The Confessions of Cherry Duncan Ch. 05


This story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed are FICTITIOUS. NO identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.


Captain Jefford stares at Cherry’s soaked pussy. He pulls down the top of her dress and exposes her teenage tits and hard nipples. He removes her nightgown while admiring her tight little body. He undresses and his fat cock bounces out of his pants. Cherry stares at it with excitement and fear.

He pinches both of her nipples as hard as he can and she lets out a small cry. He bends down and sucks on each of her nipples. He bites them until she pulls away. He shushes her then continues sucking on her nipples.

He rubs her bare pussy and she moans out. He kisses her and slides his fingers up and down between her wet pussy lips. He tickles her clit and her whole body vibrates. He smiles, teasing her pussy hole with the tip of his finger. Her hips buck against his hand and he presses down harder on her clit.

He strokes her pussy hole with his fingertip, making sure not to stick his finger inside. He kisses her neck and whispers in her ear, “I want the first thing in your baby pussy to be my fat prick.” She grabs his hand and tries to make him stop. “No, I want you to cum,” he says while rubbing her clit. “I don’t know what that is,” she protests while humping his hand.

He presses down harder on her clit and her breathing grows sharp. Captain Jefford grunts, “Cum for me, little girl.” Cherry can feel something building inside but she doesn’t know what. Her whole body begins to tense as her pussy and clit throb and twitch. Suddenly her orgasm explodes inside her and she moans out while her pussy drips with her juices.

Without looking away from her pussy, he spreads her legs wider until she’s in a split. He makes out with her clit and she moans out uncontrollably. She holds onto his head and humps his mouth. He smiles while licking her clit, loving all of her. He blows air on her pussy, teasing her.

Her hips grind up to his mouth and he continues to tease her pussy, now starting to stick out his tongue and pull it away when she gets too close. Her hips buck as her body begs him to lick her clean. He moans out, “Fuck, you taste good.” He flips her over on her stomach and immediately begins licking her virgin ass. He pulls her ass cheeks wide open until she cries out in pain, feeling her ass and pussy holes begin to tear.

He licks her little asshole and she lets out a yipe. He etimesgut escort spanks her ass hard repeatedly until it turns red, then licks her dripping wet pussy. She moans out loudly, loving every millisecond. He stops, sitting back. “Now I want you to kiss me.” he says.

He turns her over and wags his dick at her. She licks her lips, staring at the glistening tip. He lies down beside her and pulls her on top of him. He guides her head down to his cock, gripping her hair tightly. Her lips graze the tip and he whispers, “Kiss it there.”

She slowly kisses all over the head of his dick. He moans, smiling. She looks up at him. She asks in her little voice, “Like that?” He nods while moaning, “Mhmm.”

He strokes her face as she kisses down his shaft. “Now kiss it with your tongue.” She opens her mouth slightly and sticks out her tongue. She licks the tip of his cock and his body twitches. She licks up and down the shaft and his moaning grows louder.

She licks the tip of his dick like an ice cream cone. She swirls her tongue around it and his hips move up to her. She makes out with the head of his cock and he moans out with a huge grin. He enjoys the view of Cherry, a naked teenage virgin, kissing his dick. He sits up, grabs her nipple, and pulls on it as hard as he can.

She screams out and he slaps her tits. “Keep licking,” he orders loudly. She bends down and continues kissing the tip of his dick, using her tongue. He caresses her cheek, moaning. “Good girl,” he exhales.

He runs his fingers through her hair, then pulls it back around her head. “Put it in your mouth,” he whispers. She looks up at him with big excited eyes. She smiles. She opens her mouth wide.

She lowers her head and takes his dick into her salivating mouth. “Spit on it,” he orders in a deep voice. She spits on the tip of his dick, then looks up at him with saliva dripping down her chin. He can barely hold his cum. “Again,” he whispers.

Zayne, Keech, Hellman, and Ewan are all standing outside, trying to hear what’s going on inside the room. Ewan quietly asks, “What do you suppose we do now, Z?” Hellman is rubbing his dick over his pants, “If I cannot fuck her, I at least want to see her getting fucked.” Zayne shushes them. He thinks for a moment.

Suddenly, Keech says, “The Captain built a private passageway in his quarters. I know where the entrance is.” The men smile at him. Keech leads them down the staircase and below deck. The rest of the men are fast asleep so they tread quietly as etlik escort not to wake them. They walk beneath the quarters towards a trap door in the ceiling.

