My First Time

Female Ejaculation

When I grew up it wasn’t an easy thing to get laid. I remember after I got a car, there were a few immature wrestling matchs when parked. With a bit of effort a guy might get to feel some boobs from the outside of the clothing, but even that was considered a score with the guys I ran around with.

Sure, they all bragged about their conquests, but the truth was closer to the fact that they weren’t getting any more than I was!

There was one girl, Paula, that rode the bus with me all through School. She was pretty, but one of those country girls the city types all looked down on. She seemed painfully shy, and was alone more than not.

One Summer she came over to our place, her Dad was there to help us with our hay crop in exchange for some bales for his own stock. Mom always set a good table when we were working, this was no exception. I remember it to this day, fresh Venison, Country gravy, mashed Potatoes, fresh corn on the cob. Paula’s Dad raved about the meal, getting a big happy smile from Mom. Paula and I sat there side by side, bashful and quiet, and just ate. Afterwards, we walked out to the slough to watch the fish jump, and the Swallows fly in taking bugs off the water. We talked a bit, she started to open up and get bubbly and excited at the conversation.

But at school the next week, she was just shy Paula again, looked down on by the other kids.

I wasn’t much better off, being from the Country, too. I was sent to school with ill-fitting clothes handed down from my older brothers, Mom still handed me my lunch in the metal box, even though that was “out”. All the rest of the kids carried paper sacks, my folks weren’t about to spend money on paper sacks when I already had a perfectly good lunchbox!

Yea, it was like that all through school. Most of the other kid’s folks had good mill jobs, and drove late model cars. My Dad had an old beat up Chevy, and the other kids would giggle when he dropped me off or picked me up at games and the like.

We lived off what we could catch or grow. More than once, Dad would hand me the snagging line, and send me up to the whirlpool where Salmon stacked up at low tide in the Fall. I would yank a half dozen out and drag them home, hating every minute of it. Dad taught me to shoot, then would send me out to get a buck. He gave me one bullet, and a knife, that was it.

“No need for a 2nd shot!” he would say. “Be sure of the first one!” One time I knocked down a little buck with a bit of a careless shot, it got up and ran.

Nothing to do about it but go tell Dad, I will never forget the disapointment in his eyes as he handed me a 2nd shell. I knew that I had to go finish the job, or not come home.

That took me two days, but finally I came upon the animal laying down, and ended it.

I hated that, too.

We had these noontime dances at School, I sometimes asked some of the girls to dance with me, but nearly all of them turned me down with a sneer. I was younger than most, since my Birthday is in October. I started school just barely 6 years old. So I was always behind, plus I was small and a bit pudgy to boot.

One day I spotted Paula, sitting alone. Mustering up every bit of courage I had, I asked her to dance. I saw her start to say no, then she smiled and said “OK!”

We danced at every noontime dance after that, and sometimes we sat and talked. We just ignored the sneers from the upper crust in school, she was nice, and I appreciated a friend.

The summer between my Junior and Senior year brought changes! My Dad was logging on the ranch, the price of timber was up! He gave me the job of unloading the wet sawdust from the huge drag sleds that came in from the tiny mill he had set up.

I remember that well, it took me all day. It was everything I could do to unload just one, spreading the sawdust in the corral to keep the mud down for our cattle.

Long before I was done, the 2nd sled arrived. Dad came in Pendik Escort late, looked at me and pitched in and helped. He never said a word, but I tried harder and harder to keep up after that.

In just a couple of weeks, I was handling each load in 30 minutes, then I got to go play until the next load arrived. I never noticed what swimming in the nearby slough and working was doing to my body.

That Fall, my Mom had me try on some of my brother’s clothes, there was no way that that would work. I was suddenly 6′ tall, and 180 pounds of pure muscle! But I had saved the $1.50 a sledload I got paid, and some more money we got from picking berries, and I had enough for some NEW clothes.

Off Mom and I went to the local catalog store, I had new slacks, new shirts, the cool kind. I was feeling pretty proud, thinking now I would be a part of the group at school.

It didn’t make any real difference, although I saw some of the girls look at me oddly. I just thought they didn’t like me, hung my head and went to my classes.

Paula and I hooked up at the noontime dances, I noticed she was suddenly bigger in front and looking more like a woman than the girl I knew. I must have kept glancing at her breasts, because she would blush and put her arms in front to hide them from me.

