On A Couch, Upstairs

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Allie and I had been dating for a few months. Before that we were friends for about a year and a half, growing closer and closer until things finally erupted in a kiss and everything clicked into place. When our lips parted and I saw the look in her eyes, I was flooded with warmth. All the pent up emotion I didn’t realize I was suppressing, every sense on fire from my core to the tips of my fingers that had somehow ended up interlaced with hers. I saw that she felt it too, and suddenly the world made sense. I was lighter than air for the rest of the day, and I don’t know how she made it home without wrapping her car around a tree.

Now class had just let out for winter break in our senior year of high school, and we spent every evening we could together. More often than not that meant playing video games or watching movies on the couch in her game room upstairs. Mostly I remember the bookends of those nights, maybe just from idyllic repetition. Of course Allie looked incredible when she dressed up, but there was something even more exciting, in a way, about seeing her open the door to greet me in sweatpants and a loose t-shirt. With her chestnut hair falling over one shoulder, bent into lazy waves from the ponytail she had worn all day, she had an incandescent glow.

The nights usually ended with us cuddled up on her couch, talking. When we were lucky and her family was away or fast asleep, we would mess around under a blanket, wrapped in a cocoon of warmth. But even more vivid and special to me were the goodbyes. Walking out to my car and spending our last minutes together in shadow from the yellow streetlights became our ritual. It never really got properly cold in the Southwest, but most nights were frigid enough that I would hold Allie close, her hands slipping underneath my shirt and hoodie to find the warmth of my skin.

I think what I enjoyed most was the feeling that she was trying to keep me there for as long as possible, that she didn’t want to let go. It was mutual, and our parting kisses always lingered on my tongue and on my mind as I drove home on empty suburban streets, feeling wistful and invigorated and alive.

On one of these nights early in the break we were playing one of the Halo campaigns, the most recent in our string of co-op narratives to tackle together. I am unashamed to admit that Allie is way better than me at just about any given video game, but we worked pretty well as a team. Her dad had gone downstairs to watch TV about half an hour before, and our conversation fell back into the ease that comes with not having a parent in earshot.

As we cleared another room of enemies, Allie got on the subject of being a girl gamer. “It sucks, because you have to use a headset to coordinate well online, but as soon as they hear my voice they become morons.”

I laughed. “Well, you’re the most female interaction they get. What do you expect? They revert to a primal state.”

“Of idiocy? I don’t know how the human race got to this point if that’s what we had to deal with in the past.”

I scored a headshot and reveled in the explosion of goo from the alien’s skull. “I’m not convinced getting to this point is that much of an accomplishment.”

Allie exhaled a snort of agreement as she tossed a grenade over a wall. “I just wish they’d shut up and play. I mean, the other day my whole team asked me if I’d rather give up cheese or blowjobs. Who asks that? And why would I care about giving up a bunch of work for somebody else’s enjoyment?”

“Well that is a stupid question. But it’s not supposed to be work,” I replied. “I’d love to try eating out. It sounds like a lot of fun.”

She looked sideways at me and I met her gaze, her eyebrow raised a hair. After a long second the moment was broken by a transport ship spilling out hordes of gun-toting aliens in the field in front of us.

“Shit!” she cried. “Cover left!” We went to work at population control with laser rifles and rocket launchers.

* * * * *

An hour and a half later our exchange had slipped from my mind. After finishing a couple more Halo levels, we put down the controllers and fell to talking. Earlier her mom and dad had each come upstairs separately for a few minutes on thin pretenses, but by now the TV was off, the house had been quiet for at least twenty minutes, and Allie and I were curled up together on the couch between two blankets.

One of my arms was wrapped around her back, and my other hand traced idly up and down the smooth thigh she had draped over my own leg. Allie had a fantastic ass, and even though it was hidden under the blanket at the moment I was grateful that the day had been warm enough for her to decide on the thin cotton shorts that hugged her so tightly.

In a conversational lull she lifted her head from my shoulder to look at me, and I bent down to kiss her. She returned the kiss more hesitantly than I expected, and I pulled away after a few seconds. Before I could figure out what to say, she Maltepe Escort seemed to make up her mind, and she kissed me back with the usual passion.

