Shopping turn into Passion in The Park


Shopping turn into Passion in The ParkIt very cold outside with lots of snow on the ground a wonderful time to go out and build a snowman but its better to stay inside and just be warm instead.I pick up the phone to call and very good friend who happens to be and lesbain very good looking indeed no matter what the weather is like we both always hanging out together having and good time.We both decide to go shopping for awhile and get something to eat enjoying the our time out together.After our fun of shopping at the mall having lunch together just nothing but girly fun time,we decide to just drive around the city viewing the beautiful snow and driving through Eden Park its such a beautiful sight in the winter time.The car was park as we both just sat and talk for awhile enjoying our day together,she being to touch my leg and gently rubbing it which felt very nice I look into her eyes we both being to kiss very soft gentle touch on my lips it started to get passionate.Kissing and caressing each other things was getting a little heated now we both was wearing short skirts with long boots and dress Escort very nice and warm.Both of us was getting so horny we grab and thick blanket from the back of the car,walking to the wooded part of the park but not to far from the park car.Laying the very large blanket on top now back to kissing my lover very passionately,it may be cold out it didn’t matter at all when you are horny ass hell you forget about the things around you.Things got so hot and heated both of us unzipped our coats open and being to caress each other bodys not wearing any underwear at all that was even better.Kissing my lover soft lips working my way to her ears as I gently whisper to her how much I want to make sweet love to her.Kissing and licking her neck taking my hand caressing her body until I felt her nipples get very hard I being to lift up her shirt licking those beautiful brown nipples,I hear her moan she unbotton my blouse and unhook my bra fromthe front sucking both of my nipples DAMN!! that feel so good making my pussy get even more wetter.We both are fingering each other pussies and tasting the sweet Escort Bayan juices on our fingers MMmmmmmmmmm so sweet indeed,not worry about the cold but only the sexual lust we have for each other which kept us warm with passion.We both kiss,caress,fondle each other with great deal of pleasure.I put on my strap-on and fuck her doggie style very slow deep strokes in and out,long and deep but very gentle she was moaning in great pleasure”OH FUCK ME BABY”I was stroking tha pussy very hard and deep she working those hips and pounding that ass on my dong.Fuck I had to lick that juicy pussy MMmmmmmmm.I’m sliding my tongue very deep inside licking all around her pussy lips and clit,at the same time I being to french kiss that pussy very well.The passion of our love making was so intense it was like and blazing flame fire and desire baby,we are in and 69 postion she is licking my clit and pussy SHE GOT MY PUSSY SO WET!!! she telling me how good my creamy pussy taste.Oh she just don’t know how I’am loving her sweet nectar so very juicy wet indeed and so very YUMMY!!.The tongue stroking,fingering,and Bayan Escort sucking each other clits was the best 69 fucking ever.As we both change sexual postion to trib each other spreading our pussy lips open so our clits can rub we being to slowly grind pussies together moving and working our hips back and forth “OH DAMN THE BEST FEELING EVER” our pussies are getting so very wet the juices just flowing out mixing together making our nectar even more sweeter MMmmmmmm.Our pussy grinding is getting very hard and intense as we both press harder making it very pleasureable now adding the double dong to our passion it was a short dong so our pussy and clit can still touch each other.Kissing very passionately sucking and licking each other tits with the dong inside us,both now being to move and working our hips together tribbing very close and so hard we both are moaning with such great pleasure fucking the out of each other it was so very intense our love passion for each other was so wonderful we both being to cum very hard the feeling was so strong.Our love making was done we look into each other eyes and kiss very passionately it was the best love making ever in the park while its very cold out at least no one was around we had the park ot ourselfs our love making kept us very warm….WINTER TIME FUCKING IN THE PARK!!!

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