Our Night


I knew tonight was the night for us. You and I have been going out for some time, but never have made love before tonight. I have been begging you for weeks to make love to me, but you would always smile and say “good things come to those who wait.” Finally, you call me in the middle of the night, awakening me from sweet dreams, telling me to come to your apartment, and please hurry. Not knowing what to expect, I jump out of bed, throw a pair of blue jeans on, grab an old T-shirt of mine, and run out the door and drive to your apartment as quickly as I can. I run up the stairs of your building, not wanting to wait for the elevator, and by the time I make it to the fifteenth floor, I am out of breath and sweaty from my fifteen story run. I make my way to your apartment and unlock your door and step inside, expecting some kind of emergency.

I don’t expect what I see. The lights in your two-room apartment are out, but your living room is dimly light by several candles around the apartment. Your sofa bed is extended, covered by your favorite grey satin sheets. The curtains are drawn, soft music is playing in the background, and there is a plate of fresh fruit and a chilled bottle of wine on your side table. The sweet smell of potpourri fills the room, I know how you love the smell of vanilla and cherries. I look around for you, and say your name into the darkness to see if you are here.

“Here I am,” you say as you step out of the bathroom. You are breathtaking, your long, dyed white, silky hair cascading down around your shoulders and back, its soft strands alluringly covering your soft, healthy skin; your big, enthralling blue eyes glimmering in the candlelight; and you are wearing your silk bathrobe and that white lace teddy, garter, thong, and fishnet stockings from Victoria’s Secret that I thought you and I were picking out for your sister’s wedding. Your sweet perfume fills the room, removing all thoughts not of you from my head as you approach me, slowly, flashing that dazzling, million-dollar smile of yours. I can’t believe that I found such a beautiful, sweet, charming woman like you to be my girlfriend; I thought the kind of lady like you only appeared in romantic movies. You step up to me, flashing that smile of yours, and slowly kiss me, allowing your body to brush against mine ever so slightly. I feel your lips surround mine, and your sweet, silky tongue enter my mouth as you lock your eyes with mine and continue to kiss me deeply.

We continue to kiss for a few minutes, until you step back and walk over to the sofa bed. You pick up a strawberry from the bowl of fruit, and beckon to me to join you on the bed, continuing to smile in that charming manner of yours. First, I want to get these old, dirty, sweaty clothes off, so I disrobe in the bathroom and put on my red terry cloth bathrobe of mine that I left over here when I have to stay over or need to shower or whatnot. I join you in your living room, where you have produced a bowl full of cream and are now sitting on the bed, enjoying a strawberry covered in that cream. I sit beside you and kiss you again, tasting the strawberry on your breath.

Without saying a word, you pick up another strawberry, dip it in the cream, and hold it for me to eat. I eat the strawberry out of your hand, pausing to lick the drop of cream that you got on your finger. You then motion for me to lay down on the bed, flashing that disarming smile of yours, and I do so unable to resist your charm. You slowly undo the knot on my bathrobe, and part it, exposing my body to you. You then bend over and kiss my chest gently, and begin to run your soft hands up and down my body, giving me chills at your expert touch. You then pick up another cherry from the bowl of fruit, and dip it in the cream, careful to get as much cream on the strawberry as you can, and then run the piece of fruit up and down my body, creating little lines of cream to appear all over my body. You finish by putting a double helping of cream on the tip of my penis, eating the strawberry that seconds before touched my body all over, and again looking up at me with that smile of yours that I cannot resist.

After that, you begin to lick the cream off my body with your Kadıköy Escort velvet-like tongue, snaking it up and down my chest and stomach where only moments before you carassed me with the strawberry. I begin to get aroused, my penis stiffening under your expert manipulation. Electric like waves of passion run through my body as you continue to kiss and lick my body, putting me in ecstasy. Finally, you get to my now rock-hard penis, and slowly begin to kiss around it, showering my stomach and inner thighs with little butterfly kisses. I want you to suck my cock so badly, but I am so excited by your touch that I can do nothing but lay back, at your mercy. You then kiss my balls and snake your soft tongue around them, and I almost cum then, driven into a frenzy by your soft tongue and expert lips, but I manage to stop myself just short. After that you take my balls in your mouth, continuing to snake your tongue around the sensitive skin of my scrotum. You begin to suck softly, as I begin to moan in passion from your expert touch. While you gently suck on my balls, you reach up and begin to caress my throbbing penis, as if milking the cum out of them. You run your hands up and down my shaft, giving extra care to the sensitive skin underneath, rolling the skin underneath your forefinger and thumb. I begin to moan louder, trying my hardest to not cum, silently begging you to take me in your mouth and finish me, swallowing every drop of my hot cum. I am in paradise as you suck my balls and continue to caress my erection.

