My Sissy Son – Part 2


After my son Jason gave me that first blowjob, everything changed completely for us.

When I think back to that moment, I knew I should have felt ashamed with myself. But while I was looking at his beautifully messy face and thinking about how we got to that point, I realized I wasn’t ashamed. I wasn’t upset with myself for being weak like I had been in our previous encounters. I wasn’t embarrassed or confused. I was satisfied, content and to put it simply; happy.

I was happy because Jason was happy. When he carefully wiped my semen out of his eyes and scooped the sticky goo from his nose, cheeks and chin right into his mouth, he had the most euphoric look on his face. It was as if he’d waited his whole life for this moment. He held his mouth open wide and showed me how much I’d given him, then happily drank it down, remarking how delicious it was.

Looking past him to the floor I saw the massive splattering on the carpet beneath me. He had cum more than I did, and I hadn’t had my penis inside of anything in over a year, so that’s saying something. As I surveyed the whole scene, all I could do was smile, and think about his joy. I’d never seen my son as happy as he was in that moment. Granted, most father’s don’t ever get to see their son in the throws of ecstasy, but I’d done that for him. It was because of me that he felt such pleasure. I couldn’t deny that it really made me feel good. I should have felt shame, but in reality my heart swelled with pride. I was able to show the boy who I loved most in the world the greatest pleasure of his young life.

So in the aftermath of that mind-bending blowjob I didn’t run away from him. I stayed there and let us both revel in the feeling for a while. I didn’t even pull up my pants right away. He was still on his knees, caressing my softening dick, kissing it softly, loving it. When we finally came back to reality, I stayed with him in his room a while and helped him clean up his semen from the carpet. By the time he finally got up from the floor and slid off of the dildo, I’d totally forgotten it was there. He plopped it on his desk and I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“You really love that, don’t you?” I asked.

“Oh yeah.” He answered quickly. “But not nearly as much as the real thing.” He added with a smile.

I stayed with him for a while and we chatted, being sure to tell him at some point just how amazing the blowjob was. It wasn’t like any normal conversation, but it also wasn’t awkward or weird. He even made a joke at one point about how he’d eaten his own brothers and sisters. A day earlier and a comment like that would have had me asking what the fuck was wrong him. But for whatever reason, I just laughed it off. Somehow the whole thing felt okay, it felt normal. Like I said, everything changed at that point. Our relationship would never be the same and we both knew it. Something in my brain told me to accept it, so I just… did.

Over the next couple days his horniness would lead to the odd handjob here or there. Okay okay my horniness as well, now that I could no longer deny it. Each time it got a little easier and more natural.

He had started wearing nothing but underwear around the house on a regular basis. And not his own underwear anymore, his mother’s panties. It got to the point where I’d have to shut the curtains in the living room so neighbours couldn’t see in. But I didn’t mind. I started to really enjoy it actually. His plump little bum looked great in those panties and he hid his package so well sometimes I forgot it was even there. He started to have this real sexy, smooth attractiveness going on. He even walked a little different, and did his long wavy hair up in feminine styles. If he’d had breasts I would honestly have a hard time telling he wasn’t a girl. I had to admit it was beginning to drive me wild, having a sexy little thing like that walking around the house all the time.

Part of me wanted to see what other looks he could pull off. So a couple days before his birthday I was lying in bed with my laptop and I decided to get him something thoughtful, in addition to the computer stuff he asked for that I’d already bought for him. I remembered what he’d told me that night we played truth or dare. He wished his mother had some knee-high socks that he could wear, but she never owned any. I went online and picked out three pairs. Two were just fun colourful stripes, but one had a pretty bird pattern. I thought that was perfect because his mother used to call him Jay-bird when he was small. I ordered them for delivery and just hoped they would come in time for his birthday.

Just as I closed my laptop and shut off my light I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I told him to come in. He slowly pushed it open and just stood at the doorway, silhouetted by the hallway light in the darkness of my room. All I could see was a sexy skirt, bra and pigtails. He leaned against the doorframe, suggestively.

“Hi Daddy.” He said in a soft, breathy tone while he ran one hand down his torso. I knew exactly what he wanted. If the outfit wasn’t enough, his first words were a dead giveaway. I’d caught on by now that he only used the term ‘Daddy’ when he wanted some action, or more specifically wanted my dick.

