Jesse’s Story: A Woman’s View Ch. 07


This is Jesse’s story; these will be her words, her thoughts, her emotions. My sole purpose is to present her story to the reader in a readable manner, in an accurate manner, with no editing by me. She made me promise to do this, as she asked, and I promised. I always keep my promises to Jess.

Her Story

The next couple of years, our lives got really crazy with our individual careers, leaving less time than we had before to indulge our occasional walks on the wild side. We were really pleased with our little circle of playmates, and wished we could have more time to play, but that wasn’t the reality we lived in.

My jaunts with my ‘guys’ still happened but with much less frequency, and I was really okay with that; I missed the threesome- two guys for me-thing, but I survived nicely, thank you.

Kathy and I still saw each other, more so than I saw the guys; on occasion we’d have a three-way with a friend, Sue, which was always fun, so it wasn’t so bad, all in all. We managed to see Rick and Teri every six months or so, which was always foursome fun with good friends.

So as I said, not so bad at all. Ray never pushed an agenda; we still took it one day at a time.

“Want to go to a swinger’s party?” Ray asked as I stirred the sauce.

“What? We never go to those things,” I said, “What party?”

“Wait, I think I mis-spoke,” his eyes scanning a paper in his hand.

“Okay, from the top. Would you like to go to a swinger’s social?”

“And that’s different, how?” pouring the sauce over the beef.

“No fucking in the Ballroom, though, you would think with a name like ‘Ballroom’…..” his voice tapering off.

I laughed and dropped the dish on the floor. We ate pizza, and our dog, Bob, loved us even more.

About a year or so ago we attended a swingers’ social with Harry and Vicki. That’s where I first met Kathy; but anyway, everyone had to register of course, and we would receive quarterly calendars of ‘events’.

We talked about the pros and cons of going; but the more I thought about it, I figured we were ‘owed’ a night on the wild side even though it was a ‘hands-off, pants-on’ affair, no sex allowed.

I figured it couldn’t hurt just to look at the ‘eye candy’; explaining my thoughts to Ray, he thought for a moment and agreed. He suggested that we go by ourselves this time, without Harry and Vicki, and if we saw them there? We’d say “hi, good to see you.” I was good with that.

So, we marked the calendar.

It was a different hotel, but the same scenario; register outside the main ballroom, a special wrist-band so ‘crashers’ can be spotted, and the big ballroom, with tables toward the walls, bar in a corner, the middle area open, for socializing and ‘cruising’.

Honestly, neither of us recognized a soul, all the faces being new, to us. Not a terrible thing, I thought to myself, as we casually walked around, nodding, ‘looking’. Nearing the bar, I suggested we grab a table and drinks, sit our butts down, and watch the parade stroll by.

“Makes perfect sense to me,” Ray agreed.

We were there only fifteen minutes when a couple, ordering at the bar, looked our way as we looked theirs and we all clumsily nodded ‘hello’, like we knew each other.

They laughed, as we did, so we all introduced ourselves, and we invited them to sit at our table for a drink. Kurt and Brenda were their names; average looking, not knock-outs, but not ‘kick-outs’, either.

Like I said, average folks, like us.

They were very nice, very funny and we were soon ordering another round as we gabbed away, none of us, perusing the strollers. The conversation drifted into talk between spouses, Brenda and Ray, and, Kurt and I.

Nothing clandestine, just the dynamics of the event; it’s what happens at these things.

There’s something that I find attractive, almost sexy, in people; the ability to listen, to focus on the person you’re talking with, you know, paying attention.

Ray has it; it’s what drew me to him when we met.

Kurt had it as well and as we talked, I found him to be, more and more, someone I’d like to know better, maybe even, have a foursome romp with. Brenda and Ray seemed to be getting along just fine, so, I thought, we’d see where this accidental meeting leads. They invited us to come by their place for a nightcap, but as late as it was, we passed but asked for a rain check.

Driving home, Ray commented that they seemed like a nice couple and I agreed, adding that Kurt really knew how to keep a woman interested, batting those baby-blues like he does. Ray said that he noticed that too but that I didn’t seem put off by it. I admitted that there was some sort of physical attraction but I couldn’t put my finger on just what it was.

“Did you want to go over there tonight?” Ray asked, “I mean, you should have let me know,” apologetically.

