on the brink


on the brinkIf I’d known how wonderful it felt to kiss another girl, I would have tried it a long time ago. I’ve always been attracted to other women and have even fantasized about making love to them, but I never thought I would actually do it.I became painfully aware of my girl lust while in college, and that was due mainly to my roommate, Ingrid. I had flirted with and daydreamed about girls in high school, but none of that compared with the all-out lust I felt for Ingrid. It started the minute she walked into our dorm — tall and blonde, with long athletic legs and a devious little smile. My heart fluttered as I stood to greet her, wondering why my clit was suddenly throbbing. I lay back on my bed, making small talk while she unpacked her things. Her mini skirt gave a generous view of her golden thighs, and I yearned for a glimpse of her panties.All of this was very confusing for a girl with such a healthy appetite for the opposite sex. I didn’t get around in high school by any stretch, but I liked guys almost as much as they liked me. That first night in college, I stroked off quietly in my bed while dreaming of Ingrid’s long, silky legs entwined with mine — our pussies brushing together as we kissed each other passionately on the lips. I couldn’t wait to see her perky breasts bare.Needless to say, it was a pretty exciting year for me. I met a wonderful guy who fulfilled my every romantic and sexual need. But I still couldn’t keep my mind off Ingrid. We did all the things girl friends do — gossiped about boys, painted our toenails, had pillow fights that ended in near kisses. I always loved watching Ingrid get dressed for dates. As she applied her lipstick in the mirror between our beds, I wondered what it would be like to press my tongue between those full, perfect lips.When she sat on the edge of her bed and slipped on a pair of sheer, black stockings, I had to struggle to suppress a moan. My pussy oozed as I watched her hook each stocking into her garter belt, knowing she wasn’t wearing panties under her tight-fitting skirts.We’ve kept in touch since college, and I always look forward to meeting my old roommate for lunch. She’s a stewardess for a major airline now, so she’s often out of the country. I was so excited when I got an email from her last week saying she would be in town for a couple of days.When she walked into my apartment it was just like the day she entered our dorm. Like that first day, my clit hardened as I saw how gorgeous she looked, stepping through my door in her hot little stewardess uniform, towing her flight bag behind her. Ingrid took off her hat and opened her arms for a hug. We’re almost exactly the same size, so as I wrapped my arms around her waist, our nipples met, and I marvelled at how naturally our bodies fit together. I was wearing a little white tennis dress, and as she hugged me tighter, my nipples hardened against her and I could feel my dress riding Escort up the backs of my thighs barely covering my white, cotton panties. “I hope you don’t mind,” said Ingrid, unbuttoning her jacket and heading toward the bathroom. “It’s been a long flight, and I really need a shower.””Be my guest,” I said, biting my lip as her skirt slid down to the carpet and she struggled to pull off her silky nylons. I creamed when I saw her perfect little ass emerge from her tights, and I realized she had just travelled from Moscow without any panties. As soon as she disappeared into the bathroom, I lunged for her nylons, brushing the crotch under my nose and savoring her sweet, feminine smell. I pulled off my own panties and slipped on my former roommate’s pantihose, fighting back an orgasm as her crotch covered my groin. I threw off my dress and pulled on her skirt, turning to look in the mirror as I zipped up the back. I was doing up her jacket and reaching for her hat as Ingrid emerged from the bathroom.”Well, well,” she said with a mischievous grin. “You’ve missed your calling.”My face turned red with embarrassment as Ingrid settled into an armchair and crossed her long legs, looking me over from head to toe. She was wearing a flimsy pair of my see-through, low-cut panties and a silk camisole that revealed her pretty pink nipples.”Miss!” she grunted in a business-man voice, snapping her fingers. “What does a guy have to do to get a drink around here?”I turned and walked slowly to the kitchen, knowing her eyes were following the seams on the backs of my nylons. When I set the drink on the table next to her, she purred like an alley cat, running her hand up the back of my leg, from my calf to my rump, pushing up my skirt.I slapped her hand away and she laughed, pulling me onto her lap and sliding her hand up my thigh.”You’re a feisty little bitch,” she growled, still using her manly voice. “Maybe you need a good spanking!”I giggled and squirmed in her arms as her hand inched higher up my skirt. “I’m sorry sir. Have I been a bad stewardess?” I asked, biting the tip of my finger like a naughty school girl. My other index finger stroked her nipple through her camisole as her hand finally cupped my swollen mound.I was ready to cum when she leaned in and kissed me, her sweet, soft lips gently parting mine. My thighs gripped her wrist as our tongues met and I writhed in orgasm. I couldn’t believe I was French kissing another girl — a girl I’d been dreaming of since college. I sucked her tongue, lightly bit her bottom lip and savored the sweet taste of her lipstick. I could have kissed her for hours, it felt so incredibly sexy. When our lips finally parted, I kissed my way slowly down her neck and licked her nipple through the flimsy fabric of her camisole, rolling the little nub between my lips. As her fingernails clawed hungrily at the crotch of my nylons, I playfully bit her nipple causing her to Escort Bayan gasp and dig her nails into my fattened lips.Taking a long sip of her drink, Ingrid growled “You