Escort Daddy: Kaori


Because of how well received the first chapter was, here it is! A second chapter! I hope you enjoy it! 😀 Quick reminder that english is not my first language.

Every character in this story is eighteen or older, everything is consensual and totally fictional. Thanks J. Smith for helping me in this process.


So, this is really happening… he thought while he looked at himself in the sink mirror in his bathroom.

Three days ago he fucked his daughter’s best friend and now he was just a couple of minutes of fucking another one of her friends.

His chest was flooded with feelings but none of them were regretful. Not for what he did, and neither for what he was about to do. His cock was hard since he woke up this morning, the mere thought of having another eighteen year old vixen naked in his bed kept it active and ready for more pleasure through the day.

He looked at the clock in his cellphone, 7:30 pm. The mysterious girl that would be his next client would be at 8 sharp, so he needed to get dressed ASAP.

He looked down at his hard cock resting on top of the sink.

Time to work.

He already showered, so all he focused now was on what to wear. He wasn’t sure how to dress at first, but after giving it a quick thought he went for something simple, it wasn’t as if he was going to stay dressed much anyways. He just dressed in a plain white t-shirt and some blue jeans. Not underwear nor footwear, he wanted his body to be available as soon as he needed to get naked.

Minutes later, he was seated in his chair in the living room, with a cold glass of wine in one hand and his cellphone in the other, trying to keep his mind busy with work.

“She is coming!” his daughter announced cheerfully at eight sharp.

He left his phone on the table and got up, his cock still hard as a rock from the anticipation.

His daughter went to the door and he followed her to welcome their new guest. She took the knob but turned before twisting it.

“Okay Daddy, there are things that I forgot to mention and that you should know before this girl walks through the door.”

Dan crossed his arms and gave his daughter a stern look, she knew he didn’t like surprises.

“Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal, it’s just a couple of details that I left out.”

“What is it, Penny?” he asked, growing impatient.

His daughter hid her hands behind her back, like when she hid her antics from him and her mother.

“The girl who will come is our neighbor.”

His jaw tensed.

“Excuse me?”

“And it’s Kaori.”

Kaori Watanabe, one of Penny’s closest friends; the daughter of the Watanabes, a nice but conservative and very religious Asian couple who lived right next door.

His eyes widened.

“Are you crazy!?”

Penny raised both hands calmly.

“Don’t worry, her parents are out of town and she was left alone, in fact they asked me to take care of her. And who better than a strong and big man to protect her all night?”

Dan ran his hand through his beard.

“Penny, this is crazy.”

“But it’s crazy sexy,” she repeated. “Besides, she asked for this, she paid for this, we can’t let her down like that. Can we?”


“Just do exactly what you did to Ruby last night, give her the best sex of her life just like she told us.”

A spark of pride flashed across his chest.

“She said that?”

“Yep, she wouldn’t shut up about it,” she giggled. “You definitely left a good impression on her.”

He wasn’t gonna lie, It felt good to get recognition from that sexy vixen. And the prospect of leaving a good lasting impression on this next chick wasn’t bad at all.

“So if you achieve the same effect on Kaori, your mission will be accomplished.” She took a step toward him. “Also, I want you to know that you can say no at any time. I promise that if you don’t enjoy or feel comfortable with this arrangement during or after tonight, I’ll cancel all your other dates and we’ll pretend like this never happened.”

Other dates? Did she book more appointments already? How many were there already?

The rational part of him told him to stop all this madness, to punish Penny for being so naughty and go to sleep; but the other one was dying to taste that girl’s lips, to enjoy the nubile body of another hot young girl.

The doorbell of the house rang and that was when he knew there was no going back.

“I’m not backing off,” he said decisively.

His daughter’s face lit up.

“Great.” Her hand went again to the knob. “There is one more detail that I forgot to mention.”

Dan sighed.

“Now what, Penny? What other detail could you possibly have omitted?”

His daughter chewed her lower lip and held the information for a moment.

“She is a virgin.”

If his jaw wasn’t stuck on his face, it probably would be on the ground right now.

“Do you want me to deflower your friend!?” Dan exclaimed, despite his throbbing cock.

This was ridiculous! He couldn’t almanbahis do that, her parents literally lived in the house next door for god’s sake!

This was by all means a wrong naughty situation… Why didn’t he feel like stopping it?

