Seeing Double Ch. 03


When I finally came too, Tyler was standing over me.

“James, you ok mate ?”

I looked up stunned as well as Tyler’s face there was now a crowd.

I managed to stubble out “what did we do?”

When Tyler grabbed my hand and told me we’ll discuss it when we got back to mine. When I got up onto my feet Tyler kept a hold of me till we were safely in my house. We sat in the living room looking into each others eyes. I broke down into tears, Tyler came over and hugged I pushed him away. What we did it was so wrong your my brother or lest we think your my brother.

I have so many feelings right now Tyler please, just don’t touch me right now. Tyler sat back down now he was crying.

“I have a confession when I left here I went back to the park I had to do something about my raging hard on, there was no way I could travel home like that.”

“I was hanging round the toilets to see if anyone would go in when I spotted you coming down the path so I when in I saw you come in I couldn’t resist so I stuck my dick in the hole and hoped for the best.”

I was in complete shock here was a guy I barely knew, who may or may not be my brother, admitting he wanted to fuck me. I got of the chair he screamed

“don’t hit me please.” He cowered

I wasn’t going to hit him I leaned over him and gave him a hug. I told him about my boner when he picked up his bag earlier. He sighed with relief. We looked into each others eyes and couldn’t deny there was something there between us. I leaned in and kissed him it was full of passion and love. When we parted we noticed it was getting late so Tyler phoned his mum and told her he was staying with a friend she was fine with it since there was no school. Tyler and I made out on the couch for a while groping each others dicks and ass’s.

After a while I took Tyler’s hand and led him up to my room. We started kissing again taking off each others t-shirts. He had a great body he had more definition in his abs than I do, I later found out he works out in his own gym. I started kissing down his neck taking in his gorgeous scent. Kissed down his chest stopping to lick, suck and bite each nipple. I licked down all the lines in his abs when I got to his belly button I ran my tongue in and out it. I could hear the slight moan escape from his lips. I was getting closer to my prize when he put his hand under my arms picks me up and throws me Maltepe Escort on the bed. I was amazed at his strength. He unbuckled my belt and pulled my jeans of. My dick sprang up and slapped back onto my stomach I was solid as a rock.

“It’s my turn to have some fun” he said as he started licking, up and down the 5 inch shaft.

It was oozing pre-cum he sucked and kissed the head he had such a talented tongue. Then he shocked me and took it all down his throat. It felt so good. I could feel his hard-on rubbing up against my leg. He was so big. I couldn’t wait to have him deep in my ass again.

He was working his tongue all over my dick. I ran my hand all over his head pulled him and held him there while I shot my biggest cum load down his throat. He kept sucking till I was too sore he moved back to my dangling empty balls. He moved his tongue further down till he reached his goal my lovely pink button. He teased my butt hole then started nibbling and biting my cheeks. He kept driving his tongue in and out my hole. Opening me right up, with his fingers. When he got me all wet and ready he put on his condom lubed up his dick, as he slowly entered my hole he slid a hand round and started jerking as he slowly entered my hole he slid a hand round and started jerking my now re-hardening dick. Kissing up and down my back with every stroke. He filled me over now I was on my back my feet on his shoulders.

I started jerking myself off, James running his hands all over my chest tweaking my nipples. I was so close to cumming James must have sensed it he bent down and took my dick in his mouth and swallowed all my delicious cum. Once he?d drained me he flipped me over onto my side so still pumping hard in me his arms wrapped around me, after a few more pumps he screamed I?m cumming. Then I felt his warm cum fill my hole.

We must have fallen asleep like that. Cause the next thing I remember the sun shining in my eyes. As I rub them I can feel something in my ass I couldn’t think what it could be, I ran my hand down my body and I felt his arm still wrapped round me, then the events of last night all came flooding back I smiled as I took his arm and pulled me further into him. James started waking up kissing my neck he said

“Morning sexy.”

Then a voice from my door said

“How could you do this Tyler, you’re going to break your dads heart.”

