Sarah’s Quest: Chapter Four


Sarah, married and a mother of two, has taken a whirlwind journey of sexual encounters. Her friend Helen encourages her to experience one last erotic adventure. Each time Helen and I met, she gave me the gossip centered around the people I had met at her party. I learned that Artemis was fucking Athena even with a thirty year difference in their ages. Apollo and Ares are gay and expect to be married as soon as the state makes it legal. She told me that several men from the party kept asking for my phone number or e-mail address. Helen never gave away confidential information including our relationship. Yet there was one man that was more insistent than the others that she thought I should get to know. It was ‘Hades’. “What’s the deal with Hades?” I inquired. Helen didn’t say anything right away, then answered with a question. “Sarah, what did you think about Anastasia’s lifestyle in the book?” “Well, it sounded really exciting. It even turned me on when I thought about doing it.” “Okay, then I should tell you that Hades was my Dom. We split last month so now he is free and would like very much for you to be his sex slave. That’s why he keeps asking about you. I put him off because I wasn’t sure how you would feel about it.” “Was he good to you, Helen?” “Yes, Sarah, very good.” “Then I should think about it, right?” “Yes, I would if I were you. I’ll give him your e-mail address if you like.” “Okay, fine with me but there are no commitments here because I need time to think more about it.” “Good, then expect to hear from Hades.” The way she said it, it sounded like I was getting a call from hell. It took no time for Hades to contact me. That same evening my e-mail read, “Text me if you want to be my slave, Hades,” and he gave me his number. There was no way I was going to respond quickly. I waited. He wrote again, “Dear Slave, I need to hear from you soon,” and left the number. A day went by and a third e-mail arrived, “Did Helen of Troy send me a Trojan Horse?” and he left his number. This continued for three more days when I finally replied. “Dear Hades, I am not interested … Aphrodite.” Of course I was interested but had to find out how badly he wanted me. Another day went by and no mail. I thought, damn, I’m busted. I’ve screwed up here and that made me want to be his sub more than ever. But Hades was persistent because a week later, he wrote in all caps, “Meet me at 1420 Predant Ave. at 10:00 tonight.” I did not respond but told Ted I’d be out for the evening and look after Escort Küçükköy the kids. I left the house at 8:00 PM wearing shorts and a tank top . My first stop was a restaurant around the corner from 1420 and had a few drinks and a light meal. The drinks calmed my considerable apprehension and by 9:30 , I was finally feeling myself again. At 9:50 , I left the restaurant to check out the address. It was 10:00 PM when I rang the bell. There were no lights on in the house and the neighborhood was quiet and dark. The door didn’t open but a voice said, “The basement door is open.” I looked around and found stairs leading to the lowest level of the house. There were no windows but the door was open. Attached to the door was a message that read, ‘Find the key, Aphrodite, and unlock the door’. Walking into the darkness frightened me. My eyes slowly adjusted to the muted light as I searched for a key. It was easily found because it looked like a large iron 17th Century jailer’s key. The large metal key clanked as I fit it in the keyhole and the door squeaked open. The whole thing was creepy and eerie. My heart pounded as I crept into the room. There were large candles everywhere lighting the room. It looked like a dungeon, resembling a torture chamber. The walls were littered with ropes, chains, clamps, and all sorts of restraining devices. The tables held hooks, wires, electrodes and boxes with knobs. There were cages and stocks that looked like they came from pictures I’d seen of misbehaving people in Plymouth . I saw railings made of black iron pipes and many more implements for bondage. What I didn’t see was a person. I seemed to be alone except for a voice that said, “Take off your clothes. Put your arms behind your back. Spread your legs.” Once I had followed his commands, he appeared as if out of a vision. He was dressed all in rubber and wore a mask, an executioner’s mask. The only skin showing were his lips, nose and his cock and balls. They hung out of an opening in the rubber suit and made for an exceptionally erotic sight. He approached me with a coil of braided cord and bound my wrists together behind my back. Next he clipped clamps on each ankle connected by a chain and said, “Here are the rules,” holding a flogger. “I am your master and you only do what I’ve told you.” He slowly circled me giving me a few light whippings. “This is not about romance. This is about dominance and submission. It is also about sex. I choose you to be my sex slave. Do you understand?” “Yes,” I said with Mecidiyeköy escort a quiver. “Yes Master,” he said gruffly. “Yes Master,” I repeated. “First we must see