Naughty Nap Time


After a horrendous drive home in the rain I was completely exhausted and frustrated at not being able to see you, touch you, kiss you, lick you, suck you, blow you…fuck you. I could still hear the disappointment in your voice…

I found Jacob deep in his work. He stopped for a moment to give me a hug and kiss. Told me he had a few work issues he had to finish with and would be a few hours. He poured me a small drink (J&B on ice) and told me I should go into the bedroom and have a rest. Sounded good to me.

I closed the bedroom door and lowered the blinds and closed the drapes. Nice and dark. Lighted my aroma therapy candle and sat my drink on the night table. I decided, given my current state of mind, that I would be with you no matter what…even if it was in my mind. I took a sip of my drink…felt good going down my throat and started to undress. First my pants, then my lavender top. Stopped to take another sip and then closed my eyes. I was down to my undies…first I took my bra off. The coolness of the room caused my nipples to react. Then I slipped off my satin panties. Before I got into bed, I took another sip of my drink and then opened the top drawer of the night stand and retrieved my blue vibe.

Knowing that Jacob would be busy for a while and wouldn’t disturb me for at least an hour, I sent myself into fantasy mode. You being the fantasy. As you begin reading, know this; although it was me pleasuring myself, Escort Bahçelievler in my mind it was you.

I crawled into bed with my little blue friend, laid on my back and pulled the covers over my stomach. I wanted my breasts exposed. My nipples were hard and I was watching my tits rise and fall with each breath. I ran my fingers over my lips and then started sucking on them one by one. Slowly I ran my hand down my neck and on my chest. I started to play with my left breast…fondling it and then squeezing and pulling at my nipple. I took 2 fingers and wet them with my tongue and then rubbed my right nipple. At this point it was standing straight and stiff and my breast was almost as hard. Of course I couldn’t neglect my left breast, so I began again…pulling and squeezing, wetting and teasing. I could feel myself getting wet and I wanted to explore…

I rolled over and began working my hand down between my legs. I could feel my clit somewhat swollen and began working it so it would become engorged. I teased it with my fingers, rubbing and pinching…dipping my fingers inside just a bit and then lubricating my clit to make the teasing complete. I needed a release, but I wasn’t ready for my vibe yet. I curled up a bit and reached as low as I could and slid 3 fingers in as far as I could and began to masturbate like a fiend. My entire body was shaking. Each breath was short and heavy…my Bahçeşehir escort heart began to race. I was impatient to cum…I rubbed deep and hard…gripped tighter and pumped faster…all while keeping quiet…all while imagining it was you. At last I could feel the climax coming…and cum I did. I left my fingers in so I could feel my hot wet juice…and then being unable to resist, I released my fingers and brought them to my lips…still hot…and so a took a small taste…and then put all 3 fingers in and began to suck and swallow…just as I would have done to you. I laid still to enjoy the afterglow.

I sat up and took a sip of my drink and to catch my breath. I was tired, but my body told me I needed more. I opened the top drawer of the night table and found 2 wooden clothespins. I teased my nipples a bit until they were rock hard again and clamped on a clothespin to each one. It’s a good pain and almost as good as if you were pinching or biting them. I took my blue vibe and pushed it inside me…glided in ever so easily as my juices were still fresh within me. Rolling over, I turned the vibe setting on high and began working the G-Spot slowly. I stopped and just let it vibrate within me….mmmmm…felt good. But then I got greedy and wanted more. I took the base of the vibe in my hand and began to thrust it in and out slow and gentle then hard and fast. My nipples were aching, but I couldn’t Bakırköy escort bayan stop. I kept pumping harder faster…I could barely breathe…and with each thrust my heart and mind was calling “Ethan…oh Ethan…harder baby, harder”. So my hand obeyed…and then like a damn breaking, I came…even more than before and this time the orgasm was erotic…and lasted a long time. I turned the vibrator off and let it stay in me as I rolled onto my back. I rested my right hand over my heart and could feel each beat in my palm of my hand…still beating hard and fast…my chest heaving with each breath. I gained enough awareness to remove the clothespins from my nipples. They needed soothing. I reached into my glass and grabbed a small piece of ice and began rubbing my nipples…mmmmm…felt good. I’m breathing normally again but my heart was still racing. I focused my glance on my breasts…they were moving in sync with my heart. What I would have given to have your head resting on my chest so you could hear how my heart was beating for you…yearning for you.

I reached down between my legs and slowly removed my vibe. My fantasy not yet complete, I took it into my mouth and deep throated it, letting the taste consume me as the residue of my juices drifted down my throat. When it was completely clean I turned the vibrator on low and began rubbing it over my breasts…teasing each nipple with the tip and then letting it rest between. After a few minutes, I sat up, turned the vibe off and placed it back inside the drawer along with the clothespins. I finished my drink and laid back down and pulled the covers over me to have a rest. I fell asleep quite easily with thoughts of you in my head knowing that the next time it would be you, not a fantasy.

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