How Did We Even Get Here? Chapter 14


“I asked you a question, motherfucker.”Bill remained mute.“Nothing to say?”Still no response.Attempt number one to step past her failed as she blocked him on the left. Attempt number two fared no better as she blocked him on the right.“Don’t wanna say anything?” She folded her arms and squinted. “Alright, let’s see what mom thinks of this.”“Frankie, wait. Frankie, please.” Bill pushed out his palms and squatted to her height.“Oh, so you can still talk? Ain’t that something?”“Let me explain.”“What is there to explain? Whatever reason you had for snooping around in here, the moment I started getting it on with three dudes, didn’t you think that would’ve been the best time to – I dunno – announce yourself? Say, ‘here I am’, or something? You watched me have sex, Bill. Not even just regular sex. I got nailed by three dudes. Three!”“I saw,” he murmured with his head turned away.“Hey, no-no, you look at me.”He stayed put.“Look. At. Me.”Bill faced her.“There’s cum on the floor. Why is there cum on the floor, Bill?”He squeezed his eyes shut, folded his lips and breathed audibly.“I’ll tell you why. Because you jerked off to me getting fucked, didn’t you?”“Frankie, I–”“Didn’t… you?” She stepped close enough that her sharp breathing rippled Bill’s shirt.“Frankie, let’s forget about thi–”“Shut up. You listen to me now.”Bill nodded.“I don’t wanna hear any excuses, justifications, none of that. You want my silence? Well, you gotta do whatever Sefaköy escort bayan I want for the time I’m here. Do we have an understanding?”“Come on, Fra–”“Do we have a fucking understanding?”“Yes. Yes, alright. Just please, don’t tell your mother, this would kill her.”“What? That her daughter’s a slut or that her husband jacks off to her being one?”“She already knows the first option,” he thought. “First favour,” Frankie said, “clean up your fucking mess.” She pointed at the patch of ground covered in semen.“Frankie…”“Now!”And with that, she stormed out of the room, through the hallway and slammed the bathroom door. *** Belleville Pharmacy was not often visited by the Lordes, but when it was, it never was for that morning’s intended purchase.“This shouldn’t take long,” Frankie said. A denim trucker cap – ponytail through the rear-hole – along with a tight midriff and white jean shorts were her uniform for their trip. The temperature between step-father and step-daughter had cooled somewhat, but not to the point where the awkwardness had vanished from the previous day’s events. Bright and early, she demanded that Bill take her to the pharmacy for Plan B, which wasn’t too horrible of a favour in his mind.Thirty minutes later, Frankie pulled at the locked jeep door and woke her stepfather from an impromptu nap.“Hey, open up,” she said, knocking on the passenger side window.Bill clicked Yenibosna escort the universal lock and Frankie pulled with barely a micro second’s hesitation.“Sooo,” she droned, “I’m gonna be bored at home, so I’m gonna need a gaming system.” The passenger door closed after the statement.“Aren’t you too old to be playing video games?” Bill set his reclined seat to his preferred driving position – not too straight, not too far back.“I’m twenty-one. People in their forties, hell fifties, play games nowadays. What are you, like sixty-five?”“Fifty-five, you little shit.”“Buy one for me or I’m telling mom, you big pervert.”Bill swung the ignition and nosed out of the parking lot towards whatever destination would satiate his new dictator’s request.   *** A mixed crowd of patrons poured through the mall’s centre-piece which was the main food court. With the goal purchase already made, the time to refuel since their early morning departure had come. For Frankie, a cheeseburger with a bowl of fries and a sixteen-ounce Cola would do. Bill, sitting opposite, kept his head down while devouring his chicken-fried rice – no beverage included.“We’re going home after this. Tired and I want to watch some T.V,” Bill said.“I go when I say we go.” Frankie’s jaw dropped like a drawbridge and slammed shut over a large portion of her burger. Mayonnaise dribbled from her bottom lip and Bill stared and chuckled.“What?” Escort Halkalı she asked with her mouth full.“You swallowed everything that guy gave you yesterday, but you can’t keep it together for a hamburger?”“Better at sucking fat dicks than eating fast food I guess.” Another sizeable chunk disappeared into her mouth.“Right. And hey, I’m the driver, so we go when I’m good and ready.”“You can go, but you know mom and I will have a very interesting conversation when I get home.”Bill grumbled and picked at his chicken-fried rice with a frown now. From a few feet away, a brown-haired young gentleman around his height and of medium stature called out to him.“Hey, Bill, what’s up?”“Scott, get your ass over here.” Bill waved him across and Frankie squinted at her step-father, sitting up straight in anticipation of what was coming from behind.“Oh, hi there.” The dimple-chinned youth stood next to Frankie and extended his hand. “I’m Scott.”“Yeah, I gathered that.” She shook his hand and smiled. The toned arms sprouting from his tight-fitting polo made her scan him from head to toe in admiration of his equally sculpted physique. “I’m Francesca, but everyone calls me Frankie.”“What brings you here, Scott?” Bill grinned at the interruption, switching between the youngsters, but keeping a larger focus on Frankie.“Had to bring the wife to buy something or the other. Y’know how it is.”“Something or the other?” Frankie asked. “That’s your wife, shouldn’t you know?”“It’s hard to keep track with all the yelling sometimes.” Scott’s smile devolved into a brief frown before the initial expression returned.“Scott!” A tall, slim raven-haired woman bellowed over the crowd. “Hey, Bill, how the hell are ya? Scott, I’m ready, let’s go!”

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