Quenching my Thirst


I stood in the long line on the hottest day of July we’ve had on record. Little did I know it was soon going to become the hottest day of my life ever.  I couldn’t help but overhear the impatient sighing of the woman behind me. I had to take a quick peek at her out of the corner of my eye. It was a pleasant surprise to find a little brunette standing there, who seemed to have a huge rack on her chest but she held the items she had in her arms closely pressed against her.I then heard a soft, almost painful, groan coming from her. I had to turn around at that point and ask, “Are you okay?”She looked up at me with these big brown eyes, her cheeks flushed a bright red and she said, “No, not really,” ever so softly.“Do you need help?” I asked her.She let out a small giggle and replied, “I wish you could but I don’t think you can help me with this.”“Give me a try, maybe I can,” I said to her.Her cheeks a bright red with a cheeky grin on her face, “Think you can help with this?” she asked with a little giggle. I am positive my eyes about bulged out of my head and my jaw hit the floor like a sledgehammer when she slowly lowered the items she hugged to her chest. I was right when I said she appeared to have a huge rack because she did and to top it all off, she had two wet spots on her tank top which made me understand why she was being so impatient.“Ahhhh,” I stammered as my cock twitched hard against my shorts.“Now do you see why you can’t help me,” she said with a big smile.“Oh, I think I could definitely help you out there,” I couldn’t help myself from responding.She just stood and stared at me, her eyes blinking rapidly, her cheeks bright red again, as I said with a slight shrug, “I’ve always wanted to taste mother’s milk.”She looked down quickly. I thought I had made her uncomfortable and was about to apologize when she cut me off by saying softly, “Would you really?”My cock twitched again in my shorts and I had to calm myself before saying, “Yes, and how could I not help a lady out?”Her eyes stared directly into mine, like she was looking for the punch line, when she asked, “How Sefaköy escort would we do that?”My heart was about ready to beat out of my chest, as I took a couple deep breaths to calm myself and said to her, “Maybe you should try those on before you buy them,” with a wink, “The store is pretty busy and the dressing rooms are unattended.”She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, eyeing me, to see if I was pulling her leg, when she said, “It would help me out so much.”Swallowing hard, I gave her a wink and said, “So go try your items on.”She smiled and looked around and said, “Maybe you’re right.”I had to keep myself from shaking as I watched her turn, walk toward the dressing rooms and slip inside. I could barely contain myself from breaking into a fast sprint getting myself over to the dressing rooms. I looked around carefully and the coast was clear so I slipped into the ladies dressing room. Not sure which room she was in, I cleared my throat quickly and a left door opened and there she stood.She quickly motioned for me to get in the room, so I slipped in fast as she closed and locked the door behind me. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and asked, “Are you sure about this?”I really had to contain my excitement and keep my voice from shaking as I responded, “I am very sure.”She motioned for me to have a seat on the little bench. I slipped onto the bench and watched in awe as she slowly slid her tank top up over her breasts. I could see the two big wet spots that covered each cup of her bra and it made me crazy. She reached up and slowly, which I hoped meant she wasn’t hesitating, unclipped her cup and brought it down.I had to inhale sharply as her hard, brown nipple came into sight. My hands started to shake as she walked toward me, stopping with her nipple right in my face.  My whole body shuddered and I looked up at her and said, “May I?” motioning to touch her.She smiled at me and nodded her head up and down.I reached a very shaky hand up and cupped it around her breast. ‘Damn!’ I thought to myself. It was hard and Escort Yenibosna felt like it was ready to bust.She inhaled sharply with a wince, “I’m sorry,” I said immediately.“Don’t be,” she said quickly, “They are just very full.”“Yes, they are,” I said with chuckle.As hungry as I was to just attach my mouth to her nipple and drain her of all her milk, I had to look up at her and ask, “Are you sure?”She took a deep breath, nodded her head up and down and said, “Go ahead.”I moved my hand around her waist and gently pulled her toward me until her nipple touched my lips. I opened my mouth and attached myself to her nipple and began to suckle slowly. It was only fifteen seconds but it seemed like forever before her milk began to freely flow onto my waiting tongue.I couldn’t help but moan as I got the first taste of something much sweeter than I had ever imagined and believe me, I’ve imagined it, a lot!I could feel her breathing increasing, becoming more ragged each time I suckled her breast. I hoped I wasn’t hurting her but I couldn’t stop.  A soft whimper escaped her lips that made my cock hard. ‘Is she getting turned on?’ I thought to myself.Her breast started to soften as I drained the milk from it so I gently massaged it between my fingers and it seemed to continue to help her milk flow into my mouth. I felt her whole body quiver and it made me suck harder.She gasped softly and I felt her hips start to rock ever so slowly back and forth. ‘Damn,’ I thought, ‘This is really turning her on!’Her hand came up which made me pause, hoping she didn’t want to stop but instead she undid the clasp on the other cup of her bra and slowly brought it down. I let the nipple I was suckling slide out between my lips and looked up at her. Her face was flushed and had a light sweat on her brow that made her forehead glisten. “Next?” I said with a big grin.“Please,” she responded breathlessly.I reached up and gently cup her other full breast and moved my lips to take her nipple into my mouth. She let out a soft but louder moan and her head fell back with Halkalı escort bayan a heavy breath. ‘She is getting turned on,’ I thought as I smiled suckling her breast.To test the waters, I moved my other hand and placed it on my knee which brushed the inside of her thigh. There was no mistaking it then, her whole body convulsed and her hips shot forward. I slowly drummed my fingers once on my knee and immediately her hips began to grind on them.  ‘Fuck,’ I thought. I couldn’t help but slow my suckling to make this last longer.I wasn’t sure if she was aware that her pussy was grinding slowly on my hand but I wasn’t about to stop her. To keep her worked up, I raised my knuckle so her pussy was rubbing hard against it.She let out a long gasp and I could barely hear her beg, “Please.”I sucked on her nipple harder, making her flinch but she said loud and clear the next time, “Oh, please!”I eased up on her nipple and suckled it at a slow steady pace as I lifted my index finger letting it slide up the leg of her shorts. We both inhaled sharply as my finger reached her smooth pussy lips and I found a dripping wet mess.“Oh yes,” she whimpered, as I slid my finger inside of her wet pussy.I moved my finger a little bit but her hips did most of the work. She ground hard on my finger until sweet soft moans came repeatedly from her mouth. I knew she was close so I moved my thumb up and rubbed her hard, aching little clit which pushed her totally over the edge.Her body shook so hard and her legs began to crumble under her. I caught her quick and set her on my lap. She laid her head on my shoulder panting like a dog on a hot summer day.  I let her rest there for a moment until her breathing became steady. “Are you okay?” I asked softly.“Wow,” she responded, her cheeks flushed and red. “I have no idea where that came from.”“You aren’t hearing me complain, are you?” I said.She giggled softly and said, “Thank you.”“It was my pleasure and I’m glad I could be of assistance to you,” I responded.She slowly stood up, re-fastened the cups to her bra and pulled her tank top down. She let out a big sigh and I could tell immediately she felt better.“I should get going,” she said still looking flushed.“I’ll wait here for a couple of minutes after you leave,” I said.She slowly opened the door and peeked out. She turned back around to me and said, “Thank you.”“My pleasure,” I grinned back at her.

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