Keech opens the door and pulls out the ladder attached to the edge. He turns around and smiles at them with a bulging hard on. He climbs up the ladder and the men follow after him. Zayne goes last. He makes sure to raise the ladder and close the trap door behind them.

Zayne walks toward the front of the group next to Keech. They can already faintly hear Captain Jefford moaning along with Cherry slurping and sucking. They walk through a dark and hot hallway behind the quarters. Keech stops in front of the door. He turns to the men, “This is the entrance. It appears as wall paneling within. The Captain had us create a hole on the off chance of intruders.”

The men grin mischievously, looking around at each other. Keech turns back to the door. He feels along the wood for the hole, then touches the cork. He pulls it out slowly and quietly. The light from inside the room shines in the hallway.

They can now hear Cherry and Captain Jefford moaning perfectly clear. Keech lowers his pants and pulls out his hard cock. He looks inside the room to see Cherry sucking the Captain’s dick. His mouth drops. Zayne pushes Keech aside.

Zayne looks through the hole in the wall. Cherry is deepthroating the Captain as he pushes her head down. She gags and struggles against his grip. He pushes her head down further till he’s almost fully inside her throat. He growls, “Take it. Take it.” Zayne’s cock instantly grows hard.

Ewan shoves Zayne aside. He pulls out his cock and looks inside the room. Captain Jefford’s entire cock is in Cherry’s mouth. Ewan strokes his hard dick, feeling the pre cum drip from the tip. He spits on his fingers and rubs it on his dick.

Cherry gags loudly around Captain Jefford’s thick shaft until she feels like throwing up. He holds her head and shoves his cock deep in her throat. “Breathe through your nose,” he says without empathy as she gags. Her pussy is dripping wet, enjoying being manhandled. He scratches down her back and she moans out in pleasure.

He grabs her ass cheeks and spreads them apart as far as they can go. He shakes and jiggles them. She screams in pain with his cock in her throat. He tauntingly asks, “Does that hurt your holes, little girl?” He pulls her ass cheeks apart as hard as he can.

He shoves her head down till she can’t breathe. After a moment, her face turns red and she begins eve gelen escort to feel faint. She tries to push away but his cock is deep down her throat. She turns her head to get air with his cock still down her throat. He pushes her head back down.

He fucks her face until she passes out. He relentlessly fucks her mouth even harder. He slaps her and she wakes up with his cock still in her mouth. “You like that, little girl?” he moans. She smiles, nodding with tears running down her face. She says around his dick, “Uh huh.”

She deepthroats him on her own, strategically breathing through her nose. Her pussy juice is dripping onto the blanket, so much so that it’s leaving a large wet spot between her legs. He grabs her head and humps up and down into her mouth. She slobbers all over his cock. “Lie down,” he commands.

Keech shoves Ewan out of the way and peers through the hole into the room. Captain Jefford stands up from the bed. He grabs Cherry and lays her sideways with her head hanging off the bed. “Don’t forget to breathe,” Captain Jefford says quietly. Cherry stares up at Captain Jefford’s fat cock.

Captain Jefford sticks his dick in her mouth. He holds her head straight and pumps his cock down her throat. She writhes beneath him, trying to breathe. He fucks her face til she’s choking. She pushes on his thighs to get him to ease up but that only makes him angry.

Captain Jefford orders Cherry: “Swallow my dick. Swallow it.” He fucks her throat as hard as he can and she begins to black out. She slaps his thighs. “Put your fucking hands down, you little cunt!” he spouts angrily. In that moment, Cherry realized that this was not for her pleasure.

Zayne steps in front of Ewan and stares inside the room. Zayne reluctantly opens his trousers and pulls out his fat black cock. He spits into his palm and rubs his saliva all over the tip. At this point, all four men are tugging on their cock. Zayne watches Captain Jefford fuck Cherry’s face and her struggling against his cock in order to breathe.

Hellman asks, “Is he fucking her”. Zayne shakes his head, “Not yet.” Hellman pushes Zayne out of the way. Hellman’s eyes widen and he strokes his dick faster. Slapping resonates from inside the room followed by Cherry’s muffled shrieks.

“What is he doing?” Ewan asks. “Slapping her pussy.” Hellman responds, then adds, “Hard.” Ewan jerks off even faster. Keech steps in front and stares inside while stroking the tip of his cock. “Oh, my God.” Keech whispers.

Cherry moans around Captain Jefford’s cock as he fucks her throat while beating her pussy up. She tries one last weak effort to breathe and then passes out. “Oh, fuck yes.” Captain Jefford moans and fucks her throat freely. He pulls out his dick from her mouth and slaps her face hard. She wakes up shouting in pain.

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