Sister’s Surprise Pt. 03


Lori’s mother, Sharon, unlocked and entered the front door, exhausted after a long morning drive. She had been visiting her sister for over a week, and she was happy to be home and at a reasonable hour. She yelled aloud if anyone was home, and receiving no answer figured that her husband, Dan, was at work and Lori was still on a road trip with her friends. The house was neat and clean with the exception of some morning dishes in the sink.

She checked her phone for messages and saw that Lori was going to be gone for several more days and was off in the woods somewhere out of cell phone range. A note on the counter from Dan welcomed her home and indicated he might be late from work that evening. Sharon wheeled her suitcase into the bedroom and began undressing. She just wanted to get into something comfortable and enjoy the sunshine out by the back yard pool.

As she disrobed in front of the closet mirror, she examined her darkly tanned, aging, naked body. Her large breasts dominated the landscape, and she hefted them in an attempt to defy the effects of gravity. Free of her hands or a support bra, her breasts hung a little lower each year but still attracted plenty of attention just by their sheer size from men and women alike. Each orb was also capped by a huge, pink, puffy nipple, made all the more obvious as they were surrounded by lily-white, sun-protected flesh. Her nipples were the best part of her tits, she thought to herself, as she tweaked each one. Men went apeshit when they laid eyes on those nipples, as if her large globes weren’t enough.

Sharon’s eyes moved down to the rest of her body as she turned to get a better view in the mirror. Her midsection could definitely use some toning. Middle aged spread and a hint of cellulite had started to take over, but with a layer of body-restraining lycra undergarments, no one was the wiser when she was clothed. She frequently received compliments on her relatively slim physique othe than her big boobs. Still not 50, she figured she was not completely out of her prime. If only she had the active sex life she once had. Dan now seemed content to suck on her tits for a few moments before plowing into her briefly and shooting a load out of his big cock, the one thing she loved about his body. Even at that, those occasions were becoming more and more infrequent as his drinking and passing out early in front of the tv became the typical evening adventure.

Sharon smiled when she remembered the evening her stepson Jason had come home late one night, and she had seduced him in the den while Dan snored away in the bedroom. Jesus, what a magnificent cock that boy has, she thought to herself. I could barely walk after he was done with me. What I’d give to have him for an entire weekend. I’d do my best to wear him out. Sharon had always been attracted to large penises, and her husband had filled that order nicely for a while, but now it seemed that the only way to get it stiff enough to satisfy her was to give him a sloppy blowjob first. Even there, there were no guarantees.

Sharon’s reverie was interrupted by a knock on the door as she finished tying the strings of her bikini top and then turning it around so that her boobs were firmly entrenched in the huge D sized cups. Even then, she was exhibiting a good deal of cleavage. She slipped on a loosely tied robe and peered through the peephole to see her neighbor’s 18-year-old son standing on her porch.

“Come on in, Sammy. To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Pool cleaning day, Mrs. Berg. It’s Wednesday, remember? Would you rather I come back another time?”

“Oh, sorry. I just got home and forgot about that. No, by all means, come on in. You know where everything is. I was about to take a dip myself, but I’ll wait until you are done. Do you mind if I watch? And call me Sharon, for Pete’s sake. Mrs. Berg sounds so old!”

“Of course not. I’d welcome your company, Mrs….er…Sharon.” At 6’2″ Sammy towered over Sharon. Sharon thought he was handsome, in a skinny, gawkish sort of way. He had not quite filled out and still had that boyish look to him. His peach fuzz beard did nothing to make him look more mature. But some day he would be a hit with the ladies, she figured.

Sammy tried to avoid starting at his neighbor’s cleavage, but it was nearly impossible. Her large breasts begged to be eyeballed, as well as squeezed–he figured. He had dreamed of them more than once with his cock in his hand and a box of Kleenex tissues nearby.

They both walked through the house to the back entrance. Sharon spread out on the lounger after removing her robe while Sam gathered the pool cleaning tools and chemicals, occasionally glancing at her and exchanging timid smiles with her. The bright sun necessitated dark sunglasses which thankfully allowed him to scope out her tits without being too obvious.

Sharon rubbed baby oil over her already dark tan, and adjusted the chair so she was sitting up and could watch Sam. He was wearing Escort Sarıyer swimming trunks, but unlike most boys his age who donned loose surfer trunks, Sam was wearing a pair of skimpy Speedos, and Sharon had to look over the rims of her glasses to ensure that she was seeing things correctly. The boy had a huge bulge straining to be released from the confines of his trunks. Sharon felt a wetness and a familiar tingling in her groin. It had been a long time since she had had sex. “Hmmm…a stiff young cock would be nice, Sharon, but not gonna happen today,” she almost said out loud.

