Oh Heels Pt. 01


This is part 1 of the story of how I, Alicia Worsley, became a lesbian and fell in love. It’s a shortened version of my autobiographical ‘roman á clef’ novel “Over Heels” (Kindle and Paperback)

1. Just Me.

I love to masturbate. I make no excuses for it, and I feel no shame about it. It is a joyful way of relieving sexual tension, and has been a regular source of pleasure for me all my adult life. I suppose, like most young girls, my very first sexual experience was auto-erotic; just me and my fingers. I’ve loved it since that day, but I’m not sure why, as I got older, the love of self-pleasure got stronger and stronger, to the point where it became my main sexual activity for the best part of ten years. I suppose, as I matured and my body developed, I became aware that I was as hot as hell, and I found I could get a lot of pleasure from my own body.

I have never been short of male attention, but my sexual encounters with men have never been as exciting, or fulfilling as my long, languid wank sessions, which can last for hours and involve many, many orgasms. I recall that during one particular fuck with a man, I had a moment of clarity, when I found myself thinking I’d rather be home alone, wanking myself to a series of shuddering orgasms, instead of waiting 10 minutes for this guy to ejaculate and then be completely spent. i realised quite early that male sexuality is pretty limited, and doesn’t begin to compare to the female variety.

As my auto-erotic experiences got better and better, and my experiences with men continued to be underwhelming, I found myself bothering less and less with actual sex, and more and more with pleasuring myself. By the time I was in my late twenties, I had more or less stopped having sex with men, and I had developed my wank sessions into an art form. Honestly, if you were lucky enough to witness one of them, your eyes would pop out of your head, regardless of whether you are male or female.

My name is Alicia; I am now in my early thirties, 5’10” tall and just under 10 stone in weight, so I am not petite, but my tall frame carries 10 stone very nicely, with a just enough flesh to give me curves in all the right places. I have long, slightly curly brown hair and, unusually for a brunette, grey eyes. My face is more sexy than pretty, but I do a great line in sassy, sexual expressions. Or so I think.

My breasts are not huge but they are definitely on the large side at 36FF, and in proportion with my 5’10” body. They are plenty big enough for me to easily lift them up to suck my own nipples, which sends electric shocks through me. My nipples are just slightly on the upper curve of my breasts, which makes them easy to suck, and they tend to point slightly upwards. Pert, you might say. They are very prominent when aroused (often they show embarrassingly through my top) and have small areolas. I have a shapely waist and full hips (36FF/26/37) and my belly is not completely flat but just has a small feminine swell to it. And then of course, there’s my pussy.

I must warn my readers that, to be perfectly honest, I’m sort of in love with my pussy! It has given me so much pleasure over the years – other-worldly pleasure at times – why wouldn’t I be? It is beautifully fleshy, with inner lips that just protrude by the perfect amount and dark, rather wiry pubic hair that is not sparse yet not quite bushy either. I have never been tempted to shave my pubes, as is sadly fashionable nowadays. I want my cooch to look like a woman’s, not a little girls. And it does. It is so fucking sexy that I only have to look at it and it starts getting damp, and if touch it, or (oh my God) pull my lips apart, it wont be long before it is oozing that creamy white girl cum that is so incredibly horny. In the past, I have given myself a small orgasm just by placing a mirror in front of my cunt, pulling my lips apart and just flexing my vaginal muscles and. staring at it. That’s the power my pussy has over me.

Combine all that with my full thighs, which look gorgeous in black lace-top stockings, and my honey-colored skin (a legacy of my Spanish grandparents) and I have to say I have a body that is made to arouse, both other people and myself. Trust me, I make good use of it.

I was a quiet teenager. I had friends, but I didn’t much go in for partying, or raucous high jinks. I was more into sport, and particularly cycling. In my late teens I was a promising junior in my local cycling club, but as my physique developed it became obvious that I didn’t really have the lean, flat-chested physique of an elite athlete. For a girl to be successful in athletics of any kind she needs to be as much like a teenage boy as possible, and I was anything but. I gave up competitive cycling when I went to university, but I still cycle for pleasure, simply because I like it.