Maybe because of how hot this whole situation was. He was going to take an eighteen year old sexy girl’s virginity, his cock was about going to enjoy the tight feeling of her virgin hole, the sweet inexperience of her tentative hands.

He couldn’t pass up the opportunity to deflower a sexy teen, he just couldn’t. Much less when said opportunity was literally knocking on his door.

He sighed and looked at his daughter.

“Just open the damn door already.”

Her daughter smiled and with a twist of her wrist, she revealed the girl behind the door. The girl in question was Kaori Watanabe, wearing a sexy sundress and flowery sandals. Her long black hair falling to her shoulders, framing her round beautiful face, she had flirty lips but a look that reflected wonder, inexperience, shyness.

The girl hid her hands behind her back, involuntarily showing off her petite beautiful body. Her tits were small and sexy, her legs were toned and soft looking.

The girl entered and Penny closed the door behind her.

“You already know each other, but i’ll present you anyway,” Penny said. “Daddy, this is Penny, your new client.” Her smile grew bigger. “Kaori, this is Daddy, he will be all yours for tonight to enjoy.”

The girl blushed, her eyes barely looking him in the eye.

“H… hi Mr. Winston,” she said shyly.

“Hi,” he said dumbly. What do you say to your daughter’s friend when you are about to deflower her?

The girl put her hand in the small bag that hung from her shoulder and took out a card, an identification, and then handed it over.

“Prove that I’m eighteen and in total consent of this,” Kaori said.

Dan looked over her birth date, the girl turned eighteen just a couple of weeks ago.

My god…

He gave it to her back and his daughter clapped once.

“Alrighty, I’ll leave you guys to it. Have a lovely night you two. Get rowdy but not too much.” She winked at Kaori and left the house to stay at the Watanabes for the night to give them some space.

Leaving them alone.

Alright, she is eighteen, she is consenting this and she expects you to take her virginity, he stated to himself. Everything is in your favor to have a lovely night, so get your shit together and give this beautiful young woman a night she won’t forget.

“Well, now that we’re alone now, why don’t you come with me?” he said, taking a step back to his kitchen. “Tell me, is there something you would like to drink or eat?”

She nodded. Despite her eyes being all shy, they wandered all over his body, from his bare feet to his chest. By her dilated pupils and her constant lip licking, he inferred that she enjoyed what she saw.

“Water is fine,” she said.

“You sure? Wouldn’t you prefer to drink something sweeter like a soda or a milkshake?”

She shook her head.

“No thanks, my parents won’t allow me to drink any hypercaloric drink, they say it’s bad for my health.”

“I see…” he said while taking a bottle of water from the fridge. “Would you like something to eat? I have some strawberries and chocolate.”

“Thank you, but water is fine, my parents don’t let me eat chocolate or strawberries.”

“Are you allergic or something?”

Again, she shook her head no.

“They say they have too much sugar.”

Okay… the Watanabes had the poor girl limited in everything. He now saw from where all of her shyness was coming from, she always was the quiet girl of the group, always blushing, always second guessing, he noticed before but now was more than evident.

“Sit.” he offered a chair which she sat on. “We will do all the… fun activities you came here for, but first, tell me, what are your expectations for tonight?”

She blushed.

“I want you to… to have sex with me.”

“Well, I figured that much at this point. But…” There wasn’t a nice way to put it, so he was direct to her in his next question. “Since you are a virgin, can I ask? Why do you want me to be your first?”

Her hands played with each other on top of the kitchen bar.

“Does that really matter?”

“Of course it does,” he said. “Losing your virginity to someone is not a decision you make easily. It has to be with someone you feel safe and feel like you can talk to when things get overwhelming. Besides, I need to make sure you are doing this because you want to and not because of social pressure nor compromise.”

He needed to know she wanted him for the sake of wanting him and not because she felt her virginity was some curse to break or a deal to get rid of.

“So tell me your reasons, then we can start with your wants.”

Her hands stopped playing with each other, her eyes finally focusing on his.

“I… I saw you the other night, in your room, with Ruby,” she confessed. “I saw you making love to her in your bed from almanbahis giriş my parents room.”

So it wasn’t the wind who moved the curtains that night… he thought. It was little naughty Kaori watching him fuck his friend. His cock throbbed and suddenly he discovered a little voyeuristic side of him he didn’t know before.