“Well look at you” I replied, admitting to him, and myself, that I was also in the mood and very willing to get some.

Jason slowly entered my room, each deliberate step sexier than the last. As he approached me I noticed the front of his skirt was bulging out. He was getting hard already and he hadn’t even touched me. I smiled and slid the bedsheets off of my legs, revealing my body in it’s nude entirety. I sleep naked, which was no surprise to my son, but still his jaw dropped. I squinted my eyes to see his face in the darkness and all I could think was how badly I wanted his talented mouth on my cock again. It started to rise at the thought.

He finally reached my bed and leaned down to crawl over my legs. I spread them open to make room for him to sit. As his hands landed on either side of me my wish came true, and his mouth immediately found my hardening cock. Like some kind of hungry animal, he threw his head around my crotch in circles, capturing the head of my dick with his teeth, gently of course. He slowly but surely sank my dick deep into his hot, wet mouth. I closed my eyes and let out a great big sigh of pleasure. His pig tails flopped around on me, tickling my stomach as he began to work his magic. He slid his mouth off my shaft, letting it smack down on my body, then lovingly licked it from top to bottom and sucked one of my big balls into his mouth. With a pop, he released it and then immediately went for the other. What a sensation, gently massaging with his tongue. He went back to my cock and sucked it down deep again. Then he began to quickly pump his head up and down on my solid shaft, bobbing and weaving, twisting and sucking. It didn’t take long before I felt the familiar rising of a release coming.

Suddenly he pulled off and sat up, his hair flying in circles as he did. I looked down and saw him pumping his own hardon. that’s when I realized he hadn’t even used his hands this whole time. That’s because he was using one for balance, and the other on himself. He sat up between my legs masturbating his long dick over mine, for just a few more seconds. Then he threw his head back and moaned in this high-pitched feminine cry. “AAAAHHHhhhhh yeah”. He bellowed as he proceeded to empty his seed onto my crotch. I’m pretty sure my mouth dropped open as I watched his little balls contract and his dick pulsate, throb after of throb of orgasm juice. He finally looked down too and aimed the last few shots of his cum to ensure they landed on his target. With a final anguished moan as he milked out the last drops, he grinned and shuffled back to his previous position. This time with his ass up high in the air, he bent his head down towards me again and began to lick clean the mess he’d made on my cock and balls. He lapped it all up with a fervour, sending shivers through me in the process. I was in awe of his hunger for cum and cock. It was sending me over the edge and he hadn’t even taken me fully in his mouth again yet. When he finally licked up the last drop and brought his mouth to my dick tip I was almost ready to explode. As I felt my cock enter his hot mouth again I couldn’t resist reaching out and grabbing his pig tails.

“Mhmmm” I heard him moan, encouraging me. His lips surrounded my big swollen head and his tongue massaged my frenulum. That was all it took. I grunted out loud as I erupted and pulled sharply with both hands. I couldn’t help it. That’s when he finally grabbed my shaft with his hand, when his mouth was forced further down my thick dick. After the first shot I eased up a bit. He held it firmly and just kept his mouth around the tip, continuing the tongue massage. I relaxed my grip and just Escort pumped shot after shot of his little brothers and sisters into his wanting mouth. He stroked my shaft with his hand while I did and never stopped tonguing me at the same time. I heard him “Mmmhmmm” again as he accepted everything I had.

As I came down off my orgasm, I let go of his pig tails. He held my head still in his mouth but looked up to meet my eyes. I saw another grin. Then slowly he slipped his pursed lips over the tip, careful not to spill any of his reward. I saw his throat move as he swallowed fully. He gave my dick one last kiss and let it rest on my stomach.

“Mmmm, thank you Daddy.” He said quietly. “Now I can sleep.”

I didn’t respond. I was still breathing heavily and sort of out of it, ready to pass out myself.

He patted my leg as he got up off my bed and carefully slid my bedsheets back over me. Then he fixed his skirt and walked out of my room, closing the door behind him. I drifted off to sleep within seconds.

I awoke the next morning thinking it was a dream. But when I pulled off my covers I saw some left over sticky evidence that it had in fact happened. All I could think was how much I couldn’t wait for the next time it would happen again.