In my mid teens, I discovered the ecstacy of a proper orgasm, and I would masturbate daily, locked away in my bedroom. I would even sometimes miss a cycling club training etimesgut escort session, because I would rather stay home and pleasure myself. My parents probably just thought I was quiet and studious, but in fact I was wanking myself silly. It was even better if they were out and I could give free reign to my cries of pleasure, which always make an orgasm somehow much more intense. These immature sessions usually only lasted up to an hour, although there might be more than one in a day, but nowadays I really make the pleasure last as long as possible and my wank sessions can run into hours, with an almost limitless number of orgasms. Once I had my own place, there was nothing to stop me from wanking all day long if I liked, and sometimes I do.

During a mega session, I might get myself off in almost every room of the house, which can be messy and is one of the reasons I have no fitted carpets in my house, and a plethora of towels! My favourite room though, is the living room, with its large screen TV and leather armchairs and sofa. I have devised numerous ways to stimulate my pussy and turn myself on and I sometimes think up new ones when I am at work. When that happens, I have to drive home with a plastic sheet under me, because I’ll be damp with anticipation. Thank God I don’t give anyone a lift.

Really, I only need my body and my hands to get off, but I have always tried to augment the experience, sometimes with spectacular results. I found a mirror to be a great enhancement to my pleasure. With a mirror, I can look at my body from different angles, and I especially like to straddle a mirror and spread my cunt lips so that I can look up inside my oozing vagina and see my breasts with their erect nipples looming over me. It’s almost like self-domination.

Using food, especially fruit, is also a great turn on. I love to gradually eat the fruit while I am using it. Trickling my cream all over it and taking an occasional bite. So fucking sexy. Until you’ve tasted mellon with my cunt cream all over it you haven’t lived. A peeled banana is also a favourite; although it’s a bit thin and delicate to use as a satisfying dildo, a banana becomes slimy when it is rubbed against a nipple or a clitoris, adding to the general slipperiness. Not that I need much help in that department. When I’m aroused, I produce lots of girl cum, which is the best aphrodisiac I’ve ever found. Nowadays, I cannot eat fruit or peel a banana without getting wet.

I absolutely adore my juice, and there is something incredibly depraved, and thus horny, about drinking your own sexual fluid. I feel sorry for men, who can only produce a teaspoonful of cum. Mine just keeps coming and coming, and the more I produce, the more I crave. I even talk to myself, whispering ‘oh yes, give me more, and, of course, that increases the flow. I have experimented with the awkward position, with legs behind my head, that allows me to cum on my own face, but it’s not a comfortable position. I’m much more aroused in a standing or kneeling position, or reclining on the sofa, and I find it somehow even more sexy to collect my juice in a receptacle and then deliberately drink it, or pour it over my face. I love to stand over a glass, usually a small margerita glass, chosen for its wide rim – good for catching every drop – placed on the coffee table, and slowly wank myself off, building up the anticipation because I know what I am going to do once the glass starts to fill. I adopt a provocative pose, with my legs apart and my hips thrust forward, and I watch my cream dripping down and slowly filling the glass, breathing heavily. By the time I’ve had two or three climaxes, the glass is collecting lots of my milky love liquid, and I am shaking so much I can hardly stand. Looking down at the glass under my gorgeous dripping cunt makes me tremble, and the trembling makes my tits jiggle ever so slightly, which only adds to the arousal. Christ, it’s fantastic to be a woman!

Once the glass is ready, I drop to my knees and move my head close to it. The still-warm juice gives off a heady aroma that makes me shudder and, when I pick it up, my breath comes in staccato little gasps. I’m so fucking horny I could explode. I sit back on my haunches, with my head back, and I hold the glass of pussy cream over me and slowly let it dribble over my features. I keep my mouth closed at first, holding my lips in a pursed position, as if i were about to kiss someone and I let the juice cover my mouth and trickle down my cheeks and neck. Then, finally, I open my mouth and pour the remainder of that delicious musky elixir into my throat. This usually causes a massive gut-wrenching orgasm, throwing me onto my back in a convulsive spasm. I have broken glasses like this!