Sammy noticed her staring at him and wondered what he had done wrong. He smiled sheepishly and continued catching leaves and debris with the pool-cleaning net. Trying to act as nonchalant as possible, he reached a bit too far while stealing a gaze at Mrs. Berg’s tanned body, and the weight of the long pole made him lose his balance. He went into the water with a splash and a muffled scream.

“Oh my god, Sammy. Are you ok?” Sharon was immediately on her feet and ran to the side of the pool where Sam was treading with an embarrassed look on his face.

“I’m fine. Just clumsy. Sorry.”

“Oh, don’t apologize, Sammy. Let’s get you out of there and dried off. Your sweatshirt is soaking. Come on. I’ll get you a towel.” She had bent over in case he needed a hand, and her tits were all but falling out of her top.

Sam made it to the stairs at the shallow end and got out, dripping. He removed his hoody and hung it on a chair in the sun. Sharon led him inside to the tile floor in the den and closed the door.

“Wait here and I’ll get a towel for you, Honey. Are you sure you’re ok? That was quite a splash!” In fact, c’mon with me into the bedroom. The carpet is old, and it will be more comfortable than this cold, tile floor.”

She grabbed Sam by the hand and led him into her bedroom. Sam’s eyes were glued to her fleshy ass covered by a tiny bikini bottom as she bade him stand in front of the bed. “Just a sec.” She disappeared and returned from the master bath with a huge towel embroidered with “HERS” on it. She wrapped it around his shoulders from behind and began rubbing vigorously over his back and down his long legs. Sam could smell a perfumed scent from the towel, and when she called him “Honey” it sent a little thrill through him.

“Let me do the front, Honey. You’re a mess.” Sharon threw the towel over his shoulder from his backside and walked around him to grab it from the front. “Better do your hair first. Bend over.” She reached up with both arms to rub the towel through his wavy blond hair, stretching on her tip toes to reach his head. Sam’s head was bent downward to aid her efforts, and her tits were practically in his face. Her boobs were stretched taught with her stretching overhead, and a portion of each pink nipple surrounded by white flesh came into view. His reaction was instantaneous. His cock bulged to twice its size with nowhere to go inside his wet Speedos. He thought for a moment he should pardon himself and stop her, but he was enjoying the attention too much to say anything. Standing nearly naked in her bedroom while she rubbed his body with her towel and wearing a tiny bikini was more than he could have imagined.

“Can’t let you leave her soaking, Honey. Your girlfriend would wonder what you’ve been doing. Let me just get the rest of you and you’ll be good as new.” Sharon smiled and rubbed his chest vigorously before kneeling and doing his legs. In the process her hands discovered the lump in his trunks, and she gave it a little extra rub to double check for authenticity. The bulge got her thinking.

“Tell you what, Honey. Sit on the bed and I’ll do your feet too, you’re making a puddle on my carpet.” She guided him to the foot of her king-sized bed and gently pushed him with her hand on his chest. She rubbed his feet for several seconds.

“There. I think I got all of you, and honestly, there is a lot of you, if you know what I mean. You’ve grown to be quite the man. How old are you now, Sammy. 20?”

“I’m 18, Mrs. Berg. And thanks for this, but I should probably finish the pool and get going.” Sam didn’t know what she meant by “there’s a lot of you,” but his erection only got bigger at the possibilities. Unconsciously, he placed his hands on his lap in a weak effort to hide his bulge.

“Eighteen! No way! You could easily pass for older. I bet the girls go crazy for you. You know, Sammy, I couldn’t help but notice that you fill out those Speedos quite nicely. Speedos are sexy on a big, strong man like you. But yours are still soaking wet. You can’t go home like that. Can you? Stand up for a second!”

Sam nervously stood, unsure where this was heading. As soon as he did, he felt a hand on his crotch.

“Oh yeah…they’re soaking. We need to get you out of these and dry them. I bet they’re uncomfortable. They certainly look uncomfortable and even maybe too small. I might have Silivri escort bayan something of Dan’s that you can wear while they dry.”

With that, Sharon grabbed his trunks in both hands and pulled them down to his knees with one motion. Instantly, his uncircumcised cock sprang out at a 90-degree angle. It was thick and long with a large set of testicles somewhat shriveled by the cold water and covered by a mat of blond pubic hair.

