Pet Shop Task Ch. 02


“And that’s everything that happened Mistress.” Sue bowed her head and waited for her Mistress to speak.

Mistress V smiled, she’d already heard what had happened that afternoon in the pet shop from her friend Goth girl. But she was pleased her sub had been honest with her and told her everything, missing nothing out even though it would earn her punishment.

But she had expected nothing less from her sub she thought proudly.

She looked down at her naked sub kneeling quietly at her feet. Head bowed, eyes fixed on her Mistress feet, legs wide apart and hands resting on her thighs, just like she’d been trained to do.

She looked so sweet, so soft and gentle, so vulnerable and trusting. Mistress V felt a tingle of pleasure, the thrill of possession. Knowing that this gentle girl belonged to her, that she was devoted, obedient and willing and that her only aim in life was to give pleasure to her Mistress.

She crossed her legs and dangled her foot in front of her subs face and sue instantly leant forward to reverently kiss and lick her Mistresses toes.

“Very well.” Mistress V said at last. “I’m pleased that you completed your task”.

Mistress V paused and sue felt that warm buzz of pleasure that always came when her Mistress praised her.

“But.” Mistress V continued sternly. “I’m very disappointed that you disgraced not only yourself but more importantly me, by your lack of control in climaxing in the pet shop this afternoon without my permission.”

Sue’s face clouded over, her happiness quickly disappearing.

” No matter what provocation you receive, no matter how excited and aroused you may get, you know your body belongs to me. I control your orgasm’s you don’t climax without my permission.” Mistress V spoke slowly, empathising each word.

“Sorry Ms.” Sue whispered dejectedly.

“You will be punished and you will learn self control and obedience. Your behaviour will be corrected and you will not disgrace your Mistress again by acting like a Beylikdüzü escort common slut.” Mistress V said firmly.

“Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress.” Sue whispered hoping that her apologetic and submissive demeanour would please her Ms and make her forget about her poor behaviour.

But Mistress V was not to be swayed.

Sue closed her eyes and waited. The cool air embraced her naked body making her shiver. The position she was in was uncomfortable, but it was supposed to be. Kneeling on the floor bent forwards her nose just touching the ground, legs spread wide apart and her hands palm down on either side of her head. It was the position her Mistress had trained to take whenever she was to be punished. Her bottom raised high in the air so it was presented to her Mistress.

It was uncomfortable and her muscles ached but sue kept still, unmoving while she waited for her Mistress to come, waited for her punishment.

The hollow aching sensation gnawed away inside her and she felt a hot flush ripple through her as her stomach lurched in anticipation.

Her face burned and she knew she was wet, almost dripping, she could feel the stickiness on her thighs.

Oh God! How intense and arousing it was to be kept waiting like this. Waiting for her punishment. Waiting for her Mistress to come. Waiting until SHE was ready. Waiting for when it pleased HER to come. To be kept in this humiliating position until SHE decided it was time to punish her.

Sue was so hot and aroused. With each heavy breath she took the tips of her nipples brushed lightly against the floor sending ripples of aching pleasure through her. she swallowed hard and closed her eyes.

From the age of 15 she’d realised she was attracted to women, what she thought might just be teenage crushes turned into deeper feelings. She found she was especially attracted to confident women with dominant personalities and submissive feelings came naturally to her. It was something she couldn’t explain but she enjoyed Beylikdüzü escort the sensations it gave her.

She always got tremendous pleasure and satisfaction from pleasing her lovers but she had never been able to truly give in to her submissive desires. She never had anyone to help her explore the emotions and sensations that thrilled her until she met her Mistress. Her Mistress V.

She heard the click-clack of her Mistresses heels coming down the hall and she quivered in excited anticipation.

Mistress V looked down at her naked sub kneeling passively at her feet. The power and control she felt was intoxicating. She gently ran her hand over the soft flesh of her sub’s raised bottom and she smiled as she felt sue shiver under her gentle caress.

She knew how much sue wanted and needed to be punished and she also knew how much it excited her to punish sue.

She noticed how her own breathing had become quicker and deeper, how excited and hot she had become. The heady sensation of power and complete control over another person thrilled her.

Mistress V picked up the crop and swung it experimentally in a whistling arc through the air.

Sue flinched at the sharp swishing sound and whimpered softly, half in fear and half in hot anticipation.

Like everything else she did, Mistress V was an expert with her crop, she knew exactly how hard and how sharp each stroke should be. She would never really hurt her sub; she was much to precious for that. But she would make sure that sue felt properly chastised and was left feeling humiliated and subdued. So sue would recognise her Mistresses authority and control over her and she would be submissive and know her place. Which was after all what sue wanted to feel.

She tapped the right cheek of sue’s bottom lightly with the tip of the crop and saw how her sub tensed to receive the first blow. Then she bent her arm and with a flick of her wrist brought the crop down sharply across sue’s raised bottom. There was a flat Escort Beylikdüzü smacking sound of leather striking skin and she watched as a red stripe flared up across the smooth white flesh.

Sue gasped, sucking in air as the stinging hot pain spread across her bottom. The second blow made her squirm and wriggle as she struggled to stay in position and as the blows fell the pain merged into one continuous hot flush.

Mistress V stood over sue, exhilarated by the power that flowed through her. She watched with satisfaction as sue’s bottom turned crimson and began to glow with heat. The rush of adrenalin was intense and so exciting.

Sue was moaning and whimpering now as pain and pleasure merged, indistinguishable from each other. The blows skilfully delivered caused a hot surge of arousal that rippled through sue, rising inside her until she had to fight to keep from climaxing.

Intuitively Mistress V sensed her sub was close to the edge and she put down the crop. Sue panted breathlessly, her bottom throbbed deliciously and her pussy had that warm aching sensation that gave her a warm buzz of arousal.

She felt the strange inner calm that punishment always brought, a serene feeling of peaceful bliss. She belonged, belonged to her Mistress. She closed her eyes and smiled.

Sue’s blissful moment did not last long, she jumped and squealed in surprise as cold cream was dripped on her burning bottom and then she moaned as her Mistresses fingers spread the cool cream over her tender flesh.

“There, there. All over now.” Mistress V whispered soothingly.

But sue found no respite from her simmering feelings of arousal as her Mistresses fingers seductively pressed and rubbed cream into the red welts that had now risen on her bottom. The delicious mix of dull pain and soft cool cream on tender flesh made her whimper.

Despite punishing her girl Mistress V was still annoyed at sues disobedience in the pet shop when she orgasmed without permission.

“Knowing my slutty little sue she probably enjoyed being punished and thinks she got of lightly. Well she’ll soon find out she’s got a supprise coming, a weeks intensive orgasm control training should teach to be more respectful.” Mistress V thought smiling down at her unsuspecting sub.

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