But the next couple days were a bit busy. I had a lot of work going on and Jason was looking forward to his birthday, spending a lot of time chatting with friends. On the phone, or on video chat, or texting constantly. It was good to see him excited, though I didn’t really understand why it was such a big deal given that we were still in lockdown and it wasn’t like he could have a party or even see his friends. I guess either way, the 18th birthday is sort of a big one, and at least it was something to enliven the week.

When I was on my lunch break, reheating my leftovers, I saw Jason’s tablet sitting on the counter. It kept lighting up and dinging. He was in his room texting friends on his phone, but because his devices are all linked it was coming through on his tablet as well.

I couldn’t help but glance over each time the screen came on.

– Are you ready for tomorrow?

– Hell yes! I’ve almost got it all set up. As long as my Dad got me the rig I asked for, I’m ready

– Awesome!

– Can’t wait to see you.

– Thanks bro.

– I’m really looking forward to finally doing it.

– Me too!


– LoL

– It’s Jaybird right?

– That’s your account?

– Yep!

– Just do a search on the site and you’ll find me.

The microwave beeped, distracting me from the rest of the conversation.

What on earth were they talking about? He must be planning a big online gathering or something. But I wondered what website that was. He mentioned the birthday gift he’d asked me for. He sent me a link to this adjustable camera stand that you mount to a wall or desk and then you can move it into position and it’ll stay put. Pretty neat contraption actually.

A few months after the pandemic started, once I started working again, I realized it was going to go on for a while so I got both Jason and myself new webcams. I figured if we were going to be home all day every day online we might as well have some good hardware. They are nice full 4k high quality cameras and I know he gets a lot of good use out of his, in classes and with friends, every day. So I got him this rig he asked for to go with it, but I also got him a ring light, which he didn’t know about yet.

If I’m honest though, now that our relationship has changed so dramatically, I’m more excited about giving him the clothes I bought him than any of the fancy computer gear.

My mind wandered a bit while I thought about what big birthday event he was planning with his friends, but ultimately whatever it is is none of my business so long as he’s home and safe. I went back to work and practically forgot all about it.

The next day was Jason’s birthday. The package had arrived just in time so I was pleased to be able to give him all his gifts.

I was up pretty early and wanted to make him some breakfast for when he woke up. To my surprise when I left my room I found he was already in the shower. The bathroom door was open a crack. He’d started doing that now, leaving the door open, probably trying to get me to spy in while he showered. I can’t say it didn’t work. I watched him for a little while, soaping his legs and then grabbing a razor. Obviously he shaved his legs but I’d never seem him do it. It was kind of sexy to see his leg up on the tub, the razor gliding smoothly. He hadn’t noticed me but I didn’t want to stare, so I continued on to the kitchen and started cooking up some french toast, his favourite.

It took a while for him to finally join me. He’d spent quite a lot of time in the bathroom, presumably grooming I suppose. But whatever he did, the result was fantastic, he looked amazing. His skin was fresh and clear, his hair was blow-dried straight, his super smooth legs and butt looked amazing in his blue panties. The little crop top he picked out showed off just a bit of his lean tummy.

“There’s the birthday boy!!” I exclaimed as I took him in. “Happy birthday Jay!”

“Thaaaaaaaanks Dad.” He said, rolling his eyes and blushing slightly.

“Grab a seat. I made french toast for your special day.”

“I thought that’s what it smelled like in here.” He replied. “Thank you!”

“So? How does it feel to be eighteen?”

“Actually… Kind of different to be honest.”

“Yeah? How so?”

“I don’t know. Just… a little freer, I guess.”

“Well, I must say, you look amazing.” I blurted out, completely distracted by his convincingly feminine look.

“Yeah? You like?” He asked, as he raised his arms and presented himself to me.

“I love it.” I replied. “I think 18 really suits you.” I added, trying to steer away from my obvious horniness.

“Thanks Dad.”

Dad. He’s still calling me dad, not daddy, so I’m sure the last thing he’s thinking about on his birthday morning was my cock, even if I couldn’t take my eyes off his panty-covered ass.

