Mysterious Malice


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She looked around the nightclub bored with the whole scene. It was the same ole same ole, the same people, the same corny come-ons, the same drinks and dance moves. She wasn’t going to stay. As she made her way towards the end of the bar to head for the exit her shoulder ran into another woman.

“Oh, I’m so sorry” the woman exclaimed as they collided painfully.

“Are you okay?” she asked concerned seeing that the woman was obviously upset.

“Yeah, fine, I just have to find my friends and get out of here” she answered distractedly and then she really looked at the woman she had crashed into.

She was worth a second look. Not too tall, slender, but not too slender, with curves in all the right places, her blonde good looks were a stereo-type of blonde looks. Her pert little nose was over lush little lips that ached to be kissed, to be ravished. Her big brown eyes were so pale that they looked almost yellow. They were framed by dramatically brown and impeccably plucked eyebrows. The whole package though was enticing, exciting, and while not beautiful, very attractive.

“Well, it’s packed in there” the blonde pointed over her shoulder with her thumb “you’d do better to sit at the bar and wait for your friends to show up” she advised.

The other woman nodded anxiously as she looked out over the crowd, there was no way she was going to spot her friends in the crush, and she had to admit the blonde was right. “Well, will you wait with me? I could buy you a drink, it’s the least I could do for nearly knocking you down.”

The blonde looked her over for a moment, speculatively, and agreed heading back to the bar. The moment though registered the brunette’s long streaked hair, boyishly slim body, and girl-next door looks. She had freckles sprinkled across her nose and cheeks, her eyes were a grey blue, and her stubborn little chin invited someone to argue with her. Her straight white teeth gleamed in the club lights.

“What are you drinking?” she asked as she signaled the bartender.

“I’ll take a Shirley Temple” the blonde said with a straight face.

“Are you serious?” the brunette asked with a grin and a raised eyebrow, no one drank Shirley Temples anymore.

“Very” the blonde answered with a look that challenged the brunette to say more.

The brunette turned back to place their order with the bartender and then turned and held out her hand “Hi, I’m Deirdre” she said with her already familiar grin.

“Alice” the blonde answered shaking the proffered hand.

“So, you were leaving?”

“Yeah, this place and million like them gets old after a while” she shrugged dismissively of the club.

“I can see that” the blonde said nodding as she looked around on the floor for her missing friends.

“You seemed upset?” Alice asked, opening up the conversation.

“Yeah, I just got some shit news, it’s why I was looking for my friends” she confided and then wondered why she had; she immediately felt the anxiety again that had dissipated for a second in her distraction. Something about the blonde was easy going, easy to share with. The drinks arrived and Deirdre put a ten spot on the counter of the bar.

“Care to elaborate?” Alice took a sip of her red fruity drink.

Deirdre shrugged dismissively as she took a healthy slug of her Scotch and soda.

“Easy there” Alice said concerned.

“Well, it won’t matter anyway, I’m up shit crick when I get home” the brunette shrugged but Alice could see something in her look.

“Why won’t it matter? What’s at home?”

Deirdre looked at the relative stranger and wondered if she should confide or not. She didn’t know this woman at all, she was a faceless nobody and maybe she should tell someone, anyone, but fear kept her hesitant. “I got a call from my husband, he just got home and is pissed that I’m not there.”

Alice didn’t know why but she was disappointed and then she noted the tell-tale rings on the woman’s left hand, impressive set of diamonds. ‘Fool’ she told herself. “Why is he pissed?”

Deirdre weighed in on telling this stranger her problems and then figured, what the hell, she didn’t know her, she would probably judge her anyway, she shrugged “because I’m not there, I didn’t ask permission to go out with my friends.”

“Permission?” Alice qualified the word her ire rising at the thought of what that implied. An independent woman herself she bristled at the word.

Deirdre signaled for another and held up two fingers to indicate a double.

Alice looked concerned “drinking away the hubby?” she asked with a hint of sarcasm.

Deirdre looked back at the attractive blonde, the eyes were almost glowing in this light, that fascinating and eerie yellow, it had to be a trick of the light… nişantaşı escort “Well, it will hurt less” she slipped out and then cursed herself for a fool for letting this stranger know.

“He hurts you?” Alice asked to be sure, to clarify.

