Kim’s Pretty as a Penny Ch. 03


I woke up Sunday morning with the sun streaming through the shades. Had I dreamt it all, or did my 18-year-old daughter Kim seduce me last night in my sleep? My pajamas were in a wad at my feet, but that was no proof either way. I rolled on my side and saw them…the wad of yellow cotton on the other pillow that last night were Kim’s panties. So it was real.

Kim had found a box filled with old erotic letters from my college girlfriend and decided to trick me into helping her act out the erotic stories with her. Kim took on my old girlfriend Penny’s every trait: from her short haircut, speech patterns, perfume, and even sexual techniques. My daughter Kim became Penny, going so far as demanding I call HER Penny whenever we were alone. What had I gotten myself into?

As my mind began clearing I realized that the bed reeked of sex and the brandy she had poured over her naked body last night. I picked up the wadded panties and brought them to my nose. My daughter’s sexual aroma smelled wonderful and my cock stiffened in response. Last night we both had the most exciting sex of our lives and I was both scared and excited to think of what was next.

I put on my tee shirt and some sweat pants and headed for the kitchen to make coffee and clear my head. As the sound and aroma of the first pot of coffee filled my senses, I was aware of another sound, the sound of my daughter laughing on the phone down the hall.

“Julie, don’t forget, come over in a couple of hours.” Kim was enthusiastic and talking fast to her cute little Asian friend. “Yeah, my Dad will be out all afternoon. Yeah, for sure.” She giggled, “Yeah, me too. I don’t know. I didn’t look at it yet. I figured we could be surprised together. Don’t forget, this is a TOTAL secret.” I was getting curious what she was saying. I grabbed my morning coffee and headed down the hallway towards the den to see what was going on. “OK, I’ll see you then. Got to go, my Dad’s coming to say goodbye. He’s leaving any minute. YES, we’ll be alone all day today. See you soon.” I wasn’t going anywhere today and couldn’t understand what she was talking about.

I came to the doorway of the den to find my daughter dressed in a uniform that made her look like a young catholic schoolgirl. She had a white starched shirt, short grey plaid skirt, white knee socks, and (gulp) penny loafers. Kim smiled at me, her eyes sparkling, and spoke.

“Oh Daddy, you caught me. I’m so sorry, please don’t be mad at me.” I had no idea what she was talking about as she danced about the room acting like a much younger girl. “I invited Julie over this afternoon when I knew you’d be out,” She was really confusing me, I wasn’t going anywhere today, but she was seriously distracting me as she twirled about, her little skirt bouncing up and down, occasionally exposing her white panties against her creamy thighs. “When you go out today, Julie and I were going to watch one of your dirty DVDs. Daddy, please don’t be mad, we just wanted to see what a guy’s thingy looks like when it’s, you know, hard.” She looked at the floor sheepishly. “Please don’t punish me Daddy, I’m usually a good girl, please don’t spank me again.” OH… I finally got it. She was role-playing a schoolgirl and wanted me to punish her like she confessed to me last night during hot sex. As to her and Julie, I’m sure she had something in mind on that score too.

“Come over here, young lady,” I managed to act as stern as I could without breaking out laughing as I helped her play out her fantasy. Escort “You know better than to get into Daddy’s things. Especially Daddy’s PRIVATE things. Those DVDs are strictly off limits. Now get over here.” She walked towards me kicking her feet, her head held down, until she stopped right in front of me.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I’ve always wanted to see Daddy’s private things,” she said with extra emphasis at the end of the sentence so I wouldn’t miss her double entendre. “Please don’t punish me Daddy, please? I don’t like getting my bottom spanked,” She pouted and rolled her bottom lip. “I’ll be good. I’ll do anything you say, Daddy.” I sat down on the sofa and patted my knee and she sighed, kicked off her penny loafers and dutifully bent over and lay across my lap. I could feel my hard dick pressing against her stomach through my sweatpants as she shifted her weight around on top of me. “Daddy, I’m sorry, I’ll be good. Very good. Please?” I continued the game with her.

“I’m sorry Kimmy, but you have to be punished” I said sweetly.

“Daddy,” she said angrily, “My name is PENNY.”

