My Landlord Pt. 03


On Monday, during my lunch break, I checked my inbox for the first time. Many people were showing interest in the places I put up for rent. I immediately called her, my landlord about it. She was more than just happy to hear that I already had about fifty requests queued up. She told me to give them her business phone number. To those who had already contacted me and to those who will contact me. Then, once more, she thanked me for my help, and told me that she already was working on a reward for me.

After that call, life went back to my normal. Working, hanging out with friends, trying to hook up with some girls, the stuff that single men my age do to pass time and to maybe leave the single team once and forever.

All in all, about two weeks passed until my landlord called me again: “You can put the postings down. All four places are rent out. Thanks for your help. And do you have anything planed, Friday late afternoon and Friday evening?”

It was Tuesday. So I had no clue how I would spend my Friday after work was done for the week: “No, I am free.”

“Good to hear, come over to my place, 17:30 sharp. No need to bring anything, I’ll give you a small reward for your help.”

It didn’t took long and it was Friday, exactly 17:29, and I was standing in front of her apartment door. Ringing the bell. Waiting for her to open up. About a minute later, a minute that felt like an eternity, the door opened. She, my landlord, herself opened the door. She looked gorgeous. And hot. She was dressed to impress. Showing off her curves. Giving me a nice view down her cleavage.

She asked me in. Then she gave me a welcoming hug. As soon as her body touched mine, I popped hard wood. As soon as she noticed the bulge between my legs, a smile appeared on her face: “By the looks of it, we will have a very nice evening together today.”

Then we went into her dinning room. Yes, her place, was big enough to have a huge dinning room. With one relatively small table in the center. Big enough for maybe six people.

She offered me a seat, the silverware and the plates were already at the table. So were some glasses, a bottle of wine and a mug filled with water. She poured us something to drink, then we clinked our glasses and conversation began.

It was business first. She once more thanked me for my help. She also told me, that she had some friends, that needed help renting out their places too. She asked me, if it was okay for me, if she’d give them my contact information. And yes, she also told me, to charge them almanbahis at least one month of rent for my services. I thanked her for her advice and told her that it was perfectly fine for me when she shared my contact information.

Then she excused herself, left the room and came back with the first course of our meal: Some delicious noodle soup. As soon as we began to eat, the conversation turned into a private one. We talked about our days, about some of our friends, and she told me a lot about her 29 year old daughter. nThat she was single, that she struggled to find a partner and that she was a very attractive smart woman. Similar to her mother. And yes, I realized immediately that she was up to something. She clearly wanted to hook me up with her daughter. Mothers always try to hook up their single adult children. But for now, it was the two of us only.

After the main course, after some dessert I helped her putting away the dishes. While we were in kitchen, while she was bending over to fill up the dishwasher, her dress accidentally slipped up and exposed her ass and her tasty pussy.

Horny me, yes, I was having boner for the better part of the time I was at her place, gladly accepted the invitation. I went down on my knees and slid my tongue inside her delicious pussy. As soon as my tongue touched her, a moan escaped her throat.

Tension was building up. Her moaning got more and more intense. Then she told me to fuck her. She handed me a bottle of kitchen oil. To pour it over my raging hard dick. To make everything nice and slippery.

Once I drowned my cock in plant based frying oil, I slid my dick inside her. Her pussy wrapping herself around my rock hard dick felt nothing but awesome. I fucked her gentle, and balls deep. I enjoyed every second of it. I slowly but steadily was working myself towards an orgasm.

She asked me, she begged me to fuck her harder. To fuck her harder and faster. I ignored her. I just kept on going in my paste. Enjoying the sensation of my dick sliding in and out of her pussy. Enjoying the feeling of how I came closer and closer to an orgasm. With every thrust I gave her.

Meanwhile her moaning got more and more intense. She came closer and closer to an orgasm too. I only had a few thrusts left inside me. I went in as hard as I could. Her hands were grabbing onto the kitchen counter. The tension reached it’s climax. One more thrust. Boom. My balls unloaded themselves. She came with me. Our bodies were trembling. It took us some time to regain almanbahis giriş ourselves.

Once we were back up and running, she looked me in the eyes, with a huge satisfied smile on her face: “You asshole. You totally ignored me.”

