His Fabulous Foreskin


Rachel was bubbling over with excitement when she bounced into the bar to meet the girls for their end of day drinks.

No one could miss her excitement; it shone on her face and even her body, in every way

“All right, come on, what has happened to make you so excited?” Margaret challenged.

“You look like the cat that swallowed the canary,” Carolyn added

“My god you will not believe me if I tell you,” Rachel replied. “It’s so bloody hard to believe, I wouldn’t believe it myself, if it hadn’t happened to me.”

Her excitement had stirred the group of regulars, who met at the end of each work day.

They all sat forward looking towards Rachel.

Rachel took a long drink, then leant forward shaking her head, “you won’t believe, it you just won’t believe it”.

“The night before last, I found myself in the worst predicament I could ever imagine, and yet in the end I had the most wonderful sex of my 20 year old life.”

They all sat there waiting as she went on,

“He had the longest thickest tongue”.

“His tongue?” gasped Carolyn.

“Yes his tongue,”

As her friends started to giggle and talk, she went on.

“Wait there is more”

“More of what?” they demanded.

“More of something you would never think of.”

“I haven’t been able to get it out of mind.”

“In fact, I have been sopping wet all day just thinking about it.”

“Come on said Carolyn, “we have all had big pricks and generally the big pricks are owned by big pricks.”

“What’s new?”

“He was different!”

“He had the largest roughest foreskin.”

“Foreskin?” laughed Margaret.

“Yes! A foreskin that had my clit begging for more.

It rolled back and forward massaging my pussy, giving me the most exquisite orgasms, yes orgasms, multiple orgasms.”

I came, and I came, I was still coming this morning as I lay in bed”.

She went on excitedly “I think I should explain.”

“As you know, few if any of the men or boys in our age group are not cut, most are circumcised. The very few who are entire have small foreskins. With a condom you really can’t tell the difference”.

So it’s rare to find a foreskin that is different, or plays any role in a night in the sack.

This foreskin was fabulous it was two, or three, or may be more times bigger and fatter, than I have seen or felt before.

It was truly fabulous.

I can not describe what it did to me. My pussy is tingling and wet now as I try to tell you what happened.

Who is he? Where did you find him? What’s his name? How big?

The questions came thick and fast, as Rachel started to tell of her mind blowing experience.

Rachel’s Story

I came into the bar early after a fight at work. None of you turned up. So I drank alone. It was three or four hours later having drank far more than I normally do, that I decided to leave and headed for the car park.

A low brow, that I had danced with here weeks ago, obviously knowing I was drunk out of my mind, followed me and grabbed me as I went down the street to my car.

When I told him to “fuck off” he grabbed me by my breasts and tried to kiss me. I pushed him hard calling him a slob.

He swung and hit me, calling me a prick teasing bitch.

As I stumbled away, he grabbed my dress, which started to tear. Scared stiff, I swung at him, hitting him with my purse. He hit me again and again. Then he tried to grab me. I was too drunk to defend myself, and staggered back slipping topkapı escort and fell over.

As I was trying to get up I heard a scuffle, and looked around to see the low brow on his back holding his face, and an old guy with a dog standing over him.

There is no doubt when I think of it now; I would have been raped if this guy and his dog had not appeared.

By this time the effects of the grog and the attack caught up with me, I started to be sick.

The effects of booze and bashing had disoriented me. I started to shiver my eyes filled with tears. My sick spewed down my clothes.

I was down on my knees crying, trying to regain my feet when I felt a strong arm around my waist.

I struck out scratching and screaming, and fainted.

The next thing I remember I was in a shower, and this guy was holding me up, directing water on my face.

I screamed. He put his hand gently over my mouth, whispering quietly in my ear. Oh so soothing words, telling me it was alright, that I was safe, that I shouldn’t worry. All the while holding me close, whilst looking directly into my eyes.

I do not know why, but I started to believe him.