Our tongues danced and intertwined, and I moved my hand up her clean-shaved thigh to cup her ass. She slipped a hand under my shirt to stroke my abs and side, and we explored each other as our kisses grew more heated.

We rolled a quarter turn and Allie straddled me, the upper blanket discarded in a heap. I reached behind her and unhooked her bra, relishing her pert form as we kissed. Allie had a weird reservation about taking her shirt off, but I could hardly complain with the feel of her soft warmth filling my palms.

Allie had settled with one leg between mine and another on the outside, and she began to gyrate her pelvis against my leg. What started as unconscious movement turned into deliberate pumping, and before long the length of her supple body was mashed against mine, writhing under my roaming hands.

We were no longer really kissing, but her face hung an inch above mine, our hot breath mingling as I grasped her ass with both hands and helped her grind her crotch into my leg. Neither of us had ever brought the other to orgasm, but I was beginning to think that we might change that.

Instead, she abruptly halted and started to catch her breath. Rather than draw out the moment, I flipped us around so that she lay underneath me and slid my hands up her sides. This seemed to break her trance, and she reached up to kiss me as I returned my attention to her erect nipples.

But after only a few seconds she moved her hand to the center of my chest and pressed her palm against me, and I pulled away in concern. I searched her face for a sign of what was wrong, but to my surprise found her looking more timid than anything. Her eyes darted about nervously, making eye contact only for fleeting moments as she spoke haltingly.

“So, what you said earlier. About, you know…” Allie glanced downwards and then back to me. Her fingers were curled against my skin underneath my shirt. “Were you being serious?”

It took me a second, but my face slowly cracked into a smile as hers fell in expectation of ridicule. She started to say something else but I silenced her with a kiss and then moved down, sliding backwards on the couch so that I could brush my lips across her stomach where her shirt had ridden up. I put my hands on her shorts and felt her core tense up as I slipped a finger beneath the cotton at each of her hips.

I raised my eyes to meet hers as I continued kissing her stomach. Her muscles eased into relaxation when I withdrew my fingers and began lightly massaging her legs.

Allie’s breathing grew deeper as I kneaded circular patterns in her thighs, searching for her tension and slowly pulling it out of her. My lips wandered across her stomach and waist at the same time.

In time our eyes met and I realized her own fingers were under her shorts now. She pushed the fabric down and together we slipped off her shorts and panties, Allie wriggling out of them to settle back on the disheveled blanket.

Her knees parted at my touch and I took in the sight before me. Her small pink lips already glistened with arousal. The tight slit they traced out pouted open at the bottom as if in anticipation. Closely trimmed dark hair set off the tenderness of the flesh it framed. Most of the girls I had seen in porn were shaved, but open in front of me Allie’s pussy was more enticing than any I had seen on a computer screen. I could smell her now, a dense and complex scent that I didn’t understand but couldn’t get enough of. When I finally tore my eyes away I saw that her expression was once again one of apprehension.

“You’re gorgeous,” I said, and I meant it.

I lowered my head and softly kissed her pussy lips. She shivered at my touch, but let her thighs spread an inch or two wider. I breathed in deeply while gently nuzzling her skin, trying to fill myself with her aroma.

My hands went back to work on her legs, but now my attention was focused squarely between them. I started with small licks, letting her taste linger on the tip of my tongue. In between I would grasp her skin between my lips and pull gently at her.

I started tracing longer strokes up and down her slit, teasing her lips apart. When I glanced up I saw that her eyes were closed and one of her hands had crept under her shirt, where she was caressing her nipple. I rested my tongue at the bottom of her pussy and then planted, thrusting my tongue inside her and licking strongly upwards. Her eyes stayed closed, but she let out a low moan and bucked her hips into me.

I returned the pressure, burying my face between her legs and kissing her pussy deeply. When she settled back into the couch cushion I went to work, licking and sucking her sweet skin with greater fervor. I did my best to mix things up, alternating licks up the length of her lips with deeper penetration. But I coaxed Anadolu Yakası Escort the best reactions out of her when I pressed my mouth against her pussy, let my tongue wander inside her, and hummed into her flesh.

