Sexually Transmitted Expansion Ch. 11


Tuesday, October 19

Charlotte got into the car with Kim as quickly as she could, performing the best “mad dash” she could muster in spite of the organic weights attached to her chest. Kim had driven over as quickly as she could and rescued her from the closet — quite literally this time. She got into the car that she’d illegally left in the fire lane by the curb in front of the building.

“You look bigger,” Kim said, nearly drooling over the yellow sweater, soaked in breast milk, that was clinging to the melons on her chest. She guessed they were 8 or 9 inches in diameter. It wasn’t quite translucent, but it showed her nipples quite prominently.

“I am. You look… smaller?” Charlotte looked over at Kim as she began to drive away, avoiding the gaze of onlookers who’d witnessed the two overstuffed friends get into the small sedan. Kim had been a little smaller than Charlotte currently was when they parted ways earlier that same day, but she’d lost at least a couple inches in diameter on her breasts.

“I’ve been getting a little smaller as time goes on. I’ve lost like 40 pounds since I weighed myself earlier.” Kim started up the car, taking one last, prolonged look at her friend’s bust before she knew she’d have to focus on driving. She was wearing a white tank top with red exercise shorts, both of which were stretched more than they were ever designed to. A hint of belly showed between the two.

“How is that even possible?”

“How is it possible to gain that much in 15 minutes? I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth,” Kim laughed. Charlotte wasn’t sure whether she was happier about the gaining or losing.

“You’ve been weighing yourself?”

“I was curious! How are you not?”

“I am, but I don’t even have a scale, I guess.”

“I’ve been masturbating like… nonstop thinking about earlier. Maybe that’s helping me shrink.”

“I’ve been masturbating nonstop for two weeks,” Charlotte said, laughing. “I do know that when I put it off, I start to get bigger. Especially with milk.”

“Then WHY don’t I have any?!” Kim asked, indignantly. “I’m sure I caught whatever you have.”

“You really think it’s a thing that’s… contagious?” Charlotte said, remembering poor, unsuspecting Kate, swelling up before her eyes. She wondered where she had gone when she’d run away. She wished she knew of a way to contact her, maybe to warn her that she might need to see a doctor. Imagining her back at the sorority house, possibly hiding in her room from her friends, sent a wave of guilt through Charlotte.

“I hope so.”

She had to admit, it did all start when she’d hooked up with Derek, and he’d been growing, albeit in a different way. She subconsciously didn’t want to ruin this whole situation by questioning it, she supposed.

“I do have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Someone seemed interested in my condition. And it might pay well.”

“Uh, can I go? I’m gonna need some new bra money.”

“But you’re going back to normal size.”

“If you think I have that much self control, you’re wrong, Lottie,” she said, looking Charlotte up and down while they stopped at a light.

“Fair istanbul travesti enough,” she responded, not able to control her grin.

They pulled up to Charlotte’s dorm, and Kim followed her up to her room. As they walked, she relayed the story of how Kate had helped her with her lack of breast pump.

“She just… followed you out of class?” Kim asked, incredulously.

“Yeah, it was kind of a weird situation. Almost like she wasn’t able to control herself.”

“You didn’t, like… invite her?”

“Are you jealous? This is serious, I didn’t mean to do any of this. And she might catch whatever it is I — or we — have.”

“Jealous?!” She asked, without actually refuting it. Kim crossed her arms and flopped on her couch, which creaked a little more than normal when Charlotte joined her.

“Come on, I promise I didn’t mean to. It’s like she just… couldn’t resist.” Charlotte remembered the way Kate had inhaled lungfuls of her scent, seemingly intoxicated, similarly to how Kim had been during their first romp. “And it was an emergency. I was in the middle of class, then trapped in the broom closet.”

“I’m… fine. Just surprised, is all.”

“I know what might make you feel better,” Charlotte teased, peeling off her damp sweater, revealing her breasts that had already started to leak again now that she was in the same room with Kim. She threw the sweater to the ground and it made a comical splat sound, and put her arms around Kim’s shoulders who was still simmering slightly, but her frown was fading. The corner of her mouth turned up, as she dropped her act, biting her lip as she turned her head to Charlotte’s enormous tits.

“Holy cow… that’s a lot of boob,” she said, her eyes widening. She hefted the massive rack with both hands and let it drop, watching it pull Charlotte’s torso forward with the weight, her nipples leaking onto her black skirt. She was absolutely mesmerized, and the look of insatiable lust crept onto her face once more.

“I’d better hit the gym if I don’t want back pain,” she said, half jokingly. She figured her boobs had to be nearly 15 pounds each, which made walking around a workout in and of itself. “I think–“

But she was interrupted when Kim pushed Charlotte backwards onto the couch, her head on the upholstered arm. She felt her skirt lifted up, and Kim’s soft hair brush by her thighs. “O-oh, ffu–uh…” she uttered, as a warm tongue glided up and down her labia. She felt the vibration of Kim’s moaning, and she realized that she was masturbating while splayed awkwardly along the couch. It was probably a smart move for her to avoid drinking too much of her milk as she did earlier, or she’d truly not fit any of her clothes.

As her tongue lightly explored her already-soaking slit, one of Kim’s hands slid up and down her plump thigh, reaching behind to feel up her swollen butt. Both of them moaned as the touch between them grew electric. Milk began streaming down her nipples onto the couch as she felt a manicured hand clutch her thigh, the soft flesh giving way between Kim’s fingers.

