NEICES LAP DANCEI’m a man of 40 years old and I have this beautiful 16-year-old niece, Leeza, who since the age of 6 has been sitting on Uncle Ron’s lap while we watched TV. I never thought of anything sexual and enjoyed the attention as my wife and I do not have any c***dren. She would just sit on my lap and kind of snuggle up to me.This would be an everyday occurrence when she and my wife’s sister came over to visit. As she got older, she would come up to our house and stay the weekend. I would look forward to her visits more and more as she grew older. Sometime around age 13 she started to develop into a beautiful young woman but she still sat on my lap during each visit. I don’t know if her mother or my wife said something, but around age 15 she stopped our little ritual of sitting on my lap.One weekend shortly after her 16th birthday, she was spending the weekend with us. I had the glorious fortune of spying on her while she undressed for bed, which resulted in one of the hottest voyeur scenes I’ve ever witnessed (Please read “Nieces Bedtime Show”). On Saturday morning my wife went grocery shopping. Leeza elected to stay home to keep her Uncle Ron company. As we watched some TV in the living room, I asked her why she never sat on my lap anymore. Now at 16, Leeza is becoming a very attractive woman as her breasts are now about hardball size and her hips have become beautifully rounded. When I asked her why she didn’t sit with me anymore, she just gave me a great big smile, came over and sat on my lap. It was a warm late summer day so she was dressed in a thin t-shirt and cut-off jeans. I had shorts on too but was without a shirt. She snuggled up to me and we were watching TV for about 10 minutes.I realized I was starting to get a hard-on from feeling her smooth legs on mine. Her hot breath was on my neck below my left ear was also turning me on. My thoughts dwelled back on that night outside her bedroom window, seeing her sexy young body as she caressed and pleasured herself. I began, without thinking, to gently caress her left leg with my right hand. Her breathing became a little heavier and I could see her nipples beginning to poke through her t-shirt and bra.I had to see how far this would go as she was responding to my every touch with increased sexual arousal. I continued to caress her for about 10 Escort more minutes before I got bolder and ran my hand gradually higher up her thigh. Now her breathing was becoming very heavy and she obviously was enjoying my caresses. She responded by running her hands through my chest hairs and tracing her sweet little fingers in circles around my nipples. I couldn’t believe this was happening but I was too aroused to stop now. I ran my hand up her left thigh to the bottom of her cut-offs, running gentle and light circles on her creamy soft smooth tanned thigh. My fingers then slid under her shorts and I felt the band of her panties, continuing to caress her thigh. By now her nipples were protruding out from those small perky breasts and her breathing was very hard and fast.I had to feel those tits so my right hand traced it’s way across her shorts, up over her smooth tight stomach and I cupped her right breast in my hand as it fit perfectly. I rolled her nipple between my fingers very gently and she was now starting to squirm on my lap as her aroused state intensified. In my mind I laughed as she squirmed and did this little dance on my lap. Her movements were like electric sending shocks through my groin as my cock hardened to steel.I looked into her eyes as we faced each other. She had this glazed look in her eyes and her cheeks were flushed red. I slowly drew close to her as our lips met in a soft and gentle kiss. She responded by kissing me back and then gave me a strong hug. I got up, picking her up and moved her to the couch.I asked her if she was with a man yet but she said she was still a virgin. She then asked me to teach her about sex as she knew I would be patient with her and she wouldn’t be afraid. I agreed as I began to help undress her pert little body. As I undid her jean cut-offs, she lifted her sweet little ass off the couch and I slid them down. She had on these little white cotton bikini panties with small red hearts on them. I could see a wet spot in the crotch from her excitement. She pulled her t-shirt over her head to reveal a matched bra to her panties. She looked so sweet and innocent yet extremely sexy just sitting there in her undies.I got on my knees between her thighs and explained to her how I was going to use my mouth to give her as much pleasure as I could. I instructed Escort Bayan her to lean back and enjoy as I leaned forward and kissed her again. This time I slipped my tongue