“Oops, what do we have here? Somebody got a little excited.” Sharon grabbed him by the shaft and stroked it.”

“Mmmmm. You’re uncut!” Sharon pushed the foreskin back, revealing a fat round cock head somewhat wider than the shaft in her hand. “I haven’t seen one of those in a while. And, I’ve seen lots of penises. Don’t be embarrassed, Sammy. I’m old enough to be your mother. But, oh Honey, you’ve got a beautiful penis. Nice and fat. And long. I can hardly get my hand around it. Step out of those trunks so I can dry them.”

Sam shook each leg and stepped out of his soaking trunks. He was completely naked now standing erect in front of his busty neighbor. In his wildest dreams he could not have imagined this. His brain was working overtime as he hoped what might come next.

“Well…this isn’t fair! You’re standing there naked while I’m still dressed and probably embarrassing the life out of you. I need to even the playing field. I bet you’d like to see my big boobs, wouldn’t you? You’ve been staring at them for some time.” Sharon turned around so her back was to Sam but she regripped his cock from behind. “My top is uncomfortable and a bit too tight, Sammy, so would you untie it for me? Yes, just pull the string. That’s it.”

Sam untied her top and Sharon turned around and, smiling wickedly, slowly lowered it and flung it to the bed.

“There, isn’t that better for both of us?” Sharon pulled her shoulders back and thrust her chest out. Sam stood there, speechless, and stared at her swollen nipples looking him right in the eyes, ripe and ready for sucking.

“What do you think, Honey? Are they as good as you hoped?”

“Your breasts are beautiful, Mrs. Berg–I’m sorry–Sharon. I’ve never seen anything like them.” Sam was practically drooling at this point. His cock was rock hard in her hand as she slowly rubbed it. He thought he was going to cum at any moment.

“Go ahead and feel them, Sam. I love to have a big strong man feel my breasts.” Sharon grabbed his hand with her free hand and placed it on her breast. Sam’s eyes were glued on her chest now, and she put a hand behind his head and tenderly pressed his lips to her tit. “That’s it, Honey. Suck on my big tits. I love that. You are making me all wet. Have you ever seen tits this big, Sammy? Feel how firm they are.”

Sam only moaned as Sharon continued to talk about how she loved him sucking on her nipples and how beautiful his cock was.

“I’ll hang up your Speedos, Sammy, but then we’ll have to kill some time. I’m not sure what you’d like to do, but I have an idea. Would you like to hear it?” Sharon fed Sam her nipple as he continued to suck. “Hmmm?”

“Sure, Mrs. Berg. Whatever you want.” Sam’s cock ached as he strained to keep from shooting a premature wad into her hand.

“A woman my age has needs, Sammy. And I bet you’d love to stick this nice cock in my pussy, wouldn’t you? You’re so stiff. Have you ever had real sex before, Honey? Hmmm?”

“Not really. I’ve come close, but never did it. I guess that makes me a virgin.”

“Well, I’d be happy to be your first. Would you like that? Would you like to fuck your big-titted neighbor and make her happy? I’ll show you what to do, Honey. Now just lie down on my bed and let me show you how much fun this can be.

“Um, I don’t have a rubber, Mrs. Berg. Sorry. I wasn’t planning on anything like this, I guess.”

“Not to worry, Sammy. I’m on the pill and you couldn’t get me pregnant if you wanted to. Besides, it’s more fun this way. A rubber is like taking a shower with a raincoat on. I promise you are going to like this. Now lie back and let me show you.”

Sam lay flat on his back in the middle of the bed and stared at Sharon as she removed her bottoms and crawled up next to him. She gave him a motherly kiss at first, and then opened her mouth and explored his with her tongue. After a minute or two she broke off and smiled.

“You’re a nice kisser, Sammy. I bet you’ve had lots of practice with that. But I’m going to show you some things you may not have practiced before. I think you’ll like it. Lots of times when a man has sex, a woman has to put his penis in her mouth to get him hard. You don’t have that problem, Honey, but I’m going to give you a little treat and suck on your prick anyway. Is that ok? You probably already know this, but it’s called fellatio.”

“Oh, sure. I’d like that, Mrs. Berg…Sharon!”

Sharon kissed him lightly and then turned around, so her ass faced him. “Go ahead and feel my pussy, Topkapı escort Sammy, while I suck on your fat penis. Put your fingers in me and get me wet, although I’m not sure that is necessary either. Just looking at your big penis has got me excited.”

