for a minute.”Gillian, I think I’m in love with you,” Erin said slowly.I was stunned, but not 100% surprised though. We had sex so many times, but it was still a slight surprise though.”You are in love with me?” I wondered.She looked away for a minute, and I just stayed there. I literally had no idea what to say to her. I had never just told someone, that I was in love with them. Anyway, after about five minutes of awkward silence, she said something.”I’m sorry, I’ll understand if you never wanna have sex again,” Erin let me know, as she shed a few tears.I sat right next Kartal Escort Bayan to her, and put my arms around her. I kissed her on the neck a few times, and let her know that she shouldn’t feel embarrassed.”Don’t worry about it, I’ve never had the shoe on the other foot. Although, I’m not about to just get freaked out, and leave. I’ve never had sex with a woman before Shawna, and you are easily ten times better than her. You are a lot more sexually experienced, and you really know how to eat pussy. I know you are married, but believe it or not, you are currently my fourth longest relationship,” I explained.”Really? The four of us had sex four months ago, and that gets this to be in fourth place? How long was your longest relationship?” Erin had to know.”A year,” I replied softly.She had a stunned look, she couldn’t believe her ears.”You are a 41-year-old fox, and no one has been with you, for more than a year?” Erin asked very interestedly.”Nope, maybe I’m just unlucky,” I said very unenthusiastically.Then both of us were a little down, and she wrapped her arms around me. We both shed a few more tears, and we heard the men go nuts.”Damn, can’t they shut the fuck up?” I asked.”I’m afraid not, they are permanently as loud as Slayer, hitting all the wrong notes,” Erin told me.Then we both laid down on the mattress, and cuddled for a few minutes. It sounded like there was an earthquake going on down there, and that just Escort Kartal made her wanna get back at her husband. So, it was time. She had a pissed off look on her face, and then she got right on top of me. She stapled our lips together, and it seemed she was on a mission. Not too long into our make out session, she grabbed the bottom of my shirt, and took it right off me. I wore a sexy matching bra, and thong set, that she just loved. My panties stuck out just a tad, past my shorts.”Oh, the matching pink set? Call me crazy, Gillian, but do you love me too?” Erin pondered.I didn’t know what to say to that, and knew I had nothing to say.”Don’t worry about it, I just love a sexy lady when I see her. Then I can’t resist her. So, in short, Gillian. I can’t resist you, that’s why I can cheat on my husband with you,” Erin explained.I was OK with that explanation for the time being. Then she crawled down towards my crotch, and took off my shorts. She took off my shorts completely, and admired my body for a minute. I didn’t think it was anything special, but she really seemed to be in love. I saw it in her eyes, and it was on her face too.”If you love me, then let me see your body too,” I told her sternly, but somewhat sweetly too.She cheesed, and she immediately stood up. She took off her dress that she was wearing, and I found out that she wasn’t wearing a bra.”Fuck, you are rocking MILF. My thong is soaked,” I told her.I took my thong off, and threw it to her. She caught it, and she had the proof. She brought it up to her nose, and sniffed my thong. She got off on that, I never figured out why, but I never really questioned it. After another minute, she dropped my thong. She let me have full view of her twins, and it was a sight to see, as I took off my bra too.

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