I am so aroused that I almost do not even notice when you take my balls out of your mouth and switch positions, massaging my balls with one hand while kissing and licking my shaft with your deft lips and tongue. I only know that it feels good beyond anything that I could imagine. You guide your mouth to my head, where you lick off the cream and the sizable amount of pre-cum that has gathered there, and take my head in your mouth, your active tongue darting all around it. You slide your lips down my shaft, making sure I feel your soft, wet mouth as every inch of my cock enters it. Your tongue darts around my shaft, circling it and rubbing it up and down as you continue to slowly go down on my cock. I begin to moan louder, coming ever so close to cumming in your mouth as you continue to suck away and dart your tongue around every inch of my cock. I come out of paradise long enough to begin to caress your body over your sexy lingerie, feeling you through the silk of your robe and the soft white lace of your teddy. You feel so warm and soft under my hands, I cannot believe I am making love to such a wonderful woman.

Just then you reach the base of my cock, continuing to swirl your tongue around my hard, throbbing shaft. You begin to bob your head up and down around my cock, making soft sucking sounds as my shaft enters and exits your mouth. I have to grit my teeth to keep from cumming, I want this to last as long as possible. You begin to massage my balls harder, ultimately squeezing them between your fingers, as if trying to force my cum out of them. I decide to let go, and I begin to orgasm in your mouth. My hands clasp around your soft breasts as I shoot my load in your mouth and down your throat, and you choke trying to swallow it all. You feel the hot load enter your mouth, and you swallow what you can but still some of my cum dribbles out of your mouth, and down my shaft and down your neck, you can’t possibly swallow it all. I gasp and moan in orgasm, as my entire body tenses, focused on the incredible feeling of pleasure in my loins. Your lips clamp shut around my cock, as you continue to suck every drop of semen out of me. Finally, when my orgasm subsides, I lay back down, relaxed beyond my wildest fantasies. You remove my softening cock from your mouth, and look up at me. Your face is a mess, with cum and saliva and cream covering you and dripping down your chin, down your neck, and finally onto the soft satin sheets of your bed. Taking one hand, you wipe the mess off of your face, lick it off of your finger, and look up at me and smile.

“Your turn,” you say.

After that you lay down on the bed beside me. Your perfume again wafts across my Ataşehir Escort nose as I sit up, ready to please you in any way I can. I look down on you in your sexy lingerie, you look so beautiful and sexy to me in the candlelight. I kiss you gently on your lips, faintly tasting my semen on your breath, while you kiss back, again snaking your tongue in and around my own mouth and tongue, just like you did with my cock only moments before. I then begin to slowly kiss my way down your cheek, lender neck, and chest, covering every inch of your soft skin with my own kisses. When I reach your breasts, I started by kissing between the two supple mounds of flesh, and slowly letting my tongue drag on your skin, leaving a soft wet trail behind as I go. I then go on my slowly kissing underneath your breasts, making my way around them until I get to where I began. When I make a full circle around your perfect breasts, I start to kiss and softly lick your breasts in an ever-increasing spiral towards your pink nipples. You moan softly as I kiss my way around your breasts, and gently caress your soft skin with my tongue behind. When I reach your nipples, I stopp and go on to your flat stomach, again showering the space between your soft mounds with gentle kisses. You sigh a little when I ignore your nipples, disappointed that I didn’t service the two pink buttons of flesh.

Again I kiss and gently caress your with my tongue in a spiral around your stomach, making little circles that slowly close towards your navel while I slip your thong panties down your thighs and off of your. You again moan softly at my gentle touch, as I gently showered your belly in gentle kisses and trace my tongue around your soft skin. When I reach your navel, I lock my lips around it and gently push my tongue inside the small dimple in your stomach. I know you have a navel fetish, and I intend to take advantage of it. I start to suck at your navel and the surrounding skin while my tongue darts in and around the indentation, and you began to moan and squirm beneath me as I continue. I continue to suck and lick your navel for a few minutes, while you groan and squirm beneath me, silently wishing for me to go down to your pussy and make you cum. Finally I unlock myself from your navel, and stop for a minute to allow you to calm down and regain your breath. When you calm sufficiently to continue, I began to kiss downward from your navel to the soft, perfectly trimmed triangle of pubic hair between your legs. You begin to softly moan again as I bury my face in the perfectly prepared, perfumed mound of soft hair and kiss and lick your sensitive skin there. Then I continue, bypassing your pussy and kissing every inch of your firm, smooth inner thighs while slowly making little circles with my tongue on your thighs. Again you begin to squirm and moan quietly while my tongue dances around your thighs, making sure you are fully ready when I began to eat your pussy. After a few minutes of kissing and licking your thighs, I quickly bite your left thigh, leaving little teeth marks that indicate the real fun was about to begin.