Allie was doing her best to keep quiet, but small moans and whimpers still managed to escape. As she began to shift and squirm against my mouth, I moved my hand to her pussy and coated my fingers in her juices. Still teasing her with my tongue, I started rubbing light circles around her clit with my fingertips.

I carefully watched her face, and when I zeroed in on her clit I saw her eyes pop open and heard a small “oh.” As her gaze met mine her surprise gave way to pleasure, and soon her eyes closed again, her head rolling back to rest on the arm of the couch. Her breaths grew deeper as I rubbed tighter and faster circles around her clit, at the same time sucking her delicate lips into my mouth.

As one of her hands grew frenzied under her bra, the other dug into the couch at our side. I licked a long, slurping path up her slit and took her clit into my mouth, flicking my tongue across it. My hand dropped lower between her legs, where her dripping lips warmly accepted two of my fingers. Her breathing was getting frantic now, and I sensed she was close.

Too afraid to change anything and risk losing Allie’s rapture, I kept my pace steady. With her taste filling my mouth and my fingers thrusting in and out of her, I watched her back arch up off the couch and her body begin to ripple with small convulsions. Her eyes were clamped shut, her fingers madly kneading her breast, her mouth opening and closing in silence. Her moans were replaced with the urgent sound of shallow panting, and I felt her thighs squeeze the sides of my head. I sucked hard on her clit and rode out the bucks of her orgasm, relishing the sight and taste and smell of her.

Eventually she reached down and pushed at my head, and I released her flushed skin from my mouth and sat up. Her eyes still shut, she let her legs close and fall together to the side. I rested my hand on the curve of her ass where her skin, damp with sweat, radiated heat. As I leaned against the backrest and watched her chest rise and fall, I couldn’t quite tear the stupid grin from my face.

When she finally opened her eyes, her expression seemed almost disbelieving. She saw my smile and tried to roll her eyes at me, but I could tell her heart wasn’t in it.

“See, I told you it would be fun,” I said. “And if you think that was a chore, you couldn’t be more wrong.”

This time she really did roll her eyes, but then reached out to grasp my arm. “Just come here,” she said in mock exasperation. She shifted to let me lay down in between her and the back of the couch, and I slid my arms around her. We shared a long, slow kiss, and when our lips parted I found her staring into my eyes, searching my face. I kissed the tip of her nose and pulled the blanket back over us, making sure to hide Allie’s shorts and panties under it. With Allie naked from the waist down, her bra undone under her shirt, and her juices still coating my fingers and lips, we drifted off to sleep, looking for all the world like innocent cuddlers.

* * * * *

Allie and I both had family obligations, so it was a few days before we saw each other again. My head hadn’t stopped racing with memories of that night since we said goodbye. That was about all we had said; after we napped for half an hour Allie was quiet as she dressed and walked me outside. Her body melted into mine on the still street next to my car, her head buried in the crook of my neck and her chest pressing softly into mine with each breath.

Our kiss goodbye was tender, with only the lightest touch of tongue between her soft lips. Her hand lingered on my neck, her thumb resting gently on my jawline. I drove home with the windows down and no music on, letting the sound of the road wash over me. I saw no one else. At home I paused on the street in front of my house, the only sound in the sleepy neighborhood the scratching of my shoes on concrete. I breathed in the night air and went inside.

In the intervening days we texted like normal, without a mention of our last night together. Visions of Allie’s dripping pussy floated through my head as I knocked on her door, but they were dispelled when she answered. The real image that replaced them was almost as enticing. Allie stood inside in sweatpants and a salmon-colored tank top that both hugged her body closely, emphasizing the curves of her ass and breasts.

She greeted me with an energetic hug and we walked into the kitchen where I made small talk with her parents for a few minutes. We talked about my upcoming family vacation and they revealed that they would be spending the evening with Allie’s older sister Bree at a friend’s wedding.

“Thank god I’m not invited,” Allie said.

“Don’t worry,” her dad replied. “I’m gonna send you in my place so Ümraniye Escort your boyfriend and I can play video games.”

I laughed. “Sounds like fun, but I don’t think you can hold a candle to Allie’s skills.”

“You guys just wait. I’ve been holding out on you, saving the good stuff for later.”