We both sat down and enjoyed some breakfast. While we were eating his phone started blowing up with messages of birthday wishes from his friends and our family. When we finished I asked him to put the dishes in the sink and I went to grab his gifts.

When I returned to the kitchen with his gifts in hand, I saw a hint of excitement on his face. He opened the bigger boxes first, and thanked me profusely for getting him the stand he’d asked for. He was surprised by the ring light and seemed grateful for that as well.

But just as I’d hoped, I saw a much more satisfying emotion on his face when he opened the knee-high socks I’d got him. I could tell it really meant something to him, just as it did to me. I think he knew it meant I had not only listened to what he wanted but also was accepting and even encouraging of who he is and wants to be.

“Oh thank you Daddy!” He said as he threw his arms around my shoulders in a big hug. Daddy eh? I think I did good.

“You’re welcome…” I replied quickly, slipping my arms around his slender back, pausing briefly then adding “Jaybird.”

He loosened his grip and pulled his head back a bit so we were face to face. I kept my arms around the small of his back. He had a smile on his face and for the briefest of moments I thought he was going to kiss me, but instead he said “That’s why one has birds on it.”

“Of course.” I answered.

“They’re beautiful! I love them!” He yelled, throwing himself over my shoulda once again.

I gave him a good hard squeeze and said “I’m glad!” Then I released him from my grip and he let go of me as well.

“I’m going to go put them on.” He said excitedly.

“Alright, you do that. Unfortunately I have to get to work.” He frowned at me. “But I’ll come and help you get that camera stuff set up on my lunch break, okay?”

“That would be great. Thanks again!” He replied, going off to his room.

I worked through a fairly busy morning. Jason had come to show me his outfit with the new bird socks at one point, but I was on a call so all I could do was smile and mouth the words “You look great”. He had happily gone off back to his room. But it was hard to stop thinking about how great he actually looked. He’d leaned against the doorframe of my office showing off the sexy panties and top and sliding his fingers along his legs, smoothing the socks. Work was becoming hard to concentrate on.

Finally my lunch break came, and I took off my headset and went to find Jay.

He was, of course, in his bedroom. I knocked on the door and it slowly opened on its own.

“Oh, sorry.” I started “I didn’t know it was ope–” My words were cut off when I saw Jason on his bed.

He was lying sideways, with one hand on his hip, Escort Bayan looking backwards seductively at me. The cheeks of his plump little bum were perfectly separated by a g-string now, and his hip curved beautifully into his crop top. The high socks accentuated his long smooth legs, and he had pulled his hair back into a ponytail, letting it fall on his shoulder.

He raised his hand off his hip and curled his finger several times, urging me into the room. I complied.

I slowly stepped in the room and my mind went blank, as if I were on autopilot. I didn’t know what would come next but I knew I wouldn’t resist, no matter what he had in store for me. As I got closer, he slid himself over the edge of his bed, turning onto his stomach. With his legs bent at the knees and his feet in the air showing off the socks, I couldn’t help but stare at his ass as it flexed and bounced while he turned towards me. Without words, he immediately began to unbuckle my pants and within seconds my meaty cock was staring him right in the face. He held it for a moment, feeling its weight, and then slowly but surely pulled it deep into his mouth. He tongued it for a while, letting it solidify until it filled his throat completely. I looked down in awe, watching my beauty boy swallow down my cock yet again. His eyes were closed and he moaned with delight.

After we both enjoyed it for a while, he finally pulled off me and spoke.

“Mmmm Daddy. It’s so good.” He whispered, slowly tickling my dick with his fingertips. “This is the best present of the day.” He continued. “The one I’ve been waiting for.”

“Well, happy birthday son.” I replied with a grin.

He smiled and looked up sheepishly now. “This isn’t all I want though. What I really want for my birthday…” He paused, feigning shyness, though I’m pretty sure he was just doing it for dramatic effect. “I want it inside me. I want YOU inside me daddy.” Staring into my soul with big puppy dog eyes he added “Please daddy.”

My jaw dropped.

He took that as approval, and got up on his knees. The g-string stretched when he moved and I watched his perfect little ass as he turned around to present it to me. My cock reached a whole new level of rigidity and I knew in that moment there was no way I would resist doing this. Ethically and morally this would be the final straw of wrongness. But looking down at this beautiful round ass with perfect milky smooth skin, I was ready to go straight to hell for it. I thought to myself – if my son wants me inside him, then I’m going to give him what he wants. It’s his birthday after all.