The warm water and his soothing words and hands, seemed a haven in a night of nightmares.

I grabbed him and held him, while I cried with relief.

Slowly I started to feel better. But I was shocked, when I found I was starkers in the shower, with a man who was wearing a pair of boots and boxer shorts.

It was too much for me I started to laugh.

I laughed so much I think I became hysterical.

He obviously struggled to sooth me and quieten me.

Our heads clashed together stunning me.

His mouth slammed into my mouth. Without thinking I started to kiss him, the next thing I knew we were kissing.

He stopped the kiss, held my face in his hands and spoke quietly soothing me down; making me relax .He was so calm so in

Control, that I felt warm and safe.

He got us out of the shower. Whilst he towelled me down, he kept telling me how sweet I was.

He dusted me all over with luxurious body talc.

This will make you smell beautiful and help you forget what has happened. He explained as he rubbed powder all over my body in the most intimate and loving way.

All the while he kept telling me how beautiful I was. How no one would ever be allowed to hurt me while he was around.

He wrapped me in a couple of big bath towels and carried me to a warm bed, where he laid me down. Then kissing me on both eyes told me to go to sleep.

I dozed off soaking up the warmth of his bed, as his whispers “your beautiful, your safe with me, your so beautiful I will never let anyone harm you,” warmed my heart.

In my sleep, the alcohol and my experience must have got to me, for the next thing I remember was waking up. I must have thrown off the towels, for I was naked, shivering and scared.

He had been sitting in an arm chair next to the bed. He quickly grabbed me in his arms. He was just wonderful, soothing me down until I was completely relaxed.

When he tried to leave I wouldn’t let him, I did not want to be alone. He gave in and we cuddled together, pulled up the bed clothes and went to sleep.

Sometime during the night, I awoke to find my hand had found his half hard erection. Without thinking I started to stroke it. It was then that I discovered his foreskin. It was different it was enormous.

I started to play with it stroking and pulling, but it kept rolling fatih escort back into a thick piece of skin. It filled my fingers.

As his prick started to grow in size; His foreskin got harder to roll back.

By now I was wide awake. I could not believe what was in my hand. I had to get a look at it.

I slipped the bed clothes back to find his very hard erection, but could not see the helmet. This roll of skin covered it.

I tried to roll it back, but it would only go so far, so I could only see the eye of his prick, by looking straight in between the foreskin.

My recollections of the night that I had just experienced… I had been attacked …I had been sick… I had passed out… and now finding myself in a strange bed, with a strange man, holding this strange prick, was too much for me.

I started to giggle…


His strong arms surrounded me; soothing words were whispered in my ear. Gradually I realised, that he was smothering me with little kisses, as he poured out a torrent of soothing words.

I kissed him, forcing my tongue into his mouth. He seemed to hesitate, then his tongue entered my mouth and did things no other tongue has done to me before.

It not only seemed to reach further, but it made me feel as though his tongue loved my mouth. It was warm and wonderful, caressing my mouth and throat; it was as though I had never been kissed before.

I cold feel myself melting, I felt loved, secure, wanted, it was wonderful.

At the same time I was getting horny.

I still had hold of his prick and continued to rub it… my pace quickening, as his kisses excited me.

He grabbed my hand, telling me quietly that I did not have to do that. He spoke so quietly and so lovely, that I was prepared to do any thing he asked.

Gradually I relaxed, still with his prick in my hand, as I went off to sleep.

It was not very long before I woke again .This time his penis was hard and erect, but the head was still partly covered by that foreskin.

I started to kiss him. In his sleep, he murmured and moaned. I pulled his penis to me, pushing pulling and manoeuvring it between my legs.

I wanted it, and was determined to have him fuck me.

He woke with a start, as I rubbed him against the mouth of my pussy. When he started to talk, I stopped him with kisses.

I slid over on top until he entered me.

With a moan, he gently took my hips and slowed me, as I rode his hard prick.