“Kim, I… mmm…” she couldn’t get the words out as she felt the istanbul travestileri pressure building in her chest. The oral was incredible, but she needed more. Her tongue would glide across her clit and then move away to her lips, teasingly using as little pressure as possible to drive her crazy. “I need… nngh…” She moved her hands to her own breasts and began to work at relieving some of the pressure, couch be damned as the milk began to soak the beige cushion underneath.

One of Kim’s fingers slipped into Charlotte’s soaking pussy, drawing out a loud, unexpected moan, then she removed it and kept lightly using her tongue. Was she doing this on purpose? Her need to orgasm was nearly unbearable after five incredibly long minutes, but she was being tantalized with just enough stimulation to drive her crazy. She wanted to beg for more, but she was paralyzed by how good it felt, as frustrated as she was. Paralyzed, both by the sensation, and the armful of breasts slowly swelling. Her hips moved up and down as Kim continued to lick between her legs with practiced movement. Every once in a while, she’d realize she’d been holding her breath for a while and let out a shuddering breath before holding it again, her abs tensed up as electric pleasure coursed through her abdomen.

She felt the tension in her body increase as Kim continued to moan, her head buried between her swelling thighs. Kim came up for air from between them, pushing her knees apart and gaped in awe at Charlotte. Her body was beginning to get noticeably bigger by the second, her tits swelling faster, her butt pushing against the couch. “Kim, please!” she begged, the words finally coming out, “I need to cum,” she said as her hand moved to her own clit, but Kim moved it out of the way with a vice grip on her wrist. Her tits were so heavy that her breathing became more difficult, and she had to corral the other one from hanging off the couch, like she was carrying two pumpkins from the grocery store to carve on halloween.

As her arm wrapped around it and applied pressure, milk shot into the air, landing on her face and in her hair. She brought the nipple to her own mouth and began to drink. As she did, the sugary sweetness of the cereal-milk-tasting nectar made her cheeks hurt. It was absolutely delicious. She remembered how she’d thought drinking her own milk was a slippery slope, but she couldn’t bring herself to stop. She sucked down gulp after gulp of the addictive substance as Kim slowly picked up the pace and pressure on her clit. With every passing moment, she felt like she was on the precipice of orgasm, both her mouth and her groin ready to seize up with pleasure. Then it came out of nowhere, like she was launched off a ramp and slammed into a wall of pleasure. Her whole body began to tense up, milk shooting in the air and flooding her throat, the feeling of pure, unadulterated ecstasy consuming her body and mind. She was faintly aware that Kim began to cum too, rubbing her own clit, and sucking the soul out of Charlotte’s clit in the process. If she wasn’t in the midst of the strongest orgasm she’d ever had, she would have been worried her heart travesti istanbul was going to give out. Perhaps a minute or so after the waves of pleasure overtook her, sound returned to her own ears, and she realized the sound that was piercing the air was her own moans of ecstasy, coupled with the pain of her accidentally biting her own nipple. The pain felt good — she continued to suck milk out of her own nipple without realizing it as the orgasm pounded against her like waves along a shore in a storm.

As her vision came to, Kim was sitting up between Charlotte’s legs, biting her lip and looking apologetic. Charlotte tried to sit up and realized something — she was too heavy.

* * *

After running the gamut of emotions, including fear, remorse, and even some anxious excitement, Charlotte and Kim had come to realize a few things.

Firstly, they realized that sexual tension, as hypothesized and now confirmed through the scientific method, does make Charlotte swell. Secondly, that if they could indeed resist the urge to get it on for more than a few minutes, that the “swelling” did, indeed, go down. Thirdly, they realized that Kim was jealous of Kate, and had been trying to tease Charlotte a little bit, but not to this extent.

“Seriously, Lottie, I didn’t… I mean, I had no idea… that…”

“It’s okay,” Charlotte assured her, leaning forward so that her breasts — each over a foot in diameter, together well over a hundred pounds of bust hanging off of here chest — rested on a large pillow that sat in her lap. Kim had helped her sit up, and now they played the waiting game of seeing how quickly she’d be able to stand up without falling forward onto her face or straining her back. “I’m just hoping they go back down,” she said, laughing with a giant grin on her face. She figured she had to be able to laugh at the objective ridiculousness of the situation.

Charlotte’s thighs were bigger, to match, the soft yet firm flesh pushing in both directions onto the milk-soaked cushion she was sitting on, eliminating any future hopes of a thigh gap. Oddly, her stomach was completely flat, giving her what was almost certainly the world’s largest “natural” hourglass physique. That is, if whatever was happening to her could be considered natural.

Lastly, they realized that whatever was happening to her was, indeed, contagious. Despite Kim having consumed exactly zero of Charlotte’s milk during this romp, her own horniness had packed extra padding everywhere, though she was nowhere near Charlotte’s level. Since Charlotte was used to a much slimmer Kim, it almost looked like she was wearing a parka when she eventually put clothes on — she was sporting extra-large cantaloupes on her chest, a belly that looked nine months pregnant, and a pair of thighs that firmly cemented her in shortstack status.

“Looks like I’ll be joining you at the doctor’s tomorrow,” Kim said, finally able to crack a smile.

“Yeah, because you’ll probably have to help me get there,” she jabbed, playfully. “Now help me get to the shower so I can contain this mess and get some cold water on me if I need it.”

As Kim acquiesced, the final realization was that Charlotte had gotten slightly taller as well. She was previously 5’3″, but she was now at LEAST 5’8″ — a full eight inches taller than Kim.

Kim bit her lip, her mouth now level with where Charlotte’s nipples used to be.

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