Sharon winked at him over her shoulder and bent down to kiss Sam’s cock. She rubbed it against her lips and face, and finally when she felt a finger enter her pussy, she swallowed as much of him as possible and began sucking and licking while pumping him with her fist. Within about 30 seconds, she heard a guttural grunt, followed by a tightening of his scrotum. Two seconds later he filled her mouth with his cum: a huge wad of sperm that shot out of his cock while his body jerked in a series of spasms.

“Oh Mrs. Berg. I’m sorry. I couldn’t hold it. Shit. I ruined everything.”

“Well, that was quick, Sammy. But I was planning on just that reaction. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we’ll work on stamina. There is nothing like the regenerative powers of an 18-year-old cock, Honey.” Sharon turned around and kissed him with her cum coated lips. She reached back and continued to stroke him. “We’ll have you at full mast in no time, Sweetie. In fact, I think I already feel some life coming back into you.” And, indeed, within a couple of minutes his cock slowly began to fill with blood and swell in her hand.

“Mmmm…there. You see? You’re already getting nice and hard. This time I’m going to let you put this nice cock of yours in a pussy for the very first time. I’m honored it’s me you’re going to fuck. And while you do that, I want you to squeeze and suck on my big boobies, ok? They love to be sucked. My nipples are really big and swollen, aren’t they? Most men like big nipples like mine.”

Sharon straddled her dumbfounded youthful neighbor and rubbed her cunt back and forth on Sam’s cock, now glistening with their combined juices and engorged once again. “Oooh, Honey, you’re going to love the feel of my cunt–isn’t that what you guys call it? It’s all moist and soft like nothing you’ve ever felt before. I can’t wait to get this big boy inside me.” Sharon leaned forward and reaching behind her, grabbed Sam’s penis and rubbed the shaft up and down her slit several times before, finally, she slipped the head between her labia and into her fuck canal.

“Oh my…! That’s a good boy! And there you are! How does that feel, Sammy? A real pussy. I bet this is better than masturbating in your bedroom. Boys just love to beat off, don’t they, but now you know what the real thing feels like.” Sharon slowly settled on his shaft. Smiling, she began humping up and down on Sam’s prick and wriggled her fleshy ass from side to side as she worked more and more of it inside her. “You just lie there and let me do the driving for a while, Honey. I love this position. You can get nice and deep and still fondle and suck on my big tits while I watch you.” Sharon leaned forward and fed Sam a puffy nipple. “How does this feel?”

Sam removed her breast from his mouth for a moment and excitedly added, “Oh fuck, this is fantastic. You feel so good, Mrs. Berg. This is unbelievable!” His face glistened with his own saliva from licking and kissing Sharon’s breasts. He held both of them in his hands and craned his neck to kiss them in turn. At the same time, he had begun thrusting is hips in response to Sharon’s action on his cock. All other thoughts had been erased from his brain which had become a pleasure center. Their loud moaning filled the room as they both concentrated on fucking.

Sharon leaned forward and supported herself with both arms on either side of Sam’s head as he feasted on her breasts. Her ass was now pumping up and down on his regenerated cock in a variety of tempos and rhythms. Even though they had only been fucking for five or ten minutes, she felt a climax forming. It had been ages since she had sex and the excitement of the situation with her young pool cleaner had intensified her feelings. She wanted it to last longer, but she also did not want to pass up the opportunity for an exciting orgasm. As he manhandled her breasts and met her thrusts with his own jackhammer pounding, she knew this would be a big one.

“Oh, Honey. That’s it. Fuck me like you mean it. Your big cock is making me feel wonderful, Sweetie. You’re going to make me cum soon, Honey. Can you cum again? Hmmmm? I want you to cum with me. Shoot all your cum into my pussy. You’ll love how much better that feels than a Kleenex, Sammy. Oh, fuck…don’t stop. I’m so close.”

Sam released Sharon’s breasts and reached around to grab her ample hips and ass. He closed his eyes and took on an expression of intense effort. He grunted like a wild beast as he met her thrust for thrust, bottoming out with each upward stroke, and making slapping sounds each time her ass met his groin. A familiar feeling began in his balls, and he knew he was close. He opened his eyes and saw Sharon’s face contort as the first wave of her orgasm took over. Her breasts bounced wildly, and her body began a spasmodic jerking as his cock released a torrent of cum into her waiting pussy. At the same time, Sharon’s pussy tightened and squirted a stream of cunt juice over his pulsing penis and eventually onto his balls and stomach.

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