“And… I…” Her voice dropped a little. “I liked what I saw.”

Her hands moved again, this time on the bottle of water.

“I heard Penny’s plan with Ruby and I just had to see where it led. So, that night, instead of going to the slumber party with the girls, I went into my house and into my parents bedroom. When I saw through the window I saw you… making love to her. And I felt…”

She stopped, trying to get her thoughts in order.

“I felt flustered, I felt hot all over. I knew it was wrong to spy but I just couldn’t take my eyes off of both of you. You looked so transfixed in each other, you took her with so much strength, that even through our windows I could hear the bed squeaking and her moaning”

He noticed her crossing her legs, her sexy thighs making extra pressure on top of each other.

“I knew I needed that. I wanted to enjoy just the way she did. I’ve never had an orgasm or even touched myself, so I wanted to enjoy what sex felt like, and I wanted to feel it with someone I trust and care about.” Her eyes looked up. “And that’s you, Mr. Winston. You are charming, handsome and reliable. And when I knew Penny was offering the opportunity to have a night with you, I knew I had to take it.”

“Why now?” he said. “Why not wait for someone you are in love with?”

“Because if I keep waiting it might never come,” she said. “I know there is no rush and that I can take my time when I feel ready, but I felt ready for a long time and now I’m old enough to determine that I want this. I want it now and I want it to be with you.”

She sounded so determined, Dan didn’t hear nor saw a hint of regret or doubt.

“My parents… they always said that sex is a sin and it’s something to only do to procreate and keep the humanity growing,” she continued. “But I always saw it as something way different than just that, something to enjoy and experience with someone your trust. But I heard so many bad stories from friends that sex with their boyfriends was rushed, unsatisfactory and uncomfortable. That neither of them knew what they were doing so in the end it was awful. I don’t want that. I want a man with experience, with patience and with the skills to make love to me in a way boys my age never would.”

Her hands fell into her lap, finally still.

“I want you, Mr. Winston.”

Dan looked over her delicious body, from her almost bare shoulders to her small breasts in the modest neckline of her dress to the sexy skirt at the end where her creamy pale legs showed under.

“I think that I can play the part,” Dan finallysaid. “But only with a few rules first.”

“Anything,” she said, eager to start but shy enough to ask for it.

“First, you’ll tell me at any moment if you want to stop,” he stated. “If something makes you uncomfortable, if you feel like we are going too fast or you have any doubt, you will verbalize it and we will immediately stop. Am I clear?”

She nodded.

“Say it,” he said. “Say you’ll tell me if you want to stop”

“I’ll tell you if I want to stop,” she promised. “But also say it yourself” she requested “If you want to stop, just say stop and everything stops.”

Dan smiled warmly at her silly worry for him.

“Kaori, believe me,” he said standing up, the bulge in his pants visible under the fabric of his jeans. “If I have a woman as beautiful as you in my bed, I’ll never want to stop.”

She blushed at that statement and Dan wanted to kiss those warm cheekbones.

“Now, come here, Kaori,” he ordered. “Stand up and get in front of me.”

“What for?” she asked obeying immediately.

“To seal the deal,” he said, putting one firm hand on her cheek, his thumb caressing and dissolving the flush in her skin. “I want to do it with one kiss, Is that okay with you, sweetheart?”

Her eyes felt into his lips.


He leaned and his lips found hers, so soft, so tentative. He kissed them slow and tender, knowing they didn’t hold much experience or expertise, he needed to apply more control and less passion, in contrast with Ruby who practically needed the exact opposite.

His eyes were closed as he kissed for a second time in the span of four days a friend of his daughter. His hands held her waist, his fingers felt the growing warmth of her skin through her dress, calling for his hands for attention and his touch. Her hands went to his arms, slowly going up, feeling the skin and the posterior fabric of his short sleeves till they ended on his shoulders.

When the kiss stopped they held gazes, just for a moment. When the bubble of arousal popped, Kaori came back to her senses, finding herself so close to him.

“OMG, I’m so sorry!” she said, taking her hand off his shoulders immediately. almanbahis yeni giriş “I didn’t mean to.”

He chuckled.

“Hey, it’s totally fine. You paid for it, remember?” he said comfortingly. “You can touch whatever you want.”

Her eyes fell to his crotch.


