Born To Be My Lover


Born To Be My LoverSarah, a 35 years old business woman, who has everything that she has ever wanted, a beautiful house, a successful career, and not to mention a sexy curvy body of an eighteen year old. However, her love life always seems empty, with occasional dates and short flings, but no serious love affair. Her best friend and colleague, Monica, was always on the look-out for guys to set Sarah up with, but unfortunately with no success. When Sarah looks back on her loveless, but successful life, emptiness starts to grow in her. But just as Sarah starts to get a little tired from her single life, all is about to change when one day her boss introduces the new college intern, Jeff, an 20 years old mature young man, who will be working under her. Sarah felt an instant attraction to Jeff as if she had known him for a long time. Days gone by and Sarah’s attraction to Jeff grew stronger, and the cunning Monica quickly picks that up, so she tries to convince Sarah into having a short fling with Jeff to help get back on her feet. Although Sarah has been with younger guys, she had never been with guys as young as Jeff, so she resents the idea. But cleverly enough, Monica also worked her magic on Jeff trying to get him into asking Sarah out. Little does Monica knows that Jeff was also very much attracted to Sarah since the day he saw her, but just did not know how to begin. So finally, Jeff made his move, and asked Sarah out on a casual dinner to thank her for her patience with him in the office. Sarah happily accepts.After work, Jeff picked Sarah up from her house, and they went out to a nice restaurant, where Sarah had a really good time with Jeff. Jeff drove Sarah home after dinner and when he arrived at Sarah’s house, he made an excuse of needing to use the bathroom and so Sarah invited him into her house. After being in the bathroom, Jeff came out and Sarah walks him to the door. While walking together, Jeff tells Sarah that he had a great time being with her and gave her Escort a goodbye kiss. When Jeff tries to kiss her again, Sarah tries to resist him and pushes him away. After Jeff puts a few attempts, passion ignites from there on and they were passionately kissing. Unable to hold on to her sexual urges any longer, Sarah pulls Jeff to the couch and pushes him down. Jeff was speechless sitting on the couch while Sarah slowly unties her dress and drops it to the floor exposing her gorgeous set of braless breasts. With the beautiful sight of Sarah naked in front of him, Jeff quickly gets a hard on in his pants, and he pulls his pants out with great haste to reveal his hard dick pointing up in the air. Seeing Jeff’s hard dick puts the already horny Sarah into flames, so Sarah pulls down her panties and quickly climbs on top of Jeff and pushes his hard meat into her wet pussy. As Sarah gives the ride of his life, Jeff caresses her breasts with his hot lips and tongue, making Sarah screamed for pleasure and grinded Jeff harder with her pussy. The inexperienced Jeff with so little resistance from the pleasure of Sarah’s warm wet pussy, he burst his load inside Sarah. After they grasped for air, Sarah comes to her senses that she forgot to use a condom on Jeff and he had just cum inside her. Fear of getting pregnant, she rushes to the bathroom to try to clean out what Jeff left in her. Jeff also realized the trouble, so he rushes to the bathroom to Sarah in the shower. While she cleans her pussy with the shower head, Sarah tells Jeff that he is the only man and the youngest man in years to leave something in her pussy. At the sight of the naked Sarah with the shower head at her pussy, the half naked Jeff’s dick quickly hardens again. Knowing that Sarah is upset, Jeff can’t help it but to tell Sarah that he wants her again. Although Sarah is upset at the chance of her getting pregnant, she too wants Jeff’s hard dick again. But this time Sarah is not going to take any more Escort Bayan chances, so she told Jeff to get a condom from the bathroom sink drawer. While Jeff puts a condom on, Sarah teases him, fucking her pussy with her finger. Jeff then takes off the rest of his clothes and jumps into the shower and turns Sarah around. He pushes his hard dick in Sarah’s pussy from behind and fucks her doggy style, and they fuck until they both collapsed in the shower from their orgasm.From then on, what was meant to be a fling turned into a serious relationship between Sarah and Jeff, and they fuck every night that they are together. As they become more intimate with one another, Jeff tells Sarah about his past, and that he was an orphan until he was adopted by his current parents. This brings back old memory to Sarah. It turns out that Sarah was impregnated by her high school boyfriend, which she later gave birth to a son when she was only 15. But Sarah and her boyfriend decided that they couldn’t handle a baby in their lives, and so they gave him up for adoption, and Sarah never seen him since. Her old memory triggers Sarah’s sorrow and guilt for giving up on her son, which then Sarah hires a private detective hoping to learn her son’s where about. But she fears that her past might interfere with her relationship with Jeff, so Sarah kept her secret to herself, even when Jeff had open up himself to her. Although Jeff uses a condom every time they are fucking, there are times when they fuck in public places during the heat of passion which were situations that Jeff had no condom, thus getting Sarah finally pregnant with his c***d. When Sarah discovered the news from her doctor, she was so happy about it because she feels that her relationship with Jeff is at this point solid enough to have a family together. However, when Sarah is on her way to Jeff bringing him the good news, she gets a call from the private detective, Jay, telling her that he has result on her son’s Bayan Escort where about. Sarah rushes to his office. At the office, when Sarah asks for the result, Jay reveals to her that the young man Jeff that she has been fucking all this time was her long lost son.Devastated by the fact that she has been fucking her own son all this time and is now pregnant with his c***d drove tears out of her eyes. While Sarah is crying heavily, Jay also tells her that i****t was not allowed and that he must report this to the authorities. After she heard what he said Sarah begs him not to expose them to the public for the sake of protecting her son and from him knowing about this horrifying news. Sarah knows that if Jeff finds out he would be devastated and ashamed. Jay with an evil smile on his face tells Sarah that if she takes care of his dick then he will keep her secret for good. Jay tells Sarah that since the day she first walked into his office he has had the hot for her. Jay then puts the moves on Sarah, and she tries to resist him and pushes him back. But as Jay tells her that she needs to do this for the sake of her son, although disgusted by his blackmail, she knew she had no choice and must submit her body to Jay. Sarah gets up from her chair and starts to unbutton her blouse, then pulling down her skirt to the floor. Jay tells her to come over to the desk, and then he cleans out his desk and lay Sarah down on top. After a moment of enjoying the view of Sarah in her underwear, Jay rips out her bra and panties, and tosses them onto the floor. He then drops his pants, pulls Sarah’s legs and wraps them around him, gets the tip of his dick close to her, and pushes his meat inside Sarah’s pussy. Jay’s thrusts are so intense that Sarah had to hold on to the edge of the desk with her hands while she cries. And unable to resist Jay’s strong thrusts, Sarah’s cry quickly turns into moans of pleasure. Jay then flips her over with her breasts pressing against the surface of the desk he fucks her again in doggy style. As Jay reaches his peak, he pulls out and shoots his load on Sarah’s ass. Sarah quickly picks up her clothes, got dressed, and then as she leaves his office she tells him to keep the end of his bargain.

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