Sauna Special Service of a Kind


My name is Yaki, a shemale in Tai Chung, Taiwan. One Saturday afternoon, I dress in my usual lady costumes and go to the sauna parlor on Daya Road with my three CD friends. This sauna parlor is really gorgeous. It occupies three floors with over 20,000 ft in area. In their usual manner, the waiters greet us at the reception area in unison and lead us to the changing area. We have been here a few times before. This place does not preclude entrance of cross-dressers, so I often come here to enjoy special services with my 36D implant breasts and my small cock in the men’s area. We flush under the showers and go into the whirlpool chit-chatting for about twenty minutes just to relax our tired bodies from playing cards until early morning. I then enter the hot chamber where there are two chubby middle-aged men talking about the stock market. When they see me with my big breasts on top, my tight ass and my small cock hanging below, they are aroused and start to masturbate. That wasn’t strange to me as it had happened before. The chamber room is very hot. Not for long, I go out to the shower area, wash my sweaty body, wipe off the water, dry my hair, pick my ears, fix my robe and hit the restaurant for a glass of orange juice to replenish my body fluid. Just when I begin to feel bored, the PR manager Yao squats beside me, “Hi, Miss Zhang, haven’t seen you for some time. We have added a new service item for our customers. A few good looking CD masseuses joined us recently. Their skills are excellent and anyone of them can easily send you to heaven. I am sure you wanna a try, right?” No wonder Yao is a successful PR manager here. With her recommendation, I follow her to a special chamber on the third Magosa Escort floor. There are small rooms. Inside the room, there are a massage bench, a one-sitter with a side table and a compact shower room. I sit on the sofa waiting for the masseuse to come. ‘Knock… knock’ the door opens. A beautiful lady with a magnetic voice asks, “Miss, can I serve you?” I look at her, feel satisfied and nod “Oh yeah! Why not?” First, she introduces herself as Asa, number eight. Then she asks me my name. I tell her I am Yaki. Asa helps me to take off my robe and asks me to lie on the bench face down, where there is a hole, through which I can speak. Asa puts a big towel to cover my lower body and asks me if I feel cold. “Okay! ” I say. Asa then pours warm massage oil on my neck and works on it. “Yaki, is the pressure okay?” Asa says. I say, “Good!” Finished with my neck, Asa massages both my shoulders with warm oil. My muscle strain and tightness, which are killing gradually, go away. I feel relaxed. After that, Asa goes for my back and spine. I enjoy the sensation of Asa’s fingernail scratches on my back. It is sensational and inviting. I talk to her during the massage. She tells me that she is a twenty year old college student. She enjoys working here part-time because she can cross-dress freely. She works full Saturdays and from six to mid-night on Wednesdays. Asa finishes with my back down to my waist. She rubs my back with a hot towel to wipe off the oil. She takes out a pillow under the bench for me to rest my head. She pulls up the big towel covering my lower body to cover my back. Now, my lower body is fully exposed. She pours warm oil on my buttocks… massaged my buttock Kıbrıs Escort muscles and presses hard on the two pressure points on both sides. The muscle tenderness brought about from wearing high heel shoes gradually goes away. Asa whispers in my ear, “Yaki, you have a great ass! Let me see if I can do something to it.” Asa then goes to the far end of the table. She spreads my legs apart, pours oil into her hands and massages my left side starting from my foot… up the calf and the thigh. She begins by massaging the outside of my thigh to the hip a few times and then the inside of my thigh. As she massages my inner thigh, she travels up a bit more each time. For the last three rubs, she finishes up by scratching my groin, my balls and my asshole with her nails as she moves her hand up my ass cheeks. My asshole is one of my sensitive spot. The feeling of her scratches is very erotic and my cock begins to grow and get hard. However, she stops the tickling just after three rubs and moved to my right side. Again begins her massage from my right foot. The tension on my cock now eases and I calm down just enjoying her relaxing massage. Asa repeats the steps and ends by teasing my asshole as her hand travels up my ass cheeks. I am horny at this point. I leak out a moan. My cock grows to its full size and presses hard on the bench. Asa then goes to the end of the bench. She spreads my legs wide apart this time. I can feel she climbs up the bench in between my legs. She lifts both of my legs and slips hers under mine and sits on the bench with my legs resting on hers. My lower body is lifted up a few inches from the bench. My excited cock now has a bit of room Lefkoşa Escort to maneuver instead of pressing hard on the bench. Asa pours a generous amount of warm oil over my asses. The oil runs along my anal crack down to my asshole, my balls and my cock. Asa playfully tickles my cock head by circling her finger at its tip. She then massages my balls gently. With both hands, Asa grabs my ass cheeks, squeezes them and pulls them apart. Her two thumbs are resting at the two sides of my asshole. She massages the opening in circles with her thumbs and every now and then probes my well-lubricated hole up to the first knuckle. My erected cock is very hard and stands again the bench like a tent-pole supporting my lower body. In her sexy voice, Asa asks, “Yaki, like my massage?” This young T-girl really knows ever inches of my body and her tricks well. I mutter, “You bitch, you don’t have to ask!” Asa replies with a smile and asks, “More?” I don’t give her an answer and Asa takes it as a consent implied. She pours more oil on my asses and let it run along my crack. Meanwhile, she lightly caresses my inner thighs and asses with her hands. Then she uses her index finger to circle my opening and to spread the oil around. Slowly she pushes her whole finger right into my hole. I moan the second time tonight. She curls her finger, rotates it inside trying to find my p-spot. Finally, she gets it and she begins to massage my prostate. I am in heaven. But before I am over the edge, Asa pulls out her finger completely and asks, “Can you take two?” The sexual feeling inside me is strong and I whisper, “Try!” Asa puts her middle and index finger together. Carefully she inserts both fingers inside my hole. Gradually, my sphincter muscle relaxes and gives in. Her two fingers are all in. Asa seems to be very interested in my asses. I had anal sex before and I am sure this foreplay will end up in some fun. Asa spanks both of my ass cheeks, takes away the big towel on my back and tells me to flip over.

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