The Scotch was burning through her system, the one she had now combining with her earlier drinks loosening her tongue. She nodded shamefaced and looked down at her drink, her self-esteem was non-existent anyway, what did it matter what this stranger thought of her?

“Deirdre” Alice touched her shoulder, almost hesitantly. “Can’t you go somewhere, get some help?”

Deirdre looked up at the compassion filled yellow eyes. She didn’t see pity, she saw anger for her, she saw something else, almost an excitement but undefinable. “I’ve tried that” she said disgustedly “you don’t realize how powerful he is. He bought off someone and threatened to kill me if I told anyone again.”

Gently Alice said “you told me.”

“Yeah, but who are you, a stranger, what can you do?” She believed it too.

‘If only she knew’ Alice almost answered, instead she said with a shrug “I can listen.”

They shared a second drink together and other conversation and by then Deirdre was pretty much feeling no pain which had been her point.

“Hey, let’s dance” Alice finally said waving away the bartender from giving Deirdre another double Scotch.

“I really don’t feel like it” Deirdre slurred slightly.

“I’m sure you don’t, but your friends aren’t showing up and I want to dance, come on” the blonde implored and surprised Deirdre found herself on the dance floor.

They were playing some 80’s tunes and the two of them had fun gyrating to the beat. One dance turned into two and Deirdre found herself relaxing a little, not thinking so much about what awaited her when she got home. As the music turned to a slow beat she found herself in Alice’s arms moving a slow shuffle two step to the sounds of a romantic ballad. She looked down on the smaller blonde and realized the woman’s eyes did indeed look yellow, but also hypnotic, concerned, and warm. Without realizing it she impulsively leaned in and gently kissed her new found friend.

Alice captured the offered lips and quickly mastered them. She swiftly took control of the situation, she was already holding the brunette close from the dance, and she moved slightly, gently, their hips rubbing suggestively together as they kissed.

‘Wow, what a kisser!’ thought Deirdre as she enjoyed her first girl/girl kiss. Not too wet, firm, inquiring, Alice let Deirdre think she was doing whatever she wanted as she encouraged, enjoyed, and loved every moment of it. Slowly, reluctantly, Deirdre pulled back and looked down at the blonde to see her reaction. The look she received made her heart go pitter pat.

“Hey Deirdre, there you are!” a voice interrupted their dance.

Deirdre looked up at two women who were standing there looking inquiringly. “Oh hi” she said dreamily with her arms still around Alice, swaying to the music. “Where have YOU been?” she asked defensively, wondering if they had seen her kiss this woman.

“We’ve been looking for YOU!” she returned harshly “Carl called and we’re to take you home immediately!”

Deirdre could feel herself falling into the same old trap. Carl called and everyone jumped, did his bidding as though they were robots. She stopped dancing and stood there, her arms dropping to her sides as she reluctantly decided to go with her friends as commanded.

Alice felt her hackles rise at the obvious demands of Deirdre’s friends and the absent husband “Oh, Deirdre said he called earlier, I’m giving her a ride home” she said innocently to the friends wondering if they would buy it.

“Who the HELL are you?” the one speaking for the two of them demanded.

“I’m Alice” she said as though they should KNOW.

“Well Alice, Carl CALLED and WE are taking Deirdre HOME” she said smugly.

Before Alice could get angry Deirdre answered “uh, you heard HER, she is taking me home, we are just finishing our dance here.”

The two women looked at Deirdre in surprise and then searched to see if she was lying. Her innocent look though fooled them. “Oh, uh, okay,” she backed off shrugging, it was her problem, not theirs, they tried to do what Carl wanted, “well then I guess I’ll call you tomorrow” she said and the two of them nodded and walked away with only a glance or two over their shoulders.

“Thank you” Deirdre said heartfelt to Alice.

“For what?” Alice asked.

Taking a deep breath she answered “for helping me to find the guts for a second.”

Alice nodded as though she understood, and perhaps she did as they finished their dance, marginally holding each other closer.

“So where do you live?” Alice asked a while later as she drove the woman home.

“Beverly Hills” Deirdre answered as though it were the most disgusting place to go.

“Really?” Alice asked surprised. A Hollywood wife? She wondered….

“Yeah, Carl insists, must keep up appearances” she answered tiredly, the drinks and their exertions catching kağıthane escort up with her.