I assured him that I didn’t want to accept their invitation that night, I really didn’t, but I did say that, Beylikdüzü escort should they call-we had exchanged numbers-that I wouldn’t be opposed to getting together with them, to see if there was some sort of chemistry between us.

He agreed, adding that he was getting some vibes from Brenda when they talked, interesting vibes. So we agreed, should they call, we’d accept an invitation to get together, if they called, that is.

How about the next day?


The phone rang; I answered, and heard Kurt on the other end. Ray was golfing with his boss, so it would be I that fielded the call.

I’ll give him this; Kurt is a smooth talker and before I knew it, we had gabbed for about a half-hour, about all the world’s ills and who knows what else, but it was a pleasant gab-fest, Kurt remaining a gentleman the whole time.

He finally got to the reason for the phone call; he was inviting us to a cook-out at their place next weekend, if we were up for it. I thanked him and accepted for the both of us, Ray and I having already agreed, the previous night.

“What can we bring?” I offered.

“For me?” Kurt answered, “Just those pretty green eyes of yours would be enough. For Brenda? You better bring along Ray,” laughing.

“Works for me,” I said, “we’ll see you guys next weekend,” getting directions before he hung up.


The weather was warm and Kurt had suggested that we keep it casual dress; shorts, tees, flops, my kind of ‘dress up’, and I told him that would be fine, I liked casual.

He also had asked, when he and I talked, if we were ‘tubbers’. I assured him that we were indeed, and that we used ours several times a week.


Driving the half-hour trip, Ray and I both seemed a little ‘jazzed’ by the evening that lay ahead. Ray said that he thought it was simply the ‘newness’ factor of Kurt and Brenda, mixed with the fact that we had been somewhat absent from ‘the scene’ for a while.

You know, I thought to myself, he isn’t wrong.

We were welcomed warmly into their home, both dressed casually, as we had discussed.

When we saw them at the social, Brenda didn’t appear to be ‘all that’ physically, nice, but not a knock-out; the Brenda that opened the door, however, was definitely ‘all that’ with great legs and ass, and well-endowed in the bust department, probably a 36D, maybe, DD, but definitely a couple of handfuls I thought as I admired her body.

Following them out the back door to their deck, there was another couple out there already, and younger than the four of us.

Ray and I exchanged a quick ‘radar warning’ glance, but kept this unexpected wrinkle, to ourselves, as we moved towards the couple to be introduced. Kurt apologized for not calling me back and telling me that we’d have other guests, but inviting Dave and Vera had been a ‘last minute thing’ when their weekend trip out of town was cancelled.

Dave and Vera were indeed, younger; Vera was twenty-five, and Dave was a year older. Vera worked with Brenda, which is how they were friends. At forty-four and thirty-eight, respectively, Ray and I were definitely the ‘old fogies’ at this gathering. Kurt and Brenda were in their early thirties, it turned out, but to us, age is just a number; always has been.

The six of us seem to meld into a workable, friendly social group quickly. The ‘young-uns’, holding their own, conversationally, with us ‘older folks’.

Vera was a honey-haired blonde with long legs that seem to go on forever from her hips, and with an ass that most would kill for.

Dave was lean with a cute ‘baby face’ that made him appear even younger than his real age. But they were really nice folks to be around, so this impromptu grouping seemed to be working on all levels.

Kurt had prepared some white-wing doves on the grill, the meat succulent and very flavorful and Brenda did a marvelous job with the side dishes and salad. The wine was good, very good, and the comfort level within our little gathering was high, for us all, it appeared.

The girls took care of cleanup duties, while the guys chilled on the deck talking about whatever guys talked about when chilling.

While cleaning up, Brenda and Vera seemed ‘a bit close’ for being workmates; brushes against each other, occasional touches on the butt, or boobs,

Vera giving Brenda grief for having such huge tits, giving her and me an ‘inferiority complex’ Vera said, teasingly.

The three of us were just standing in the kitchen, our chores complete, sharing glasses of wine, talking, joking, bullshit girl-stuff, when Brenda asked me, quite frankly, what our level of involvement was, with the lifestyle.

They were both looking at me, expectantly, so, what the hell, I told them. I told them that our circle was small, that the occasional threesome with a couple of regular male partners was a lot of fun,

I told them that I had discovered a bi-side of me that I didn’t know existed before Beylikdüzü escort we became involved but that I liked it. I told them that we’ve had a few encounters with couples that were fun but that mostly, it was threesomes with ‘my boys’, as I phrased it, and some girly romps mixed in, and that we enjoyed our forays, whenever they happened.