Allie snickered at him. “Do you mean on the one game you can even figure out how to play?” He waved her off and we headed upstairs to turn on the console.

We only made it through a level and a half before Allie’s dad poked his head up from the stairs and bade us goodbye. “Be good, kids. Sorry you don’t get to sit through an exhilarating ceremony with a bunch of strangers.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Allie intoned as she burst from cover and unloaded on a group of advancing enemies. “Get out of here with your adult stuff.”

A minute later the garage door started closing, and to my surprise Allie paused the game the instant we heard it halt. She tossed her controller aside and swung a leg over me to sit in my lap. Looking up to her face, I relished the way her shirt cut in under her breasts and accentuated their perkiness.

She leaned down and I accepted her kiss, her hair falling from her shoulder to brush the side of my face. Her mouth was warm and the kiss wet and sloppy. Her tongue darted around my mouth with a level of eagerness that I had rarely seen before, and her hands were already under my shirt on my stomach. I squeezed her sides and thought back to when she confessed how much she enjoyed seeing me shirtless, and how amazed and lucky I felt that someone as gorgeous as her could be attracted to me.

I felt equally lucky today with Allie’s tongue in my mouth and her hands all over me. As I reached under her top to caress her back, she broke off our kiss momentarily.

“Wow,” I said. “You’re certainly fiery today.” I grinned at the passion flashing in her eyes.

“Well,” she said as she kissed me again, “I realized I never really said thank you for the other night.”

“The other night was incredible. I should be thanking you. I told you giving would be its own fun.”

“Hmm, that you did,” she agreed before giving me another hungry kiss. As I reached up to unclasp her bra she pulled away again, her eyes gleaming.

“But,” she interrupted, “I still haven’t really thanked you. And I intend to fix that before you leave me to visit stupid Kentucky.” My hands paused at her back and hers fell to my lap, where she unfastened my belt and went to work at my jeans. She unzipped my fly and tugged my pants down underneath her, holding eye contact with me the whole time. After giving me another wet kiss, she slid off the couch to kneel at my feet.

Allie’s earlier advances had already given me an erection, and without her on my lap my cock strained at the fabric of my boxers. Her attention shifted to focus on this phenomenon while she freed my feet from my jeans, and when she put her hand on my penis it throbbed under only a thin layer of cotton.

She had all the eagerness of before, but her touch was still a bit timid. Even so, her gaze never left my lap as she found my fly and let my cock spring to attention in front of her. After a second she wrapped two fingers and her thumb lightly around the base where it jutted from my boxers. If I was hard before, her touch and the look in her eyes had me made out of granite now.

“So, this is what’s been poking me all those times we made out.”

“You can’t blame me, with someone as hot as you around.”

She shifted her hand to grip me fully and met my eyes for the first time since leaving my lap. Slowly she leaned forward and let the tip of her tongue dart out to lick the underside of my head before she spoke again.

“Well, officially, thank you.”

She took the tip of my cock in her mouth and I groaned in pleasure, leaning back into the couch. Her mouth engulfed me in heat, and when she flicked her tongue over the head of my penis she set my entire length tingling.

I gaped stupidly at the sight before me as Allie took me deeper into her mouth and started pumping the base of my cock with her hand. No video I had ever seen had even come close to this. Allie exuded passion, and I wanted the image of my cock filling her mouth fixed in my mind for eternity.

Her velvet lips slid up to the tip of my penis and released me, and she began licking my shaft as she pumped my full length. When her eyes met mine I was once more overcome with love and lust, and she sent shudders down my spine when she surrounded me again with her wet warmth. She was getting more confident now, bobbing her head up and down with a pause every now and then to swirl her tongue over the head of my cock.

With every second her motions grew more sure and I grew closer to bursting. As she gave me a hard pump and flicked her tongue over my most sensitive spot, the underside of my glans, I let out a moan.

“Ohh Allie I’m gonna come.”

She fixed her eyes on mine and planted her lips firmly around the tip of my cock, pressing her tongue against its underside. Her fist rose and fell steadily as cum pumped out of me, my dick pulsing in her hand. She actually sucked my cock, pulling the cum from my spasming shaft into her waiting mouth.

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