Now, I can not describe the feeling that large foreskin gave me. It was like a large object stuck on the end of a dildo.

It moved up and down with me massaging the inner walls of my pussy, until I was Cumming, screaming, and moaning.”

“What a fucking experience, it was mind blowing”

I came, and came, and came.

I was drained. I was truly for the first time in my life, feeling fucked. Fucked gently, lovingly, and differently to anything I had ever experienced.

Rachel slumped back in her seat as she finished her story. Her face was flushed, her breathing agitated, as she took a long drink of wine.

Taking advantage of Rachel’s agitated state and her silence, questions came thick and fast. “Where does he live? Who is he? Are you seeing him again? Can we meet him?

“Bloody hell” said Carolyn, when Rachel did not answer. “I think she is having an orgasm just thinking of him.

The following evening Margaret and Carolyn followed Rachel as she made her way down the block.

“We should thank him for saving you” eyüp escort they explained, whilst talking her into taking them to meet her savoir.

They of course, had an ulterior motive, to get a look at him.

Moments later, they gazed in awe at his luxurious apartment. He ushered them in and sat them down. He sat with his arm around Rachel, his big blue cattle dog laid at his feet.

In answer to their questions he told his version of the night’s events.

Joe’s story

Hi I’m Joe. I am fast approaching my use by date. Long retired. I enjoy working hard and keeping fit.

I like a drink. In my younger days, I spend most of my time chasing pussy, or drinking with my mates.

When I had accumulated enough money to retire comfortably, I got out of the rat race, and bought this very large old warehouse in an unfashionable part of town.

I built myself what I would describe as a luxury pad, complete with room for my dog, my cat, my car and boat inside the old façade, so it did not appear too luxurious from the outside.

I was fortunate that I had planned it that way, for as soon as I had finished, the local authority zoned the surrounding area as an entertainment precinct, and the night club disco crowd moved in.

Just after ten every evening I take my dog Blue, she is an Australian blue cattle dog, for a pee run. It is a ritual we observe rain hail or snow. She leaves her mark up and down the street, and shows her pearly white teeth along with a healthy growl to anyone who ventures near.

Over the last couple of years the street scene around the clubs has got uglier, with more and more bashings, rapes and murders. So I was not surprised to turn the corner and see a young girl being attacked.

When the arsehole slugged her hard in the stomach, I thought enough is enough and grabbed him.

He swung at me, but a straight left from me, and a leg full of teeth from Blue quietened him down.

When I turned back to the girl she was struggling to get up and quickly passed out covered in her own vomit. I would normally walk away rather than get involved. But I could not in all conscience leave her lying there, so I picked her up and carried her a few hundred yards around the corner to my pad.

Old bachelors are not known for their clean up skills, so not knowing what to do, I just dumped her in the downstairs shower, and turned it on washing the vomit off both her and her clothes.

As the smell and muck disappeared, I stripped her, jumped in the shower and picked her up, holding her so the shower water hit her full in the face.

She started to scream and scratch at me as she started to come around.

I was forced to grab both her arms and hands so I did not lose an eye. With both my hands full, the only thing I could do to stop her screaming blue murder was to clamp my mouth over hers. When I did, she bit at me; drawing blood then started to moan and kiss me, sucking my tongue down her throat.

I can not say that it did not excite me, because it did.

It had been years since I had a young hard bodied woman kiss me.

I untangled myself from her embrace and threw her clothes in the washing machine, rolled her in some warm towels and put her to bed.

During the night she woke a number of times crying and shivering, eventually cajoling me into joining her to warm her up, and that’s when things took a turn, I won’t forget.

“The way she tells it she won’t forget it either,” Margaret said.

“I hope not” Joe replied. “She is a very lovely young lady.”

He turned and kissed Rachel on the forehead, “she has already made me realise what I have been missing.”

“He won`t be missing it much more if I can help it,” Rachel added with a laugh.

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