No, she wasn’t really mad at all. Just a little bit annoyed. I gave her a counter: “Sometimes you have to fuck woman not the way she wants it, but in the way she needs it.”

The smile on her beautiful face got even bigger: “I really like you, you know that don’t you?”

I was blushing a little bit: “I can say the same about you.”

After we cleaned ourselves up we went into her living room. For another round of drinks, for some more talking. And once more, she was selling me her daughter. She even showed me the pictures of her on the walls. And yes, she really was a good looking, a hot one.

But this night, I was with my landlord. And she still caught my eye. So I made another approach. I took her by her hand and led her into her bedroom. There I undressed her. In a very gentle way. Accompanied by a lot of kissing.

Once she was naked, I placed her onto her bed. Then I got out of my clothes, went on my knees in front of her bed, while she was spreading her legs and then I ate her out again. This time I brought my fingers in the game. I let her suck on them first, to lube them up, then I slid three of them inside her greedy pussy. While my tongue was teasing her clit.

She immediately began to moan. Her hands were going through my hair. Then, full stop. Her legs closed and held my head in place. Her hands were grabbing my hear. Her body was shaking a little bit. A few loud and intense moans left her throat. She came. She had an orgasm.

After her first one, it was time to fuck. I got the lube out of her nightstand — yes, I remembered where she kept it form the last time I was in her bed — lubed myself up, went in position and slid my dick inside her. This time, she got what she asked for during our first fuck in the kitchen. She got it hard, fast and deep. Only interrupted by an occasional kissing break. Passionate kissing only.

It didn’t took long until sweat was running down my body. It didn’t took long until her body was covered in sweat too. It was a steaming hot fuck. We both came closer with every thrust. Tension was building up. Her fingernails were scratching my back. Then her hands grabbed my back. Then my balls dumped their nasty load into her. She came a few thrusts earlier.

We collapsed next to each other. Cuddling. almanbahis giriş Sharing some kisses. Not talking at all, just regaining ourselves. Catching our breathes. Enjoying the hormone cocktail in our bloodstreams.

Then, to our surprise it already had gotten late, we totally lost the track of time, we went in the bathroom to clean ourselves up. Then we went to bed. We spooned a for some time, then we fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up first. With a raging hard dick between my legs. Yes morning wood, not that many harder boners are around. Needless to say, I was really horny again. So I turned myself around and spooned her for some time. While poking her with my boner. It didn’t took long for her to wake up. She knew exactly what I was up too: “You young boys and your urges.”

Then she turned herself around, pulled back the blanket and exposed my naked body. She was wearing some very good looking nightgown made out of silk. I wanted to undress her, but she stopped: “Lean back. Enjoy yourself.”

Not even a minute later my glans was in her mouth. While her hands were working on my balls. It felt great. It felt awesome. But it got better. While squeezing my balls, she took my whole dick. Down her throat. Without gagging. Without a single tear running down her cheeks. It clearly wasn’t a first time for her.

It felt great. And watching my dick sliding in and out of her mouth turned me on even more. She knew exactly what spots she had to hit. So it didn’t took long until I nutted a huge load down her throat. She swallowed every single drop of it. Once I was done, once my dick was out of my mouth, she told me, that it was time to get some breakfast.

After visiting the bathroom we went into the kitchen. There she prepared something to eat while I was brewing some coffee. Then we sat down at the breakfast table in the kitchen. While enjoying our meal, we talked. Once more we talked about he daughter. In the end, she asked me the following: “Is it okay for you, when I set up a meeting between my daughter and you, let’s say the upcoming weekend?”

I was thinking why not. She was a good looking one, and when she had inherited some character threats of her mother, it actually might be a match. So I answered her the following: “Yes, I would love to meet your daughter. And next weekend works perfectly fine for me.”

A huge smile appeared on her face: “Great, I contact you about he details in the upcoming days.”

For now, we were finished talking about her daughter. We kept on talking about stuff I honestly don’t remember anymore. We had a few laughs. And after breakfast was over, I left. No she didn’t asked me to do so, it just was time for me to leave. We hugged each other once more, she gave me a gentle kiss on my cheek and then we went our ways.

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