There İstanbul Escort was Uncle Steve standing in the door way standing tall at 6 foot 5 short messy black hair I looked down his muscles were unbelievable he had arms you want to be held in forever, looking down his jeans were hugging him tightly showing off his nice package. With that uncle Steve flew down the stairs. We jumped up quickly pulling on our boxers and followed him downstairs. When we got to the bottom of the stairs Uncle Steve was sitting in dad’s chair with his head in his hands. I sat down beside him, he looked up at me tears dripping down his face. I’ve never seen a grown man cry I was so turned on (what he fuck is wrong with me).

I rubbed his knee looked up to him and told him that it just happened we couldn’t stop it. He stopped me got up, I thought he was going to hit me. When he was on his feet I moved towards James he stroked my hair as uncle Steve paced around the room.

“Your dad knew this would happen he’s going to kill me when he gets home. He sent me over here to check up on you make sure you weren’t doing anything stupid.”

He sat back down on the chair I moved back between his knees and lay my head on his lap. (I noticed he had a stiffy and thought this was weird) I told him how it all happened and how I went cruising and got fucked by James in the toilets but in my defense I didn’t know it was him. James piped up and told Uncle Steve he knew I was cumming in and explained why he did it. All the time we were telling our story I was rubbing my head into his groin. He kept stroking my head it felt like he was pushing my head into him. I moved around and put my mouth right on top of his groin and started liking the shaft. He pulled my face up and said

“James hunny what are you doing, this is wrong.”

I push his hands away from my face unfasten his belt pull down the zipper and fish out his semi hard dick. All the time he’s protesting put not moving me away I know he wants it I want it, when his dick his finally free I ram it all down my throat. Feeling it swell with every stroke. It grew to an impressive 9 inches (god I hope I grow to be that big someday.) it slides easy down my throat my tongue working all around the head. I bucks underneath me he’s enjoying it. He moans as he pushes my head further down my nose burred in his gut. I noticed he shaves all his pubes off like me Anadolu Yakası Escort and Tyler.

I could feel the orgasm building, he was close. I pulled on his balls some while working my tongue down the vein under the shaft it drove him wild. I slid his shaft back down my throat as far as it would go. He held my head again as he shot his lovely creamy juice down my throat. I sucked him a couple more times, then got up with some of his come still in my mouth went over to Tyler who had his dick out and was stroking it slow, and kissed him sharing our uncles cum.

We sat for a few minutes catching our breaths Uncle Steve gets up walks over to us, takes our hands and leads us up to the bedroom. I thought we were going to my room but Uncle Steve took us to dad’s king-sized four poster bed. Uncle Steve lay on his back I went straight back to gobble down his delicious meat. Between moans Uncle Steve told Tyler to come feed him his gorgeous teen meat. Tyler sat on Steve’s chest feeding him his dick slowly. I licked and sucked his hairless balls flicking my tongue teasingly over his balls.

We moved position so now we were in a triangle my mouth on Uncle Steve’s dick, his mouth on Tyler’s dick and Tyler’s mouth on my dick. We were all moaning with pleasure as if we were all psychically linked we started probing each others holes with our fingers. Suddenly Uncle Steve pulled off Tyler’s dick and told us he needed to feel my teenage meat in my ass. So I jumped up went to my room grabbed the lube and ran back to dad’s room. When I came back Tyler was tongue deep in Uncle Steve’s ass. God what a gorgeous site. I jumped on the bed licked up Tyler’s back, up Uncle Steve’s back and started nibbling on his ear lobes whispering

“Ready for the fuck off your life?”

Tyler got off Uncle Steve’s ass and made his way up to his head. I lubed up and aimed my dick at his peachy little pink bud. Tyler’s was face down ass up at Uncle Steve’s face with his tongue deep in my brothers ass. I could hear him moan and see him squirm as I slowly entered Uncle Steve’s ass. He was so tight and warm I was loving it Tyler had now moved into a 69 position while sucking Uncle Steve he was licking my shaft whenever I pulled out of Uncle Steve’s ass. I was so close to cumming I knew they were too I started fucking him with all I had. When all of a sudden I hear someone coming up the stairs. I tried to pull out but it was too late. There was dad standing at the door.

Uncle Steve looked up to see his brother. Dad screamed


And he bolted down the stairs. Uncle Steve pounded after him while me and Tyler sat holding each other on the bed.

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