As for themselves, Brenda and Vera talked quite frankly about how Vera was seduced by Brenda into a threesome one night, after too much Tequila with Kurt and her.

Vera added that when she ‘confessed’ to Dave about what had happened, rather than being angry, Dave found he was turned on by what had happened, and that they screwed each other blind after her admission of the threesome.

Their first foursome happened very soon thereafter, and that they have been regulars in each other’s homes and beds since.

“Sounds like a happy group,” I commented, “and that’s not a bad thing.”

Catching me by surprise with her movement, Vera reached out and, taking my hand in hers, placed it on one of Brenda’s breasts, and said, “Aren’t they simply marvelous to the touch?”

Brenda blushed and just smiled up at Vera, while Vera fondled Brenda’s other breast. I felt Brenda, my hand not even coming close to fitting around her boob, but agreed with Vera that, they were indeed, marvelous.

Brenda just blushed some more, but let us fondle her as long as we wanted, just standing there, her eyes closed.

Catching my eye, Vera pulled Brenda’s low-cut top up, exposing Brenda’s very large, but very lovely tits, and following Vera’s lead, I bent down and took a nipple into my mouth as Vera did the same, Brenda taking in a short breath when she felt our lips surround her areolas.

Putting a hand behind our heads, she held our mouths to her breasts, soft, contented moans coming from her lips.

Breaking off her suckling, Vera said, “Maybe, later, the three of us can give the guys a bit of a show?” Brenda and I looked at each other as Vera pulled Brenda’s top back down, over her chest, and said, at the same time, “Maybe so,” the three of us cracking up.

But, that didn’t happen, I’m sorry to say.

Night had fallen when we waked out to join the guys, Kurt having already turned on their tub, the steam rising from the water. Their tub location was very secluded, like ours, neighbor eyes not able to see onto their deck, again, like ours. The tub was larger than ours, though, and could hold eight while ours was a six-person tub.

All the spouses talked to each other quietly, mixed with the general gabbing among the six of us.

Ray had whispered in my ear, as he kissed me on the cheek, asking if I was still interested in ‘partying’, should events unfold that way. If I wasn’t, Ray would get us out of there with a plausible reason, and apology.

I kissed Ray back, looking into his eyes and he knowingly, nodded to me, understanding that I was ‘good’ with seeing how events would play out. It had been a while since we had been with ‘others’ and after the girly thing in the kitchen, my horny motor was turned on and running.

“Any takers for the tub?” Kurt asked the gathering, and the six of us just looked around for a second before Vera stood and began stripping.

Okay then, it was on, I thought as I stood next and, following her lead, I began disrobing as well. It took only a nano-second before the six of us were walking towards the tub, naked as jaybirds.

Checking out the other guys’ genitals-hey, I don’t care what women say in public, in private, they check out packages-I saw that Kurt was hung; his dick was longer than Ray’s by a couple of inches, but not as thick.

Ray’s an honest nine inches, but very thick, the thickest cock I had ever had, for sure. Vera and Brenda both noticed Ray’s endowment as well and exchanged a ‘knowing’ look between them as we entered the tub.

Now, I really don’t remember how the configuration in the tub became so, but after settling in, I found myself between Kurt and Dave, and Ray was sandwiched between Brenda and Vera.

Catching my eye quickly, Ray’s questioning eyebrow raised, asking, silently, if I was ‘good’ with what appeared to be two separate threesomes developing.

I just smiled, indicating that I was okay with it, if he was. He smiled back; he was, as well.

The group talk among the six soon evolved into quieter talk among the two sets of three. As I talked with Kurt and Dave, I couldn’t help but notice that Brenda had moved very close to Ray, her boobs hard against his arm, and that she had a hand under the bubbling water, near Ray’s crotch.

The bubbles disrupted the view of what she was doing, but the movement of her arm told me that she had his dick in her hand, and, truthfully, it turned me on to see him being sandwiched by those two gals.

Dave and Kurt had both turned towards me at an angle, both talking with me, and I was trying to keep my mind on the conversation while my body Escort Beylikdüzü reacted to the testosterone surrounding me.