“You know, you don’t have to go home” Alice offered almost off hand.

“I don’t?” she asked stupidly.

Alice shook her head and answered “no, you can come home with me. He’s already angry; will he be angrier if you’re even later?”

Deirdre considered for a moment, what it implied, and then said “okay, take me to your place.”

Alice glanced over but in the dim light of the car was unable to see really what the other woman was thinking. She shrugged, ‘take it as it comes’ was what she thought.

She drove down to Marina Del Rey and this time Deirdre was surprised at the pretty little condo they pulled up next to. She hadn’t thought twice about the Porsche she had gotten into and the money it implied but a condo in Marina Del Rey? That said something.

Alice escorted Deirdre inside and flipped on the lights. A pretty little kitchen led to a sunken living room with a view out over the actual Marina with a boat sitting at a private dock. With a flick of a button the drapes and curtains closed automatically. Alice escorted her through the living room to a set of stairs that led to an office, a spare bedroom, a bathroom, and then another set of stairs that led to a loft and a large bedroom with a king sized bed.

“I think I should tell you I have no experience in this, Carl asked but I’ve never…” she left off embarrassed.

“I know it’s okay” the smaller blonde told her, her yellow eyes were glittering now or so Deirdre thought.

“Do you do this often?” Deirdre asked nervously.

Smiling slightly Deirdre shook her head “relax, I’m not going to eat you, at least not yet” she joked.

Deirdre laughed at the crude joke and leaned down to kiss the blonde.

Alice knew what she was doing as she seduced the willing brunette. A desperate abused housewife was prime prey for the likes of Alice. Sure she would like to find love like every other lesbian in that joint but she seemed to attract the desperate, the lonely, or the needy. She rarely found a woman that matched her tastes, her needs, her secret passions. Well, she had NEVER found one that shared her secret passions, but then she knew statistically speaking that she was a rare bird. Meanwhile, she had a willing woman in her arms, knew what she was doing, and was going to enjoy her while it lasted.

Deirdre was surprised how gentle Alice was. Her lips were so soft, so delicious as they kissed her, softly prying open her mouth to hesitantly thrust her tongue inside to play with her partner’s tongue, to taste the drinks she had earlier, to caress every inch of her tongue, to entice her own tongue to plunge inside her own mouth and taste, caress, and play. She groaned softly when Alice sucked gently on her tongue; it made a corresponding tug in her crotch that had her realizing for the first time in her life how attracted she was to a woman, this woman.

Alice gently began to undress the pretty girl from next door…her oh so innocent looks were a turn on and she unwrapped her from her expensive dress as though she were a delicate flower, a beautiful gift that deserved the respect and adoration that only another woman can offer.

Deirdre wasn’t used to the foreplay that Alice was plying on her. Carl was a selfish man, a selfish lover, and took only what he wanted when he wanted. He wanted it a lot, mostly because he sensed her reluctance and this excited him. In a time when her friends complained how their husbands ignored them, chased younger more beautiful women, and played themselves, she had thought something was wrong with her when her randy husbands advances left her cold. This warmth, this caring, was exquisite and she wasn’t sure how to accept it gracefully.

She didn’t have to worry though; Alice was gentle, generous, and loving. She slipped the dress from her shoulders and the slip followed. Standing there in Victoria’s Secret’s latest apparel she thought it a shame that the brunette’s beautiful breasts looked painfully held up by the push up bra she was wearing. She released the twins from their imprisonment and they spilled into her welcoming face, she kissed, licked, and suckled them passionately, adoring them with her hands, earning an indrawn breath from Deirdre and a groan as she lavished attention on them.

Used to having them grasped painfully by her husband she had become immune to tender play or so she thought and the adoration that Alice was showing on her breasts made her feel beautiful, loved, and wanted, not for what her body could give her partner, but for herself. She began to undress Alice who stopped for a moment to strip off her own dress and underwear and stood there unashamed as Deirdre looked at her in astonishment.

Hidden under that dress were two large mammaries, looking incredible on the petite blonde. She stood there unembarrassed, proud, and sexy…

They came together and Alice quickly stripped the thong from Deirdre’s slender body, kissing her way south as she stood there, her hands clutching at Alice in a need that only the blonde could fulfill. Alice osmanbey escort stood back up and forcefully held her close, feeling her body against her own, letting the woman feel another woman’s body against her for the first time. Slowly she maneuvered her back against one of the walls and moved her hands up and down the brunette’s body, arousing her with heated caresses, kissing her deeply, passionately, and deliberately, enjoying the feel of her body against her.