“Of course it is, Penny dear.” I corrected myself and continued acting out her fantasy. “Now this will hurt me more than it hurts you”

I reached down and gently ran my fingertips from the top of her white knee socks along her smooth legs, stopping for a moment as I reached the bottom hem of her skirt, gently touching her soft skin. As I moved my fingertips over her inner thighs, my daughter opened her legs a little and squirmed a bit. “That tickles, Daddy, I thought this was punishment,” she giggled. I slowly lifted her skirt up until I was staring at her plain white cotton panties.

“Don’t be fresh,” I said sternly. “Just for that, I’m going to have to give you a bare bottom spanking.” I reached for the waistband of her panties and very slowly pulled them down, allowing the back of my hand to caress the crack of her ass as I slowly peeled down the thin white cotton from her body. She started squirming and struggling as I held her in place with my left arm and continued pulling her panties down with my right hand, softly rubbing my knuckles against her ass as I went.

“Daddy, don’t. What are you doing? Please don’t.” She pretended to be scared and it was turning us both on. I got her panties just below her crotch and I reached just below her ass and touched her softly on her inner thighs in the small space between her pulled down panties and her pussy, which I made sure to avoid touching at all for now, although I could already feel the heat she was generating there. She made a small squeak as I danced my fingertips inside her thighs and she tried to open her legs wider, although the bunched up panties on her thighs clearly restricted her movement. I slowly peeled off each of her knee socks, running my palm along the inside of her legs as I peeled them away.

Then I did it. I raised my hand and brought it down on her bare bottom. I paused for a moment, letting the sound of the smack speak for me as I left my palm briefly spread out on her firm, young ass, feeling the heat of her excited young body. Then I started spanking her bare bottom with a slow steady rhythm. She grunted and squirmed on my lap, rubbing her tummy against my sweatpants and grinding my rock hard cock. I continued spanking her, watching her naked ass turn pink in contrast to the white panties on her thighs.

“Now Penny, this is for your own good. You have to learn to do what Escort Bayan Daddy tells you.”

“Daddy, I’m so sorry. I’ve been a bad girl, so very bad, but I promise to do anything you tell me Daddy, anything.” She squirmed on my lap. I continues spanking her so that she knew she was not getting off so easily.

After a dozen more spanks and a lot of squirming against my rock hard cock, she whimpered, “Daddy, something’s wrong, I feel all wet. Daddy, I think I need to go pee.” I stopped spanking her and softly caressed her pink bare bottom, following the crack of her ass with my middle finger as my whole hand cupped her rear end and followed her body’s contour down to the spot between her ass and her sex, rubbing it in anticipation of the source of her wetness. As if in slow motion, my fingertips finally met her soaked pussy lips and I gently grazed along the edge of her slit, her body shuddering, until I met her clit at the far end of her gash and then worked my fingertip back up the other direction, dipping my finger in her up to my first knuckle. She was dripping wet and groaning as I finally started actively caressing her soaked open sex, her sweet scent filling the air.

“Daddy, that feels so funny. I feel all tingly and gooey down there.” I stuck my finger inside her hot juicy box and wiggled it around. “Oh, Daddy that feels sooo good. I promise, I’ll do anything you tell me, Daddy. Tell me what you want me to do Daddy, I’ll be sooo good.” Her whole body reacted as I finally jammed two fingers deep inside her and started pumping in and out with my thumb gently pressing against her asshole. After grunting and groaning for a while, she turned her head to look at me for the first time while on my lap and with wild eyes said, “Or I’ll if you ask me to, I’ll be so very bad. Daddy I’ve been such a bad girl, getting your fingers all wet. Please let me clean them for you.”

I brought my hand from her pussy to her mouth and she licked, sucked and gobbled her juices off my fingers. She climbed off of my lap with her panties still caught dangling on her thighs and said, “Daddy, I feel empty, I need something bigger inside me than your fingers. I could feel your thingy pressing on my tummy when you spanked me. Let me see it Daddy, please show it to me.”