Graduation came and went, I was now on the job market! I remember that day, Dad drove us home in his new Lincoln, like I said, timber prices were up! Suddenly our family had a little money!

“Well, son,!” Dad told me. “Time to get a job, and find a wife!” Now that was a shock to my system, I was still in my cap and gown from graduation when he told me that.

But I did as he asked, and went down to the mill and applied. They liked the idea of a strapping kid with huge arms fresh out of High School and I got hired! Dad gave me the room and board bill the day I told him I got hired.

I turned 18 just a few months later, and had some money in my pocket. I would go to town to the only dance club there was on Friday evenings and drink a beer or two. No one questioned my age, I was big and strapping, and looked older. I would sometimes ask some of the girls to dance, and I was surprised that most would!

Even more surprising was some of them would try and talk to me, but I was suspicious of women. I didn’t notice the different looks they gave me, had no idea at all what it meant.

I was sitting at the bar just a few days after my 18th birthday when in walked Paula! She was dressed in a full length dress, cut just low enough in front to show the tops of her breasts. I had never seen her looking like that. I also noticed the rather weasely looking man with her, easily 20 years her senior.

She looked right at me as she walked past, they took a seat at a table about 30 feet away. Then she looked up at me and gave me a hint of a smile. I nodded, and watched as they ordered drinks.

After about a half hour or so, I decided to go ask her to dance. I wasn’t too worried about the guy with her, I was actually thinking he was an uncle or something, it never hit me he was a boyfriend.

Paula glanced at the guy when I stepped up and held out my hand, he looked me up and down and said, “Yeah, what the fuck!”

We stepped out to the dance floor, she slid into my arms just like old home week. We had gotten to know each other fairly well in school, we danced like an old married couple.

In no time at all, we were chatting and catching up, I asked about the guy she was with. She hesitated slightly, then told me he was Sam.

He didn’t really fit with the beautiful woman I had in my arms, but I just nodded, and we talked some more. We danced about 3 numbers, even one of the hot swing type numbers so popular in those days. I delighted in spinning her around, watching her dress flare out, showing her legs to her knees.

Finally I returned her to her seat, Sam looked me up and down with that Kurtköy Escort sneer I had gotten used to in High School, and said, “I was beginning to think you planned on keeping her, buddy!”..

I looked him in the eyes, and said, “Sorry, old school friends, is all!”

“Yeah, well keep it that way, asshole!” he retorted.

I bit my tongue and went back to my stool at the bar. Glancing over, I saw that Paula had her head down as Sam berated her about something. She looked up at me briefly, then turned her gaze back to the table in front of her.

I went back to the room around me, just relaxing and watching the goings-on.

It wasn’t 10 minutes later when I heard a bit of a commotion, and here was Sam over at the other end of the bar hitting on a lady sitting there. He was obviously being a bit of an ass, the guy sitting with the lady was looking to be a mixture of uncomfortable and angry. The lady was saying something loudly to Sam, who was just leering.

I looked over at Paula, she sat with her eyes downcast, hands in her lap, the same attitude she had had all through school. So I went over and asked her to dance again.

“Sam won’t like this.” she said, a question in her eyes.

“Hell with Sam!” I said, and we took to the dance floor.

We stayed out there a good half hour, dance after dance, Paula looked like she had stepped into the sun, smiling and laughing, having a good time.

I looked around for Sam, he was standing up at the bar tossing back some kind of drink, and I could tell he was getting wasted. I knew he had at least 4 while I was sitting there, and the bar we were in was not known for weak drinks!

So Paula and I danced a few more. By now Sam was getting angry, but I really didn’t care. As I finally took her back to her seat, Sam said something to me, but I couldn’t understand the words, they were so slurred. I apologized, and went up to the bar and ordered a Double and a light drink for Paula.

Taking them back to his table, I set the drinks down with my best smile, and apologized. He reached for the drink and muttered something, I stepped back to the bar, knowing the outcome.

It wasn’t long before Sam jumped up and staggered towards the restroom, sick, I knew.

I walked over to Paula, and held out my hand. “Coming?” I asked.

She looked towards the restrooms, then back at me. “Yea!” and we got up and left.

We walked hand in hand to my car, a new 1960 Impala, you probably have seen one, Red & White with white bucket seats, big whitewalls and chrome trim everywhere!

I held the door for her, started the car and we just drove, talking. There was a little town about 30 miles down the Oregon coast, and a quiet park just south of there.