Deirdre sobbed into her mouth, not used to her own passion being aroused, used to being taken, and while that had seemed exciting at one time, she could no longer remember what it was like to have someone taking the time to excite her, to arouse her, to take the time on her.

Alice reached up and down the slender girl’s body, squeezing her ass gently, pulling her hips closer to her own. They were not matched in height but it was to her benefit, her body fit right against the shaved Hollywood wife’s V and she used her body to seduce, to rub enticingly, suggestively, erotically against the taller woman. She had her trapped against the wall and as she sensed her legs wanted to give out, to fall to the floor, or better yet the huge bed that took up the center of the room, she used every advantage she had against the brunette, to their mutual benefit. Long, deep, and passionate kisses were getting the brunette aroused; Alice’s hands were enjoying the feel of her slender body. She raised one of Deirdre’s legs and wrapped it around the curve of her own hip which widened the gap between her legs, left her unbalanced on one leg, and it left her strangely vulnerable and dependent on the petite blonde. She teased with her hand caressing lower, making the brunette’s body beg to be touched there, where her legs came together, and sensing her need in her body’s reaction to her teasing. Unconsciously the brunette needed to be f’d, to be royally screwed by Alice’s fingers, to be fulfilled by what she and only she could give her. Alice’s body began to dance against her, thrusting slightly as she imitated what Deirdre needed but not fulfilling her, not yet. Her hands teased around her hips, her ass, her lower stomach until Deirdre was mewing into her mouth, looking for that fulfillment and Alice touched along her mound feeling her way towards the wetness she knew was waiting for her.

Deirdre needed whatever Alice was willing to give her. Her body was so relaxed from the alcohol she had consumed but she had recovered enough that she knew she wanted this petite blonde, that for the first time in her life she craved a woman’s touch, that she wanted to be royally f’d by a stranger…her body was screaming out for an orgasm, one given to her by someone other than herself. For years her husband had taken his without a thought for her own and her body craved the release that was very different from self-service, that another human being gave you, that allowed you to let go in a way that didn’t require the concentration of doing it to yourself. She let her body take over; to tell Alice that she needed her, wanted her, and was her’s for the taking.

Alice knew exactly what she was doing to the inexperienced housewife; she was a connoisseur of beautiful woman flesh. She understood unwritten body clues better than this woman, or most men could understand. She had made a career out of it, but then in her line of work it was necessary to observe more than the average person did. She knew it was a sickness sometimes but other times, like now, it was a benefit she was going to take advantage of. She wasn’t going to question her gifts; she was going to take advantage of them.

Slowly, deliberately she had the taller woman’s body begging to be taken, she played with her victim as she unconsciously sent off ‘f me’ signals. She began to caress, circling closer to the core of this woman who she held so easily against her wall, her body simulating what she wanted so badly as she thrust gently against her, her fingers taunting her flesh with what they could give, would give, would take gladly. Her fingers ‘casually’ brushed against her lover’s bald lower lips as her upper lips sucked, caressed, and teased at the taller woman’s mouth which was whining against her in supplication, asking, no begging for release. With the casual brush she could tell the woman couldn’t take much more and she deliberately parted those lower lips and sought for the button another woman knows instinctively. The woman’s body bucked beneath her hand. She immediately could feel a small amount of wetness that leaked out on the button. Her fingers pressed lightly. Deirdre whimpered for more. Alice decided to let her out of her misery despite her own need to play with her food.

Deirdre was on fire, she couldn’t, wouldn’t be able to stand there much longer, if not for the wall against her back she would have fallen already. The blonde couldn’t support her much longer but with her leg wrapped around Alice she ached to feel her touch her, to relieve this awful, wonderful need that was rising inside her. She clutched at her lover, feeling her hands run through her blonde hair, along her shoulders, her nails curling into her shoulders, unconsciously digging in as she felt feelings and emotions she hadn’t dealt with in years. She let Alice know in a million different ways that she wanted her, wanted what she could give her, what she badly needed.

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