He turned his head to look back at me, his pony tail falling to one side. “Give it to me Daddy. Give me my gift.” He said, as he pulled the g-string to the side, revealing his rosebud. Below it his little balls were cupped in the panties and barely visible. In fact it could have even been mistaken for a juicy swollen pussy if you didn’t look too hard. I reached down and helped the g-string aside which allowed him to let go and put his hand back on the bed for balance. I noticed his asshole was already lubed. He must have prepared for this. I didn’t wait any longer and bent my boner down to towards him. As the head touched his hole I heard him moan lightly. In fact I think I did as well. I slid the underside of my thick dick along his crack, in long full strokes, getting it nice and slick. Even just this sensation was sending shivers through me, I could only imagine what actually entering him would do to me. But I didn’t have to imagine for long, as I lost my propensity for foreplay and could no longer resist the main event. With my hand on his ass cheek, thumb holding the g-string to the side, I had to push my rod downwards it was so hard and upright. I placed it directly on my son’s hole and with a firm thrust forward, entered him for the first time. As the big mushroom head of my cock disappeared inside him, we both groaned at the same time.

“Ohhhhhhh yeeeeeah.” He moaned.

I slid deeper, watching my dick vanish inch by inch. His man pussy swallowed me as easily as his mouth had. It seemed almost effortless. That’s not to say it wasn’t tight, however, just that I suppose he’d been practicing for so long it was easy for him now. It was like nothing I’d ever felt. His mother had only ever let me fuck her ass once, and it wasn’t particularly pleasurable for either of us. But this, this was heaven. His hot hole engulfed and squeezed my dick like it was made to do it. By the time I had fully pushed in the the hilt, I was ready to cum. But I didn’t. I had to hold off. I had to give him his gift.

I rested my massively swollen cock fully inside my son for a moment while we both reveled in the feeling. I moved my free hand to the small of his back and he fell forward off his elbows, putting his face and shoulders into the bed. It dawned on me then that this was the first time I’d really touched him like this. I kneaded my hand into his skin, feeling how smooth it was. I squeezed his ass cheek lightly and let my other hand explore his back.

“Oh my god Daddy.” I heard muffled in the sheets. “It’s sooooo good.”

“You like that?” I said, without really thinking.

“Mmm I LOVE it.”

With that I began to pull out of him, all the way until I saw my head appear, then pushed in again. I slid back in easily, stretching his hole as I did. My god what a hole! I could still barely hold back my cum, but began to rock in and out of him now. I wanted him to feel the full long strokes of me reentering him with each thrust. I began to lose myself in it, staring down, watching this ass take my cock like no other ever had. I was going slow but firm and pushing hard each time, making sure I was fully inside before going again. He was groaning consistently and his muffled cries were just egging me on. He finally turned his head and I could hear him clearly repeating his favourite words.

“Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me Daddy.”

I’m really not sure how long I lasted, but it probably wasn’t long. Soon enough, I gave him his wish. I pulled hard on both his hips while I skewered him one last time and exploded deep into his bowels. I think I grunted like a madman as I emptied my balls into my son, all the while he begged and encouraged me to keep cumming. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss washed over me as I injected my seed into his heavenly hole. When my balls were finally drained, I eased my grip and let my hands glide over the plump cheeks and caress his silky back.

He propped himself back up on his hands and looked back at me. Slowly and smoothly I withdrew my spent cock from him, and watched as his gaping cavity spilled my white nectar. It flowed over his panty-covered balls and down onto the bed. He giggled and his ass puckered suddenly. I took a step back and he spun onto his side, flopping down on the bed again, with a satisfied “ahhh”.

“That was–” He started

“Incredible.” I finished.

He smiled and looked at me. “Yeah. Exactly.” He said.

I flopped myself down on his chair, exhausted. He just lay there, running his fingers over himself, caressing his own butt, and rubbing some of my cum in places. He fingered his asshole a couple times and softly rubbed his balls through the panties. I just sat there, watching. Then it hit me that he hadn’t had his own orgasm through this. I could see a definite wet spot in his panties, but it must have just been precum because it certainly wasn’t enough to be one of his plentiful loads. With all our previous encounters he always liked to cum too, but now, on his birthday, he hadn’t. I felt bad.