She begged me as she slowly unbuttoned her white shirt, leaving her dressed in just her tiny bra, schoolgirl skirt and her pushed down panties hanging on her thighs. I slowly pulled down my sweatpants releasing my aching cock and gently played with it for her. She smiled at me with glazed eyes. “Oh Daddy, it’s so big. Do think it will fit inside my little girl cunny?” She asked as she teased me by slowly lifting her skirt, exposing her puffy wet lips and completely smooth pussy. She had removed her bush since last night, making her role-play transformation complete. She saw my expression at her hairless pussy, rubbed herself and joked, “A Penny shaved is a Penny earned”. Then she grabbed a cushion from the sofa and threw it on the floor and then threw her body over it face down, swaying her naked ass in the air.

“Daddy, Please help me learn to be a good little girl. Make it all better, Daddy. Please fill me up.” I kicked off the sweatpants and followed her, my throbbing dick bouncing with desire. I went to her on the floor, pushed her skirt up above her waist exposing her sex and her tight ass, and climbed on top of her, rubbing my cock down her ass until her butt pressed against my belly and my Bayan Escort cock bumped into her hot inner thighs, seeking her wet slit. “Daddy, tear my panties off me, please rip them apart, so I can spread my legs for you. Then you can fit your big cock in my tiny pussy and fuck your little girl nice and deep.” She kept begging me to tear them off her and I noticed she had cut them a little on the sides so that when I grabbed them and pulled, they simply tore away. I threw the ripped cotton panties aside and she spread her legs wider and lifted her ass in search of my cock.

“Oh yes, Daddy,” she called out as I finally pushed the tip of my rock hard dick into her soaked pussy. I grabbed her hips, pushed my cock into her tight, wet hole and started grinding in and out of her from behind. She reached under herself and was frantically rubbing her clit and panting like a dog as I fucked her in long slow strokes, her firm ass rubbing against my belly as she bounced her butt up and down to meet my strokes. I reached up and gently undid her bra and pushed it off her leaving her dressed in only in that plaid skirt bunched up at her waist. I ran my hands up and down her back and then around her waist above her skirt and then slid my fingers up her front to grab her tiny tits as I kept pumping my cock in and out of her dripping hole.

I tweaked her nipples with my fingers and she groaned. She was getting close to coming as both her hands were underneath her between her legs, buzzing her clit and she moaned like an animal. “Oh Daddy, I’m such a bad, bad girl. Bad girls need to be punished. Bad girls need to be fucked hard, don’t they Daddy?” She begged me for an answer and more.

“You’re a very bad girl,” I said in rhythm to my strokes, playing along with her fantasy, “And a bad girl needs lots of hard fucking to teach her how to obey her Daddy.” I fucked her faster, and suddenly realized what she had been waiting for. “Bad girls need to be spanked and fucked, don’t they Penny?” She groaned loudly in response as I continued plunging into her.

I leaned back on my knees behind her and started to spank her ass hard while I fucked her with all my might. She went completely nuts, groaning, squirming and pushing back hard on my dick as her hands kept frantically at her clit. The more I spanked her, the more she responded like a wild animal, moaning and groaning as I plunged in and out of her dripping pussy and spanked her in rhythm. She started to let out a long groan, arching her body up and pushing back hard against my cock, holding me deep inside her. This was absolutely the most erotic moment of my life. I felt her pussy contract around me and I came like never before. I leaned on top of her again and reached under her to grab her tiny breasts firmly, grinding my cock into her, feeling her tight little ass pushing against my belly again as we both continued climaxing wildly. I continued stroking her breasts, ever more gently, as our bodies slowed down, our passions temporarily satiated.

I finally rolled off her sweating body and on to my back at my daughter’s side. She leaned her top half across mine, her firm little tits rubbing on my sweaty chest for the first time today and kissed me, her tongue playing in my mouth.

“Daddy, that was fucking amazing”, she whispered, her breathing still labored.

“Penny, that was amazing fucking,” I said, grinning from ear to ear as I looked deep in her eyes. I put my arm around her and kissed her again, my hand stroking her back down towards her ass.

“Daddy. Daddy,” she said with a serious tone as I softly massaged her ass as we embraced. “Daddy we have to stop. Julie will be here in less than an hour and we should both clean up and get things ready for more fun and games.”

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