My Wife’s Mom – Pt.2


Andrea and I are going on longer rides. We went down to the Ford Edison museum in Naples and enjoyed that. Andrea is quite impressed with my knowledge on the history of electricity. We found a nice place to eat and headed back to St.Petersburg.As usual, we dropped off over at the doughnut shop on fourth street and talked for a while. She had a few brochures in her purse from the Ford Edison museum and looked at them through those nice silver half rounds.”Are these doing anything for you, Raymond?”I have to admit, I am surprised by the question and pleased she thinks about me and what I like. “You look quite hot Andrea, really. The way the light sparkles in them as they lay across those sexy boobs or when you wear them, I get a bit of high voltage down there that gets things going.” “Are they really doing anything for you?” Andrea asks sweetly.”Things are getting stirred up a bit and I like it.””Ray, these could be great for foreplay, have you thought of that?”It is obvious Andrea is not worried about her thirty two year old ditz of a daughter and for that matter, neither am I. I know she found my savings account and password and rifled it. I have a divorce lawyer working for me and she has no idea. The lawyer told me that even if she contests the fact she grabbed a few grand, the judge will look very badly on that sort of thing. It would be unlikely he would refuse to grant the divorce.”No, I haven’t thought of it. I like the idea and I am very pleased with the way things have been going, I didn’t want to muff it up.””You are romantic, Escort side you know that?” Andrea asked.I thought I was but going by the last five years, I sort of lost an idea about myself. So I let Andrea tell me about me. “You think I’m romantic. . .why?”She put her hand on mine. “Raymond, any other guy would have been trying to do things a few months ago, not you though. I love that you like being with me and us taking rides. There could be sex, maybe but it’s nice that even without it, you so like being with me.””I really like that too. What do you know about role play?””I’ve heard about that, where people take on a different role and personality somewhat different than their usual self. How did you learn about it?””I heard about it on the internet and from some of the stories I read. it seems quite interesting: nurse and patient or shrink and client, some domination involved and someone submitting to someone else.””Ray, I could wear my glasses, make like a shrink and pretend to learn things about you. Course, if you really get into this, it might not be so pretend anymore.””Sounds like a good evening.””Did you say you play piano, Ray?””Yes, been playing for a while now, mostly classics but some ‘Pops’. I could have taught Joane but she wanted to take lessons from someone else.””Why?””God only knows Andrea, I sure as hell don’t. She’d take a few hundred bucks worth than decide, “It’s not for me.” In the meantime though, she’d brag to all her friends how she is getting some culture. Her idea of doing anything manavgat escort is only for bragging rights.””Well I am sincere when I say I’d like to see what it is about. I know I have been wanting to play piano for a long time but they are so expensive.””Do what I did, buy a real good electronic keyboard with stand, bench and amp. Eight hundred and fifty will get you a good set-up and its all portable.””Really, and it sounds good?””Yup, sounds good, has weighted keys that feel close to a piano’s keys, even has the jack for the sustain pedal. Come to my house every Wednesday morning, I’ll give you lessons, then we can take a ride.””You know Ray, if you’re at my house and need to read something, you can always borrow my halfs, provided of course you keep all my glasses spotless.””Sounds fair enough, Andrea.”Andrea called me Wednesday morning and asked, “Ray, what’s a good time to come over for lessons?””Oh, around ten will be fine.””Should I bring anything?””A notebook and pen and are you going to want your glasses steamed up during the bike ride?””Oh, I forgot about the ride. Yes, I’ll want to get my glasses all steamed up.”I am actually happy. I clean up a bit and put up a fresh pot of coffee. There is a warmness about Andrea I really like. She is not worried about her daughter ‘The Mooch.’ I think Andrea lost a lot of respect for Joane as well and is quite upset Joane got into my savings, transferred the funds into checking and had a very good time.A Fedex truck stops off and the driver has an envelope alanya escort bayan for me. My lawyer had the divorce complete and Joane is no longer my wife. And then what happens? Joane pulls up into the driveway. She should have been working.”I got fired!” she says.I’m standing there looking at her and wondering what she did to ax her job. She says,”Well?” “Well what?””Aren’t you going to give me a hug and say everything’s gonna be fine?””I haven’t seen much of you in the last three months. You avoid talking to me and NOW you want me to get all cozy with ya? fuhgeddit! So, what did you get fired for . . . embezzlement?””Fuck’s zat s’posed ta mean?””Why don’t you tell me, you seem pretty good at it!”She looked at me with daggers in her eyes. “Just what are you up to?” she asked with a voice that hid no hate.”Well, for starters, you can pack your stuff and beat it. I know what you did, you swiped my savings.””Half your savings was mine because we’re married, it became a joint account.””Here, read this, Joane.”It didn’t take long for her to know she is now husband-less and her so called ‘Gravy train’ just went up another track.”Hell am I to do now?” I have no money and I just got fired!”I got the bitch out, the locksmith changed the locks and she can’t get back in.Andrea showed up for her lesson at ten and I was pleased. She brought me a nice coffee and some doughnuts and I told her, “Well. I just got the papers and Joane’s no longer my wife.””I am so glad Ray. I never thought she would have done things like this but, well, she’ll be out of your life.”We sit at the piano and I start by telling her the very basics, octaves; keys; natural, sharp and flat notes, then I tell her about the one, four, five and five-seven chords, finger technique, how to do the C scale from one end of the piano to the other without stopping.

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