I spoke up “What about you? You didn’t…”

“Hmm? Ohh.. no that’s okay. I don’t need to right now. This was amazing just as it was. I’m veeeery satisfied. Trust me.” He explained.

I still felt bad, but I wasn’t exactly willing to take care of him like that, at least I don’t think I was. So I let it go and after some recovery time, we both got up and cleaned up.

Afterwards I helped him set up his new camera rig, drilling it to the wall between his desk and his bed, as he requested. We finished attaching the camera and the light and everything was all set. It was a cool rigging arm that he could move and swivel around a few feet in all directions and the camera would stay in position. A new and improved set up just in time for birthday video calls with friends and family.

I had to go back to work, but had a real hard time concentrating at all anymore. My mind was swimming with the fact that I’d fucked my son for the first time, on my lunch break, on his 18th birthday. My whole life had changed so much in the past year but it all seemed like nothing compared to this.

But Jason had plenty going on, and I had to meet some deadlines so we didn’t end up together again until dinner.

Throughout the day, there were tons of phone calls and Bayan Escort a few deliveries. Jay answered them all knowing they’d all be for him on his special day. When I finally emerged from my den at 5pm I discovered a few empty boxes and some flowers in the living room. Above them floated two big balloons in the shape of a one and an eight.

I wanted to go see what he was up to, see if he was waiting for me to come into his room again, but I resisted. I wanted to get dinner started.

So I powered through cooking and dinner, trying not to think about my son’s inviting ass, or mouth, or hands. Trying not to picture his arching back in front of me while I hold his ponytail and go balls deep in his ass. Trying not to imagine his talented tongue licking my sack while my dickhead swells in the back of his throat. Trying not to remember how lovingly he caresses my manhood like it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever touched. It was all I could do, to sit there eating with him, while he told me about his day and not throw everything off the table and bend him over it.

But I made it through without incident, because I knew we had a video call planned with the family right after dinner. He sat down on the couch and set up the laptop while I did the dishes and then got out his cake. I heard him saying hello to the family while I was putting the candles on it. I could see the laptop from the kitchen and waved to everyone on screen. I lit the candles and started walking over with it. As I approached Jason from behind I started singing happy birthday, and everyone on the call joined in. By the time the song was over I’d sat down beside my son and was holding the cake in front of him. Bashfully, he closed his eyes and blew out the candles. Everyone in the laptop applauded.

It was a surreal circumstance, sitting there so close to my son, who just hours ago had my hard dick in his ass, talking to all of our family together. At one point someone said something funny and Jason inadvertently slapped his hand on my leg, but then he let his hand linger there for a bit too long. I wondered if anyone noticed it. But by the end of the conversation my sister had commented that the two of us seemed closer than we used to be and it was nice to see. Jason and I looked at each other in that moment and we both smiled. If they only knew just how close we were now. If they only knew.

After our call with the family I was wondering if Jason was going to initiate anything else with me. If I’m honest I suppose I was kind of hoping for it, but it was not to be.

I knew he had some big event planned with his friends, based on what I’d seen on his tablet earlier, so I wished him one last happy birthday and retired to my own privacy so that he could have his.

It wasn’t late enough for me to want to sleep, so I cracked open the laptop and tried to get my mind off my son with more work. But after an hour or so of trying I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wondered what this big thing was that he was doing with his friends. But I’d promised him his privacy and I would not betray that. I thought back to those messages I saw. “Jaybird” I thought. Did he tell his friends that was his mother’s nickname for him? Maybe it was the password for the chatroom or something. But no, his friend had said that was his account name. But account for what? The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going on. After everything we’d been through lately there was still something off. He’s up to something.

Then it dawned on me. The first time he gave me that stunning blowjob, he was on a website when I walked in his room. He was on a porn site. A cam site. Watching another boy masturbate. Today was his 18th birthday, and he’d convinced me to buy him new webcam equipment. He wouldn’t. Would he?