Kurt made the first move, physically, when he placed his hand casually on my thigh, near my bush, his fingers slowly walking towards Ms. Priss, sending a definite message.

I leaned back against the tub, all the while talking to the two guys, as if nothing was happening, but my mind was saying, ‘higher, higher,’ to Kurt’s fingers. I put my arms on the side of the tub, behind the two guys and parted my legs slightly, which was when Dave’s hand joined Kurt’s, but on the other thigh, which only caused me to spread myself a teeny bit more.

Glancing across the way briefly, the ‘girls’ were now very aggressively fondling and kissing Ray, his arms around the both of them; Vera was licking and kissing his ear and face while her hand was stroking under the water along with Brenda’s and Brenda was kissing and sucking on Ray’s chest and nipples, his eyes closed, a slight smile on his face.

Opening his eyes for a second, he saw me watching, saw ‘my guys’ with their hands under the water, and he winked at me, which I returned; and when ‘my guys’ started running their fingers along each side of my pussy lips, I closed my eyes again, scooted my butt forward a bit on the bench seat the three of us shared, and laid my head against the tub-edge.

I sighed when their fingers peeled back the lips of my woman-hood, and moving my arms and hands from the tub-edge, I opened my legs further as my hands reached for their cocks, under the water.

As I gripped them, they each inserted a finger into me, slowly moving in and out in a fucking motion. Dave’s head dropped to my breast and he suckled it as he and Kurt continued to get me hotter and hornier with their hands.

My left hand was stroking Kurt, my mind wondering if there was an end to his dick, as long as it was; my right hand was stroking Dave’s shorter, but thicker, cock at the same time.

Looking towards Ray and his girls again, Brenda was now kneeling on the seat, facing Ray from the side, his mouth busily sucking on her large tits while Vera was giving Ray head, her sounds very vocal, though muffled, by his thick dick completely filling her small mouth.

My boys were both hard in my hand and it all felt good; the scent of sex and arousal strong in the night air, even in the tub. Their fingers were fucking me harder now but not roughly, and my legs were spread wide, allowing them all the access that they wanted, the beginning of a climax starting to make its presence known to me now.

As I enjoyed our mutual manual manipulation of each other, I thought to myself that while I had enjoyed threesomes with two guys before, this was the first time that Ray wasn’t one of the three.

He seemed to be okay with it, as was I, the sensuousness of the moment taking over the rule of my mind.


Vera suddenly spoke, as her mouth made a ‘popping’ sound when her suction released Ray’s dick from her mouth; “Jesse, take care of our guys, will you? Brenda and I are going to fuck your old man!”

My response was simply to say back to her and Brenda, “Enjoy, ladies, enjoy.”

As they exited the tub, their arms around each other, Kurt leaned towards me while Dave kept sucking and licking my breasts, and I leaned towards him for the kiss that we both knew was coming.

He and I kissed, softly at first, but quickly becoming more passionate as our tongues dueled. My hands were still stroking their cocks, the heat building quickly among the three of us.

I broke off my kiss with Kurt and looking at him, said, “I think it’s time we find a bed, boys, for our own fun.”

And just that quickly, we were out of the tub, drying ourselves, their cocks standing away from their body in rigid repose. Taking Kurt’s offered hand; I followed him into the house and into a bedroom with a king-sized waterbed in the middle of it, Dave’s hard cock poking my ass cheeks as he walked closely behind me.

I climbed onto the bed first, and held my arms open to them to join me, which they did, laying me down on my back, the two of them on either side of me.

My two guys wasted no time in covering my willing body with their touches, mouths, and tongues, the fire now growing into a damned inferno.

Kurt moved between my legs, and began eating me, while Dave moved into position near my head so that I could suck on him, my mouth inhaling his smaller, easily suckable cock into my mouth.

From a cocksucking standpoint, Dave was no challenge for me, and I had him coming very soon after deep-throating him, his climax causing his body to shake the bed as he ejaculated.

Kurt? Now, Kurt was another matter.

Earlier I had talked about meeting only one cock that I could not take completely in my mouth and throat.

This was the one. Kurt’s dick was the one.

I could wrap my mouth around it easy enough, his thickness being about half as big as Ray, but his length was another issue entirely.

Kurt and Dave had switched places, and I was now sucking Kurt as he kneeled by my head. What Dave lacked in size, he made up for with his oral talents. He wasn’t as good as Ray is, but a very close second.

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