This is not the only way I have of drinking my juice though. I have dreamed up lots of ways of getting my fix of pussy juice. Sometimes I like to use a spoon; first, I fuck myself with two fingers, to get myself nice and creamy, then etlik escort I gather a spoonful of juice from my cunt before dribbling it into my mouth. Horny as hell, but my favourite spoon kink is to tape a soup spoon (chosen because of its shape and high-capacity!) onto the arm of a dining room chair, at just the right height for me to stand in front of it, bend my legs slightly, and push my hips forward, rubbing my pussy lips and clit over the edge of it. The hard metal edge of the spoon’s bowl feels exquisite as it scrapes across my most sensitive flesh and I move slowly up and down against it. This never fails to get me off and I stand over the spoon as I orgasm, filling it to overflowing with hot cunt cream. My orgasm goes on for a long time, aided by the anticipation of what I am about to do. As the climax subsides, I kneel in front of the spoon as if in worship, and run my nose across the edge of it, savouring my sex-smell, then I take the whole bowl of the spoon in my mouth and gulp down the pussy nectar, as if I were taking medicine. It’s the best medicine I’ve ever had and it gives me another gut-wrenching orgasm. Being alone, with the house to myself, immersed in my sexuality, wanking myself to a dozen orgasms, is the very best way to spend an evening. I fucking love it!

As if all this were not already irresistible enough, I recently discovered one of the best sex toys ever invented; a digital video camera. It was watching a self-shot solo girl porn video that turned me onto the possibilities; I thought ‘Fucking hell, I coild do that’, and I quickly acquired a camera and set about learning to use it. I don’t know why I never thought of it before, As soon as I started exploring its possibilities, I realised this was the biggest enhancement yet. Holy fuck, this was going to be fantastic. I would be able to film my wank sessions and watch them back later. I might never stop wanking! Not only that, but it would enable me to look at my gorgeous cunt in the most incredible high-definition close up, something I had never quite been able to do before. It wouldn’t enable me to lick my own pussy (something I’ve often dreamed of, but which is sadly not humanly possible for someone as tall as me) but it would be the next best thing. I would be able to look at my pussy as if my face were an inch or two from it. I would be able to see every detail. Every fucking detail. Oh my God that made me squirt just thinking about it. I had no interesf in making money on the internet (which I could easily do), I was just looking to enhance my own sexual pleasure. And boy was that successful!

The first time I used it I nearly passed out. I’d set it up on a tripod in the living room, in front of my wall-mounted 42″ TV but facing away from it and set at about pussy-height. I knew this was going to be good, but I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to experience. I had set it to use the TV as a monitor, so that whatever the camera recorded would be shown on the 42″ screen. My pussy was already dribbling with anticipation as I was putting on my black underwear and stockings. I left my knickers off because I was eager to see the closest view of my cunt I had ever seen and didn’t want to waste any time. I turned on the TV and then walked up to the camera and turned it on. My fingers were churning in my pubes when the image appeared on the screen. WOW! Holy fuck! The image was stunning! I slowly moved my fingers to my pussy lips while watching the huge image of my vulva on the TV. I was only a couple of feet from the screen as I eased my lips apart and the flesh inside my cunt was revealed as never before.

FUCK! I became light-headed and almost fell over as I spread my lips, standing just a couple of inches in front of the camera, and the massive image of my cunt seemed to fill the entire room. My entire being. The impact was incredible. It made my body physically jolt and shake. I’d never seen my pussy like this before, not even with a magnifying mirror; my long, slender fingers, with their painted pink nails were holding open my fleshy outer lips revealing the the crinkled folds of my inner lips, like a gothic arch, with the wet, oozing opening of my vagina in the middle and my glistening, engorged clit at the apex So close! Oh my God, my clit! I so wanted to suck on it. My pubes looked so coarse and wiry, and the drops of whitish juice on the hairs lower down, each side of my hole were shown in crystal clear definition. Suddenly realising that this was me, and that I could do anything I wanted, I spread my lips with one hand and began to rub a finger over my clit, coating it in juice, captivated by the huge image. I could see the whitish coloring of my fluid, the picture was so clear. I dipped two fingers in my hole and slowly removed them, covered in juice. I then knelt in front of the camera and put my pursed lips in front of the lens. Keeping my eyes fixed on the TV screen I then gave myself a show of rubbing my juicy fingers over my mouth and licking eve gelen escort them clean.