“Anything,” he nodded. “But first, why don’t you go ahead into my room, I’ll catch you up in a bit. I’m pretty sure you know by now where it is, right?”

She blushed and nodded.

“See you there,” she said, smiling shyly.

“See you there,” he said, watching as another teenage sexbomb walked towards his bedroom.

My god… he said at how lucky he was. Just some nights ago, he was a sexually frustrated divorced man without any sexual prospects, now he had an eighteen year old vixen waiting for him in his bedroom, ready to be deflowered by him.

He wanted nothing more than to just give in and do the job, but he needed her first to relax and let loose. And if she was gonna let loose tonight, it would be completely. She needed to get away from her parents’s rules to truly enjoy tonight without blame nor regrets.

So, he took the chocolate icecream and the milk from the fridge and made the most delicious milkshake he ever made, with cream on top, some m&m’s sprinkled and a red cherry on top. He smiled at the irony while putting it on.

Then, he went up, ready to pop a different cherry.

When he opened the door he found cute Kaori seated on his bed, her smooth looking legs playing with one another nervously, her sandals off, her hands resting on top of her knees, looking so sweet and innocent.

He walked till his big bare feet were in front of her smaller ones. She looked up to find a milkshake in front of her face

“Here, take a sip,” he prompted. “Enjoy the taste of freedom.”

“Promise you won’t tell my parents?”

He winked.

“It’ll be our little secret.”

She giggled and accepted the shake.

Dan pointed to the spot on the bed beside her.

“May I?”

She nodded, sipping the straw. Suddenly, her face lighted adorably at the taste.

“This is delicious!!” she exclaimed.

He smiled.

“Told ya'”

“I never tasted something so sweet!”

“My exact thoughts when I kissed you in the kitchen.”

She smiled at his comment and Dan promised himself to keep the smile on her face all night.

From the happy tone in her voice, he could tell she wasn’t exaggerating. That made him wonder how many fun things this lovely young thing had missed out on because of her strict parents. It wasn’t fair, a girl her age needed a little freedom to enjoy her youth, he needed her to see that.

“Kaori, listen,” he said when the girl finished the milk shake. “I understand that your parents love you with all their heart, and that all they want is you to be safe and sound. But some parents, even though they mean well, sometimes they confuse protecting with imprisoning. In moments like that it is up to you to decide when it’s okay to let a little loose. I’m not prompting you to disobey them and rebel, but drink a milkshake every once in a while, get a little crazy in parties, do something fun just for the sake of it. You are a smart girl, I know you’ll decide when is needed and when is not.”

She looked at her fingers.

“I know they are strict,” she admitted. “Part of it is the reason I spend so much time here, I feel more free here than in my own house.” She smiled softly. “And that’s because of you, Mr. Winston. Sometimes I wish I had a Daddy like you.”

“You have me tonight.”

She looked at him, her beautiful eyes filled with lust.

“It seems I do.”

“Then let’s get started, shall we?” he got up and offered her his open hands. “Tonight forget any rule or limitation. Tonight be free with me, okay?”

She left the empty cup on the little table next to his bed, took his hands and got up.

“Yes, Mr. Winston.”

“Tell me, Kaori,” he said, his gaze fixed on her pretty lips. “What do you want first?”

She licked her lower lip and her eyes fell to his chest.

“Could you… uh… take your shirt off?”

He smiled, feeling proud of her for asking for what she wanted.

He took the shoulders of his shirt and started to pull it up, when the hem of his shirt was at his navel height, he was interrupted by Kaori.

“Could I…? Can I do it?”

He dropped his shirt and shrugged.


She shyly took the hem of his shirt and slowly lifted it, first exposing his abdomen, then his chest to finally get it on his head, where he helped her get rid of the cloth. Now he was naked from the waist up in front of the sexy teen.

Soon, her inexperienced hands moved tentatively over his chest, feeling the hair there and his small, soft nipples. They went up to his shoulders, down his arms until they fell into his hands, feeling his long strong fingers, the hard calluses on his palms, the hair on the back.

“So this is how a fully developed male body looks like,” she said to herself while her hands went from his hands to his stomach.

Her hands moved down his abdomen, feeling how flat and hard it was, caressing the hair below his navel. Her hands shied away when she noticed the obvious form of his erection through his pants, her cheeks flushing adorably once more.

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