She will always go back…..if it’s black!


She will always go back…..if it’s black!So the other night, my wife and I were talking and she agreed to finally have sex with another guy. We had been talking about actually doing it for some time but she would get too nervous and chicken out. For her, it didn’t matter if it was a black or white guy, she just wanted to try something. I of course loved the idea. I would go onto craigslist and make posts. Then she would read the responses and chicken out. Finally I let it go for a while. Then the other day, she brought up the topic again. I told her she could make it my Valentine’s day gift and she said yes. I immediately went online looking for someone. Within an hour I had 8 black guys with huge dicks looking to fuck my wife’s big juicy ass. I picked the lucky winner and texted him our address.Meanwhile, my wife had just got home from work. She was in a super hurry knowing that he would be at our place within an hour. She said “I am so stressed. I hope I have enough time to put something sexy on for him so he knows that I’m his slut.” My small dick got so hard when she said that. She went upstairs and put on this sheer black babydoll with a little bow tie on the breasts, and a naughty black g-string. She looked so hot. Then she came downstairs and we smoked a little while we waited. When Cordell arrived, she was super nervous. Not knowing herself what to expect, she was pleasantly surprised to open the door and greet a well dressed and clean groomed sexy young black stud. She instantly grabbed his hand and walked him upstairs to our bedroom. I followed and took my place in the chair next to the bed.Cordell took charge of my wife like I never have before. He grabbed her by the back of her head and started kissing her with such great passion. I thought to myself “My wife only kisses me like that on special occasions.” Then I watched as he slowly started rubbing her tits and moved his hand down along her Escort body straight to her clit. He toyed with her for just a second before vigorously rubbing it. Now I know my wife is a squirter and I get her to squirt all the time, but I have never seen her squirt so fast. Within seconds of Cordell touching her, she was spraying out all over the bed. I watched them play and kiss for a few more minutes before my wife pulled his rock hard cock out of his pants. It was huge!!! His dick was a good 2 1/2 inches thick and 8 inches long. She started to smile and looked over at me with a grin on her face and gave me a small giggle. Basically she was telling me, now this is a real dick. She stroked him a little, while he fingered her till finally he threw her on her back and ripped off the rest of his clothes. My wife pulled her panties of faster then she would react to save my life. She threw them at my face and they landed right on my nose. As I took a good deep smell of her slutty pussy, she told me to “Suck on that for a while, bitch!” I just about came right there. I actually couldn’t even touch myself anymore because I was afraid I might cum early.Next, Cordell opened my wife’s legs and positioned his dick right at her cunt. I thought he was going to hump her a little just to get it warmed up but apparently he didn’t have to. She was soaked! He jammed his fat cock inside her and my jaw dropped with disbelief. She moaned out in sheer pleasure and tightened her legs around him while digging her nails into his back. I had a great view of his cock thrusting in and out of her pussy from just a few feet away. At this point, he was fucking my wife so hard that I could feel little drops of her pussy juice landing on my leg. I can still hear the way she was screaming “Oh God, this cock is so big. I love getting fucked by a real man!” Just then, Cordell ripped his cock out of her and she let out all of her Escort Bayan pussy juice right onto my pillow. She laughed and stated “Better to use your pillow as a rag then to get it all over the bed.” I couldn’t believe how good it looked. He turned her over and started to pound her from the back. He looked up at me and said “Damn man, this pussy is so good and so wet.” I responded with “I know, that’s why I had to share.” While he was smacking his balls off her pussy, I looked at her face. She smiled at me in pure ecstasy and said “This is what you wanted right?” I said in a shy bitch boy voice “Yes baby.” She said “Good, because I love this dick. I can feel him so deep inside of me. His big black cock is using my pussy and filling me up right. He is a real man with a real dick and knows how to fuck me!” Then she screamed and moaned really loud “Oh God, I am cumming all over his dick!” I watched as her pussy squirt juices all down his balls. After a few more minutes, Cordell put her on her back and proceeded to jack off on her pussy. His load was 4 times bigger then any I load I have ever shot off. Her pussy looked so used and wet, and was dripping with Cordell’s black cum. My wife laid in bed barely able to move. Cordell got dressed and I walked him out the door. As he was leaving, I gratefully thanked him for banging my wife. After I let Cordell out, I came upstairs and quickly removed all my clothes. My wife was still laying on her back. I wanted to feel her pussy so bad. I got on top of her and started to try and kiss her. She grabbed the back of my head, forced it onto her pussy saying “No bitch, clean my pussy!” I did as instructed and licked her pussy clean of all that black cum. Her pussy was so warm and felt so used. She looked down at me and said “Yeah that’s it. Lick it clean like a good little slut. I am Cordell’s slut and bitch and you are my slut and bitch.” I responded with Bayan Escort “Yes Baby.” She said “Good, as long as you know your place, maybe I will continue to let you fuck me in the future.” I wanted her pussy so bad that I knew I had to behave and do exactly what she said. At this point she was shoving my face so far into her, I was gasping for air. Then she asked me “Is it clean yet?” I responded with “Yes Baby.” She said “Good, then I guess you can fuck me…but only for 2 minutes.” I was so excited I got right on top of her and started to fuck her. My dick was feeling so small inside of her. I could feel hardly anything. Cordell had torn her up good. As I started to thrust in and out she asked “What are you doing? Put your dick in already.” I laughed a little and stated “It is in Baby!” She laughed out loud and said “OMG….your cock really is so small that I couldn’t even tell!” Then she continued to laugh for a few more seconds. Next she stated “This is why I agreed to let Cordell fuck me. I wanted to feel what it was like to have a real dick inside of me. Are you even enjoying this?” I was enjoying it….in fact so much that I could barely utter out the word to her “Yes!” Then she said “Well hurry up cuz I am not.” I thought to myself, wow just yesterday she wasn’t even sure about this and now she is a complete slut. I am now nothing but a bitch boy Cuckold. I was proud to admit it. It had only been just over a minute since I had first put my dick in her before I started to cum. It was the greatest orgasm I had ever had. As I climbed off of her and laid next to her in bed, she said “Don’t worry Baby, I am not going to go around and just fuck any guy I see….only the sexy black guys. Everytime I see another black guy I am going to wonder if they have an even bigger dick. More importantly, I want to see how much I can take.” I was so happy. I had finally become a Cuckold bitch. Now I spend each day wondering if she is getting fucked by another man.Pay attention for my next story coming soon which will involve her getting fucked at someone’s house and her coming home to fucking me in my ass with my dick locked up in a chastity device!

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