I opened a browser window and instinctively typed in the same porn site I always use. I clicked on the magnifying glass icon and started typing…

J – A – Y – B – I – R…

That’s when the search result popped up. “Jaybird (18, M)”

I clicked.

The webpage loaded a streaming video, and there it was. A closeup of my son’s gaping asshole, in glorious 4k. Up in the top right corner of the video was a red dot beside the word ‘LIVE’.

My mouth dropped open and I clenched my hands. My immediate reaction was anger. As I sat there seething with rage I surveyed the page. The title of the stream was ‘[Free] First live show – 18th birthday’. There were currently 48 viewers. I wondered who they could possibly be. I could clearly see the bird socks on his legs and could make out some of the details of his bedroom in the background. But he also made sure to get the 18 balloons in the shot behind him. Somehow that made it even worse. How could he do this? This is so dangerous, so reckless. What if someone recognizes him. What if someone knows. I wanted to storm down the hall, burst through his door, and rip the camera off the wall. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

But I had to think about the consequences of anything I might do. He just turned 18, technically he’s an adult and can do whatever he wants now. If this is his life, who am I to judge? If I interrupt his first broadcast he may never forgive me. This newfound bond between us could be ruined forever. I may never get to slide my meaty dick in his deep dark hole ever again. It looks so inviting. Dammit. No! I shouldn’t be thinking that, of all things.

But it does look so inviting. I had been fixed on the video while I thought about what to do, and without realizing it my penis had grown in my pants to the point of uncomfortableness.

Jason was fingering himself for the camera. Two fingers at the moment, and then adding a third. Soon his hand disappeared out of frame while his hole puckered a few times and then gaped again, as if it were waiting to receive something. Low and behold the thick purple dildo made its way into frame. He’d clearly already been fucking himself with it and happened to be taking a short break when I joined the stream. But back inside it went, quickly, easily. He moaned for the camera as it hit it’s maximum insertion. He pulled it out quickly and slammed it in again. It seemed his show was getting to a certain point, I was just late to the party. My hands worked with a mind of their own as they yanked the waistband of my track pants down, and tucked it under my balls. With my cock out and stiffening, I had no choice but to just accept my son’s new venture and see where it took him. I maximized the video on my screen and just let it unfold while I gripped my member with both hands and started stroking to the rhythm Jason had set for us.

He had laid on his side now, and pushed his cock and balls under his legs, then closed them tight. The camera, and his audience, were now staring at his tight sack and long hard dick straining against his legs while he pumped the dildo in and out of his used ass. He was picking up the pace now and so was I. Seeing the way his sensitive hole stretched and strained from this angle made me realize that’s what was happening earlier in the day when it was my rod in there. I was jacking myself quickly now and I was ready to burst at any moment. Jason jammed the dildo deep in his cavity and with a great feminine cry, suddenly his meat surged and pulsed, and a great big squirt of cum flew out of the tip. I heard myself say “whoa”, and watched in awe as more of his juice streamed out. It was so unexpected. He hadn’t ever touched his cock, and he was cumming like he’s been masturbating for an hour. I quickly beat my dick to catch up and a few strokes later I was joining the cum party. I barely even acknowledged my own semen splattering my chest because I was watching this close up of my son’s pulsating dick dance on its own, unleashing a steady flow of cum all over his new knee-high socks. What a view! After 6 or 7 heavenly gushes, he started moving the dildo again. Still not touching his dick, the motion of the dildo seemed to milk out more of his sap, until finally he pulled it out and turned his ass to the camera for his audience to look into the abyss.

My own hand was covered in my ejaculate and I milked out the last drops from my dick and dropped it on my stomach with a satisfying sigh. On the screen, Jason finally turned around to face the camera. He had a facemask on, thankfully. And with his long straightened hair falling around it you couldn’t see much of his face at all, just his eyes really. He winked at the camera, repositioned it for a wider view. He fell back onto his bed and showed the audience the big mess he’s made on his legs. He winked again and then blew a kiss to his viewers. Then he waved and reached toward the camera. The video went black.

I happened to glance down at the viewer count. It was now over 100. I wondered if that would be considered a successful show. Even if it wasn’t that looked like one hell of an orgasm he had.

All I could think was; someday soon, I hope I can do that for my son. My sissy son.

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