I pulled into the park, and shut off the engine. Then I leaned over and kissed her, she didn’t resist, she kissed me right back.

“Hey, that was our first kiss!” I told her.

Then I spotted the tears in her eyes. Afraid I had done something to upset her, I apologized, she said, “No, I just wanted you to do that for so long!”

We cuddled as best we could, dang floor shifter between the bucket seats. I took a chance and stroked the side of her right breast. There was no resistance, so I continued. I let my hand slide down the side of her ribcage, then rested it on her hip. Still no resistance! I was in record territory here, so I let my hand brush down her hip.

Paula just moaned softly. I went back to her breast, more firmly this time, still waiting for the hand to stop me. It never came. In short order, I had my hands all over her, she was letting me do anything I wanted.

The dress she wore zipped up the back, so I pulled her forward gently and reached around behind. I found the zipper, slid it down an inch, she just kept her mouth firmly planted against mine!

I slid the zipper to her waist, feeling the sudden looseness of the top of her outfit. Ümraniye Escort Emboldened now, I reached for the clasp of her bra, she leaned forwards slightly to help me.

I fumbled with the catch, trying to figure out how it worked. “Just press it together!” she murmered into my mouth and hunched her shoulders back slightly. I felt the clips seperate, the bra slipped loose!

By now I had a boner that was busting my slacks, she giggled as she let her hand brush across me. Then with a little shake of her shoulders, her top slid forwards, she lifted out first one arm, then the other.

There was a tiny moment of modesty as she held the front of her dress against her, but I reached out and slid my hand to her bare bosom. I cupped and caressed, then went to her nipple, feeling and rolling it in my fingers.

I wanted to see her, so I slid her top down. She sat there, bathed in the bright moonlight. Some instinct kicked in, and I began to lick and nuzzle her, exploring this new sensation.

I felt her hand on the front of my slacks, no gentle brush this time, she was feeling me deliberately!

“In the back!” she managed to grunt. Then she turned and somehow managed to climb into the back over the seats, not an easy feat. I knew it would be more difficult for me, so I opened the door, and climbed in through the side.

I settled into the seat just as she lifted up and slid her panties down her legs, leaning forward to deposit them in her purse. Then she leaned back and looked at me with slitted eyes.

I flipped the catch on my belt, knowing now. I hesitated for a moment, no woman had ever seen my nakedness except for my Mother, and then not for years! But I managed, I pulled my slacks and briefs down in one pull.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, “It’s huge!” Then she reached out and took me in both hands. She let her fingers drift up and over my balls, then she put the palms of her hands flat against my penis and rolled them back and forth opposite each other.

She then was pulling me towards her, I reached and took the hem of her dress in my hands, bringing it up, up…

It was to her waist, I could see her puffy lips, they looked shiny in the moonlight, I could smell the heat of her.

I slid myself up, she was a bit cramped so she slid herself down, finally we were comfortable and in line, I let myself press into her.

My first experience into the folds of a woman, and I blasted off on the first stroke, there was no stopping that. But I didn’t stop, didn’t soften, I just started up again.

In short order,Paula was straining to meet me, a struggle in the confines of the back seat of a car. I felt her soften even more if that was possible, we were sloppy wet with each other by now. Then she was squealing and gurgling and making all the strange noises a woman can in the throes of pleasure.

I came a second time with her, my mouth working greedily at her full breasts, trying to be part of all of her at once.

Just then headlights came into the park, we both jumped and hurriedly dressed. I started the Impala and headed back towards our little town.

We talked softly on the way, once friends, now lovers.

I asked her where she wanted to go, she gave me the address. Then she turned to me and said, “I wish you had been the first!”.

I didn’t have an answer, then I told her at least I had found her again, we could be together.

“No, I can’t.” Paula told, “We can’t!”

“Why not?” I asked her, we would be good together. I already had it in my head that I wanted to marry her.

“I just can’t,” she said again. “Sam is my husband!”

That startled me, I had no idea. I drove her to her home, a small place just outside of our town. I let her out, and got back into the car. She leaned inside the driver’s side window and kissed me. “Bye!” was all she said.

Paula and Sam moved soon after that, I never saw her again. To this day, I have always wondered….what would my life be like if I HAD been first?

All I would have needed to do was try…

This is one of the stories I found in Ted’s notebooks after his recent death. I posted it exactly the way he wrote it with no changes.


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