I look at your pussy that sits just inches away from my face, and I see that it is dripping wet and ready to accept my active tongue. I smell the musky scent of your hot, wet pussy and know that you are ready for me to make you cum. First, I reach one hand up to your breasts and began to massage the two mounds of flesh and pinch your nipples ever so gently. You moan louder at my touch, and squirm just a little more underneath me. I begin by gently kissing your swollen outer lips, letting your juices inside my mouth as I gently extend my tongue upward to touch your clit, which is now swollen and pink. You moan a little louder when my tongue touches your clit, so I allow my tongue to dance little circles around it as I continue to rub and squeeze your breasts with one hand. I slowly touch your asshole and finger your lips with my other hand as my lips lock around your clit and I continue to tongue it slowly, then rapidly. You are very turned on now, you grab my head and push it towards your pussy as you thrash and beg for me to stop, the sensations are too great. That only makes me go after you that Maltepe Escort much harder, as I separate your lips with my little finger and forefinger and slowly penetrate you with my middle two fingers while I slowly penetrate your asshole with my thumb, all while I continue to suck and lick your clit.

You begin to moan louder, telling me that you are very close to your orgasm. In response I rub and squeeze your breasts harder, and pinch one of your nipples from time to time; while I continue to explore your open vagina and asshole with my fingers and suck and lick your clit even harder. Finally, I nibble your clit ever so gently and that proves to be too much. You scream that you are cuming, and your hot juices explode all over my face and hand. You dig your fingers into my scalp, and your thighs close around my head, causing me to not be able to breathe. I continue to finger your pussy and asshole, as your vagina contracts around my fingers and your juices flow out around my fingers, drenching my hand, arm, and head in your sweet, musky cum. I stay locked to your clit, darting my tongue around it through your orgasm. You thrash and buck underneath me, screaming for me to stop, even though you continue to hold my head into your pussy with your hands and thighs. Finally you collapse, your orgasm spent. You lay back on the soft bed, panting and sweating from the intensity of your orgasm, your perfect white lace lingerie completely soaked through with sweat and cum; your legs and arms spread wide apart, as you try to catch your breath and return from your orgasmic paradise.

But our night is not yet over. While I was pleasing you, my hard-on returned and my cock is now standing up at its full length, ready for another round. You again smile at me lustfully, as I kneel down between your legs.

You take my cock in your hands and guide it towards your dripping, tight pussy. I oblige you, and slip the head in very slowly. Your pussy feels so wonderful; wet, warm and tight, I almost blow my load then but I manage to control myself. Our eyes lock, and I begin to slowly insert my cock in your tight, wet cunt. I was going to make sure both you and I felt every inch as it slowly slipped in and out. You again moan, begging me to give it to you hard and fast, but I take my time, slowly inserting it until it is in all the way. It feels so good, so wet, warm, and tight; I want to cum right now, but I will not allow myself to cum until you do. I slowly begin to move my hips back and forth, thrusting my rock-hard penis inside your tight snatch in and out, going a little faster each time, but still going slowly so that we feel every inch of it as it slips in and out. My balls begin to slap against your firm, tight ass each time I thrust inward, filling me with ecstasy. your clit begins to rub against my hard shaft every time I move it, and you begin to beg for me to make you cum again.

Your hips respond too, forcing my cock in deeper and faster with each thrust. Both of us begin to moan and sweat as we work toward out mutual orgasm, and you sit up just a little so we can kiss while we fuck. My hands warp around your hips, bouncing you up and down while you grasp my ass, as we both rock back and forth in an ever faster rhythm. Your tits bounce up and down to the rhythm of our fucking, as we kiss, out tongues wrestling as we continue to bounce up and down faster and faster, my cock driving deep, hard, and fast into you as we can manage. Finally, you begin to orgasm, ripping free of my lips, arching your back and screaming out into the night. I feel your vagina contract against my hard cock, as your juices again explode around me, and run down our legs and onto the bed, drenching both of us in your hot, musky cum. Feeling you cum underneath me, I begin my orgasm as well. I ram my cock in your tight, contracting pussy as hard and deep as I can and I shoot my load deep into you. You feel my hot cum splash against your cervix which drives you even further into ecstasy, and you cum again, your pussy again contracting around my softening cock and you scream again for me to never stop.

Your grip on me slackens, and you fall to the bed, flushed, out of breath, sweaty, and coated in cum. My cock slips out of your contracting pussy, flinging a drop or two of our cum on your belly, and I collapse next to you, out of breath, sweaty, and coated in cum too. We reach to each other, and begin to hold each other and kiss as we both slip into unconsciousness.

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