if you know how to follow directions. If not, I will send you home. Do you understand?” “Yes Master. Will I need to sign a contract, master?” I had to ask. “You’ve been reading too many books, slave. You simply must be submissive and give me pleasure and no harm will come to you. Do you agree? “Yes Master.” Now, get off the chair and walk on your knees to me.” This was difficult but I worked my way up to him with my knees giving me discomfort with each movement on the stone floor. “Fine,” he said. “Now you are to lick my cock and balls but do not put either in your mouth.” My head was at his genitals and I started licking his limp manhood. He used the flogger on my arms each time I lost my balance reminding me he was in control. My master was shaved so his testicles were smooth and soft. My saliva began to drip down my chin as I worked up a strong appetite for his stiffening organ. When he became fully hard, I was treated to a nice thick seven inch erection and that’s when I yearned to have him inside me. “Stick it in your mouth until I cum, Slave,” he commanded. I did as he said. He forced himself deep into my throat until his spasms could be felt and the squirts of jizz filled my mouth. “Swallow Slave,” as his last drop of cum touched my tongue. “You are doing well, Slave. Return to your throne.” By this, I think he meant the chair I sat on earlier. The chair was odd looking. First, the seat looked more like a toilet seat with an opening but it was contoured to fit a person’s bottom. The front legs of the chair were unusually far apart with clamps at the bottom. I sat on the “throne” waiting for my next command. Apparently, the blow job was only a test for what was to come. My master’s erection slowly softened and I knew he would not be fucking me right away. He removed the ankle clamps and chain only to clamp me to the front legs of the chair spreading my legs far apart. My exposed pussy was defenseless from my master’s lustful desires. “Good,” he said. “You’re shaved,” then he placed an orange ball gag in my mouth and fastened the straps behind my head. “You will not speak,” he said. “You will only nod your head. Do you understand?” I nodded in the affirmative. Standing behind me, he wrapped a “necklace” on me but it wasn’t a necklace. It was a thick dog collar with a ring at the front. This was followed Merter escort bayan by a braided cord being coiled around my right breast until it pushed my boob out like an enlarged pimple. The rope was then threaded through the loop in the collar and my left breast was bound. This felt uncomfortable and soon the restriction of blood turned my captive tits purplish. He said, “You have a lovely set here, Aphrodite,” and began to gently flog them, first the right side, then the left. There was no pain, just an arousal in me that I couldn’t explain. “You like this, slave, don’t you?” I nodded in agreement. “Then we need to give them more attention but only after we explore your beautiful cunt.” At this my master went over to his table packed with unusual instruments and picked out double clamps which he placed on my labia with weights at the ends tugging open my pussy lips. It only hurt for a short time until I got used to the pain. “Oh, your pussy is so sweet Aphrodite. I must soon taste the nectar of your sexuality. But first, back to your marvelous tits.” He took out glass cylinders resembling test tubes but with thin flexible tubing leading from the closed end. The tubing was connected to a pump.  First he rubbed my nipples with a clear ointment. I could hear a pump softly humming in the background somewhat like a Shop Vac while he attached the ‘test tubes’ to my tits. They immediately sucked my nipples into the cylinders pulling at them until they were swollen and erect, far more than when I’m at a peak of arousal. “How beautiful your nipples look this way,” he would say. He circled me two or three times enjoying the view. Walking back to his table of toys, he returned to me. Seeing that my nipples were plump and puffy, he quickly removed the vacuum tubes replacing them with nipple clamps. The pair of clamps were connected by a heavy chain that pulled at my nipples each time I moved. Ouch, they hurt. I began to wiggle in discomfort and wondered what additional pain I could withstand. “Oh my, Aphrodite. You are not to wiggle unless your master has allowed it. You need to be punished.” He brought over one of the lit candles and dripped wax on each breast. Every drop stung for only two or three seconds but he kept dripping more and more hot wax on my purplish mammeries so the sting was constant. He moved down toward my legs dripping more wax on the inner side of my thighs. By then, I became accustomed to the sharp quick pain. This seemed to transform me in some way. I was now acclimated to the idea of pain and strangely, even began looking forward to it. When a person is this vulnerable, there is no pretense of dignity. You are stripped of your vanities. The mind begins to float freely with none of your inner sentinels guarding the gate.

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