into her mouth and we french-kissed. With a little instruction, she became quite good at french-kissing and realized it aroused her.I undid her bra and slid it off her beautiful 16-year-old body. Again the sight of her dark tan in relation to the soft white mounds of flesh was extremely exciting. Her dark nipples were begging to be sucked as I went down on her left nipple. She was really getting into the sensations as I alternated between nipples when I slid my hand under the elastic band of her panties and found her soft pubic mound. There was only a sparse growth of hair but she was soaking wet. I lightly fingered her hard clit while I sucked her sweet tits. She was really enjoying the attention given to her little love button. Her eyes were just slits and she rolled her head back and forth.I then began moving down her body, still rolling her right nipple in my fingers, kissing my way across her flat tight stomach. Her body was hard and had no signs of baby fat. She was growing into an extremely sexy young woman. She lifted her ass off the couch slightly as I removed her panties, sliding them down her long legs, caressing the full length of her legs.I then resumed my way across her stomach to just above her pussy. She smelled so sweet and fresh I could barely resist attacking her young cunt but I wanted this to go real slow so she’d enjoy it forever. I traced my tongue lightly over her pussy and flicked it across her clit as I separated her outer lips. She almost jumped off the couch when I touched her clit for the first time with my tongue.My tongue traced down her left inner thigh, up around her pussy and gently down her other inner thigh. Her ass was beginning to move around as she could barely contain her lust. She was almost whimpering with lust and desire. Enough teasing now, so I moved up and began working on licking the sweetest tasting pussy I ever ate. She was started to whimper and moan as I sucked her tight pussy. My left hand was caressing her nipples, while my right hand was sliding fingers in and out of her virgin pussy.She was really enjoying this as I brought her close to climax about 5 to 6 times. Finally I Bayan Escort began to concentrate on her hard clit a little more until she was bucking her little ass off the couch. Then I’d back off to just teasing her and start increasing the tempo all over again. After about 20 minutes of bringing her to and from the edge of orgasm, I sucked her clit hard and rolled it between my lips. Seconds later she tightened up, arched her back, shook and bucked her ass and had a very strong intense orgasm. I could barely hold onto her and keep my mouth on her pussy as she came so hard. While she was lost in waves of post orgasm pleasure, I undid my shorts and slid them off. She opened her eyes in time to see my rock hard 7-inch prick standing at full attention. I sat down next to her and explained how I was going to show her how to return the feelings and make a man feel good.She followed my instructions and got on her knees between my legs. With some coaching, she worked up the courage to touch her lips to my cock. Just like a popcicle, she began sucking and licking my cock. Although she was very inexperienced, it was very exciting to see my sweet little niece attempting to suck my cock.I told her to slowly slide the head of my cock between her lips and how to use her tongue while slowly working my cock in and out of her sweet young virgin mouth. She was an eager student and willing to do whatever it took to please her lustful Uncle Ron. After about 5 minutes, she was learning quick and doing a real good job at it. She even managed to take about 4 to 5 inches in her mouth at one time and was bobbing her head up and down. What a sexy sight to see as this young girl sucking a cock for the first time.She was trying so hard to please me as I did to her. I told her to pick up the pace as I neared orgasm. I pulled her head away and told her to stroke my cock, using her saliva to lubricate my shaft. A few seconds later, I came with such force I shot cum up 2 feet in the air, landing on my chest. Some of my cum also hit her chin as her head was close when I came. I told her to taste it as most women will swallow it when a man cums. She must have liked the taste because she did as I said and licked up most of my cum.She wanted me to show her how to fuck but I said we’d have to do that later as her aunt would be home real soon. She gathered her cloths and gave me a deep passionate kiss. I patted her on the butt and sent her off to the shower before my wife got home. My next story will share my niece losing her virginity to her loving Uncle in a loving family way.

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