call this a martini? I’ve had better stewardesses in coach!””I’m very sorry sir,” I cooed, rolling off her lap and crawling over to the coffee table on hands and knees. “I’ve been a terrible stewardess and I need to be punished.”I leaned across the table, presenting my bum to Ingrid. I watched her in the mirror as she rose from the chair and sauntered toward me. I was so turned on by the thought of my ass being handled by a beautiful woman.Ingrid kneeled beside me, unzipping my skirt and letting it slide to my knees. “You’re making a mess of my tights,” she said, running her hand over my soaked, throbbing pussy.”Why don’t you tear them off me then?” I said, yearning to be spanked, licked and fucked by my tasty girlfriend.But Ingrid grabbed me by the hair and forced my head against the coffee table. “When I want your advice I’ll ask for it,” she hissed. “The last thing I want from a stewardess is back talk.” Still holding my head to the table, she delivered a stinging slap across my ass, causing me to yelp in pain. Ingrid giggled at my discomfort and it felt like we were playful roommates again.As she prepared to slap me again, I ground my bottom against her mound, parting the crack of her pussy with my ass. She spanked me again and again, gently humping her clit against my pantihosed bum. I watched in the mirror as her titties bounced with the force of each slap.When tears began to stream down my face, Ingrid took mercy on her naughty stewardess. Pulling my nylons down to my knees, she gently kissed my bare, tortured bottom.”That’s a good girl,” she purred. “Let Ingrid kiss it all better.””It tastes like candy,” said Ingrid, drawing her tongue from the top of my thigh, over my cheek and down into the crack of my ass. “Open up and let me taste your asshole.”Reaching back, I spread my cheeks, allowing her tongue to enter where no other woman had been before. As her sweet young lips explored my behind, I watched her every move in the mirror. I let out a gasp as she reached for her flight bag. Her lips and tongue continued exploring my body while her hand dug through her luggage.My hips quivered in orgasm when I saw what she was grasping for. Replacing her tongue with three fingers, Ingrid started slowly fucking me while stroking my ass with what I thought was a nine-inch dildo. “Kiss my beautiful cock,” she growled, shoving the object toward my lips. I kissed the tip of her dick then slowly drew the head into my mouth with my tongue. The knob was as big as a plum, and the shaft was smooth and hard. She pushed it deeper into my mouth and I realized it was attached to a pair of black, lycra panties.Ingrid stood behind me and pulled the panties up her long, slender legs, snapping the waistband over her mound. Running Bayan Escort her hand up and down her shaft while stroking her breast with the other, Ingrid admired her new look in the mirror. Grasping the edges of the coffee table, I raised my ass toward her and whispered “Fuck me Ingrid. You know what a stewardess needs.” She dropped to her knees with one hand on her cock and the other reaching to spread my sweet little cheeks. When I felt the tip of her knob part my pussy lips, I pushed backward, taking the entire shaft inside me with one thrust. As soon as her soft, cheerleader hips grazed my bare ass, I started to cum violently, swaying my ass from side to side with every thrust.As Ingrid quickened her pace, I raised my shoulders, arching my back and yelping each time her dick hit bottom. I was soon humping as fast and hard as she was, my tits shaking wildly as I rode her to another orgasm.Letting go of the coffee table, I got on my hands and knees and crawled across the room with Ingrid still fucking me from behind. Standing at the mirror, I kissed and licked my own reflection, while Ingrid ran her hands over my bush, up my tummy and under my breasts. With her cock still buried inside me, Ingrid slipped my jacket off and slowly unbuttoned my shirt, freeing my perky tits. I pressed my nipples against the cool glass as she removed my shirt and stroked my ass, stomach and shoulders. Her silky blonde hair caressing my skin as she kissed the back of my neck.Each time she thrust her cock into me, I pressed harder against the glass, pulling away as she withdrew. I felt like I was sandwiched between two incredibly beautiful girls. She went on fucking me that way for such a wonderfully long time that I started to wonder why I ever bothered with men. We could kiss, stroke and screw each other all night and through the day if we wanted.My thoughts were interrupted by Ingrid’s fingers stroking my clit as she quickened her thrusts, driving me over the top again. My knees buckled as my orgasm took over, and I fell to the ground, rolling onto my back and spreading my legs. Ingrid dropped to her knees and pulled her nylons off me, stopping to suck and kiss each of my toes before kissing her way up my legs and abdomen, stabbing her dick between my legs as our lips and breasts met.As my tongue explored her beautiful mouth, I rolled Ingrid onto her back and straddled her dildo, riding her up and down as I stared into her eyes. She reached her hand between our clits and stroked as I ground my pussy against her mound. Leaning forward, I pushed up her camisole and finally tasted her bare, perfect breasts. I loved the way she squirmed and jiggled as her dick ravaged my slender frame.When I knew she was on the brink of cumming, I leaned back and slapped her hard across her tits, sending her into a mad-eyed frenzy of delight. She bucked so hard I had to grab her nipples to keep from being thrown. “You torrid little slut,” she howled. “I am so going to fuck your ass when I get up!”I pinched her nipples hard and squeezed her hips between my thighs, my own orgasm squirting cum all over her pussy.Leaning forward, I whispered into her ear: “Is that a promise?”

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