Standing up again, I popped a tit out of my bra, placed it close to the camera and marvelled at the detail of my crinkled, aroused areola and my erect nipple. I brought my stocking top to the camera as I stood up and saw the incredible detail of the lace on the screen, and then there was my cunt again. I thought I loved it before. Now, I worshipped and adored it. It was overwhelming. I felt my climax building within me and I quickly lowered the camera so that I could stand over it when I came. I pulled my lips wide open with both hands and lost myself in that sublime giant image of looking directly up my hole. I was holding my lips apart above the camera, and gazing at the screen, which was full of me; my thighs, my hands, and my spread, glistening, pussy. I screamed as I came and the image was suddenly obscured by a cascade of creamy white girl cum. I fell back on the sofa, wanking myself furiously as the image on the TV gradually cleared to soft focus as my juice drained down onto the tripod and dripped onto the floor. Then, like the horny bitch I am, I reappeared on the screen as I licked the camera clean.

I watched the video I had made three times that evening, once in slow motion, and had five further squirting orgasms. This camera was dynamite. I could hardly contain my excitement as I began to think about the horny footage I could shoot.

I could hardly wait to get home from work the next day, I had realised that the camera had a feature which I could definitely have some fun with: a 20x zoom, operable by remote control. I set the camera up a short distance from the sofa, about in line with where my pussy was going to be, placed a reading lamp so that everything would be well lit, and got the remote control ready. I then put my sexiest stockings and suspenders on and positioned myself on the sofa, leaning back with my legs spread. The camera was looking straight up between my legs and I had the remote in one hand. I turned on the camera and the image on the screen was exactly what I’d hoped for. It was an incredibly horny image of me, laying back on the sofa, legs apart, with my pert breasts in a black lace bra partially hiding my face, and my gorgeous pussy in full view between my full, stocking-clad thighs. I took in this image appreciatively. God, I was a sexy bitch.

I had set the zoom to its slowest speed and I pressed the button to start the picture, very slowly, closing in on my pussy. It travelled slowly up between my thighs, towards my stocking tops, and my pussy got bigger and bigger. I had my other hand resting idly on my right thigh but, as my hot cunt began to fill the screen, I parted my lips with two fingers, revealing the hot pink flesh within. The camera’s zoom was quite capable of closing right into my vagina but, when my vulva was filling the whole of the 42″ screen, I stopped. I then used both hands to slowly spread my lips fully open. I lay there transfixed by the overpowering image on the screen, holding myself open and flexing my cunt muscles so that my vagina opened and closed. With one finger, I rubbed my clit and soon, each time my hole opened a dribble of white cum trickled out. It wasn’t long before I was sitting in a pool of my cum, which felt so fucking horny.

I had to taste it! I stood up and turned around in front of the camera, showing off my soft peachy bum cheeks, then I crouched slightly with my legs apart, right in front of the lens so that the juice dripping off my pubes could be clearly seen, and then I bent down and bathed both my breasts in the pool of cream I had left on the sofa. I quickly turned the camera so that it looked up more and then knelt in front of it and sucked all my girl cum off my tits, which was in extreme close up and so horny that I started cumming without even touching my pussy. I stood up so that the camera could see my juices dribbling out of me. The image on the screen was truly magnificent. The camera was looking slightly upwards. Everything was perfectly lit, and the glistening juice on the insides of my thighs was clear to see. My pubes were full of little drops of juice and my engorged pussy lips were prominent, slightly parted and wet. At the top of the screen, my arms could be seen, holding up my breasts for me to suck, and more and more juice was dripping from my lips. Jesus Christ, it was a horny sight.

For the rest of the evening, I continued experimenting with the zoom and, in between fantastic, shattering orgasmsic sequences, of me wanking, I took a couple of breaks and watched some porn as my fingers gently played with my pussy. I never watch boy-girl porn. It is always solo girls masturbating – just like the films I had just been making – or girl-girl stuff.

Strange, but up to this point in my life I had never considered myself a lesbian, but there was no doubt that lesbian porn turned me on. One of my biggest fantasies had always been making love to myself. I would be in heaven if I could suck my own pussy, and when I’m watching lesbian stuff I always look for two brunettes, and I imagine I am one of them, making love to me, even though very few pornstars can match up to my body. I suppose this fantasy is in itself lesbian in nature.

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